BarkBox Subscription Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth It?

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If you have a dog and are looking for unique ways to pamper them with quality treats and toys every month, then you must consider the BarkBox subscription service. Read this review to know more!

You are here because you have a dog, and either you are looking for treatment or acquiring dog accessories. Well, this is the right place for you. Besides dog meals and other things, knowing what else your dog needs to maintain health and cleanliness is also a good idea. Beauty products and clothing are vital for your furry friend.

Many online companies offer dog supplements, toys, and clothing but mainly sell on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, few offer monthly subscription-based packages for meals, clothing, treatment, and accessories. Therefore, the most popular brand on the market is BarkBox, which is taking over.

Therefore, in these reviews, we will examine and review the BarkBox subscription while outlining its features and what is contained in the monthly package. Stay with us to the end. Before anything else, let us go deep into the brand overview since its inception and how it grew and developed to get a solid online reputation.

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BarkBox Subscription Review

BarkBox is a subacrio[tion based online brand that delivers customizable, monthly hand-selected toys as well as treats to your doorstep. The company was founded in 2011. Carly Strife founded it alongside Henrik Werdelin and Matt Meeker, known dog lovers. The three decided after feeling the need to fill the widening gap in the retail industry.

These people accepted that many firms were offering pet treats and toys, but none provided subscription-based and customization boxes to be delivered to the dog owners. This was the driving force and allowed them to establish the brand. The company has an ideal customization box where owners do not need to go and select the products every month.

Even if you don't know about your pets' needs, the company covers you with numerous ways to spoil your furry friend. BarkBox has managed to establish a robust online reputation; what even makes it famous is the personalization feature of the box. It did make them not only renowned but also largely contributed to the firm's development. This is a reasonable opinion and comes with perfect deals for you.

The box is customized based on the needs of individual pups. The experts from their website contain many things about your pup, such as size, breed, and age, which they use to generate a unique theme targeting to offer maximum or constant stimulation, including entertainment.

The subscription is vital and will help you switch things up and ensure you get the box delivered regularly while you save bucks and time to do other tasks. That is enough of the basic history of BarkBox. It now leads us to the next section on how to move or use the subscription box, but first of all, here are some of the pros and cons of the BarkBox subscription plan.

BarkBox Subscription Pros:

BarkBox Subscription Cons:

Why We Like BarkBox Subscription

You will get individual pup toys and treats, but this brand offers a subscription-based plan for all your furry friends' needs. BarkBox subscription box carries a lot. The box has 5 items, including 2 treat bags made with natural ingredients sourced in the US and a dog chew alongside the 2 toys.

They also offer all customers the customization option, which involves selecting different sizes and selecting the perfect fit items based on the dog breeds and medical conditions such as allergies. The plan mainly focuses on the unique theme they deliver to your doorstep monthly.

These involve the thanks-stuffing, limited edition Grinch box, as well as snowbound hounds. This sounds adorable to many customers online. And when you get the free extra toy, the company guarantees free shipping. All the new customers otherwise enjoy free delivery to the doorstep.

On top of the BarkBox subscription box, there also comes the Super chewer th famous option, which carries two tough chewer items and two fluff-free toys. This is the best option if your dog is fond of tearing the toys.

Affordable Pricing

The BarkBox subscription, as stated, the brand has unique plans to select from. While writing this review, we noted that BarkBox doesn't need you to pay upfront for long-term plans. They only need a particular commitment where. These commitments will only cost you a few bucks, and you save a lot on the budget. One monthly BarkBox subscription plan only costs you $29, and this does not involve the commitment option if you are not a fan.

But the 6 monthly BarkBox subscription plan will cost you a $25 monthly payment they bill monthly. However, when it comes to the 12-month subscription plan, this is where you need to commit and obtain the best from the brand. It only costs you $22 monthly for the delivery to your doorstep. The good thing is that these charges are only billed monthly, but they lock you in for one year without the option to cancel.

 Though numerous alternatives online exist, such as the PupBox, Bullymake, etc., this brand still stands out and is most known for the pup monthly subscription-based toys and treats. To bring out a clear picture of this brand, let us look at the customer feedback as accessed from the internet.

Customer Review

One of the things that can complement our BarkBox subscription review is the customer feedback online. Looking at this approach can help you make the right decision because you are simply learning from the experts and customers speaking out of the experience. Thus, we took our time to follow up and find out what customers say after using these plans.

There are numerous online blogs and sites with real customer ratings. For this section, we will start by considering Amazon. On this store, the monthly subscription box scores awesomely. After a whopping 3359 global rating, the box gets a 4.2 stars rating which is excellent. It indicates customers are guaranteed quality and a happy furry friend at home. Though few toys, many people still complimented the subscription box.

Following next is the Trustpilot. The brand generally gets a 4.8-star rating on this site after looking at the 7788 customer reviews. This is amazing, and most customers are happy with the purchase praising the door delivery service, affordable toys and treats, favorable returns, and quality of the products with the option to get the super chewer toy and free shipping. 85% of the customers gave it 5 stars. A happy customer on this platform expresses the feeling by saying:

"BarkBox has been a real treat for me. We subscribe to their "aggressive chewer" toys. When my dog destroyed a toy, they were quick to substitute it. My dog adores their 2-in-1 toys, which consist of a toy enclosed in a cloth cover that can be destroyed apart. I messaged them to let them confirm we had skipped one in the previous box, and they sent him one separately! They get an A+ from me."

Though on Sitejabber, the brand scores 2.64 stars after 88 reviews, it still gets compliments on the site in the long run. Most people here are unsatisfied, but comparing the reviews and rates, the brand still stands out based on its services, value for your money, shipping, and quality. Some customers complained about the return policy.

Looking at the My Subscription Addiction, the blog's author analyzes the brand in detail, and before giving the verdict, he compares the pros and cons of the subscription box to help you make a decision. However, on the Consumer Affairs website, the company gets 3.7 stars after 892 reviews. Most people here mention the box offers allergy-friendly treats and the option to get the super chewer toys with many discounts available. Though there are also a few criticizing reviews, one of the satisfied clients recommended saying:

"My dog adores all of the treats that they have sent out. I've been experiencing troubles with her breaking all of the toys, but I just talked to a BarkBox official, and they fixed the problem for me. They will also send out new toys to replace the ones my dog chewed up. Superb!!"

The other sites with potential BarkBox subscription reviews are, Insider, Totally Goldens, and Golden Hearts platform. Get time and go through reviews which greatly complement the company services in many aspects. Generally, there is more positive feedback than the few cons we have seen online. The brand wins our day. Finger crossed!

Where to Buy BarkBox Subscription

In the reviews research session, we also wanted to know where to purchase the BarkBox subscription package. But in the long run, we realized that this is a subscription-based plan, and you only need to sign up from their website as the sure way to receive the package. Signing up for the subscription is straightforward.

You only need to select your package from the homepage and review a few questions alongside your vital information concerning your dog. The most important thing is to include your dog's name and remember to list the age, gender, breed, and size. They also need you to mention the birthday for special treats where possible. You will go ahead to list any dietary restrictions if there are any.

The above procedure will only take you about 30 seconds to finish. The next step is selecting the subscription plan length after that to make payment. However, when you want the super chewer, keep scrolling to the bottom, where you will then be redirected to the other section for more details.

But remember that our research also revealed that individual BarkBox products are available outside their official store, such as Amazon. There are numerous of these products, including toys or gifts. Keep checking out for more information as they update.

Is BarkBox Subscription Worth It?

One of the questions that many of our readers are likely to ask is whether the BarkBox subscription or individual products are worth the purchase. We are here to settle all these questions. Therefore if you value the happiness of your dog and need to get a nice treat for the value of your money, the BarkBox subscription plan is worth it.

All the plans, from the one-time to the long-term commitment, are excellent, with pretty good discounted prices. Once you have gone through the simple signup process and are ready, you are not even required to do anything. No more hustle about the box, whether super chewer or not. The brand clarifies that when the treats or subscription is not what your dog needs, you have a point of return for a replacement.

Though the brand has a few cons, numerous customers have left positive feedback praising the quality and consistent monthly delivery to the doorstep. You must also include the super chewer option for the package to be complete, and you will never see the dog destroying the toys.

Other customers have complained about the automatic renewal issues and consider the company lacking customer sympathy. Generally, if you want to save time and keep your furry friend happy with toys and treats, a BarkBox subscription is the best alternative and reliable brand.

BarkBox Subscription Discounts

Like other subscription packages, the BarkBox subscription also offers numerous discounts or promotions for you to save and return for more. The brand has simplified its subscription plans now as cheaply as possible. If you are looking for these discounts, then this is the place to access the best deals.

The brand currently offers all new customers $10 off on their first orders or boxes containing between 6 to 12 monthly plans. You only need the code SUPPERNOVABBX to get it done at the checkout while you qualify for the $15 off the first subscription box under the same conditions but using the code RUCKUSKIE.

They also have a referral program, and anytime someone uses your unique referral link or code, you automatically get free BarkBox. The code is available in the invite section. The other promotion is free shipping, but this is only possible if you add an extra toy to your order—numerous affiliate programs.

Generally, you can save a lot on the three-box subscription plans, which go up to 20% off, but this depends on your duration or commitment to the website. Sign up for the updates and newsletter to get all the latest deals from the BarkBox subscription plan.

BarkBox Subscription Contact

The above BarkBox subscription review might have answered only some of your questions. So, if you are searching for an efficient method to contact these guys, they have listed a few methods. The research identified the primary method of contacting them by emailing them at

You can also fill out the online form and contact the support team without issue. While this brand does not mention its address and phone number, its marketing team and support staff are also active on social media. Thus, you can contact them using your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, which are even more straightforward. They are available 24/7 to help you.


Q. How can I cancel my BarkBox subscription plan?

If you want to pause or cancel the BarkBox subscription plan, then we are pleased to notify you that as long as you have committed to the 6 to 12-month plan, there is no way you can cancel the subscription. However, you can prevent the subscription renewal after the time has elapsed. To initial the subscription cancellation, use your details to log in to the portal under subscription, select all subscriptions and tap the edit button and proceed to click on the cancel renewal.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the BarkBox company?

The website and online information show that the first BarkBox box is shipped immediately once you place an order. After your first box, the company claims to ship the next delivery around the 15th  of every month. This is taken as the official delivery or shipping date. However, the company currently only offers shipment to only 48 countries in the US territories.

The shipping takes about 2 to 8 business days to arrive. Though previously they used to ship the products to Canada, lately they are having issues linked to eh custom factors. In Fact, in most states, the company ships the box free, but when you are based in Alaska or Hawaii, you must pay the extra shipping cost of $8.

Q. Can I track the BarkBox subscription box?

It is with high respect that the company sends you the confirmation and tracking link to your email monthly to inform you of the status of the box and dispatch. The link lets you easily track the order from the FedEx store to your location or your doorstep.

Q. What is the return policy of BarkBox's subscription brand?

The Fact remains that the company does not accept the return on their plans once received. But if your pup is not having fun with the item in the box, the company can replace it for you free of charge. In addition, they can also replace the super chewer or toy even when the pup destroys the box.

Q. Does BarkBox offer career opportunities to society?

Our research also noted that Google posted numerous jobs at the BarkBox store. While the company has its headquarters in New York, they also have an office in Ohio. You can learn more about the career opportunities on their website and through a google search. These vacancies include senior financial analysts, Senior Toy Designer, supper Chewer, Associated Directors, etc.


BarkBox is a subscription-based brand famous for offering dog toys and treats to keep them happy and entertained. The durability, as well as the quality, is the main selling factors of the subscription box. Again, their add-up toys are something else that stands up from the rest. We are convinced that super chewer toys last forever from the numerous positive customer feedback.

The products are allergy friendly since they are free from all ingredients triggering allergies, such as corn, soy, and wheat. If you love the durable and massive collection of toys with different designs and stellar super chewer toys, then a BarkBox subscription is here to stay. Give this box a short and stand a great chance of enjoying lucrative deals.

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