Blue Nile Jewelry Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth the Hype?

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Is Blue Nile hype as a reputable online jewelry store for women or a waste of time? The company offers rings and other jewelry made with different ingredients, from silver to diamond and gold. Please read our expert review and gauge what this brand is about and what to expect from these guys.

You Are here because you are searching for a reliable source or seller of genuine jewelry. Most of the firms that sell online come and disappear, while others do not stand the test of time. However, no company has ever outshined the space champ, Blue Nile. This company has been around for so long and maintains a solid reputation and huge customer Base.

You can tell a lot from their social media presence, as engagement speaks volumes. With stiff competition, the company has put multiple brands offering diamonds in the lowest position, stabilizing the pricing plan. Regardless of your need, Blue Nile has you covered with jewelry from famous jewelers worldwide.

In this Blue Nile Jewelry review, we will start with the company history, highlight some of the best-selling jewelry, review the promotions and discounts on the website, and present you with customer feedback. Without wasting time, let us start with the company overview to give us a roundup of the brand.

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Blue Nile Jewelry Review

Blue Nile is an online store that provides the most valuable jewelry that targets women, from weddings to engagement rings. However, the company has its unique range of jewels made from gold, diamond, pearl, silver, and sapphire. Still, give customers the option to personalize based on their preferences. The company has received multiple awards in this industry because of its reputation and dedication to serving customers.

The brand was established to help offer more straightforward jewels to customers even with a low budget. Blue Nile was founded by Mark Vedon, who got inspiration while shopping for an engagement ring. Due to the unexpected satisfaction level, the co-founded wanted to get something more fitting and perfect for the engagement.

Together with his friend- Ben Elowitz, they established Blue Nile in 1999. They targeted to make the shopping experience simpler through online stores. Today, the mission of Blue Nile is to provide high-quality jewelry with as detailed data as possible while maximizing customer satisfaction. In the store, there are over 150k loose diamonds to select from.

These guys ensure that you double-check all the products for quality. And in case you have any concerns, customer support is available anytime. Time is money, and we will make it short for you. If you do not have any information about the brand, we have you at our service. Let us also summarize the pros and cons before heading to some best-sellers.

Blue Nile Jewelry Pros:

Blue Nile Jewelry Cons:

Why We Like Blue Nile Jewelry

Blue Nile offers an extensive collection of jewelry products. These ranged from the engagement of wedding rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and standard rings. Above everything, the company allows you to request a customized jewel. Blue Nile has a simple website, and dedicated customers can easily navigate and search the products based on details like diamonds, designs, cuts, and gift sections. They have great glamor and glitz; thus, we will only base our discussion on the best-selling jewelry for this section.

The Best-Selling Blue Nile Jewelry

The list is significant, and it's our pleasure to start with the Diamond Stud Earrings. The brand understands at least all ladies need these studs to sparkle their outfits. These diamond studs feature complexion and radiating glass. They have a simple element that makes them charming without overpowering any outfit.

In-store, the diamond studs are available in 14k white and yellow gold shades ranging from 20-4 carat weight. They are ideal with the classic jeans combo with a t-shirt and feature a matching necklace, not forgetting a black dress.

Second, on the list is Dew Drop Threader Earrings. The earrings are made simple but come with alluring silver. When you fasten it on, it looks like an old hoop earring; however, it does not have a back fastener. These earrings feature par and abstract shape art, which is rare. We recommend pairing the earring alongside your favorite tailored pants, artistic touch beret, and white peasant blouse.

Amethyst Bracelet Sterling Silver also falls under the bestselling Blue Nile Jewelry, and something making it unique is its purple color, though with royalty. The bracelet has small oval amethyst gemstones embroidered in a sterling silver chain. Because of their stunning design, these bracelets catch people's attention from a distance. While they are affordable, it has elegance with the class under one product.

Up next is the Bar Diamond Necklace. This necklace is sealed using an exquisitely subtle design and is wearable with a petite diamond. The 14k necklace is available in stores to select from white gold and yellow shades. It is a minimal but marvelous balance.

We should also not forget the Diamond Solitaire Pendant. It is designed with a dainty diamond pendant blended with the 14k or somewhat yellow gold cable chain to complete it—the weight range from 0.25 to 0.75 carats. To get a romantic look, pair it with the shoulder dress, if not an open necklace top, which makes it a perfect gift for valentine'sValentine Day outfits.

Last, Blue Nile also provides Garnet Cushion Cocktail Ring on this list. This is a showstopper if you think that diamond rings are not your favorite. It is made using a large gemstone combined into a 14k white gold band. It, in most cases, signals success as well as romance. Try it today and enjoy the trendy jewelry from the Blue Nile brand.

Customer Review

Blue Nile jewelry products have gathered much customer feedback online. Reviewing these reviews will be perfect for gauging your stand on these products. Well, many people online have praised the brand for offering high-quality, affordable, and large collections of women 's jewelry products.

Among the sites, we will start with its official store, Here, you will get about 148249 customer letters left on the website. The reviews account for about 4.4 stars rating. This implies that most of the customers are content with the orders. One of them compliments:-

"This firm is stunning. It goes perfectly with my solitaire. Delivery was timely. I even had to return to swap something due to size, and the procedure was painless."

On the Diamond Pro site, the blog author also sought to evaluate the brand from its history to its reputation on the market and dive deep into the engagement rings. But regarding Your Diamond Guru, another well-presented blog analyzes the pricing, website navigation, packaging, history, and return policy. In the bottom line recommendation, the author gives the brand 3 stars for meeting his expectations.

Consumer Affairs rated the company 3.9 stars indicating 105 customer reviews. Most customers gave it 4 stars, while 31% highly recommended it. A few concerns were raised here, but the support team has responded to them, intending to settle them. Going ahead, we have the Gem Society with a fantastic blog. The blog editor seeks to determine if the brand can be trusted. The conclusion on the site speaks volumes:-

"Blue Nile is a simple & affordable way to purchase a diamond proposal ring." A few quirks in their system still need to be worked out, but with so many alternatives, you're sure to find what you like."

Trustpilot also gives the firm a 3.8-star rating after 459 customer reviews, and the good news is that 63% of these customers left 5 stars rating. The same applies to Sitejabber, with 4.11 stars rating obtained from 129 reviews. Everything from the return to the value, the services, quality, and shipping are satisfying. The Beyond4cs and Youtube videos online are impressive and create a robust reputation for this brand.

Therefore, based on the ratings, many people had no complaints, praise everywhere, and many had our vote. Count on it without regrets.

Where to Buy Blue Nile Jewelry

Blue Nile jewelry and other services are available on their official website. Thus, head to and order all your jewelry needs. From The available data, still, the company insists that you can also get the products from their physical Blue Nile stores. If you are within, then you can count on the stores like though they are not limited to:-

Does Blue Nile sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Blue Nile stores on Amazon.

Is Blue Nile Jewelry Worth It?

So many supporting facts make us rank Blue Nile Jewelry on our favorite list, from the customer rating to the collections. The company claims, and we have verified the fact, that their Blue Nile rings are ethically sourced. If you don't love what they have in store for you, customers can also request personalized jewelry or rings to their preferences.

Though there are a few complaints on the BBB gradings and Trustpilot, that is not making us change your stand. There are more positive praises than a few complaints from individuals. Most customers are happy with their jewelry purchases from the store. The company has an impressive shipping and return policy. As a customer, you can enjoy numerous discounts, promotions, and many more lucrative deals.

The brand stands to be trustworthy. While some customers have had challenges, there is a high chance that you will enjoy their services. Disregarding the manufacturer's defects, Blue Nile Jewelry is worth a try. Give it a thumbs up if you have tried because the brand deserves it.

Blue Nile Jewelry Discounts

I must start by clarifying that Blue Nile guarantees customers free shipping and return on their products. Otherwise, you can sign up for the newsletter and stay alert for more deals. From the data found on their website, they have student discounts that are 15% off, though only verified students are eligible. Regular students can use the promo code UNiDAYS to unlock the discounts.

Still, there is a special thanks to all the US military and service providers, and all orders go for 15% off. Currently, the products are also entitled to Service insurance from the Jewelers Mutual Insurance group; however, it only covers the products shipped to Canada and US customers. During the fall, the company also offers customers a discount of up to 30% on a few sl; exceed products or jewelry. Keep checking out for more updated deals in the future.

Blue Nile Jewelry Contact

If our review has left out a particular issue you wanted to be addressed, then Blue Nile Jewelry review also lets you have an alternative option to contact the team. Reach out to the company support staff through different methods. To start with, Blue Nile has a live support icon on their website to connect the team anytime. You can also address your concern through the mail.

Compose and send it to If that is not enough, you can connect them by phone at 1-800-242-2728. If you prefer social media platforms, these guys are also active on their handles. Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages anytime.


Q. What sizing range does Blue Nile have for their jewelry products?

The company offers a vast size range, and on their website, they have outlined detailed data on how customers can locate a perfect fitting size for their partner. Still, the brand offers a free Blue Nile ring sizer, which is vital in deciding the size. If not, head to their website for the sizing chart and learn more about jewelry sizing.

Q. Does Blue Nile accept credit card shopping?

If you are operating on a fixed budget, then you should not get worried about how to purchase this jewelry. The company has a special Blue Nile Credit card with which you have access to the sizing plans.

This card gives customers flexible time to make payments with time. There are many benefits customers can enjoy while having this card. Besides convenient payment, you are entitled to promotions and special card member offers; no annual fee is needed. The firm provides you with three credit card options. Head to their website and access more data on credit card services.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Blue Nile brand?

From the information we have got online, Blue Nile guarantees customers free shipping services. But also note that the company has 3 shipping methods currently. If your order is under $500, you can ship through the Fedex group services, ordering between $500 to$1000; it qualifies for the Fedex 2nd day delivery. Lastly, all orders above $1000 are shipped through FedEx priority overnight.

Still, Blue Nile offers FedEx priority overnight, including Saturday services, one of the company's premium shipping services. Infact, the company offers international shipping; however, some of the selected jewelry have a specific shipping time, as stated on their website. Once they ship, they will send you a confirmation mail alongside the tracking link. For orders that are within the US, they are subjected to the sales tax.

Otherwise, Blue Nile packages the order, ships them securely to avoid many issues, and delivers as a surprise. For every order package, the company also attaches the appraisal cert as well as GIA diamond grading data.

Q. Does the Blue Nile offer a favorable return policy?

The Blue Nile return policy is favorable. Their products are subject to the free return policy. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, you can return the item and request an exchange or refund. However, if your order is above $2000, understand that there is a particular condition which, if you do not meet, the order is not eligible for return.

Above 2k bucks and do not qualify for the return include:- international delivery, engraved products not including a ring, exchange, sizing ro repair issues, personal purchase above 2k bucks, non-USD currencies, damaged items upon delivery, and any item shipped and returns window has elapsed. Therefore, if your order total is above $2000, call the customer support team for the way forward. You can follow the procedure from the portal on their website to initiate the return process.


Blue Nile stands at the top of the list for its high quality and vast collection of jewelry products. From the above review article, all the jeweler shoppers have shown satisfaction and an impressive experience, from the affordable pricing to the option to customize the jewelry.

In the rearview, we have covered everything you need to know, from the company's inception to the best-selling products and where to order engagement or marriage rings. Get started and enjoy their lucrative deals and credit card option to pay later. Without hesitation, the article credits the brand as the king of diamonds on the market, which are ethically sourced. In addition, the guys have a top-notch customer support team available to help you anytime.

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