Pet Plate Dog Food Review: Why Does Your Furry Friend Like This Fresh Food?

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Is PetPlate precisely what your vet ordered for the pet? If you want to know our verdict, then read along with us to the end. Let us determine if this natural dog food delivery brand is exactly what you need for your pups.

The fact remains you are treating yourself or your dog better than you. You might go beyond making a delicious meal for your dog from fresh products. This can be chicken or preparing rice with meat stew for your pup every week. However, when it comes to the point when your dog gets to eat fast food, you will realize that they poison their bodies.

Therefore, in most cases, when you wish to ensure that your furry friends have a delicious meal with absolute health benefits, you must cook for yourself. The good news is that PetPlate has made everything different, and you can change your schedule. You can now access dog food that is all-natural and healthier than you have been cooking.

With quality ingredients and cooked in a human-approved kitchen facility, the comp[has made its reputation clear. We will review everything you need to know about the company, from history to what they offer and the customers' feedback. No time for us; we dive directly into the company overview.

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Pet Plate Dog Food Review

Pet Plate is an online website claiming they make food for your dog but do not. The company is well known for offering high-quality and highly nutritious meals made with human-grade ingredients made in the USDA kitchen and flash frozen, which they deliver to your doorstep. This is a significant step and has established a solid online reputation with a vast audience base.

For its popularity, they have managed to feature on popular media outlets like Newsday, Fox5, and CBS news. These commercial foods meet all the FDA and AAFCO standards as outlined. Lately, there have been concerns over the mercury content in dog food, and many customers are avoiding numerous brands. Therefore, many have shifted to the brand that offers safe and vet-approved dog food which is a winning bet for you. Returning to the brand, the company was founded in 2016 by Renaldo Webb.

This was after he was appalled and realized that the dog food he received contained unfit ingredients. Upon performing the test through the human-grade kitchen using samples such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, and chicken, he discovered positive results on the pup. Eventually, he was inspired and started delivering fresh dog food to people in the region.

Though operated, it became recognized after being featured on Shark Tank. to date; the company has managed to cook over 15 million dog food and excellent treats for US-based customers. The founder began the company with one mission: to provide healthy and excellent dog food and live longer, happy, and healthy with the people. The extra dog food ingredients from whole food, which are the likes of apples, chicken as well as pumpkin. It is committed to not only safety and science but also quality, and in fact, they promise to offer an exceptional mean taste for your dog.

In addition to the founder, the other vet who has made a sealable contribution is Dr. Streeter since, the company's inception and acts as a veterinarian. He always desires the means to meet the standard requirements. Remember that the vet recommends that human-grade dog food differs from human food. Therefore, David says that it is recorded that over 80% of dog owners do not consider the guidelines.

Therefore, with the above small basics of the company, it is now time to move further the company and look deep into the options available for your dog. We will also have to look deep into the benefits and cons to expect when going for this dog food on the market.

Pet Plate Dog Food Pros:

Pet Plate Dog Food Cons:

Why We Like Pet Plate Dog Food

We prefer this online subscription-based dog food brand to other companies for many reasons. First, the company customers can request personalized meals for the pets fresh and cooked in the USDA kitchens. These guys kettle-cook every recipe in batches, which helps retain the nutrients. They end up delivering the mean after flash freezing to your doorstep.

When you place an order, customers can select how often they need to receive food, such as the Topper or full meal plan. While wiring this review, they were not having the petplate for cats. Thus, you can make sure your dog gets the full diet meal delivered, and you can decide to come up with extra nutrients to top up the meal. While this is a subscription-based meal service, when you prefer individual food, you can pause and cancel the plan anytime.

The delivery uses the fridge or dried iced packages, so you conserve your dog with the warmed-up or cold meal. But above all, these whole foods contain supreme nutrients for a healthy diet. This indicates that your dog will live longer and stay happier than ever.

While many customers are busy being selective to avoid some ingredients in their dog food, this company makes it clear in its mission that they are dedicated to ensuring your dog's safety is at stake. Therefore, all their dog meals meet the USDA guidelines as needed, thus perfect and healthy for your dog.

The Petplate Subscription Plans

This is a subscription plan for dog food, and if you are ready to get started, you must also grasp some basics. You will sign up from the website and fill in the relevant data. For more than two dogs, then customers must create unique personalized plans for every dog. You will have to identify the gender of your dog, weight, birthday, and breed with much other information.

The good news is that when signing up for the subscription plan, you always have the option to choose the recipe that your dog enjoys most. You can go with the lamp, Turkey, beef, and chicken. The plan must be tailored based on the needs of your dogs. You must choose between the Topper and Full pan in the subscription plan. So here, the full plan entails the company delivering 100% meals for your dog with all the needs.

In this option, the dog takes to containers daily, and the company makes sure that they deliver 28 lb of meals every week that can manage the 87 lb American bulldog, for example. When it comes to the Topper subscription plan, this is simply the meals that act as topping the current dog food.    The company gives you only 25% of the dog meal nutritional requirements; the brand makes sure they deliver at least 3 containers of food after 3 weeks as routine.

So as long as you have decided and selected the plan, you can proceed to add treats to the dog meals. You can get a single delivery or state the schedule for the delivery date. During the time of writing this review, the price of the plan is highly dependent on the nutrition and the size of your dog.

For the full plan, the pricing starts at $2.83 daily, excluding offers. When you apply the 60% discount offer, the Full plan costs $4.54 m. Toper goes for $1.5, and treats will only drain you $3.58.That sounds promising, and you can give it a try today.

Customer Review

We cannot summarize these Petplate dog food reviews without looking at the customer's feedback. This is the only way to learn from the experts who have had time to use the brand's products. Though this is a subscription-based meal, the brand has created a strong reputation on the website. There are several sites with relevant feedback online.

However, we will start with the official website at On the site, the company gets roughly 5-star ratings after getting 487 customer reviews, while product reviews are rated 5 stars after considering 1371 reviews. Most customers have appreciated that their dogs loved the emails, praised the on-time delivery, the option to request personalized meals for your dogs, and lucrative deals, which makes th subscription plans more affordable. Here is what one customer had to say on the official website:-

"PetPlate is a favorite of my pups. At meal times, they do more than just tango. Oh, the anticipation of their meal! Sammy anxiously waited for his dinner plate. Diet is an essential component of a joyful, healthy dog. As a result, PetPlate makes for a very happy and healthy household."

The author evaluates the brand on the Hepper website to determine if it's worth your money. Based on the stand of the blog, the company gets a 4.5-star rating considering asp[ecst such as the variety, quality, ingredients in the meals, and pricing plans. This is awesome, and it indicates the blog's author is impressed.

The same also applies to the Canine Journal site, where after the author has compared the pros and cons of the company, he gives us the final overall rating of 4.6 stars. The team has arrived at this rate by looking at the meal's nutritional value, customer support, pricing, and personalization features. But Petplate also registers positive feedback through this detailed blog regarding The Dog Tale.

And in your free time, you can also go through the excellent customer reviews of EartheGains, Dog Food Advisor, Hello Bark, and The Dodo. They all contain excellent customer ratings. For instance, Hello Bark gets the brand a 4-star rating, while The Dodo lists multiple reasons why the author loves the brand.

Above all, PetPlate Dog Food has established a reputation based on numerous positive customer feedback online. It is a no-brainer subscription-based meal plan for you.

Where to Buy Pet Plate Dog Food

Pet Plate Dog Food is a subscription-based box that contains freshly cooked dog food. Therefore, you should not be wondering where to purchase the package. They are only available on a subscription basis; thus, the only place to order from is their official website at

Subscription or registration is straightforward. Visit the official website and tap on start now; you will be redirected to fill in the questionnaire, select the plan for your dog, including the personalized information, make payment, then sit back and wait for the delivery to your door. That is simple, and you will have the meal delivered.

Does Pet Plate Dog Food sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Pet Plate Dog Food stores on Amazon.

Is Pet Plate Dog Food Worth It?

From our point of view, Petplate Dog food is an exceptional company and reliable for delivering your dog's meal to your door. The food is freshly cooked in a human-approved kitchen and contains healthy nutrients. Most people online have reported that their dogs have enjoyed the food, and thermals are made locally in the US.

Something else is the discounts they offer; delivery or shipping of the subscription box is swift and easy, and you will receive it as scheduled. There is also an option to request personalized dog food; hence they will serve your meals based on the condition of your furry friend. However, the company doesn't offer free samples of supersized meals.

But if you have a picky eater, the company guarantees you money back upon agreement. However, the subscription might be expensive if you have a large dog. But we assure you that the plans are affordable for your small or medium dogs.

Therefore, our final stand is that their pricing is, in fact, the best, and looking at these fresh-cooked dog food, personalization options, and timely delivery to your door as well as multiple lucrative deals, we would highly insist that the PetPlate dog Food is worth your money.

Pet Plate Dog Food Discounts

As a routine on our review brand, we were also enticed to go online and find out if PetPlate Dog Food has lucrative deals for you. The company has something to help you save for the next order. First, if you are a new customer and sign up for the subscription plan, the company gives you a big save of up to 61% off on the first delivery. The company also has friend referral programs.

These guys give your friend 60% off on their first subscription upon referral, while on the other side, you are entitled to receive 1000 pup-point to your account. The subscription plans have discounted prices, and promotions are already applied, as you can see from the website. Otherwise, sign up for the newsletter for all the updates on the latest deals and promotions.

Pet Plate Dog Food Contact

Are you looking for more information about PetPlate Dog Food products? The above article might have given you information, but in summary, if you need clarification, then you can contact the PetPlate company staff. There are multiple methods to count the support team. Email them through, and they will respond to you.

You can also use the live chat function on the website. If not, the last resort is calling them at 855-981-6109. However, their service hours are operational from 10 am to 5 pm EST. Additionally, they are available and active on their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. Collaborate and seek clarification where needed anytime.


Q. Who is the owner of the PetPlate brand?

The company is owned by Ronaldo Webb, who launched it after starting to deliver dogs that he used to cook at his home in a human-approved kitchen. Today, the brand has sold over 15 million dog foods to customers based in the US states.

Q. Where is the Petplate headquarter found?

Specifically, the company is based in the US; to be precise, they have offices in the New York Hudson Yards.

Q. Where are the Pet Plate manufacturing facilities located?

From the above article, we have covered that the brand has manufacturing facilities in the US. They manufacture their means in the USDA kitchen in Upstate NY. The meals contain high-quality ingredients which are covered human-grade hence safe and nutritious.

Q. Can I cancel my Petplate subscription plan?

Definitely, you have the option to cancel the petplate subscription through your portal account. Canceling is very simple. You start the process by accessing your account with relevant credentials and selecting your dog's name from the menu; under manage the subscription, tap on the cancel subscription, and you are done.

Q. Does Petplate deliver orders to Canada-based customers?

Always keep in mind that petplate does not offer international shipping services. Therefore, they only ship orders within 48 states in the US alone. This means they do not deliver canada orders at the moment.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the petplate?

First, based on the brand shipping policy, the company processes all orders on Friday, and delivery is done on the following Monday upon the process. But When you wanted to amend your typical order, the company insisted that you make changes last Thursday before they start shipping. The company offers customers free ground shipping for any order.

Unfortunately, they do not have any shipping options for special cases. During delivery, the orders are packed using dry ice. This ensures that customers receive their orders while meals are fresh and frozen for the pup to enjoy. The container has enough dry ice, lasting about 5 days while on the road to your doorstep. The customer must ensure the containers are always frozen and very cold during delivery. If not, the company recommends contacting the support team through

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Petplate company?

If you have ordered or got the petplate subscription plan and, by lousy chance, the dog does not like the meal, then you must remember that there is positivity to consider your dog and give it time to transit and get used to it its new meal. The company delivers meals with feeding guidelines, so you must follow these steps correctly.

But when you only have two or even one subscriptions for your dog, we highly recommend that your next order try switching. This is because when a dog does not like the chicken stew meal, there is a possibility it will enjoy the lamb meal. If this is your good order and you do not like it, send the mail to the support through They will make sure they refund your money to your account. Remember that the company always insists on returning or donating the food which is not eaten rather than throwing it away.


Petplate is a company that provides the easiest way to feed your dog with nutritious and healthy meals made locally and distributed in the US. The proportion, customize and deliver the dog food to your doorstep based on your subscription plan according to the needs of your furry friend. You are no more wasting time cooking food. These subscription plans contain high-quality meals and are considered human-grade meals that deliver fresh and safe food for your dog. Enjoy these exceptional lucrative deals and save more with referral programs which is a click away.

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