New Republic Shoes Review: Is This Cheap Leather Sneaker Worth Buying?

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Are you searching for a shoe brand that can instantly activate the memory bank and remind you of past events or places? Try out the New Republic shoes with super cool leather sneakers. The items are cheap and can sell a hit close to your home. Let us find out if it's true and what the brand has for you in the store.

The New Republic is a company that offers footwear brand designs for men in different styles. The firm ascertains that these brands are comfortable, sustainable, and timeless.

It seems that the brand creator had in mind to design luxury items as well as other accessories that could only cost customers a friendly price. This company offers multiple items you can count on for any occasion from Monday to Sunday. Every time you step out of the door, you feel comfortable with the New Republic shoes.

In our reviews today, we will take you through the New Republic shoes for you to grasp and have a rough idea of the brand before deciding to purchase the products. Let us get started with the company overview before stepping into other details.

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New Republic Shoe Review

The New Republic is a footwear brand company founded in  2016 by Designer Mark McNairy in Los Angeles. The founders have already engaged in the design fashion design field before the launch for the last 30 years. he was even representing the Quirky aesthetic and footwear together with collaboration with many other firms. These include Pharrell, Adidas, Timberland, and even North Face.

Therefore, New Republic is simply a brand specializing in the designing of second footwear collections covering men's collections and women's brands. The company name was coined from the term Republic indicating that the public holds the supreme power state of the company. This is what the founder wanted in the long run. The main goal was to help men find all the classic sneakers at an affordable cost.

Therefore, today, it offers women's footwear, where the brand is designed using high-grade footwear factories found in China. They are then handcrafted with the established supplier materials to generate all styles. The company is fighting to ensure that the brands are generated from environmentally sustainable materials sourced locally and fabrics.

Quality sets the New Republic shoe brand unique from its rivals on the market. The company targets to offer high-end shoes while ensuring the cost is attainable, making it the best part. The crafting process of the New Republic brands is straightforward.

Each brand is designed using a 3-D wooden or plastic mold, which is called last that affects the overall shoe fitting. They utilize the essential tools in the grading process to turn the base and the sample size patterns into the extra size.

The company also claims that it can design personalized shoes. But all the processes depend on the product and the creator. Therefore, for any individual product has a different method available on its website. They guarantee you to stay summer ready with the new essential bundles. The New Republic has brought luxury to the people with timeless styles updated with modern premium material.

To make the reviews simpler, we have divided the article into sections. Therefore, let us look at these New Republic brands' general pros and cons.

New Republic Shoe Pros:

New Republic Shoe Cons:

Why We Like New Republic Shoes

Some of the conniving factors to get the New Republic shoes on the market are as discussed below:-

Numerous Best-Selling Shoes

The New Republic is one of the reputable companies with multiple best-selling sneakers on the market. During our reviews, we came across the New Republic Drivers, which are the thweBraclays Suede drivers that feature the rubber pebbles outsoles and are made with a comfy leather insole. There are multiple colors, but golden catches the eye of many customers. Though they are in 3 shades besides golden, there is orange and Dirty Buck which also have an affordable price.

The New Republic Chelsea Boots is another best-selling shoe, and we were incredibly impressed with the Sonoma Suede Chelsea Boot-Tripple black, which is up for grabs on the website. It has thoughtfulness craftsmanship to make it distinct and is made with a natural crepe outsole and genuine split leather in the interior lining for comfort.

New Republic Sneakers

Besides the typical shoes, New Republic also specializes in sneaker design. But while writing the reviews, the company only has one sneaker available on the website. That is Kurt Leather Sneaker, white that resembles the Italian dress. The quality is top-notch, and the sneakers are casual for any daily occasion.

However, it is sophisticated for office duties since they are only manufactured for comfort due to the soft microsuede lining as well as the sock liner, and the insole is made using EVA foam. These sneakers come in five colors Tan, gray, black, white or transparent, and white.

Excellent Shoes Sizing

Based on the review article, selecting the correct shoe size is simple. This is because it is clear that the New Republic shoes fit true to the size of girls of the style you select. And starting from 7 to 12, they also have half-size and full-size from 12 to 15. and when you realize that the company doesn't have the size fit for you, they can get back to you as soon as they restock. And if you are unsure about the shoe sizing, the support team can also help you.

Men's and Women's Products

Although the New Republic started as a men's footwear brand, the company has expanded, and there is an option for men and women. They are the last option for any shoes you wish to purchase online. They also ensure they have timeless sneakers and shoe sizes perfect for the daily shades to match any outfit. These range from canvas sneakers to leather Chelsea boots, as discussed above.

High-Quality Shoes

The New Republic offers high-quality products, and the company is well known for its great-looking and high-quality boots, sandals, and sneakers. The designers believe that aesthetics and quality exist in daily casual shoes, capable of blending with even technical elements while keeping you comfortable all day.

They are made using expert craftsmanship and premium material to obtain high-quality shoes. The guys take their business seriously, and they exclusively illustrate the whole shoe-making method on their website. They also offer accessories like sneaker wipes or suede brushes to ensure you always look pristine. Besides, there is free shipping for orders meeting a particular threshold.

Customer Review

We also must supplement our reviews with what customers things of this brand. Therefore, in this regard, we decided to pick some relevant external websites to help make the right decision. There are many customers giving feedback about the products from this company.

We will start with the official website, we went through multiple items, but the main focus, for instance, we will illustrate using KURT LEATHER SNEAKER, which scored 5 stars after 4 reviews. It seems that customers are amazed, and one of them complements,

"The best shoe to throw on when leaving the house. It took a day to break them in, but I now dress them regularly. Great value for how often I wear them."

All the complements revolve around the high-quality, better pricing, excellent shipping, and true to size.

There are multiple positive recommendations that you can get from the Best Under250 website, Dappered website, on Amazon. Even on the Clothed Up website, where the author gives the brand 5 stars with the compliment,

"I cherished all three pairs of New Republic Shoes I own and have had no complaints about their value or coziness. My feet do not hurt after wearing the Chelsea Boot for more than 12 hours."

Reddit also provides reliable reviews to open the products, but when you head to Trustpilot, the company has a 1.7 stars rating after 241 reviews. Many people complained about customer support, breakdowns, and off-sizing.

Generally, the positive reviews outweigh the negative. This means most customers are delighted with the New Republic shoes on the market for timeless wear, high quality, affordability, conformability, and multiple options.

Where to Buy New Republic Shoes

The fact remains that you can only purchase New Republic shoes online. You can visit them on the official website and grab the pair at an affordable price. And from the public feedback, the company is working on expanding its base. Head straight to their website and order the shoes.

However, based on the review and research, there are also New Republic shoes and sneakers on Amazon. Maybe you can consider making an order based on your preferences.

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Is New Republic Shoes Worth It?

To make things short, the New Republic is a company that offers men's footwear and has expanded to offer women's footwear. It was an enthusiast Americans founded with an authentic spirit having self-actualization spirit.

Therefore, they design shoes that help customers find their identities while discovering their true styles. This firm mainly focuses on empowering customers to explore the new horizon and their comfort throughout the day.

The company uses professional craftsmanship to develop close-to-perfect brands in function and formation. They also implement the performance and structural technique, which is unique in the classic footwear industry. Therefore, you can feel the comfort but not see it.

Comparing this data with the fact they offer high-quality shoes, affordable pricing, multiple discounts, promotions, and free shipping with the option to ship around the globe, this brand is worth it all. Get it and match the shoes with any outfit.

New Republic Shoes Discounts

We also took out time to seek the best deals on the New Republic shoes. On their website, they offer gifts for any sneaker purchase you make from their website. Again,  the company also offers free shipping to customers making orders within the US after meeting a particular threshold.

And on their sales page, they have multiple discounts on the products, for instance, NEW REPUBLIC KURT LEATHER SNEAKER, which was previously $98 and is now going for $69. so when you want to get updated with the restocking or any hot deal, you can subscribe to their newsletter with a few clicks.

New Republic Shoes Contact

If you have serious issues related to sizing or something else concerning the New Republic shoes, then the support team can help you. The company offers customers different means through which you can reach them.

First, you can consider submitting a request on their website using the pop-up chat found at the bottom right corner.

Besides, they also have an email address you can send them at, which clearly states that they can reply within 2 business days.

You can also fill out the contact form on the website and then connect with the agent through the phone, email, or even live chat. These guys are only available from Monday through Friday, starting from 9 am to 4 am PST. You might wonder why there is such a complication but reach out to them and engage through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are available anytime.


Q. What is the Shipping Policy for New Republic shoes?

The company ships the shoes to about 26 countries. for the shipment process, the charges and speed vary based on the orders' value and location. For US orders, there is free shipping on orders above $125 and delivered within 10 business days.

The US orders below $125 charge $8 shipping costs but are subject to changes when you stay in Hawaii and Alaska. However, the shipping fee is internationally determined at the checkout, and they receive a confirmation mail with shipping addresses.

Q. What is the Return Policy for New Republic shoes?

The company has a standard return policy. Therefore, the process, request fees, and other things also vary based on the orders and location. Consequently, they will only accept the return or exchange within 14 days of receipt of the item.

You must start a chat or send mail to initiate the return, and once the goof is marked final, there is no way to return it. The item should remain unworn and in its original package to be eligible. For US orders, they have prepaid shipping labels. Refer to the website for a detailed return policy.

Q. Do New Republic shoes fit true to size?

Yes, and from the above article, they have stated that their shoes and sneakers fit true to size regardless of the style. Equally, 7 to 12 have a half-size option, while 12 to 15 have a whole size.


The New Republic is a company offering footwear items and women's tops and accessories on the market with other accessories. They design high-quality and comfortable shoes and sneakers perfect for everyday activities that come at an affordable price.

Though there is no extravagant shade, they have fantastic styles when looking for classic shoes to add to your wardrobe. We highly recommend it when you want timeless brands that fit true to size.

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