Marine Layer Clothing Review: Are Their Soft Fabrics and Sustainable Efforts Worth the Hype?

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Is the Marine Layer clothing lifestyle worth the price tag? If that is what you intend to evaluate and are curious to learn more about this brand, here is our honest review. It would be best if you did not miss out. Read with us to the end and make vital choices.

Fashion is what rocks nowadays. Most people, including you, are here looking for a perfect and reliable brand when it comes to clothing. Besides those print catalogs you receive in your mail, there are real deals that you need to pay attention to. Therefore, if you are still searching for trendy retro-style clothing made with high-end materials, Maritime Layer company might be your savior today.

Though the company claims to base its operation on the customer's comfort, ethical manufacturing, high-end material, etc., we also wanted to experience and present you with a real and unbiased review.

In this article, we will pay much attention to Marine Layer Clothing, break down the review into the best-selling clothing, the customer feedback, promotions, and connect and based on the customer feedback; we will be able to evaluate whether this company can withstand the test of time and is worth the investment. Let us start with an overview of the company.

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Marine Layer Clothing Review

Marine Layer is among the few clothing brands focused on sustainable manufacturing and process. The company is popular because of its soft-to-touch clothes and the presence of the famous MicroModal, which is, in reality, the eco-friendly materials obtained from recycled beechwood. The company has established a strong online reputation and gathered an extensive audience base on its Instagram page, enabling it to feature in publications like Forbes.

Historically, the company was established by Mike Natenshon alongside his partner. It came into the market when the founder decided to throw out his favorite T-shirt with the vision to bring the perfect alternative that would mimic those comfort feelings you normally have in the lived-in shirt while working on reducing the wear and tear issues.

Through The above inspiration, Mike decided to spend much time in the workshop, which took him years to focus on the MicroModal fabric. Then years later, he launched this company in 2009 based in San Francisco. The main goal was to blend the fashion style with sustainability.

The founder especially evoked the retro as well as west or coastal aesthetic, which, through their shirts, spread the chills, and comfort and offered casual vibes to enable you to take off the couch and then wear while on the streets. These guys are committed to eco-friendliness and work in conjunction with certified ethical factories, and through their operation, they also own a recycling plan well known as the Re-Spun.

This is where they divert all the old T-shirts to evade the landfills, then are upcycled to design the new products for you. They have recently partnered with the popular ReLove to launch a unique vintage shop that sells the send hand clothes today. There is a lot when it comes to the Marine Layer history. But without wasting time, we highlight a few pros and cons to expect when you commit to this brand. Make comparisons and side with what favors you.

Marine Layer Clothing Pros:

Marine Layer Clothing Cons:

Why We Like Marine Layer Clothing

Marine Layer gives you every reason to smile if you search for the perfect, ideal, comfortable, laid-back thread to add to your closet. In addition, those easy staples are simple to get, especially with their versatility and good designs make them portable. Stick with Marine Layer, which is our spotlighted company for clothing needs. The friendly pricing and fabric materials make us rank the company even higher.

The Best-Selling Marine Layer Clothing

The company gives you access to comfortable fashion, which is not ideal for any outfit enthusiast but lasts longer, meaning this is a timeless fashion brand. Therefore, here, we will present you with some of the best-selling clothing that serves men and women.

Denim lovers can enjoy the famous Box Waffle Crew Tee in Dark Denim. It is simply a long-sleeved waffle knit designed using thermal fabric; hence it can retain your body temperature during that chilly autumn. Its fitting is relaxed nicely while hanging nicely downwards loosely. It is simple to style with this denim while you spread that chilled-out vibe to the world. It is not just dark, but they are also available in deep lichen for blue shade lovers or sage green.

Second up is Finley Sweater Tank. It ranks among the timeless staple and trends for a lifetime. The knit tank is cropped to attain the summer feeling. You can wear it alongside the bathing suit or pair it with your favorite jeans during the dinner date. The layer is made with 100% cotton hence a comfortable and soft feeling to give you a cute and stylish look.

There is also a Camilla Dress, and if you are preparing for the summer, this is a no-brainer essential in your bag. It is an ideal sunny season apparel to have. Ideally, it is a staple little black dress, though not designed for the specific occasion. It features buttons at the front, making it your daily routine casual dress. The neckline is plunging, and using that secret clasp; you can always get that modesty appearance as you draw eyes. They are also available not just in flower patterns but also in funkily tropical black& white patterns.

Cowlneck Pullover Hoodie in Mallard is something else as it tends to evoke the campfire image down at the beach. Recommended if you want to keep your neck warm from those cold ocean breezes in the evening. Never get restricted by the scarves anymore or tight turtlenecks. The hoodie guarantees you perfect comfort while working or hiking. They also have the custom Tri-blend fleece. Though always sold, constantly check the site when they pop up.

The Quebec Sherpa Jacket is the second last; rather than being only a retro shirt, the jacket is contemporary and sustainable. This is because it is designed using faux suede and recycled materials; hence 100% guilt free and vegan. Though oversized, you can cut it off the waist to match your high-waisted pants and a white tee.

ML x LF Apres Rainbow Puffer in Rainbow Stripe sums up everything in our popular Mariner Layer clothing list. This 90s-inspired piece is a perfect puffer jacket that guarantees to keep you warm. The multi-shade option or pattern can liven up that dull grey winter occasion. For fall, the hood is removable, and you can wear it. It is manufactured using 100% recycled nylon; hence it is cruelty-free. Amp yourself with this jacket during the cold weather. Catch it up when they restock the site.

The Marine Layer brand remains ethical throughout the operation, indulging its supply chain where the partners must sign the code of conduct. The partners are thus often audited by third parties. Looking at ReLove, the brand is sustainable as they design apparel from recycled beechwood and re-curate the clothes to resell as second-hand.

The company also features pre-washed t-shirts, which help evade shrinkage and attain real softness. But when you toss the shirts in the dryer, some shrink slightly. Regardless of your status, be it a casual worker or you na to get that beach vibe, Marine Layer covers you with their clothing collection for remarkable comfort, stylish, and softness.

Customer Review

Marine Layer Clothing review has been divided into sections for ease of understanding. And this review would be incomplete without going into details about the customer feedback. We have taken time to track through the websites, identify these testimonies from all areas, and present you with a final analysis.

Though not too much, the available reviews indicate different people have mixed feelings, but mostly, they recommend the fashion brand. Therefore, starting with Trustpilot, Marine Layer scores 2.9 stars after accessing 3 reviews which is average as 33% gave it 5 stars. On Yelp, the company gets a 4-star rating after considering 59 customer testimonials, which is overwhelming. Here is proof from one customer who left a review on the site:-

"The Marine Layer: Two Concepts... First, the best foundational items that are durable. Second, ALL the fabrics used to create the clothing at Marine Layer are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Oh, I almost forgot! They offer clothing for both men & women, and the costs are not outrageous."

The Bragging Mommy has a detailed blog that explores the brand and focuses on clothing. The editor concludes and praises the collection as containing both cool and comfortable, and clothing comes with a cozy feeling. On Reddit, a thread presents different reviews from different people giving their reviews. Mostly, people accept that the brand is reputable and has super soft clothing, impressive design, numerous shades and durable fabric fashion.

You can also complement the above review by looking at the in-depth blog on ClothedUp, which intends to evaluate if these fashion apparels are as soft as they claim. Ultimately, the author gives the brand 4 stars rating based on the aspects like pricing and customer support. We Tried It. Presents you with countless reasons why you need to trust this brand. The author does not even think before recommending the firm to you. However, there are also a few things that were not satisfying, including pricing.

Take your time and read more on the Gem Note that bases the review on the T-shirt's popularity and versatility. High Latitude Style complements the t-shirts because of their sustainability. The above gives us no option other than siding with the majority. Thus, the positive testimonies outweigh the few complaints raised.

Where to Buy Marine Layer Clothing

Marine Layer Clothing is readily available from their official website at Navigate through the site if you want a large option and enjoy lucrative deals. Their website has a store locator feature, making picking one based on your location easy.

Does V Shred sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Marine Layer stores on Amazon.

Is Marine Layer Clothing Worth It?

Just from the general overview of the brand and comparing the testimonies, collection and high-end quality of the clothing, Marine Layer Clothing is worth the investment. We have arrived at this conclusion after thorough research, and ideally, the company has recorded a strong online reputation from multiple positive feedback.

This indicates that customers are happy and impressed with not just the quality but also the options, the shipping policy, return, lucrative deals as well as top-notch customer support. Still, the company claimed, they are not just sustainable, but also their appeals are ethically manufactured. They are also working to ensure they partner with a more responsible supply chain and engage in eco-friendly practices.

They aimed at attaining 60% sustainable product material, which they finally achieved in 2022. In the collection, Marine Layer also features numerous timeless basics perfect for the wardrobe. Marine Layer Clothing is also a soft, comfortable, simple style, making the brand more popular. However, we acknowledge that while the brand is sustainable, their apparels are expensive, and that is anticipated.

Otherwise, the company offers clothing for men, women, and kids. It is among the few stop shops for the family. Surprisingly, the company is also well known because of the fabric material where they appear; though casual, they come with a polished feeling; if you are looking for a brand that falls in the middle of everything and matches everyone, Marine Layer Clothing is worth checking out.

Marine Layer Clothing Discounts

Though Marine Layer Clothing and Apparel has promotions, the offers were limited when writing this review. We were so happy with their free shipping and return, 365 days a year, available to customers. There are also jobs for willing customers and gift cards to get you prepared. Meanwhile, you can sign up for the newsletter for updates on the latest deals and giveaways. When you sign up for the account, you qualify for 10% off on the first order from the site.

Marine Layer Clothing Contact

Marine Layer has made everything simple, and in case anything is not adding up, you need assistance with their appeals and return the order; then you can connect with the support team. First of all, we mentioned that these guys are highly present on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Follow them and engage with the team for updates and any other issues.

Besides that, the research has also found that Marine Layer offers other reliable means to contact them. The first method is to call them at (844) 544-5199. Their top-notch support team is also active to help you even when you write them an email. Address the concern using their official address, which is Either of the above methods is perfect for you to get any help instantly.


Q. What does the brand name Marine Layer ideally mean?

Marine Layer is simply an air mass that forms on top of large water bodies. So that, when it is warm, the air is retailed above cold air. This situation is often seen in the Bay Area and the same region where the Marine Layer brand has its headquarters offices located.

Q. Who is the owner of the Marine Layer company?

This fashion company was founded and owned by one and only Michael Natenshon. It started as an e-commerce firm when the founder decided to bring in the old school friend Adam Lynch abroad as the COO. The brand started expanding, reaching more locations and opening brick-and-mortar stores.

Q. What clothing sizes does Marine Layer offer to customers?

The size of the marine layers majorly depends on the clothing you want to purchase. Generally, for women, their sizes start from XS to XL, and for men, from S to XL. The Larger/XL is available even for the taller customers in the store for grabs.

Q. Marine Layer shipping policy

The company has favorable and numerous shipping methods. For domestic orders, the firm ships the packages using USPS from their warehouse situated in California, sometimes in New Jersey. The shipping takes around 1 to 2 working days to arrive. Still, the company offers free standard shipping with the Marine Layer stripe henley top.

However, when you are not after this apparel, you can opt for the expedited shipping option, FedEx 2-day shipping, which will cost you $15, while overnight shipping goes for a fixed charge of $25. Overall, international shipping costs customers $15. However, the extra duties and taxes might also apply depending on your destination. The delivery time for international orders is approximately 10 to 14 working days.

Q. The Marine Layer return policy

US-based customers qualify for free returns on their orders. However, for the item to be eligible, it must have been purchased from the official website or through their retail location. Initiating the return process is very simple. Have the zip code and order number and navigate to the return page on the website. The company sends the return label with steps to follow, which you need to print and attach to the package, which is an unopened item and drop it to the USPS collection office.

From there, contact the team and inform them that the return is in transit. Immediately after they receive your returned package, they will start processing the refund and notify you once done. However, the customer is responsible for the return shipping charges for international orders. The items are channeled to the Marine Layer return department using the below address. Marine Layer, C/O Return Dept, 1572 California street, san Francisco, CA, 94109.


Marine Layer is a fashion brand that offers apparel to serve men, women and children through its fair-price catalog. The company has registered a strong reputation online among happy customers. This is hype if you are looking for durable ultra-soft fabric apparel.

This company is worth investment considering their multiple lucrative deals on their great, comfortably polished clothing. The brand offers apparel ideal for any occasion. In the article, we have explored the brand from the background through their best-selling clothing, discounts, contacts, and customer feedback and evaluated the company as a hype.

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