Allbirds Shoes Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy Them?

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Allbird Shoes offer eco0-friendly, sustainable footwear for men, women, and kids even at affordable prices. Read on to learn about their products, and other quality services they offer.

When it comes to getting nice shoes for yourself, you should make sure you are getting the best ones. Shoes come in different types, they can be slippers, sandals, boots, etc. You should patronize a brand that will offer more than just shoes or footwear. There are numerous shoe companies or retailers that offer quality items.

However, even when you get a good brand that offers quality shoes, not all are after the environment by offering shoes that are either recycled or can be recycled as it will help the environment now or in the future. There are some factors such as your comfort wearing those shoes, price, etc.

If you care about the environment, then you must be interested in finding a quality brand that offers shoes made from a natural material, eco-friendly features, etc. The only issue you might face is finding a brand that offers all these because it is very difficult making such research.

This review has helped you out in this regard, this is why you just need to learn more about the brand this review will introduce. Allbirds Shoes is an online retailer that specializes in offering eco-friendly, sustainable shoes, made from natural materials and made from recycled materials. They offer shoes for both men and women.

This review will explain all the necessary things you need to know before purchasing as it will assist you to make your decision if the brand is legit or not.

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Allbirds Shoes Review

Allbirds Shoes is an online retailer that specializes in offering eco-friendly, sustainable shoes, made from natural materials and made from recycled materials. They offer shoes for both men and women. This brand makes sure they engage in activities that will reduce production waste, pollution, and carbon footprint. They offer different kinds of footwear, socks, accessories, and many other footwear items. There is no information about their presence on social media or the publications they have been featured on.

This brand was founded by Tim Brown, who is a native of New Zealand and who was a former soccer player professionally. He founded this brand in 2016 having its head office located in San Francisco, California. He partnered with another engineer, Joey who he team up to form this brand. They aim to create very simple but stylish shoes. This brand manufactures its items in China. The source for the material is New Zealand, with crafting carried out in Milan, Italy.

This review will take a look at the customer review and rating for this brand, the merits, and demerits, the reason why we like using this brand, our verdict on the brand if it is legit or not, the promos, discounts, where to buy their items from and many more.

Allbirds Shoe Pros

Allbirds Shoe Cons

Why We Like Allbirds Shoes

This brand is popularly known for offering a very wide variety of items for its customers. You can get different eco-friendly shoes for women, men, and even children. They have bestsellers of different kinds at affordable prices. They offer women Tree Breezers, wool loungers, Tree loungers, wool runners, tree runners, etc. They offer different kinds of shoe accessories to complement your shoes.

You don’t need to worry to get your socks to form elsewhere because this brand offers a different variety of socks for you to choose from. They make their shoes waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. They also have arch support. These shoes can come in flats, slip-on, sneakers, etc.

Customer Review

When we checked the rating for this brand on several review websites, we found out that there are numerous reviews gotten from customers about this brand. Fortunately, these remarks turn out to be positive ones. We can say that customers are satisfied with the brand and the kind of shoes they offer their customers.

You can agree with them when it comes to giving out reviews, customers do not waste to praising a brand if they enjoy the service of that brand or thy give bad reviews if they are not satisfied with the brand. To know what customers are saying, we carried out our research from reliable websites to gather all the necessary information you need.

We made use of Allbird's official website to carry out this study. The brand enjoys very high positive reviews from its customers. You will get excellent remarks. There were some negative comments. E.g the brand does not have all sizes for some kinds of shoes and they don’t offer returns and exchanges for accessories. However, the positive review overshadowed the negative. Positive comments based on statistics taken were more than 80 percent.

These shoes are superb, I have been using them, they are lightweight, and the quality is great. I am even surprised that I can use it for that long. Thank you Allbirds Shoes.

Where to Buy Allbirds Shoes

You can get shoes from Allbirds on their website and other online retailers

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Is Allbirds Shoe Worth It?

If we should answer your question about this brand’s worthiness, we will simply say the brand is worth it and you should go ahead to buy from them. We have several reasons why we are recommending this brand. First of all, there are great testimonies from their customers about how nice their items are. When you consider the positive ratings and reviews for this brand, then you should be buying from this brand already.

This brand also tries to engage in some sustainable activities, they care so much about the environment by providing eco-friendly items that can be recycled and made from recycled items. Although they don’t offer exchange and return for their accessories, we will still recommend the brand because you will enjoy the brand more.

They don’t have all sizes for some shoes which might discourage some customers, you need to check out the sizes available and pick out the best one you need. They offer free shipping within the US for items above $50. I will recommend this brand, you can go ahead to buy from them.

Allbirds Shoe Discounts

They offer discounts and promos from time to time. You can easily check out their ongoing promos

Allbirds Shoe Contact

If you want to make more inquiries about this brand, you can reach out via the following


Q. What is the return policy of Allbirds Shoes?

They offer nice returns and exchange offers. They do not accept returns or exchanges for accessories. That is the only category they don’t allow. You can make a return within 30 days after purchase. You can even return your shoes even if you have worn them.

So if you want to make a return, it should be in your own country. You have to pay for return shipping. You will be issued a prepaid return label. You can return in-store or online too. If you want to return your socks, you should make sure it is not opened.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Allbirds Shoes?

You can enjoy free shipping when you order items worth over $50 or pay around $5 for shipping when it is less than $50. They make use of USPS, FedEx, and UPS to ship their items. They also offer different types of shipping options.

Q. What are the sizes of Allbirds Shoes?

The brand tries to make sure they have all sizes for their shoes, they offer shoes for kids, women, and men. However, there are some shoes that you might not find in all the sizes you require. You will have to check out the sizes before making a purchase.


Wearing comfortable shoes should be a very important aspect you need to put into consideration when making your choice of brand. Allbirds Shoes offer high-quality shoes, eco-friendly shoes, sustainable ones, and stylish shoes with great designs even at affordable prices. This review will help you make a great decision.

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