Angara Jewelry Review: *Pros and Cons* Is Worth to Buy It?

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Jewelry is always tempting for women, but it can also be a big investment. Therefore, it will be essential to read our review before buying Angara Jewelry.

Jewelry can go as far as enhancing your appearance. It also helps in improving your beauty. Most times the kind of jewelry you put on signifies your status, powers, and wealth. Getting a piece of premium jewelry can be expensive and hard to get. If you have been looking at getting nice jewelry to make you look good on your outfit, then it is a good decision you want to make.

However, there are some key determining factors you need to put into consideration before making this decision so as not to end up wasting resources. Numerous pieces of jewelry offer different types of jewelry ranging from gemstones, diamonds, ice, gold, etc. But spotting the right one can be very difficult. Angara is a brand that specializes in jewelry sales online, they offer gemstones, diamonds, etc specifically for women. Their jewelry speaks of art and creative expression. They even go as far as exhibiting tradition or culture in the jewelry.

If you don’t know about Angara and how to go about patronizing them, then you can read this review. It aims to tell you everything about this brand and what they offer.

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Angara Jewelry Review

Angara is an online jewelry startup that specializes in jewelry, they offer gemstones, diamonds, etc specifically for women. Their jewelry speaks of art and creative expression. They produce dazzling pieces. The brand was founded by Ankur Daga who is a graduate of Harvard School. He comes from a family that is well known for the making of gemstones.

There is a special meaning to the name Angara, which means a fire within. Their jewelry is made with superb designs. It was founded in 2000 with its headquarters in Los Angeles, United States of America. The prices of their products are lesser than other competitors. They offer services from the time of production to the time at which the product gets to the final users.

This brand will look at the customer's thoughts and feeling about this brand, the review will dive into the pros and cons of this brand, some frequently asked questions, discounts you can enjoy while shopping with this brand, the reason why I like using this brand and other key information you need to know. This will enable you to know if the brand is worth it or not.

Angara Jewelry Pros

Angara Jewelry Cons

Why We Like Angara Jewelry

The Angara Necklace

This is a luxury piece that you can wear to any occasion with confidence and comfort. It is a pendant that has a quality gemstone in it. It is a classic necklace. It is beautiful with a V-shape and contains a diamond above the oval-shaped gem. It is so beautiful and very attractive. You can get this kind of necklace pendant for about $528 only.

The Angara Earrings

The beautiful and amazing earrings look like they are from a more advanced fashion world. There is a combination of gold and red that signify different luxuries and respect such as royalty. It is very attractive and too delicate because it is very small in size. You can get the earrings in the range of $319.

Customer Review

Jewelry is always tempting for women, but it can also be a big investment. Therefore, it will be essential to read our review before buying Angara Jewelry.

This is a very important part of the review because this is a section that talks about how customers feel and what they are saying about this brand. This is why I made my research extensively to know what exactly are the things that customers are saying about this brand. There are thousands of customers who come on the website to give their honest reviews on the quality of these gemstones and diamonds, the price that is very affordable when you compare it with similar brands. The cost goes almost 40% off others. These customers did not fail to point out the beauty of the designs.

I made use of Trust pilot as my top website where I analyzed the things customers were saying about this brand. There is a 4.6-star rating with over 80% excellent remarks. For this brand to get this kind of rating and feedback as a jewelry company, it means a lot has been done to make sure the customers are satisfied. The customer's review was centered on the products, the services, time of delivery, customer service, and some other interesting factors that make up the brand.

When I bought my jewelry, I doubted the quality because the price was below the normal price compared to others. When I got the diamond, it was of great quality with excellent design.

Where to Buy Angara Jewelry

You can get Angara products on their official website to enjoy any discounts. You can also get their products on Amazon

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Is Angara Jewelry Worth It?

The most popular question asked about jewelry brands is if the brand worth it. Are Angara’s products of great quality? Reading this review will further explain the reason why I am recommending this brand for you to patronize. If you check the thoughts and feelings of customers about the brand, then you will know that the brand is worth it. There are thousands of positive reviews on this brand. Most of the customers are satisfied with the brand because of the quality gemstones they bought at price as low as 40% off other similar brands.

If you check the things the brand is offering then it is a lot of benefits. When you decide to get jewelry, you can customize your piece to any design or special art that may serve as a memory to you. There are thousands of designs to choose from. You cannot run out of beautiful designs when shopping with them except you want to make a customized one. When next you want to buy your jewelry, I will advise you to patronize Angara to enjoy quality at a reduced price.

Angara Discount

You can enjoy the following when you shop directly from Angara

Angara Contact

You can reach Angara for further questions that are beyond this review via the following


What are the warranties of Angara?

There are two types of warranties that Ankara offers. There is a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty includes services like diamond prong and gemstone tightening, re-polishing, cleaning, and re-rhodium plating services. If you make use of any other jeweler for any of these services, then the warranty will be voided. They have an enhanced warranty plan. This one is a one-time payment is done, it is meant to cover the issue of wear and tear that are not included in the lifetime warranty. The price for this warranty highly depends on the kind of jewelry buying.

What is the return policy of Angara?

If you are not okay or satisfied with the jewel, you can make a return within 30 days of purchase. You can request a full refund or you opt for an exchange within that 30 days of the shipping date. If you have ordered domestically, then you can make a return at a free shipping cost. But international return requires you to pay shipping fees. It usually takes up to a week to process. To initiate a return, you can fill out the returns form on their website

What is the shipping policy of Angara?

If you are shipping with Angara it is fully insured and risk-free. There is a free shipping policy to a customer in the US and they ship to more than 64 other countries. They have different shipping times like standard, express, overnight, and Saturday. Standard and express shipping is free within the US and you have to pay for the others. With an average fee of $25. 3 to 5 days is the standard delivery time for the US, but location determines the international shipping date.


Wearing quality jewelry speaks well of your appearance, you can get a quality diamond or gemstone while shopping with Angara. You can also customize the jewelry if you want. This review will help you make your decision.

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