Jeulia Jewelry Review: Does It Worth to Buy?

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Has artisan infiltrated your fashion jewelry from the culinary world? The trend has become the buzzword; everybody is moving for the latest and most promising jewelry brands like Jeulia. Please read our review to find out more.

Well, the artisan has grown to become the buzzword that is now infiltrating the fashion industry from the culinary world. Even the wedding and wedding rindy industries are taking another shape with reputable brands. The most potent force that is driving modern businesses both in the gen Z and millennials is artisan branding. That is not all, and it also has a potent force on the consumer-driven platform and niche industries.

Consumers and people have the desire to have something unique which is detached from mass production; they are flooding the wedding ring models from previous attention on beer, bread, and clothing. One of the reputable companies we have come across is Jeulia Jewelry.

You might ask what artisanal means to this industry and what it offers consumers. In this article, we will cover Jeulia Jewelry as a company at large and determine if it sets itself to be unique from the competitors on the market. Before making a final recommendation, let us learn about this fashion company.

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Jeulia Jewelry Review

Jeulia is a company that produces and sells Fashion Jewelry to the consumer-owned by Jeulia Limited. It was founded back in 2015 and aimed to invest and personalize the purchase creatively to meet your needs and fit the styles. These guys believe that with Jewelry, you can turn apprentice to become memorable emotions on the go. Based on the jewelry games, Jeulia jewelry company competes against other rivalries in terms of low pricing, high-quality Jewelry, and making the brands extra durable.

It also has a large audience base, where on Instagram, it totals up to 406k followers that are amazed at every rugged design and style the company offers to the market. The company sums up its goals which you can confirm from Amazon, by stating that it is more than just accessory artisan branding but the embodiment of their passion and love, which they ultimately give to the consumers.

It means their goal is to create memories and actualize their personal goals. Though the firm claims to have been located in Hong Kong, according to the Better Business Bureau, it is located in California, which brings about inconsistencies when looking at the production and its headquarters. The company products ranges in different designs, categories, and styles where it covers formal wedding sets to personal fashions io simple design as well as fittings for any occasion.

But the key features are only cost-friendly pricing. In this review, we will look into details about Jeulia Jewelry and explain anything you need to know based on ratings, discounts, FAQs, customer reviews, where to purchase the products, and how to contact the company. Before that, let us go through some basic pros and cons.

Jeulia Jewelry Pros:

Jeulia Jewelry Cons:

Why We Like Jeulia Jewelry

High-Quality Jewelry

From the reviews online, most customers come back to purchase the items from reviews online. This indicates that the Jeulia jewelry brands are excellent, high quality, authentic, and treasured among people worldwide. They offer products that cover people of all ages and gender inclusive, as well as the ability to personalize the item.


This is the key feature why we rank the Jeulia Jewelry brand. The pricing is affordable for anyone. Comparing this brand with other competitors, you can save money through the materials sued to make the brands. So, it scores high ratings and keeps customers coming as it surpasses the expensive options in terms of quality and pricing. There are many reasons why we choose this brand.

Besides focusing on wedding jewelry, Jeulia also ventures into multiple designs to offer you the option for everyday occasions. The brand prides itself on making the rings personalized, which is a critical personal preference of most customers. If you go through the available options, you can come up with your item.

Again, the brand sticks to its simplicity about material made up of Jeuliastones and sterling silver, but the creativity makes each design different. They also offer a warranty, but it only lasts for 12 months, and lastly, they offer many discounts and promo codes like a military discount. The critical brand for all your needs when you want a unique ring design is Jeulia Jewelry.

Customer Review

Before deciding to go for Jeulia Jewelry, you must remember that rating and customer reviews matter. And right from the brand website,  individual products are held up. The general rating on the Jeulia platform is 4.94 out of 5 stars after 189287 reviews. This is awesome, and Jeulia Knot Round Cut Sterling Silver interchangeable ring set has a 5-star rating. The customer on their website claims,

'I am astounded by the beauty of my soon-to-be Wedding Ring. It turns out that the photographs don't do justice in terms of how stunning it is! It is ideal in every way!! I'm delighted with it!!!'

There are many other Jeulia jewelry products with a good rating on the platform, such as Jeulia Sunflower Sterling Silver Ring with 5 stars, Jeulia “Halloween Fun” Skull Design Sterling Silver Ring with 4.9 stars rating, Jeulia Delicate Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Mermaid Ring with 4.9 ratings and Jeulia Moissanite Two Stone Round Cut Gold Ring has 4.8 ratings.

That is not all. If we move ahead otto the external review sites, the SiteJabber, there are mixed reactions, but generally, the rating is excellent, with 4.1 stars after 6580 reviews on the site. This site's rating is based on the service, value, shipping, quality, and return. Out of the aspects, most customers are unsatisfied with the return policy. The rating is lower on this factor, but in general, many clients are pleased with the brand. As one mentioned.

'It takes time and faith! I got the items I feared were lost in the mail. Jeulia made certain it got to me. L and they both did. Beautiful products have been added to my account!'

Looking at Trustpilot, the brand also has a mixed reaction where after 1959 reviews, Jeulia scores an average of 3.9 stars. From the statistics, it is only 30% of the total reviewers cannot recommend the brand, but 61% are delighted. And here, reviews from the Trustpilot sum up everything.

'Jeulia's attentiveness astounded me, and whenever I had questions, they responded the same day or the next day.' The items are gleaming and eye-catching. Many goods have been put on my wish list, and there are still many to purchase. If I want to buy Jewelry, I would like to do it from Julia because I can choose from a variety of goods and also customize my design. Julia's owner deserves a heartfelt thank you.'

While other customers claim that 'ridiculous return policy.’ Therefore, for most of these reviews online and from external sources, it is clear that clients are satisfied with the quality and design of Jeulia Jewelry, and we were even amazed at the brand's personalization and what it means to the customers. You can deduct a lot from the above, though let us find out in the next section if the brand is worth it.

Where to Buy Jeulia Jewelry

If you are ready to place your order for the Jeulia jewelry, then there are options you can consider. The first is to check out their official Jeulia website in the sales section. Secondly, Amazon also has a Jeulia jewelry listing. These are the only reliable stores you can get authentic Jeulia Jewelry online.

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Is Jeulia Jewelry Worth It?

From the above customer reviews and details found on the official website,  the brand is a perfect choice but only with a condition. Regarding unique design, move ahead and give it a try. the store has all you need, high quality and affordable price. However, the rings are not long-lasting, but the stunning design is made with a personal impression.

They offer the costume and other Jewelry at a lower price than other competitors online. The brand gives you fun, personal; design and quirky design, which you easily enjoy while unwrapping the jewelry box every time. This, together with many other things not mentioned, our final verdict is that Jeulia Jewelry is worth it for its unique design.

Jeulia Jewelry Discounts

Jeulia jewelry has fantastic discounts, promotions, and coupon codes. For instance, when you visit their official site, you will find them giving back to the customer through discounts like 10% off with code M10 for side wide, but when you buy one, you get one free with 30% off when you use code H30. Once you step on the platform, you are invited to register, and you will be granted the free open ring when you place your first order.

Still, the brand engagements in multiple campaigns online lower the cost of their products. If you are conceived, then never hesitate to look at their sales section. You will also come across the final sale in which they offer discounts up to 70 % while daily deals go up to 50% off discount. Jeulia has plenty of offers, and only the above listed are not enough. Sign up for the newsletter, get $10 off on your purchase, and offer a 20% military discount. This is a brand we won't hesitate to recommend you go for it.

Jeulia Jewelry Contact

Are you worried about how to contact Jeulia? Well, the brand offers multiple methods on how to contact them. They have a live chat online but are only available from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Sunday PST and PDT. They are also available through social media platforms such as Facebook from 8 am-4:30 pm and 6 pm to 3 am. There are also other options, such as submitting a ticket online and calling the representative at 001-888.219.8158  when outside Canada and US.


Q. Does Jeulia sell Yellow and white gold Jewelry

No, the brand only specializes in producing Jewelry made from 925 silver, of which, in some cases, the item has a yellow color, but it is not sparkling gold in all cases.

Q. Where is Jeulia Jewelry based?

There is inconsistency when it comes to the location of this brand. Though Jeulia lists the business as being located in Hong Kong, there are some Jeulia jewelry reviews concluding that it is located in California. For this reason, the brand has raised a red flag on BBB.

Q. Will Jeulia Jewelry turn my hands green?

The answer is no. using these jewelry accessories from Jeulia will not affect any part of your body or turn in gree. This is because, when making the items, the company does not utilize copper as one of the ingredients.


Jeulia is a reputable brand specializing in producing and selling Jewelry brands on the market that cut across all genders for any occasion. It is the best option when you want personal design rings. Though there is insistency in the location of the business, and products do not last long enough, they still offer high-quality Jewelry at an affordable price. Go for it and get the perfect ring with a personalized impression for any occasion.

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