GREATS Sneakers Review: *Pros and Cons* Are They Worth the Price?

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Do you have difficulty finding affordable and luxury white leather sneakers online? While there are options, in this article, we will review the GREATS Sneakers in detail from the pricing and durability point of view.

Everybody wants to look appealing before the crowd. That is outward appearance, but comfortability is another thing that is worth consideration. It is even more important when it is something to do with your feet. Classic sneakers are one of the must-haves for any in their wardrobe. Among the companies that provide classic sneakers is the GREAT.

This fashion brand has almost everything you need, from denim to sneakers as well as shorts and shoes. If you have been looking for the perfect, durable, comfortable, and affordable pair of white sneakers, this is the right place to be; regardless of the color, style, or design, GREATS has you covered with its high-end sneakers collection. Therefore, before we dive into these collections, specifically the bestselling sneakers, let us go back and remind you about the GREATS' history and what they offer you.

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GREATS Sneakers Review

As outlined, GREATS is a popular fashion brand that designs and sells classic and inspired sneakers. While these sneakers are high quality, the collection covers both men as well as women. Therefore, in this review, we will cover multiple perspectives so that you can decide which design you want to purchase.

Meanwhile, the company offers these classic sneakers at an affordable price. Still, it guarantees comfort and durability. If you want to purchase a luxury sneaker that can last longer, this is the brand you need to look for. As the name suggests, these guys aim to become among the GREATS on the market. These guys claim to design superior sneakers that fit true to size and last longer.

The company also aims to transform the premium materials ethically and make an experience. The manufacturing process relies on the highest quality craftsmanship and is eco-conscious because they use 100% recyclable packaging to remain sustainable. Historically, the company was first established in 2014, when it was well-known as a sneaker firm located in Brooklyn.

However, today, the brand has its headquarters in Williamsburg. It's not far from its original facility. All the Great sneakers are manually made by hand in the facilities in Italy next to the Civitanova- the Adriatic sea coast. This is an industrial region that is popular for producing premium sneakers. Since they are handmade, the company takes multiple days to design GREATS sneakers as their materials are set using the custom outsole.

From there, they top it the finest leather alongside the waxed cotton lace tied up to make it comfortable on your foot. After that, the sneakers are cut, sewed, and assembled, ready for market use. To this extent, you now understand the GREATS brand's location and how they make their sneakers. It is not time to compare the pros and cons before jumping to the best-selling GREATS sneakers.

GREATS Sneakers Pros:

GREATS Sneakers Cons:

Why We Like GREATS Sneakers

GREATS brand aims to establish zero carbon emission through designing the Great Royale knit from the ocean and recycling to develop the top trending sneakers for the market. There are numerous reasons we love the brand. When you become a member of the fast fashion sneaker forward, you're entitled to be among the few people who want to save the environment.

Therefore, this brand remains sustainable and ensures they design and offer high-quality sneakers that last long at an affordable price. Again, the target is to establish timeless essential sneakers while remaining on the classic style and elevation of the manufacturing. To simplify things, in the next section, we will help you narrow down the option and have an easy time selecting the right sneakers for you. We have compiled a list of the best-selling GREATS sneakers and other accessories online.

The Best-Selling GREATS Sneakers

While their website has many options, only a few are trending and popular among customers. Therefore, among them is the GREATS Royale. This sneaker is high quality and only costs you a few coins. Besides being best-selling, it also falls under the versatile sneakers in the industry, which goes with any outfit in the fashion industry.

They are available for both genders but come in unique colors. It is made with the premium leader and handcrafted in Italy; hence breathable, comfortable, and durable with ortholite insoles that give you extra cushion.

Next is the GREATS Royale Knit; it is groundbreaking and has taken over the market for its sustainable nature and revolutionary mission. It also features a custom-performance insole, which gives customers a durable comfort position, and you can choose from a unique color based on your preferences. These knit waves are washable by machine, and in the investory, you can access the extraordinary sneakers of the women's and men's Royale knit.

GREATS court is another popular GREATS sneaker here and is perfect for those who love basketball. It gets you a classic basketball heritage but features the Margom insole for extra comfort during complicated days. It is made with side accents and features supple Italian leather with only two options black and white. They have also lined inside using the comfortable and breathable leader; however, it's only available for men.

Royale Safari is another best-selling sneaker but meant for women; you can get these sneakers in prints such as tiger, leopard, and zebra, making you unique in the crowd. The sneaker is manufactured using the pony hair leather accent at the upper but features the crackled metal heel for boldness. It also gives you extra comfort by adding rubber and Ortholite insoles, hence good for your daily activities.

We have Royale High that goes the extra mile to advance the classic c=sneaker by adding the high-top look. They have a men's and women's collection, which is elevated for support when you run. Otherwise, it has a smooth exterior leather, and the inside has soft leather for comfort; thus, socks remain optional. With rubber and Ortholite insole, you have extra cushioning.

The list of the best-selling GREATS sneakers is long. But we also need to mention Royale Plaid, though designed to target the men's market, it is made with water resistance by adding titan wood at the upper side, which is an epic feature. They are still comfortable, and you can use them for all your daily routine as it matches the plaid shirt and the plain tee. Royale Ripstop is also an affordable sneaker for men and women, but it is simpler than sneakers. It features a reflective accent, and with the reflective laces, you have extra flair to gain recognition from people. These sneakers are versatile for daily purposes but are sold in different colors where women have only pink options.

The likes of Royale Shearling is a GREATS sneaker that guarantees you access to the moisture feeling, thus always kept dry. In short, it gives customers warmth and coziness. It's still made with Italian suede. Royale Knit After Hours uses recyclable single and ocean plastics, hence yarn. One pair is made by recycling roughly 7 ocean plastic bottles.

Then the last popular sneaker is the Royale Suede, which promises an attractive continuation to your shoe. Although made with Italian suede, they are available for men & women in the collection. The sneakers match any outfit and always keep you comfortable.

Customer Review

If you are looking for real GREATS Sneakers customer feedback, you are at the right place. Here, we will outline a few of the customer reviews sites. But the most important is their official website. Therefore, we start from the site. Here, you will find that the company has a general ah 4.7 stars rating which is achieved after 10220 reviews from their customers.

All their customers are satisfied with the purchase from this company and praise the collection of sneakers and other accessories, their customer support, efficient delivery, and many other things. Here is a clue about what one of the clients said on the website:

"I've been looking for white leather sneakers, and this is the best deal out there on the market in terms of price, style, and effectiveness."

On Amazon, Greats Men's Royale sneaker scores 4.1 stars after considering a 73 global rating. Quality is what drives these customers compared with the pricing, durability, and comfort. On the Dappered website, we also see a detailed blog review about the company, specifically the Royale Leather sneakers.

For the next site, Run Repeat, the author also compares the pros and cons of the GREATS sneakers and draws the verdict after checking out over 100 users' experiences. As a premium sneaker, GREATS sneakers have all the credit here. Reddit thread also outlines honest feedback on the brand after 3 years of experience by the author.

Effortless Gent site also outlines the material and reviews in detail what the GREAT Sneakers compost is, its pricing, and sizing, and gives us the final verdict praising durability and strong reputation. You can still complement all this feedback by reading the blogs on the Men's Journal, while on Buzzfeed, the author stands with the brand from all perspectives and guides you on where you can purchase the sneakers. Customers online are impressed with the GREATS sneakers even with few complaints raised.

Where to Buy GREATS Sneakers

If you are considering purchasing the GREATS Sneakers, the good news is that these sneakers are readily available online from the store and online retailers. But the first place to order genuine sneakers from GREATS is to visit their official stores at Otherwise, they have well-distributed retail stores in Miami, Wlliamsburn, and SoHo. You can also purchase the sneakers from Amazon.

Are GREATS Sneakers Worth It?

If you are still wondering whether the GREATS Sneakers are worth your money, you have yet to try them. Give it a try, and you will attest to the fact that these sneakers are not only affordable but also guarantees you comfort and durability. Still, the company ensures all the customers have access to the sneakers, which also goes hand in hand with the trends in the fashion industry. In these sneakers, you will not just feel super comfortable but also pleasing in the crowd.

The sneakers are manufactured using buttery full-grain Italian leather, which means, the sneakers are high quality and last longer while remaining sustainable to the environment. Right out of the box, the GREATS Sneakers are awesome and virtual. They don't feature breaks in periods because of the flexible knit found at the upper part.

In addition, these sneakers are simple to slide on, and the fact that you can insert insoles offers extra comfort and cushion. And from the customer feedback, they have received multiple compliments and gained popularity worldwide. From our perspective, sneakers are worth your money.

GREATS Sneakers Discounts

In our reviews about his brand, we also went into the research field to hunt for the deals they have for you. In this respect, GREATS sneakers come with multiple relevant deals, especially for you to save some bucks. The first one is the free standard shipping on all orders as long as you place an order from their official store. And for a limited lifetime, they currently offer the free canvas tote for all orders on their website.

Next is the long week3nd sales that give all customers 25% off, but this only applies to the selected products or styles as long as you use the promo code WEEKEND. If you are new and sign up for the newsletter, the company gives you 20% off on your first order. The best way to stay updated with all these promotions, new launches, and dibs is to subscribe to their mailing list and enjoy the notification on all deals.

Otherwise, if you are a teacher, a student, or a military, whether active or retired, the company also offers you 25% off on all the orders as long as you meet the minimal requirements; keep checking for frequent sales on their website. They are ideals, including referral programs that earn you $40.

GREATS Sneakers Contact

In case the above review has not covered everything besides the basics we have shared. You can also seek clarification from the company. have all inquiries answered in the shortest time possible; our research also discovered multiple methods through which you can get support from GREATS technical support team. For all the support services, these guys are only operational Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 9 pm est, while Saturday and Sunday are available from 10 am to 6 pm EST.

You can channel your question by sending them to info @ If it's a bulk order inquiry, mail them to Otherwise, you can also fill out the contact form from their website. Another way to engage with the marketing team is by following them on social media accounts. They are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., anytime. The team is on standby to help you and has its way of accessing the latest deals.


Q. When does the GREATS ship the customers' products?

From the data on their website, the brand makes sure these hip all orders on the next business day. However, the orders must be processed first before dispatching.

Q. How long does the GREATS order take before it is delivered to the customers?

The time taken for delivery depends on the type of shipment and your location. For instance, when signing the free standard shipping,  expect to receive the package between 3 to 6 business days. However, you can use expedited shipping, available during checkout for urgent orders.

Q. What shipping method does the GREAT company offer to the clients?

There are three major shipping options based on our research. For urgent shipments, you can use the FedEx 3 days or FedEx standard overnight shipping, but typically, the company offers free standard shipping. Once the order is dispatched, the company sends you confirmation as well as the tracking link.

Q. Does GREATS have international shipping services?

When writing this review, the company only ships packages in China and US cities. For all the china orders, the company delivers through a third-party carrier, specifically the Beyond.

Q. What are the GREATS shipping charges?

First, the GREATS guarantees you free standard shipping but only to customers based in the continental US. However, those clients in Hawaii and Alaska must cater to the shipping cost. The cost varies and depends on the location, but for detailed information, visit their official site under the shipping policy.

Q. What is the GREATS return policy?

Greats offer all customer favorable return policies. If the sneakers have issues, you have 21 days to return the package to the store. But to be accepted, it must remain unworn and in a new condition alongside its original packaging. It must contain all the items therein.

You can enjoy the free return if you are found in the continental US. But those outsides must incur the return costs, which are probably charged within 21 days. But the company insists that, when you want to try them on, you place the shoes indoors and on a clean floor as any shoes with unnecessary wear and damage do not qualify for a refund. You have the option to return for a refund or exchange the shoes.


GREATS is a reputable brand that aims to offer customers comfortable, high-quality, sustainable, and long-lasting sneakers in the US and China. The company is struggling to ensure zero carbon emissions by designing sustainable sneakers. From the above review, the company is worth trying, receives multiple positive reviews, and offers various sneaker collections and jackets to select from. This is the place to go if you want quality leather sneakers at an affordable price.

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