Xero Shoes Review: Specially Designed for Outdoor Activities!

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Are the Xero Shoes good for outdoor activities and worth the money? Read our Xero Shoes honest review based on the customer feedback below before making a judgment on the way forward.

It is time to get your feet wet and consider Xero shoes. The brand has become the day talk of the shoe market because of the lucrative deals and guarantee of new models every year. Therefore, if you do not wish to avoid being in a pickle, this is the time to try out the unique style from the Xero shoes.

However, if you are unsure, we are here to guide you and make an informed decision. Hence, today, we will review the Xero shoes and find out what they have for you in the store. Also, we will cover some of the best-selling products and help you evaluate if the shoes are worth the money.

Enjoy reading to the end and discovering what the customers have to say about this brand.

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Xero Shoes Review

Xero Shoes is a brand that is well known because of its massive collection of athletic footwear. However, the online store sells boots, runners, and sandals for outdoor occasions. In case of the mud with your steep heels or the rocky trainers, consider swapping your trainer with the Xero Shoes today. Well, all the sets result from the obstacles one encounters in life.

Therefore, Steven Sashen developed personal injuries and could not work out the daily sprint. Because of this determination, Steven took a friend's recommendation and enrolled in the class barefoot running. Thus, he managed to cover about 5 kilometers on the ground and began rehabilitating. However, not all terrain was fit for him to run. Because of this, Steven thus came up with a pair of jogging sandals.

The founder, Steven Sashen, gained a section considering his fancy footwear. This fancy footwear resulted in the launch of Xero Shoes in 2009. The shoes hit the market on a group run with the help of his wife, Lena Phoenix. Therefore, the footwear brand has become the front runner in outdoor apparel online since it is armed with the skills of brands such as Reebok and Nike designers.

Though you might have come across the brand on the Xero Shoes Shark Tank, today, the company sells a variety of styles and designs or colors to all customers around the world in over 85 countries. In the manufacturing process, the brand ensures that customers fall in love with the footwear's signature collection. And their home page clearly mentions that when you let your leg work with nature, you will enjoy genuine comfort like moving, feeling, and bending. You can find all this in Xero Shoes.

The brand has a huge loyal customer base on Instagram and other social media platforms. Also, the company has often been mentioned in popular media outlets like Los Angeles Times, etc. The customers are typical people and famous athletes who wear this design, like the US Olympic artistic swimming team.

Suppose you want to cover the extra mile. In that case, Xero Shoes is the best option for you. to help you get a closer look at the brand, we will delve into the best-selling products and accessories, the discounts, and customer feedback, as well as evaluate if the products are worth the bucks. However, before getting started with these dime-a-dozen products, here is an overview of the pros and cons of the Xero shoe brand.

Xero Shoes Pros:

Xero Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Xero Shoes

When you have been experiencing foot pain, bruises, blisters, and bunions because of the shoes you wear, it is time to kiss them goodbye. Xero shoes are designed especially for outdoor activities. The shoes have proven and patented technology. The collection of this footwear is meant not only to flex but also to conform and bend based on the movement of your body. The brand offers a vast assortment of designs, from sandals to trainers, boots, etc. these shoes are designed for women, children, and men.

Best-Selling Xero Shoes for Women

while bruises look uncomfortable, stilettos are fabulous. The women's Xero shoes are manufactured with arch support and flexibility. Regarding functional footwear, Xero shoes offer you all you need. Some best-selling women's footwear includes Xero Shoes Prio Running and Fitness Shoe, Xero Shoes TerraFlex Trail Running and Hiking Shoe, Xero Shoes DayLite Hiker Fusion,   and Xero Shoes Cloud – Women's Barefoot Sandals.

Best-Selling Xero Shoes for Men

It is time to rest your loafers and oxfords. The brand provides you with all you need, from sandals to sneakers. In this section, we have also picked some of the best sellers in the men's section. Some of these trendy and a dime a dozen include Xero Shoes Prio Running and Fitness Shoe, Xero Shoes TerraFlex Trail Running and Hiking Shoe, Xero Shoes DayLite Hiker Fusion, and Xero Shoes Cloud – Men’s Barefoot Sandal.

The brand also offers children's shoes and accessories. Because of time, you can visit the site and go through the shoes and accessories. Comparing these with your regular heel, Xero shoes are comfortable and flexible. This is because of the patented technology in all the designs.

The brand does not indicate the time frame for these items, but we guarantee that the brands are designed to last long enough. The company also has a 5000-mile sole warranty, and when you are not satisfied, you can use this warranty and trade through the FeelTrue soles to get a newer pair.

Like other available sneakers, Xero shoes also tend to stretch with time. After repeated uses, leather and canvas wear. Therefore if you are an outdoor enthusiast or an athlete, this site is the best brand for you. The company mainly focuses on the comfort of the customers instead of the styles. This is the brand to swap for and enhance the hiking trail in muddy terrain. And when you have foot pain, Xero shoes are friendly.

Customer Review

Our Xero Shoes review article will only consider it complete by looking at what the customers have to say about this brand. Therefore, to make things simple and flowing,w  will assess the review on the official website Xerosheos.com. With the click of a button, you will be amazed at the positive reviews on the site.

Out of the whooping 61435 reviews, the brand still scores 5 stars, which is terrific. Many people on the platform praise the instant results, fair pricing, exchange, and incredible customer support team. One of the happy clients states:

"For the first time, I didn't consider the fact that I was wearing sandals. I like being able to work and relax without having to worry about heat buildup or stuffiness from my footwear."

And note that each best-selling product has separate reviews below it. You can also consider them, but generally, they are positive with almost negligible negative. The reputation is built based on the motion, feel natural fit, and 5k mile sole warranty.

There are also multiple reviews on Amazon. For Xero shoes prio for women, the products have 3 stars rating after 10 reviews. While on Trustpilot, there is also a drawback with poor ratings. After 60 reviews, the brand only scores 2.6 stars. But the good news is that positive reviews still exist here as well. 22% of these customers have the brand 5 stars, and one of them complements with a statement:

"The firm contacted me directly and was able to obtain a pair of footwear for me. I've restored faith in xero shoes, and the xero zelen fits perfectly. I'm looking forward to some exercises that use the entire foot."

Anyas Review site also reviews the model for spring of 2022. The author gives you options for men and women for why you need to get them. Since the article looks impressive, it indicates that the author is also satisfied with the brand. This is deducted from the conclusion, which states:

"Evey barefoot shoe brand has their own distinctive taste, which I adore. But I also enjoy watching a brand grow and improve over time. Thank you, Xero Shoes, for paying attention to the demands of the community!"

On the Run Repeat site, the company gets 4.4 stars after 4583 user reviews and 93 out of 100 from 40 expert reviews. Even though some shoes run smaller, they have the most secure fit and are flexible and lightweight.

On the Ruin Your Knees site, the brand gets 3.5 stars rating. The author then lists detailed information and compares multiple pros and cons of the brand to conclude. After that closes, the review says:

"For someone looking for a fun, comfy strolling sandal, Xero Shoes has you covered at a sensible rate."

The above reviews indicate that many customers are satisfied with the products, and most return to purchase.

Where to Buy Xero Shoes

If you are impressed with the Xero Shoes products and other accessories, you must wonder where to purchase them. Well, regardless of what you want, from the boots to the sneakers, you can make an order from the Xerosheos.com website. You can access all the products the company offers in its online stores.

However, that is not the only place; there are also some selected online retailers from where you can order Xero Shoes items. These include:-

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Is Xero Shoes Worth It?

You can also tell our stand by comparing the pros and cons of the Xero Shoes brand with customer feedback. If you have been through pickles with uncomfortable shoes or boots, trust us that the hype-beat sneakers are not only meant for long-term hiking activities. Xero Shoes offers you the roomier kicks we recommend you go for on the market.

The brand offers different shoes with different styles, names, and colors and aims to attain nothing less than customers' comfort through innovation. Therefore, the product features upgraded versions such as Barefoot soles and elevated ankle holes in their collection. Say no more complaints over blisters, abrasive bunions, and even sore toes with this brand.

Even though the design of their shoes only appears to some considering the footwear, we encourage you to often sacrifice fashion instead of function. Without hesitation, nature knows no style, color, or design. The company has received multiple customer feedbacks praising them for the vast collection of items offering shoes and accessories both for men and women. Therefore, because of the shoes' adaptability and affordability, our reviews concluded that the brand is worth your money.

If you are an athlete or sportsperson and want to try new boots or shoes, consider Xero Shoes.

Xero Shoes Discounts

The fashion brand offers promotional services and discounts to its customers. This includes the Xero Shoes company. The home page shows the brand provides a $100  gift certificate promotion to the new winner they select monthly. This event is fantastic and encourages loyal customers to shop from the website. However, for one to join the promotion, you must first download the sweepstakes application to your device.

Again, the company offers a Xero Shoes sale outlet, and customers can locate the design at a discounted price. Though in our review process, we have yet to come across the Xero Shoes coupon code. Thus, we encourage you to subscribe to their newsletters for the latest deals and discounts while saving bucks.

Xero Shoes Contact

You can contact the company for inquiries if you have a burning issue about the Xero Shoes products that we have yet to cover in our reviews. There are multiple means through which you can contact the brand support team. The first one is through the phone numbers 1-800-499-8880 or 1-303-447-3100.

You can also contact them using the email address support@xeroshes.com. They also have the last resort through which you can fill out the request form on the site. Still, we recommend you go the extra mile and engage with the team on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The team is here to assist you with the issues you have at hand.


Q: Where are Xero Shoes made?

From the above Xero shoes reviews article, we discovered that the footwear is designed in Colorado. However, they have a manufacturing plant located in China.

Q: What sizes do Xero Shoes have?

We said the brand offers shoes for men, women, and children. Therefore, for men, the company provides shoe sizes from 6.5 to 15; for women, the size ranges from 5 to 11; for children, the size varies. That is kids 12 and youths to 4.

Q: Is Xero Shoes vegan and cruelty-free?

Unfortunately, we also realized that some Xero shoes are vegan-friendly, but not all. Therefore, before you purchase based on your preferences, look at the product description for the extra specifications. To this extent, we have yet to conclude that the company is cruelty-free.

Q: What is Xero Shoes’s Shipping Policy?

It is encouraging to state that our reviews found out that the Xero Shoes brand offers international shipping to customers in over 94 countries worldwide. Therefore, to date, it offers 3 shipping methods: domestic orders with first class, priority express, and priority mail. The fee is calculated at the checkout stage. However, when you want to estimate the time of arrival of your order or package, the company gives you the tracking code through your email during order confirmation.

Q: What is Xero Shoes’s Return Policy?

The company has a return policy, and once you place an order, all customers have 45 days to return the product in case of anything. However, in their return policy, all the shoes worn outside are ineligible for return. And for domestic orders, the company has a complimentary shipping option.

When you need and want to return the Xero Shoes product, you can initiate the process through the return portal on the Xeroshoes.com site. For the detailed Return policy, visit the brand website.


Xero Shoes is a fashion brand that designs, manufactures, and sells shoes for men, children, and women. The company offers multiple styles with a unique flavor. From the overhead view, the company is constantly improving and evolving through innovation. The company listens to the community's needs and comes with comfortable shoes and flexible and affordable shoes. However, the shoes are only favorable to some people around the world.

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