Mejuri Jewelry Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

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Mejuri offers premium jewelry with fashionable and luxurious styles at affordable prices. If you're not sure about this, read on!

If you are looking for a good jewelry brand that offers great quality jewelry, then you are making the right decision. Jewelry goes a long way to enhancing your dressing and appearance. Jewelry also speaks well of your class. There are a lot of jewelry brands that offer different kinds of jewelry. However, not all of them are produced with quality material, some don’t even have a trendy design which may lead to discontentment over time.

You might get confused while looking for the best jewelry brand to patronize. Mejuri is an e-commerce startup that offers premium quality jewelry that is fashionable with great designs. Their design fits a different kind of occasion and is very suitable to show off luxury and class.

If you are confused about how to get in touch with the brand so you can patronize them, then you can read through this review to get all the necessary information needed. Reading this review will give you insight if the brand is worth it or not.

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Mejuri Jewelry Review

Mejuri jewelry is an online Canadian jewelry store, where you can shop for all types of jewelry for women. The pieces of jewelry are made to serve you every day, unlike other pieces of jewelry that require you to save it up for a special occasion. Their  jewelry is luxurious with cheaper prices compared to others. This brand was founded by Noura Sakkijha in 2013. It is a Canada-based company.

The mission of the brand is to create handcrafted jewelry for its customers with exact precision. This brand rose to fame as a result of the unique designs of its jewelry. They cater to the needs of women by providing everyday jewelry. This review will look at an in-depth view of the brand, products, and the service they are offering.

The review will also give information on why I like using the brand, the pros and cons of the brand, customer review, I will give my verdict if the brand is legit or not. Some other key information will be provided such as promotions, discounts, how to contact the brand among others.

Mejuri Jewelry Pros

Mejuri Jewelry Cons

Why We Like Mejuri Jewelry

Mejuri Necklace

They have a quality necklace of any kind of jewelry. They can combine white sapphire and gold vermeil. They can go as far as having a combination of thick silver and golden layers which speaks well of its quality. This necklace is comfortable and okay because of its versatility. This type of necklace allows you to wear it independently or with other pieces. Some of the best-sellers are Mejuri Lotus Necklace, Mejuri Tarot Moon Necklace, Mejuri Locket Necklace, etc. The average price of each is $130.

Mejuri Earrings and Rings

Most of their earrings are lightweight and mostly in yellow gold. One good thing about these earrings is that you can use them for casual, professional, and other outfits including traditional ones.

The maximum thickness of the earrings is about 2 mm but people take notice of it when you put them on. Some of the best-sellers are Mejuri Oversized Thin Hoops, Mejuri Single Diamonds Line Mini Hoop, Mejuri Lotus Studs, etc. They also have some other ring items which are the Mejuri Signet Ring, Mejuri Beaded Ring, Mejuri Diamonds Open Ring, etc. You can get all these at an average price of $205 for the earrings and $230 for rings.

Customer Review

jewelry is a luxury part of appearance and outfit, this is why jewelry brands are keen on making sure what they produce are of standard. This customer review will look at all various feedback gotten from legit customers of this brand. The analysis will take a look at the different variety of products, the customer support team, brand, and some other services they offer that are very helpful in the actualization of the goals and objectives of the brand. The review took an in-depth look at the feedback of customers and why the customers made such references.

In this review, I made use of Trust pilot as my main website to know the things customers of this brand are saying. There is a 3.4-star rating for Mejuri on this website. With almost 50% excellent remarks. The brand has different reviews both positive and negative. However, there was a more positive review by customers. Most customers talked about the design of the jewelry and how long-lasting the products are, some talked about the elegant beauty of the pieces. Some talked about the affordability of their jewelry while some complained about the difficulty faced while trying to make a return or exchange.

I bought my pieces of jewelry a few months ago, unlike other jewelry that I have, I don’t have to keep them because they fit the everyday lifestyle. I am super happy about my earrings, I will soon order a bracelet and necklace.

Where to Buy Mejuri Jewelry

You can shop for your Mejuri jewelry through their website. They offer good deals

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Is Mejuri Jewelry Worth It?

You might be wondering why you should go for Mejuri jewelry, the positive feedback that the brand has gotten so far can help in making sure you are confident in the product you are about to buy. There are different kinds of jewelry like rings, pendants, necklaces, single earrings, bracelets, anklets, jewelry kits, etc can be purchased. You can go as far as getting a personalized piece, mostly engraved ones.

If you are looking at getting affordable jewelry yet with luxury, then you should not miss out on buying Mejuri jewelry. The various concerns raised by some customers about the difficulty to return have been opposed by the brand stating that they offer return and exchange but the return policy does not apply for engraved pieces only.

You can also enjoy free shipping when you order from above $100 from the United States and Canada. You also stand to enjoy trendy pieces that you can show off. From the packaging to the real item goes an extreme beauty process, this is why most customers are content with the packaging. With all this information about this brand, the brand is more than worth it. You can go ahead to make an order because I will recommend that this brand is legit and worth a trial.

Mejuri Jewelry Discount

This review could not find any active coupon but you can enjoy some discounts

Mejuri Jewelry Contact

You can reach the brand if you want to make further inquiries about the brand that is not included in this review


Q. What is the shipping policy of Mejuri?

The brand ships to all locations in Canada, The United States, Australia, Europe, and other continents. When you are shipping within Canada, you can enjoy free shipping for an item worth $100 above or for a fixed $5 delivery fee. For international shipping, the price of delivery differs based on location and distance. The United States also enjoys the same shipping policy as Canada. The processing time, delivery time, and cost solely depend on the item you are buying, the distance to be delivered, etc.

Q. What is the return policy of Mejuri?

You can make a return for free within the first 30 days of receipt of your shipment. When making a return you have to ensure that all the packaging and tags are in their original form. There should not be any form of usage or wear. However, you cannot return engraved pieces. Nevertheless, to return, sign in to your Mejuri account, click on my returns, and follow the steps you will see there.

Q. What are the items available on Mejuri?

You can have access to a wide variety of jewelry pieces like rings, pendants, necklaces, single earrings, bracelets, anklets, jewelry kits, etc.


Jewelry speaks of class and luxury. A lot of people look for jewelry that will enhance their appearance, outfits and give insight into their social taste and status. However, Mejuri offers luxury jewelry even at an affordable price. It means you don’t have to break your bank to buy a nice piece of jewelry. This review will aid you in making your decision.

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