Lightbox Jewelry Review: A New Era of Affordable Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Are you looking for a sparkling jewelry collection of lab-grown diamonds matching affordable luxury? Try the Lightbox Jewelry, and you will never break the bank. Through Their ethical practices, determine if this brand matches your budget, styles, and preferences.

The jewelry industry is growing and expanding its collection of luxury products. Therefore, as long as you're going for the most affordable option on the market to complement your fashion, you must also consider the functionality, quality, and craftsmanship before committing. Customers now understand that even with their small budget, they can purchase the ideal jewelry designed with a fraction of mined diamond.

And if you are wondering whether the lab-grown diamond will save you expenditure on the jewelry, then delve into this  Lightbox Jewelry review and find out more. We will explore the company's history, the best sellers, the lucrative deals, and contacts and then summarize the article by accessing the customer feedback.

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Lightbox Jewelry as a brand offers access to trinkets designed using lab-grown diamonds. The company is on the market to serve millennial customers searching for alternative stones at a reasonable price. Because of its reputation, Lightbox Jewelry has been featured in popular publications not limited to Forbes but also extended to Refinery29, etc.

They also have a large social media following. This is because of their ethically sourced and designed jewelry that is becoming the fav for the girl child again. As usual, you must be careful to make such a vital order. And this is the reason we are here for you to guide and help transform your jewelry. With that in mind, you must also remember that Lightbox Jewelry provides these precious stones made in the UK, specifically in the Element Six lab.

Still, they launched a new center based in Portland. And the two are still owned and managed by De Beers, one of the diamond industry's hardest hitters. We also justify that Lightbox Jewelry or diamonds are indistinguishable when you compare them to real diamonds.

Also, remember that lab-grown diamonds feature the same element as natural diamonds, but the difference is that the lab-grown products are produced by scientists in the lab after a particular set period of a few weeks. But for natural diamonds, it takes years to form ultimately. Though they have been fighting on the idea concerning lab-grown diamonds, the founder, De Beers, established the first company in 2018.

This was just one of the waves to come. Today, the Lightbox brand is an independent brand managed by De Beers as a subsidiary. The company operates with one mission: to ensure that it produces diamonds or jewelry, often targeting everyone worldwide. That is more concerning the Lightbox Jewelry overview. We now need to explore the best-selling jewelry for the collection; before that, we have also highlighted the pros and cons of Lightbox Jewelry.

Why We Like Lightbox Jewelry

Lightbox Jewelry gives multiple reasons to be happy regarding jewelry items. The company is famous and ranked among the few that specialize in the design of lab-grown diamond jewelry items. Most customers have left positive reviews, giving numerous reasons to trust these guys, from the top-notch customer support team to the affordability nature of the brand.

Lightbox Jewelry has an extensive jewelry collection ranging from rings to necklaces and bracelets. There are so many dazzling items designed for your needs. They have modern engagement rings as well as earrings. Therefore, Lightbox Jewelry gives you ideal options if you are searching for a memorable present. Therefore, in the next section, we will highlight some of the bestselling Lightbox Jewelry items on the market from each category.

The Best-Selling Lightbox Jewelry Rings

As the first category, we will list the three trendiest Lightbox Jewelry rings on the market and form their website. They are perfect for considering stacking and preparing for the upcoming occasion.

Up first is the Lab-Grown Diamond ⅜ ct. Mini Trillion Linear Ring. This ring has a triangular 3/8 carat diamond, and the presence of the modern band makes it steer away from those traditional ring bands on the market. It is cool to add to the other rings in your collection. From The linear setting, the ring is 10k yellow gold, and they are available, featuring shades from blue to pink and white lab-grown diamonds. This cut is good and was initially grown in England, and their size ranges from 6 to 8. It is a perfect conversation starter on top of other rings.

Second is the Lab-Grown Diamond Blue Moon Ring. This is a piece of the diamond ring. This is because the band is traditional and features the modern touch of the moon setting. In reality, the diamonds are available in 1/2 carat weight. Though blue diamond, it also features the white stoned crescent to make it more appealing. The ring gets your point at home while proposing.

Last but not least in this category is Lab-Grown Diamond ½ ct. Round Brilliant Solitaire Open Top Ring. The ring is also a 1/2 carat weight diamond, and in reality, it features an open-top to highlight the stylish twist as well as enhance the layering. It is not just demure but also dazzling and a gem in the industry.

The Best-Selling Lightbox Jewelry Necklaces

Through the Lightbox Jewelry review, we discovered that the brand offers high-quality necklaces. You can sparkle your appearance with the delightfully dainty pieces. Therefore, if you are not into the marriage plans but want to show affection, these necklaces are an ideal gift or surprise for the anniversary. Some of the bestsellers here are:-

Lab-Grown Diamond Blue Moon Pendant comes in a unique crescent featuring the pave stone or the diamond that is closely packed. They also pair well with the cool-toned shade to make this necklace a stunning item on your neck. The silver chain measures 18", but customers can adjust up to 16". The necklace features handcrafted and tiny stones of 3/4 carat diamond weight.

Second is the Lab-Grown Diamond ½ ct—heart Pendant. In most cases, this necklace is not available in stores, and this is because there is high demand. In that case, you can still opt for the alternative necklace, a 1/2-carat Halo Gold Pendant. You can easily showcase your style with these pink stones on your neck. These stones are available in 1ok white gold while the previous features the white pave stones around it.

Then lastly, we have Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. Round Brilliant Solitaire 14k Gold Pendant. This necklace is dubbed on the website as the Jewelry essential. It is easy and elegant to have on your styling. For jewelry enthusiasts, this is the perfect gift. One of the head-turner features is the round solitaire. It is handmade but resembles natural diamond jewelry. You can complete this with a low-neck top to showcase the necklace and look brilliant.

The above categories are vital to you, and you need to understand that. But as we mentioned, the company gives you more than you expect. In their collection, you will also come across the earrings. This jewelry staple brand has lab-grown diamond earrings in the collection.

One of the best-selling Lightbox Jewelry earrings is the famous Lab-Grown Diamond 1ct. tw. Princess Cut Studs. These are game changers for the rose gold occasions. They are also available at a cheaper price tag, and you can style them even if you have numerous piercings. They are simple to use and ideal for smaller earlobe studs. Then, supplement your appearance with a neutral dress for the classic look. It satisfies the glitter fixation.

The other category on the website is Lightbox Jewelry Bracelets. These are cult-favorite jewelry items available to help you decorate the wrist for fun and beauty. In the collection, we have spotted one of the best sellers to give a try.

This is a Lab-Grown Diamond Blue Moon Bracelet. If you are keen, there are the same products with the 1/2 carat blue diamond weight. Try the Round Brilliant Cluster Bracelet to highlight the dainty style if you are not just after the Pave stones. It has a thin chain, and you can spot the white and two blue stones. It gives customers a modern twist as they come with discounted prices.

Therefore, these Lightbox jewelry are handcrafted in the lab but feature similar elements to the natural diamond. They also offer shopping events on their Instagram page.

Customer Review

Lab-grown diamond is ideal for making jewelry, but you might still ask yourself what the customers say about Lightbox Jewelry. That is fine, and we are here to settle the issue by looking at testimonies from different sites.

The review will start by evaluating the reputation of the official website The site has a review section, but honest feedback is not available. Due to a lack of evidence here, we were forced to move on to the other external sites. Therefore, the first up is the Gem Society, which gives us detailed information but considers the Lightbox Jewelry designed for the Blue Nile. The author insists the options save you money for the sought-after precious stone.

On Study Jewelry, the blog compares James Allen with Lightbox Jewelry, and in the dn, both the alternatives are best. The author comprehensively explains the differences and similarities for you to understand. There is also a detailed Reddit thread that analyzes the brand and the author of the thread is happy with what they purchased from the company as lab-grown diamond jewelry is concerned. La Brilliante still has a detailed blog that explores De Beer's lab-grown diamond products from the overview through a few aspects and verdict.

Entire Look also evaluates the company, and the author intends to find out if the brand is worth investment and is in any way good or reliable. The author analyzes the company through the article based on the pricing plan, quality, shipping, store location, customer support, and return policy. From the customer reviews, the author finalizes with a conclusion stating:-

"Though, given that the Lightbox was released in 2018, this is a reasonable reputation. Overall, I believe Lightbox is worth a try. If you're not convinced about them, go to one of their stockist sites and try on the jewelry before purchasing on the internet!"

Brand Rated also gives us an in-depth blog exploring these lab-grown diamond jewelry items designed with shades like pink, white, and blue. Forum Purse Blog still has fantastic customer feedback highlighting different aspects of the brand, including an extensive collection of high-quality and affordable jewelry items.

Though Lightbox Jewelry has a 1-star rating on the BBB website, the customer feedback is tempting and encouraging to go for more jewelry shopping. Consider this brand today for affordable, high-quality, and durable lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Where to Buy Lightbox Jewelry

If you have set an eye on one of the impressive Lightbox Jewelry, Then you can proceed by placing an order. We encourage you to always shop from the official website

Here, you will have a complete jewelry collection, from the rings to the necklaces, etc. But always remember that the company has partnered with online retail stores. Therefore, some of this Lightbox Jewelry is available online through third-party stores. some of these retail stores include:-

Does Lightbox Jewelry sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Lightbox Jewelry stores on Amazon.

Related Amazon Store You Maybe Like,  

Is Lightbox Jewelry Worth It?

It is challenging to purchase high-quality and unique jewelry online. But with the diamond glamor, you can count on the Lightbox Jewelry collection. The brand gives you access to an extensive collection of ethically designed jewelry at a reasonable price. These are designed using ethically sourced and lab-grown diamond that resembles elements found in natural diamond.

Looking at the customer reviews, the Lightbox Jewelry collection never fails you. The collection is impressive, and online navigation gives customers a perfect shopping experience. Their cutie staples are designed to feature unique designs targeting all the significant occasions you might encounter in your life. One of the concerning issues here is that Lightbox Jewelry lacks diamond certification.

Thus, it isn't apparent to judge if the price tag is worth the quality of these diamonds. But always remember that the company guarantees growth using 100% renewable energy at an incredible rate, and their jewelry has the laser inscribed mark of quality. It becomes hard to ignore these lab-grown diamonds. Generally, we haven't found any primary concern with the Lightbox Jewelry shopping experience. Please Give it a shop and explore the jewelry collection for lab-grown, affordable diamond items.

As usual, the Lightbox Jewelry review article also had to take a different direction. We also needed to determine if the company has targeted some promotions to save customer expenditures. Therefore, while researching and writing this review, we noted some of the deals on the website. The company has 20% off on the finest collection, but this offer is only available for a limited time.

You can unlock it with the promo code FINEST20 at the checkout. There is also Klarna, which allows you to shop now and pay later. Still, if you are a new customer, you can sign up for the account and get 10% off on your first order. There is also a similar 20% off on the outlet styles. It is still available for a limited time only.

Otherwise, the company guarantees you free shipping for all orders. There is a free and insured international delivery, and you can also access the exclusive rewards through a friend referral program on the website. The promotions are countless; you can refer to their website and sign up for the mailing list.

If you still have a question concerning the Lightbox Jewelry, skip to the FAQ section. If the section does not give you a satisfactory answer, you can take the next step: contacting the support team. Lightbox Jewelry gives customers limited options to contact the team. The findings have shown that the company listed its official mail as the relevant method to connect the team for any justification of concern.

Thus, write them an email at or Equally, give them a call at (833) 270-3737. Besides the above method, you can also collaborate with the team using their social media handles. The team is active on the Facebook page, Instagram, X(Twitter) etc. Follow them and get updates, engage with them, and seek any solution when you get issues.


Q. Where are the manufacturing plants of the Lightbox Jewelry brand situated?

From the above information, we have learned that the Lightbox Jewelry items are made in their facilities in Portland, Oregon. However, some of these products are made in the Element Six lab worldwide.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Lightbox Jewelry company?

The company offers not only domestic but also international shipping services. The time and shipping charges vary depending on your location. Therefore, for US-based customers, you can opt for free standard shipping, and packages take between 3 to 5 working days to arrive. While the second option is the Express Overnight, it costs you $25 to ship the package and deliver it the next working day.

Lightbox Jewelry relies on Fedex as their carrier for US deliveries. But, the company ships through DHL when it comes to international orders. Remember that all overseas orders are subjected to extra charges, including duties, customs, and related tax, which are added at the checkout.

Q. Does Lightbox Jewelry offer a friendly return policy?

This company is one of the unique brands to have on your list. This is because they give you domestic and international orders up to 30 days as the return window to inspect and try your items. In case of anything, you can return to the store within the window. All domestic orders are exclusively free to return. However, for the products to be accepted for return, they must be in their original condition, not worn, and in their original package.

Remember that this is not refundable in case of the incurred return shipping. If you are an international customer, remember that the company will deduct $30 from the refund for the returned shipping services. Initiating a return is very simple; follow the simple instructions on the website and get it done in seconds.

Therefore, the company takes 5 to 10 working days to process the return and decide on the refund. Immediately after the company processes the return request, they will send you the notification as you award for the refund to reflect in your account.


Lightbox Jewelry is here to serve you if you want to get beautiful lab-grown diamond jewelry at an affordable price. The company features an extensive collection of high-quality jewelry for any occasion in your lifetime. Besides Lightbox Jewelry offering you lucrative deals, in the above review, we have also seen that the company guarantees worldwide shipping, and orders come with the perfect return policy.

If you want to upgrade your jewelry game but operate on a fixed budget, try this brand to kickstart your journey to getting the most coveted stone in the world. Most customers have implemented the company for the collection, convenience shopping, fast delivery, sustainability goals, and top-notch packaging. It is time to give Lightbox Jewelry a try.

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