BaubleBar Jewelry Review: Is It Really the Go-To Affordable Jewelry Brand?

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Are you considering keeping up with the latest and unique jewelry trends without spending most of your dollars? One of the one-stop shops for all online jewelry and accessories is BaubleBar. With an unmatched jewelry collection, this can be your destination. Find out if that is true.

Online fashion boutiques and, specifically, jewelry brands have advanced, and today, their accessories feature steady trends and the latest styles. Jewelry companies have joined the competition in terms of technological advancement. Thus, if you wish to access these latest styles and trendy design jewelry collections, there are many brands, but few of them are honest and reliable.

For this reason, we have been reviewing the jewelry brands, and today, we are happy to present you with the BaubleBar jewelry reviews. We will explore the brand and go deeper to find out what they have in the collection, the pricing point, costs, discounts, and based on the customer ratings, we will also evaluate to see if the company is worth your money.

Hence, keep reading our BaubleBar Jewelry review and learn what makes this company unique from the rest of the alternatives on the market. We will start by analyzing the company's history, as seen below.

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BaubleBar Jewelry Review

BaubleBar is a fast fashion brand that focuses on designing and offering jewelry designs. This jewelry company aims to serve the feminine with an extensive collection of accessories and jewelry at a friendly pricing point. The pricing point as their selling point has made the brand gain popularity until it has also been featured on reputable media outlets, including Business Insider, InStyle People Magazine, etc.

They also have an impressive social media presence, like Instagram and Facebook, and they have been endorsed by the celebs that often wear these jewels. One of them is Julia Roberts. If you want to learn more about this brand, keep reading to the end. BaubleBar, in terms of the foundation, was established in 2011 through the support of the duos Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky.

These are former investment bankers who are close friends in the industry. Both graduated from Havard, and through their research, they decided to create an idea to establish an e-commerce firm that offered customers affordable, accessible, and fast fashionable jewelry and accessories. Through their dedication, the company has expanded its collection and reach, serving over 1500 daily orders with many visitors estimated on its website.

Besides the online stores, the company has partnered with some popular retailers like Anthropologie, Target, Nordstrom, etc., to make these accessories accessible. These guys aim to create an investment that centers around the essentials customers can purchase and blend with their ever-changing preferences and styles.

Today, the firm remains the market leader in trends to offer the perfect and latest jewelry styles for the ultimate playground goal. Currently, the company is based in New York City. The company prides itself on the cheerful design that features on the website and its unique and simple UI for easy navigation. For any jewelry size and aesthetic requirements, BaubleBar has you covered. Before we summarize the company overview, we would also like to review the pros and cons of the brand.

BaubleBar Jewelry Pros:

BaubleBar Jewelry Cons:

Why We Like BaubleBar Jewelry

BaubleBar is a luxurious company that offers you access to affordable and extensive baubles or jewelry, as they call it. Therefore, if you are a minimalist and want to try out these jewelry pieces in your daily routine or make a statement, head to the BaubleBar website and navigate the collection; they have something for you and are designed for any occasion. But for this case, we will only base the discussion on the best-selling jewelry from the customer's perspective and based on our experience with this brand.

The Best-Selling Baublebar Necklaces

When you want a necklace that will turn your head on its own, BaubleBar has a unique selection. As we will find out, these best-selling products range from the asymmetrical letter necklace to the rest. The best-selling piece in this category is the Nameplate Necklace, which signifies the staple inside the jewelry sector and has been timeless since the 70s. This necklace is customizable where.

Customers can decide on the name, phrase, or nickname, which should be eight characters. There are five chain choices and three fonts to select from, which are 14kGold vermeil, gold braided chain, gold paperclip chain, and gold curb chain. Regarding fonts, you can choose script, Gothic, and Block. This necklace is designed with hypoallergenic 14k gold blended with the lobster clasp to highlight its bold appearance.

Its chain measures 16" while the extender is 3" placed with a pendant of 30". The second, similar to a nameplate, is Maya Brenner's Asymmetrical Letter Necklace. It is also customizable but has a super subtle look that is perfect for layering. It is made to feature 3 fixed points for the personalized characters of letters based on your taste.

You can also customize the length, character, and chain material. Nascita Necklace is the last famous necklace here, though the list continues. It features a glittering birthstone pendant as well as a thick layering chain.

The material is targeted to bring you good luck, bad karma protection, and avoiding negative energies. Their box chain is designed using the 14k gold plated sterling silver white colored stones made using the impressive cubic zirconia. The length of this necklace is 16", we lost our class as well, and the extender measures 3."

The Best-Selling Baublebar Earrings

The company offers countless bottomless earrings to help you make a statement; the collection starts from the classics to the minimal and colorful. This review section will highlight only a few of the best-selling earrings. Tassel Earrings are designed using lightweight glass beads to open up this list. You can transition with these earrings from the daily routine to the ladies' night out from typical accessories.

This ring is made with the potential hypoallergenic material, which measures 3.25" while the width is 0.48" featuring 0.45oz. The elegant appearance is appealing with classic style. Spillo Earrings is another famous earring and is a perfect conversation starter that tends to reflect your fashion while somewhere else symbolizing the function.

Though the style is exceptionally dainty, it matches the heavier earrings and studs. It is designed with 14k gold-plated sterling silver of 2.5 microns. If you want to maintain the quality, keep them away from water. The last option is the Gummy Earring Set; though it looks like the stud earrings, it features 3 pairs of adorable bears of pink, yellow, and red.

Though not edible, these lightweight candies are simple to wear, and since they are coated with brass, shiny gold plating, titanium posts, or blended with Epoxy, they are always hypoallergenic. They are often sold out because of the high demand.

The Best-Selling Baublebar Bracelets

We have covered the necklace and earrings, so, like other accessories, the BaubleBar Bracelets come in different styles ranging from glamorous and heavy to delicate and stackable, busy and eclectic. There is always a bracelet designed to fit your preferences. Among the best-selling bracelets is the Nameplate Bracelet, well-known for its matching nature.

These are personalizable pieces, but they are only available to select from 2 chains. These are baguette gem and 14k gold vermeil paperclip chains, though at an extra cost. These bracelets resemble the multi-color glass rectangle raw made using a blend of resin and glass. Customization characters are only limited to 8 alphabets. Since it is designed using gold-plated brass or 14k gold-plated sterling silver, it is hypoallergenic and makes an ideal gift for friendship.

Next is the Custom Multi Pisa Bracelet; though custom, it always features subtle shade pop to highlight our impressive appearance. It is designed using 6mm gold balls and features rainbow-washed beads, which you can customize based on your preferences. The last option under this section is Gold Braid Cuff. Though simple, it is a braided cuff bracelet that features an open side to give you the option to adjust.

The design is feminine and seeks and features the crystal accent, which is responsible for sparking the arm stock. The bracelet uses the 214 gold plated metal of 6.2" length. On top of everything, this brand also has an extensive collection of phone cases, and among the most popular in this category, you will get BBxOMC Phone Case. These are available in 18 unique patterned backgrounds with the option to customize up to 12 characters.

The famous BaubleBar Tris Ring Set. This set features rings of different weights and is the foundation for the customer who wants such a stacking appearance. The 3 minimal bands have increasing thickness and are designed using 14k gold plated sterling silver, hence durable. Navigate to their website for more information, offers, and jewelry collection. Let us see what customers had to say.

Customer Review

In the above section, we have seen what the BaubleBar brand can provide to customers. Mostly, we are delighted with the extensive collection of jewelry and accessories. It is time now to learn something from the customers. Thus, we have reviewed detailed testimonies online and presented our analyzed feedback.

There are so many external sites with BaubleBar jewelry reviews and testimonies. Starting with Things Testing, the company scores 3.14 stars of 14 reviews. Most customers are generally pleased with the products from this brand. The same applies to Sitejabber, where 100 reviews give the brand a rating of 1.94 stars based on quality, value, services, return, and shipping services.

Though Trustpilot has a poor rating of 2.1 stars with 92 reviews, there is still little positive feedback indicating customer satisfaction. Surprisingly, 53% of the customers gave it a 5-star rating. One customer complimented:-

"I've bought a lot of jewelry from BB over the last year." From dainty necklaces to brilliant, striking earrings, I know that whatever I choose will enhance any ensemble and garner attention! The emails & webpage from BB are visually beautiful and intelligent, and they always make me want to buy something new."

Jewelry Shopping Guide also presents a detailed blog to find out if this brand offers you jewelry and offers jewelry worth the investment. From history through bestsellers and FAQ, the author is impressed with this excellent company, praising the quality, support team, and extensive jewelry collection for any occasion. Still, Insider gives us detailed information covering the affordability and trendy jewelry that remains timeless with time. It is the perfect startup for you to shop, from earrings and necklaces to rings and bracelets.

Lastly, Influenster has a 4.4-star rating obtained from 289 reviews, and more about the brand can also be accessed from  AdvisoryHQ.

This is an impressive brand for jewelry needs and targets minimalists who want to save on budget.

Where to Buy BaubleBar Jewelry

If Many sites have extensive collections, if you want to purchase BaubleBar Jewelry or accessories, we recommend checking out their official store at Here, you will access multiple sales, discounts, and lucrative deals. If the brand does not ship to your country, we have also found that these guys have partnered with a few online retail stores offering these accessories. The few we have highlighted include the following:

Does BaubleBar sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found BaubleBar stores on Amazon.

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Is BaubleBar Jewelry Worth It?

BaubleBar is a profound brand that offers access to jewelry and custom, fine phone cases, kids' accessories, blankets, sports, Disney, and numerous gifts. Thus, according to our experience shopping and extensive research we have carried out on the website, we are happy to conclude that BaubleBar jewelry is worth the investment Comparing this with other typical fast fashion companies, BaubleBar gives you an extensive collection of jewelry at an affordable price.

Besides that, they have multiple discounts and promotions running on their website. Customers have simple access since the company has numerous sales on its website. However, from the customer feedback, some highlighted issues with delayed delivery and other challenges, including items not being up to standard. Though that sounds annoying, the company sells these accessories with a favorable return policy and extended window.

Therefore, this BaubleBar brand is worth everything if all you are searching for is typical jewelry to upgrade your ordinary to the extraordinary. They give customers the option to customize their jewelry. And many customers have come to fall in love with this firm for that reason. Go for it today and purchase it from an official store or online retailer.

BaubleBar Jewelry Discounts

In our BaubleBar Jewelry review, we also wanted to determine if the company currently offers customers lucrative deals to save or cut down on their budget. Indeed, there are many jewelry and accessories on offer. While writing this review, the company offered an extra 50% off on sales when you shop through the Labor Day weekend on Monday.

To unlock this offer, you must use the promo code EXTRA50. And when you craft a perfect set of waist wear, you are guaranteed 20% off with extra 2 free bracelets using the promo code STACKING20. You can sign up for the new customers' letter or mailing list for 10% off on your first order.

The same also applies to signing up for text message updates. If you are based in the US and order products that total $75 and above, you get access to free standard shipping. The company often gives customers sales site-wide. The return is also exclusively free. Sign up for updates for future offers and deals.

BaubleBar Jewelry Contact

Just in case our BaubleBar Jewelry review has not been able to address all your concerns, there is a possibility that you have a pending question. In that case, you can contact the support team when the FAQ cannot justify the issue. This research has highlighted some methods to connect the BaubleBar Jewelry support team. Though there is no phone number listed for support, the company has made their email public for you to ask your concerns.

Hence, write them an email to However, this method is only operational or accessible from Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. They claim to respond to your concern within four working hours. Still, they are active on their social media accounts. Follow them on Instagram, or Facebook page for updates and collaboration.


Q. Who is the current owner of the BaubleBar brand?

The company is founded and owned by Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, well-known as former banker investors. These guys decided to invest in this brand to offer the services needed for the jewelry designers.

Q. Does BaubleBar prioritize ethical practices in its operation?

The fact remains that BaubleBar products are designed and made in New York. From the data, the brand also adds that they consider ethical practices, which include supporting ethical gold sourcing.

Q. Does the BaubleBar company offer authentic gold jewelry?

In their manufacturing, the company clearly justifies that their jewels are designed using real 14K gold. However, in other cases, they utilize it in plate sterling silver as well as brass.

Q. Is BaubleBar jewelry hypoallergenic?

First, the brand refers to its pieces as the Baubles and claims they are certified lead, cadmium, phthalates, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic.

Q. Are BaubleBar Face masks FDA-Approved?

The answer is no. While these face masks are not FDA-approved, they have the authority found under the EUA, which compliments that their effective and safe use helps prevent infections. However, they are not approved for medical cases.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the BaubleBar company?

The company's website clarifies that they offer free standard shipping on all orders based in the US, surpassing the total threshold. This also comes with a free return to qualified customers. Still, the company also provides worldwide shipping. International orders are delivered considering the delivery duty paid.

They ship to some countries, including Canada, China, UAE, Saudi, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Australia, etc. The company is still expanding its reach to other regions. Note that the shipping charges are calculated at the checkout, which depends on the destination and shipping method.

Q. What is the return policy of the BaubleBar company?

BaubleBar has a favorable return policy. Customers have a return window of 45 days from the date of purchase to return their order just in case of anything. For the products to qualify for the return, they must meet particular conditions. First, they must be in the original packaging and attach the invoice while returning.

For the orders approved for return, the eligible customers get the prepaid USPS return label for the next step. But also remember that when you decide to return following a unique method, kindly quote the company address, BaubleBar Returns, 300 Carol PI, Moonachie, NJ 07074.


While BaubleBar offers you the unique, trendy, and latest jewelry, our review also recommends the brand for standout accessories from necklaces to earrings and bracelets. On top of what we have covered, the company also offers other accessories, like phone cases, that are trendy but affordable and accessible.

Therefore, if you are searching for trendy jewels at an affordable price and guaranteed durability, BaubleBar can be your one-stop shop for all your needs. In the above review, we have seen that BaubleBar offers unique shades and styles for jewelry. We have explored the company in detail, from the history to the best-selling products in each category, and complemented our stand based on the testimonies online.

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