Ross-Simons Jewelry Review 2024: Is It Really Good Value Jewelry?

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Ross-Simon Jewelry is one of the leading brands that offer high-quality precious gems and trinkets at an affordable price. Learn more about this brand and what they offer.

Jewelry is one of the greatest ways of expressing yourself in the fashion world. Numerous fashions all over the world offer jewelry ranging from trinkets, earrings, bracelets, etc. Wearing jewelry items changes your outfit. It does not matter if you wear extravagant jewelry or just simple jewelry, it displays a treasure you have e.g culture, memory, etc.

The design of your jewelry can take your look, appearance, and outfit to the next level. In the fashion world, jewelers and fashion designers have been working hand in hand to create different styles, designs so that they can complement different kinds of fashion outfits. Nowadays, they try to follow the trend of fashion because of how modern fashion has become in this century.

Finding a good brand that offers quality jewelry might be a great task, this is why this review urges you to read on to know about Ross-Simons Jewelry. Ross-Simons Jewelry is a brand that offers high-quality precious gems and trinkets such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. Read this review on Ross-Simons Jewelry if you have difficulty on how to go about with the brand, it will help you know more about this brand and what they offer. You will know if the brand is a legit brand or not.

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Ross-Simons Jewelry Review

Ross-Simons Jewelry is an old jewelry store that specializes in the production of high-quality precious gems and trinkets such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and so on. Shop Ross-Simons for the finest collection of fine jewelry, gifts, and more since 1952. The brand has some important publications such as. Entertainment Tonight, InStyle, Bustle, and the Huffington Post.

Ross-Simon Jewelry was founded in 1952 by Sidney Thomas Ross in Rhode Island. Its main mission is to produce high-quality products at an affordable price. You will find, that it is worth adding to your jewelry collection after reading this.

This review will take a great look at what this brand is all about, the products they offer, what customers think about the brand, the pros, and cons of the brand, the reason why I like using the brand, the discounts and promotions of the brand if available, how to contact Ross-Simons Jewelry and much other key information you need to know as it will assist you in taking a stance on this brand.

Ross-Simons Jewelry Pros

  • As a customer, you can sell your old jewelry or scarp gold in exchange for cash
  • Different trade policies such as trade-in and trader-offer
  • There are thousands of jewelry options you can choose from
  • There is free domestic shipping
  • You can also pay by installment
  • Their prices are affordable in comparison to other luxury brands

Ross-Simons Jewelry Cons

  • They sometimes delay with shipping

Why We Like Ross-Simons Jewelry

This brand has organized stone, metal, or by collection. They are a very big jewelry brand and they have different best sellers. They have a lot of items such as earrings necklaces, rings, etc. Some of the best-sellers are Ross-Simons Emerald Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver, Ross-Simons 10mm Turquoise Bead Stud Earrings, Ross-Simons Italian Sterling Silver Large Byzantine Bracelet.

Ross-Simons Italian Sterling Silver and 18kt Gold Woven Bracelet, Ross-Simons Italian 6mm Sterling Silver Omega Necklace, Ross-Simons Vintage .25 Carat Diamond Necklace, Ross-Simons CZ Jewelry Set: Five Eternity Bands in Sterling Silver, Ross-Simons Frog Ring with Green Chrome Diopside Accents, Ross-Simons Men's Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, and many more. All of them are made from different precious items like a gemstone. Gold, diamond, etc. Their prices differ a lot due to the precious items used in the production.

Customer Review

The brand got some special recognition for a long time now. They have been one of the oldest brands of jewelry, and mail millions of catalogs around the world every year, letting people see a massive collection of jewelry. This is why its large customer base is not a big surprise.

Jewelry is a very special type of fashion that goes as far as displaying luxury and enhancing either appearance or the overall dressing of a person. This section will dive into what customers think about this brand. Are they satisfied with the trinkets and other accessories produced by Ross-Simons or is there any form of regret jewelry aficionado has over the brand. This research will also try to find out if there is any concern about this brand.

In this review, I made use of Amazon as my top priority. There is a high positive rating on Amazon. There is a 4.6-star rating for Ross-Simons Jewelry with over 70% excellent remarks. This shows the dominance of this brand over all other brands. Most customers made comments on the excellent styles and designs that you can choose from these brands. They also talked about the numerous accessories. This brand has a lot of satisfied customers.

I bought three sets of jewelry from them, they are unique with excellent designs and styles. I am very happy because they are all beautiful and I have confidence when I wear this jewelry around for any occasion.

Where to Buy Ross-Simons Jewelry

For the best deal, you can buy from the official website and other online retailers

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Is Ross-Simons Jewelry Worth It?

This review found a lot of positive reviews about this brand. In the customer's review section, most customers are happy about the unique style and designs of the products. There is a lot of advantage when you shop with the brand, and it’s one of the largest jewelry collections in the world, this is the reason why I will be recommending this brand.

Some of the benefits are that you can also sell your old jewelry if you are a customer for cash. This allows you to possess trending jewelry, and have a good jewelry experience. So when you buy from them, you have the confidence that you can still sell them back when you are in need or you want an upgrade of jewelry.

The brand also makes sure that its products are affordable. You can be on a budget and still wear luxurious jewelry. They also offer free domestic shipping to your destination and you can also pay bit by bit. No matter the situation you find yourself in, you can confidently get jewelry for yourself without breaking your bank. I will recommend this brand with over 90%.

Another little-known fact is that Ross-Simons employees have special discounts thanks to the support of upper management. If you happen to know one of them, like an additional discount!

Ross-Simons Jewelry Discount

You can enjoy some of the following discounts when you shop with Ross-Simons Jewelry

Ross-Simons Jewelry Contact

If you have more questions about this brand, you can contact them using the following means


What is the returns policy of Ross-Simon jewelry?

A jewelry purchase can be stressful, so this brand offers a good return policy where customers can return a product within 30 days of purchase. This will qualify you to get a full refund. When returning, you have to make sure that these products are in their original form or condition. They will also remove a return shipping fee of $5. Just call the customer service department at 800-835-0919. Follow the instructions for the rest. It's easy.

What is the shipping policy of Ross-Simon jewelry?

This brand offers both international and domestic shipping. There is free delivery for standard orders. This usually takes between 5 to 9 days for your shipment to arrive. However, you can opt for express delivery at a flat rate of $10. it usually takes around 48 hours to ship using this option.

If you are in a hurry and you want overnight shipping that will take just one day, it will cost $20. Free shipping does not apply to international shipping. All orders must be placed between Monday to Friday so they can be processed immediately. You will receive tracking details so you can monitor your orders.

Can I buy real diamonds on Ross-Simon jewelry?

Yes, the brand sells real diamond jewelry, including engagement rings. They also allow their customers to sell their old jewelry to them too. Only customers can enjoy this offer.

Who is the owner of Ross-Simon jewelry?

The brand is owned by Sidney Thomas Ross. Luxury Brand Holdings is the parent company of Ross-Simon Jewelry.


Wearing jewelry plays a significant role in enhancing your outfit because the designs, signs, etc speak well of memories, luxury, and many more. Ross-Simon jewelry aims to create a product that will have a taste of luxury even at an affordable price. They offer high-quality jewelry for their customers. This review will help you make your decision.

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