Taos Footwear Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Are you looking for Honest Taos footwear reviews online that value comfortability as its non-negotiable feature? Look no more. Read this article and learn more about the Taos Footwear brand and detail and evaluate if it's a trap and a king slayer online.

Some people online take comfortability in fashion as a non-negotiable characteristic. But still, you are here wondering why you decided to go for uncomfortable footwear online when there are multiple choices. Still, some customers value style other than comfortability in fashion brands.

That is the past, and I guarantee you that you can have style and comfort in one footwear brand. While there are many companies, Taos Footwear is unique in offering stylish and comfortable shoes with an athletic flair meant for women.

The company has built a strong reputation online and impressive social media followers hence featuring in reputable media outlets like  US Today. Please find out more in our article. While it has some buzz, you must learn from the expert if the brand is worth a shot. As usual, we will start with the company background before going deep into the promotions, customer feedback, and best-selling footwear.

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Taos Footwear Review

Taos Footwear is a fashion brand that offers footwear, apparel, and accessories on the market. The brand was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Gardena, California. The company started with a simple mission but has significantly impacted the fashion industry. In the inception process, the brand targeted producing and selling comfortable and stylish footwear to the customer, which also maintained the quality. Nothing was sacrificed for style and comfort. The brand name was coined from the city by the name Taos found in New Mexico.

The company's founder admired Taos town's casual lifestyle and serenity in New Mexico. The signature on their footwear also represents the artistic heritage of the people from the town. The artistic includes ornament embroidery, Metal ornament, and natural stones. Therefore Taos still instills this value into the manufacturing of their footwear products, and stuff values comfort, where steel comes second. In the manufacturing process, the company begins with the signature footbeds designed anatomically to be comfortable and supportive.

In addition, the company also incorporates the pods and curves design while making the shoes. To those who do not understand, this is the orthotic-friendly and removable footbed that goes hand in hand with the foot physiology hence offering the short absorption capability for every step the user makes.

In conclusion, the footwear is also praised for its cool recovery foam that acts as the memory footbed containing gel, guaranteeing you to ensure comfort. Initially, the shoes were manufactured in Spain, China, and Portugal. That is enough for today as the company overview is concerned. And this leads us to the next subtopic in this review. Before listing the best-selling footwear, let us review the pros and cons.

Taos Footwear Pros:

Taos Footwear Cons:

Why We Like Taos Footwear

Taos is a reputable brand, and I dare you to try it. They have all sorts of shoes, from sneakers to wool, boots, sandals, casuals, accessories, and all the latest and new arrivals in town with trends. The company offers footwear for women and men which fits any lifestyle and matches any outfit. They also have a massive collection compared to the past but are limited to men. But in this case, we will take you through some of this company's famous brands and best-selling shoes.

The Best-Sellers Taos Footwear

There are many options for men and women, but we will only focus on sharing the popular ones. First on the list is Trulie Sandal, conquered as southern European style, and the option comes in 9 unique colors. For the festive season, tan multi is perfect. The information online indicates that Trulie Sandals are handcrafted in Spain, and their color reflects not only the sea but also the sky and earth to have an elegant look, lightweight and padded cork footbed.

The second option is Party 2 Sandal which is available to jazz up your style, and there are numerous colors of rhinestone embellishments alongside the metallic pewter sheen. They are perfect with the white summer dress and elevate your casual-looking jeans. The traps offer secure fitting and come with metatarsal support. Though not on their website, they are sold by online retailers.

Still in the line of sandals, we have Carousel 2 Sandal, which goes hand in hand with the night town conditions to make a pleasing pattern effect. The sandals look sexy as well as classy simultaneously while ensuring they make you comfortable.

Next is the Star Sneaker, a sleek and minimalist sneaker that guarantees versatility. This makes Star Sneaker a popular shoe on the site and comes with 20 unique colors to select from. You cannot manage to evade this footwear, and freshness and comfortability make them look classic.

Top Star Sneaker is the second sneaker popular on the website. This is a top and high version of the Star sneaker, and it is a killer when combined with skinny jeans. It has similar curves, just like the Pods' polyurethane removable footbed.

The famous boot from this brand is Crave Boot, which stands as the best seller from online reviews. There are only two options: black and white color to select from. They are heeled combat-style boots complemented with leather stitching and side-heel straps.

They also contain faux fur as well as leather lining to keep you warm and toasty in addition to the low wedge style heel. The above best sellers are a no-brainer on the market. They only make the brand popular among people of all races worldwide.

Customer Review

The next step in this Taos footwear review is looking at the customers' feedback on the brand after purchasing the products. Customer reviews keep rotating around the durability of the products, the comfort, and the quality at large. Thus, it is good to look at the peek of the rating and comments from the feedback.

The company has plenty of reviews on its website. But generally, we came across the feedback left by a customer on the official website Taosfootwear.com which states:

"This shoe is made of high-quality materials and fits perfectly on my feet. I can comfortably dress up the whole day. I like black and pair them with jeans. Did I say that I'm 69? I still enjoy having fashion, comfort, and style all in one boot."

The review also took us to the Zappos platform, where the brand gets a total of 1736 reviews; 50% gave it five stars, while 4% gave it one star. Of the reviews, customers gave the brand an excellent rating based on the shoes fitting true to size, true to width, and with moderate arch support. Among the reviews on this site, one happy customer leaves a commendation that took our attention:

"These sneakers are fantastic. I just received them today and am in the process of ordering the other two colors. It provides excellent arch support so I can wear them without my orthotics! They're also fashionable and go with everything. I'm overjoyed. Thank you very much, Zappos, as well as Taos!"

Amazon has a 4.3 stars rating after the 4013 global rating on Taos stars women's sneakers, where 67% recommend the shoes with 5 stars. Most people here enjoy the comfort, durability, and praise of the massive collection with a favorable shipping policy. The same applies to the Duuude website, where the author is impressed with the shoes' overall look, style, and many other features.

Taos footwear has a reputable rating on the BBB platform, and when you combine this with the review found on The Beauty Journals Xo, you can conclude that the brand is worth it. This is because it caters to all genders through a limited section for men here.

On the Sierra.com website, this company scores an average rating of 4.3 stars after 34 reviews. This shows most customers on this platform are satisfied with the Taos Footwear products. Here is the supplement for this conclusion:

"A well-made "structured" slipper. It is not a slip-on with no hands. The cutout allows you to put it on with one hand. I have a small, size 6 foot. For me, the 36 worked brilliantly with just a sock. It comes with a well-structured swappable insole."

Summing up our customer feedback is the reviews on the blog found on the  Barking Dogs Shoes website. The author reviews the popular Taos Trulie Sandals as one of the most comfortable shoes on the market today. The information we collected indicates that customers are extremely happy with the Taos footwear based on their durability, high quality, and comfortable nature.

Where to Buy Taos Footwear

Our review also went beyond to find out on which platform customers can purchase the Taos footwear products. In the research, we found that the products are available, but to enjoy the quality and affordable pricing, you can order from their official website at taosfootwear.com. But also, there are online retailers from which you can purchase Taos footwear. these include:-

Is Taos Footwear Worth It?

Taos has all you need for wellness, travel, and everyday life. If you are not convinced, Taos footwear offers wellness for your feet regardless of the occasion. They sell shoes with structured footbeds anatomically engineered to absorb shock for every step. Made with better-grade components and quality material that does not compromise anything, the shoes are crafted with care.

From the analysis, while researching the brand, the company is worth trying since it has numerous positive reviews, indicating that customers are satisfied with the products. Taos Footwear is stylish, comfortable, and also unique in different manners, but comfort is its primary mission. They use advanced technology while manufacturing the shoes to make them fit for daily activities. Get a pair of footwear from the company and experience it for yourself.

Taos Footwear Discounts

This review also delved into the Taos footwear discounts and other promotional services. In the research, we found that companies offer few discounts and promotions to help customers save on their budget. The sales section offers discounts of up to 40% off. Also, when you select from the official website, you can get points that you can later redeem to get selected products at a discounted price.

Again, when you refer a friend, you can get $20 on the next order as the Taos discount. The company also offers free shipping as well as exchange on products that do not meet your expectations. This is also applicable when you hear the link or website with friends. Subscribe to the Taos newsletter and stay updated with special offers, news, and other lucrative deals.

Taos Footwear Contact

You can reach out for support if you have a question about Taos products or footwear. If you visit their website, there are many means through which you can contact the support staff. First, through the phone number 1-844-363-8267 or send an email address at support@taosfootwear.com. The company also has a live chat tab where you can reach out to the available agent for urgent support.

However, these services are only available from Monday to 8 am to 5:30 pm PST. In addition to the above, the support is active on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media handles. You can follow them, collaborate, and ask about any issues you have for a swift reply.


Q. What footwear sizing does Taos offer customers online?

Most people seek to learn how to select the right shoes that fit fine. The company's official website offers two options: US and EU sizing. For the US, they offer footwear sizes 5-5.5 to 12-12.5, while the EU size ranges from 36 to 43. for detailed sizing, visit their official website.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Taos Footwear?

On the website, the barn has indicated the map with US marked or coded color; alongside the map, there is a clearly indicated delivery time, and you can trace how far your package is. Therefore, the company provides free ground shipping through FedEx if you have placed an order from $75 and above.

This shipping option takes 2 to 7 business days, based on the location. However, when you place an order immediately after 12:30 PST, this way, the order will be shipped the next business day, and the same applies to all orders placed during the weekend.

The company never counts the day you place an order the same as when your order is already in transit. They start counting upon the confirmation of the shipment over your email address. When writing this review, the company ships the products in over 48 states, which does not include Hawaii or Alaska.

And when you wish to get the order delivered much faster, you can opt for FedEx 2 days and FedEx standard overnight delivery options. Such expedited parcels take between 24 to 48 hours to deliver.

Q. What is the return policy of Taos Footwear?

Yes, the Taos brand accepts returns but on conditions. In the return process, you must get the label so that the company tracks the return or the customer to get the full refund. The company does not offer free shipping on returned items; they also make it clear that if it is a must, try their shoes indoors. Therefore, return only applies to the unknown shoes still in the original package and must be made within 30 days of purchase.

However, the active footbeds are not returnable. Immediately after the company receives the item, processing the refund to your account will take a few business days. They notify you of all the procedures. Returning items is simple as long as you have the Taos account with the required details, including the prepaid return label and packaging list.


Taos footwear has been around for a long time. The company sells high-quality and durable shoes to customers all over the world. The above reviews covered detailed information about the company and discovered the shoes have positive customer feedback. The footwear is worth tying for any occasion and fits with any outfit. Combining stability and flexibility with perfect styles makes the brand stand out. Give it a try and enjoy the value for your money.

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