Mr Porter Review: Is It Worth the Price?

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Besides the typical menswear, do you want to try a brand that upstands the variety and quality? Mr. Porter is one of the accessible marketplaces with various menswear online. Let us delve into the details.

You might be tempted to someday, or even you have tried checking on someone's chest, and from the appearance, you can gauge who they are. You will often see many gentlemen with the Mr. Potter sticker containing a name on it. Mr.Porter is a popular online men's marketplace that guarantees the sharpest variety of menswear. The company is agnostic to style etc.

Though going online, you might encounter much unique menswear; from our experience, it is hard to get a brand that offers the variety and upgraded quality you want. However, with Mr.Porter, you can achieve all these in one approach, from catering to men and unique styles based on your preferences.

The brand brags about having all any gay can need in the inventory. But in this review, we will compare the pros and cons and look at the customer feedback to gauge of actually the company actually offers what they claim to. Let us proceed with the company overview before anything else.

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Mr Porter Review

Mr Porter is a luxury marketplace for men hunting for a global designer piece or a tailor's name online. Mr Porter designs and offers one of the most famous and finest menswear collections from reputable brands worldwide. The company offers numerous products ranging from shoes to accessories, clothing, as well as Mr Porter gifts.

They also have a journal section to help you discover the trending and latest fashion trends in the menswear industry. In inventory, Mr Porter consists of over 600 worldwide brands and always adds at least new fashion twice each week to their inventory. Mr. Porter is a destination for all menswear needs and multiple styles worldwide. If you want to learn the origin of this fashion store, we need first to trace the founder's history or the sister website, Net-a-Porter.

This is also a fashion website founded by Natalie Massenet, a journalist who launched the brand in her flat in Chelsea-London. Therefore, Mr Porter's webpage was created under the print fashion magazine known as Porter and then published after five years alongside the linked application that customers bought products through it with a click. Then in 2004, Mr Porter's website was awarded as the best fashion retailer ranked by the British Fashion Awards.

Since then, the company has kept expanding, growing, and adding more items to the inventory until late 2011, when Mr Porter was officially established. The director of Mr Porter, Toby Bateman, described it as using the same concept as the person behind the idea of the Net-A-Porter girl's life. That remains true, and to date, the company has four offices from where they operate, and out of them, they are distributed on the 3 continents.

However, the company has its head office in London, but an office in Manhattan; other distribution centers are in Hong Kong and New York. It contains many brands and signatures from popular brands worldwide, like the Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Club Monaco, and Burberry. Looking at the Mr Porter webpage, the inventory is well organized, from the clothing heading down to the accessories, sportswear, grooming, kids, watches, and designers.

You can also shop based on your needs, like denim, new season, exclusives, the essentials, etc. The company also has a lifestyle section on its website that offers gamut, model cars, books, and many other lifestyle things. Then Mr Porter joined the YOOX Net-A-Porter Group in 2015 by merging with the Milan-based fashion YOOX.

Today, the platform gives you access to Italy and London menswear styles and designs under one roof. This is an impressive move. Still, want more about the company? Well, here is the comparison between the pros and cons before going into the best-seller or checking for customer ratings online.

Mr Porter Pros:

Mr Porter Cons:

Why We Like Mr Porter

Mr Porter is a fashion brand with a huge collection of items, from shoes to watches, clothing, and watches. However, we will go through some of the best picks in the set selling products for this case. Most people preferred Mr. Porter's fashion due to its high-end fashion. Therefore, to help you save time, we have collected the list of the best sellers under each category listed below:-

The Best-Selling Mr Porter Shoes

The brand has a collection of shoes perfect for any occasion. The rack typically matches all tastes as well as preferences you have. These ranges form the Brogues and Oxford going to the breezy sandals, slippers, lace-up boots, and sporty sneakers in the inventory. The selection is enviable. The most popular Mr Porter shoes are Common Projects Achilles Leather Sneakers, capable of withstanding wear & tear, primarily made in Italy in the Marche area, and contain color-matched soles and sleep leather upper lining for durability.

Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots are also trending and perfect when you want to keep your lifestyle casual. The boots have the comfort of tapered toes alongside their cushioned rubber-crepe soles, especially in their tonal hue. In design, the boots are minimalist and have an embossed gold serial number. The designer has comfort and versatility in mind.

The Best-Selling Mr Porter Watches

You might lack a fine watch if you have the Mr Porter outfits and shoes. The brand still has you covered with luxurious, fine watches. These come in sleek smart watches and go up to the classic chronographs. In the inventory, you will find timepieces categorized as diving, luxury, watch rolls and accessories, and sports and aviation watches. The selection depends on your preferences.

The best-selling Mr Porter watches are Jaeger-LeCoultre Kingsman Knife Rose Gold Watch, And the company claims that these watches are only 100 pieces around the world. So, this is your perfect move if you are after limited edition watches. They are old but world luxury watches that are ultra-thin but are caliber 849 hand-wound movement powered.

The watch comes with an 8-year warranty. And lastly is Gucci G-Timeless Stainless Steel Watch, where the person behind it got inspiration from combining the stars, jungle cart, and favorable bee emblems, which circle its silver guilloche dial pad. The timepiece uses stainless steel and gold PVD-plated accents alongside the craw engraved with the GG for automatic movement. Though it comes with 2 years warranty, it remains water resistant and has a Swiss-made label, but it is expensive.

The Best-Selling Mr Porter Suits

As a last resort, we went researching the popular Mr Porter clothing. The company has one of the trendy and fashion collections of suits ranging from the structured Italian piece to the Savile Row-inspired Tom Ford, Kingsman, Poul Smith, and Canali suits. The suits are categorized by the inventory considering the style, such as luxury, casual, designer, or contemporary.

The other sorting aspect is based on the color, designer, and cuts as well as sizes. The famous suits you can find on the market and in their store trending are Kingsman Harry’s Navy Wool Suit, made with 99% wool but 1% cashmere. The suits are available but come in European sizes from 46 to 56 and have a double-breasted style perfect for friendly people.

The second popular suit from this brand is Tom Ford Wool-Blend Suit Jacket, but it is tailored for the mid-weight wool blend containing melange with a tonal of grey threads; if you want to look dapper, then go for the suit as it has a regular silhouette blondies its sharp notched lapels or button fastening cuffs. The suit is traced from Switzerland through 99% wool and 1% os elastane, while buttons are designed using the Buffalo horn.

Customer Review

It is time to consider the customer feedback on Mr Porter's shoes, clothing, and accessories. Though a famous brand, many reviews are found on external sites. This can help us paint the image and reputation of this brand to the world.

First, we will start by looking at the reviews on Trustpilot. And this website, the brand gets a 3.1-star rating after a whooping 2725 reviews online. Though it's an average rating, most customers on the platform are happy with the brand. They have also raised a few complaints, but the support team responded to them. Hence, 52% of the customers recommend the company with 5 stars rating. Among the happy customer compliments with the below statement:

"Mr Porter provided outstanding service and delivered products on time. Many of the items they sell are ridiculously priced, in my opinion, but this is only a portion of their selection, so I do not rate it. I like their in-house Mr. P line, which is a great deal at 50% off (when I purchase)."

Moving to Sitejabber, though the site has a poor review of 1.6 stars after 70 reviews, people still recommend these items to new customers worldwide. The same applies to, where this brand gets a 2-star rating after 56 reviews. Somehow promising, but on the website, the author concludes that this is a Buddy to shop with, especially with huge collections from worldwide designers.

The Reseller ratings website, the company also scores 1.66 stars after 26 reviews, and this is where things go down with numerous critics. But still, there are also positive reviews. For instance, one customer says:

"A superb selection of designer and non-designer clothing, as well as comprehensive and elegant service. It's an impressive community encounter. The wrapping is superb. I've made several investments and am very pleased with them. I appreciate how easy it is to return something that isn't right for me."

Other external sites worth checking out; .these are not limited to Clothesup, Trip Advisor, Combo Reviews, and Glassdoor. Though many customers have complained, we still find the brand worth checking out if you do not want to receive the order on a particular day. Most complaints surround the delivery time.

Where to Buy Mr Porter?

We cannot give our stand without mentioning where you can purchase Mr Porter's products. This company mainly sells its products through its online store, which is found at

Does Mr Porter sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Mr Porter stores on Amazon.

Is Mr Porter Worth It?

The worthiness of Mr Porter's items, which range from clothing to shoes, kids' items, and many designers, as well as all the latest arrivals, is a no-brainer. Mr Porter is a legit brand that is here to stay, and anytime you are in a hurry to get your order delivered quickly, this is the company to trust. It is not just legit; their high-quality clothing and accessories are curated to meet all your needs.

Mr. Porter has excellent customer support staff on standby to help their clients online. Although some people have complained of poor support where the team spends a lot of time troubleshooting, generally, they help in the long run. For this reason, the company has a strong reputation, and most customers have given it numerous positive feedback online.

Many have praised the durability, huge selection of clothing, fantastic styles and designs, and friendly pricing for accessing these luxurious products. If you have an urge, get the item where the company guarantees fast delivery and a favorable return policy. If you are looking for excellent watches, luxury fashions, and shoes on the market, get started with the Mr Porter brand. We assure you to get the much-needed attention and service. The company will make you outstanding, and you can easily upgrade your closet or wardrobe. Stick with this brand and never regret it; it is worth it.

Mr Porter Discounts

We also go deep down to access the discounts or promotions Mr. Porter gives the customers. The good news is that the company offers fast shipping but guarantees all customers a free return. If you are a new customer and sign up for the first time, they guarantee you 10% off on your first order on all the latest and exclusive arrivals.

At the moment, Mr. Porter is giving customers discounts of up to 70% off on all products as long as the terms and conditions apply. When they launch, the only means to get updated with the latest and better deals is to subscribe to the newsletter and wait for notifications to your email.

Mr Porter Contact

You might have missed something in the above Mr. Porter reviews and need clarification. Instead, if you have a question that is burning you related to this brand, for his case, you can channel it to the customer support team. Mr. Porter has given us many options to contact them.

First of all, these guys support you using up to 14 languages. You can call them using +1 877 535 3677 or send them an email address at, or the second email on inquiries related to watches is through The support team is also active on social media handles. Reach out to them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and have your issues addressed swiftly.


Q. Who is the owner of the Mr. Porter brand?

Based on the information provided in the above article,  The company is owned by Yoox Net-A-Porter group. Federcon Marchetti founded this group after merging two firms.

Q. Where is Mr. Porter's headquarters found?

This Mr Porter company has its headquarters located in London. But it has offices distributed in Milan and Manhattan. Regarding the above data in the article, they also distribute throughout Hong Kong, New York, Italy as well as London.

Q. Where do Mr Porter clothing manufacturing plants located?

Looking at the data online and the influence based on their style cultures, we can deduce that the brand makes their products or clothing from different parts worldwide. The central kingpin is the west coast of the USA and Japan.

Q. What sizing does Mr Porter brand offer customers?

First, the brand bases its sizing on the European style. They offer a wide selection of varying sizes based on gender and age. Therefore, visit their official website for a complete size guide and access to detailed information.

Q. What is the Return policy of Mr Porter brand?

Like other clothing brands, Mr. Porter also has a shipping policy. Therefore to date, the brand ships its products across 170 countries worldwide. For London as well as New York, they have the same-day delivery option. There is also a guarantee of free collections and a chance to return or exchange a product. However, the shipping charges and duration vary depending on the customers' location. At the time of research, we never found the delivery time for the listed sites the company ships to. Otherwise, stay tuned for more updates.

Q. What is the return policy of Mr Porter brand?

There is an option to return a Mr. Porter product as long as you have purchased it from their official website. The next step is to get a full refund or seek the exchange using the store credit on your account. The company also guarantees to refund the taxes when you place orders and deliver within Canada and the US. Still, when you are outside the two regions, any other charges, line customs duties, and sales taxes remain non-refundable as they are passed to the customers. For the refund, processing takes 10 business days to reflect on your account.

Once you receive the order and realize it is not what you expected, all customers have 28 days to return them. Initiating the return process is very simple. Login to the account on the Mr. Porter portal and head to my order section, then create an exchange or return and state the reason behind your return. Remember, you must check the return policy, and signing the proforma return invoice is mandatory. Always leave the package open for confirmation before booking the free collection via phone or online.

For phone booking, you must call DHL using 1-855-345-7447, and equally, you can search for further nearest DHL agent online and quote the account number on the return email. If you are using the online, the company will send you the return link to the key in the 10-number waybill from the barcode and then choose the day when DHL should come to collect the return package.

The return process of this brand is flexible, but they make it clear that you constantly monitor your returned items. When you consistently return the items, you tend to break their terms and conditions, and they are likely to flag you, which results in blocking your account.


Mr. Porter is a fashion brand offering numerous great products. From the above reviews, we have covered the company history, best-selling clothing, shoes, and other accessories, and customer feedback, and evaluated that the brand is worth the money in the long run. Mr. Porter has a massive collection of clothing and other products with a flexible return and shipping policy and discounts to help you save. Grab products on offer today.

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