Allure Beauty Box Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Ordering?

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Do you want to discover the ultimate beauty experience in your daily routine? Read our honest Allure Beauty Box review to analyze the curated product, subscription, and tips. Elevate your beauty goal today with this brand.

Today, you can witness multiple cosmetic brands launched every minute. It is thus overwhelming to locate your perfect beauty company or product. You can purchase in-person or offer beauty products online, but not all brands meet your expectations. While many prefer ordering individual cosmetic products, you have never experienced the mystery and surprises in the subscription boxes.

This is where the Allure beauty box comes to your rescue with the daily cosmetic requirement under one package. In this article, we will explore the Allure Beauty Box in-depth, from the company's development of the best-selling boxes, the customer feedback, contacts, and lucrative deals. If you want to try out the brand, keep reading and find out what they have for you.

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Allure Beauty Box Review

Allure Beauty Box is a popular subscription-based service well-known in the cosmetic industry. The company allows you to pay for the one-time month-to-month services or the extended delivery services. Regardless of the choice, you are guaranteed to get the 7 editor-curated or expert-selected cosmetic products as a minimum in every box delivered.

Through The subscription plan, customers also enjoy multiple promotions and discount pricing on the products as well as limited edition box packages. If this catches your attention, then this is the time to grab one box before going in full force. Exclusive members also have special discounts, updates, offers, giveaways, etc. Therefore, the force behind Allure Beauty Box is the Allure brand based in New York City.

Allure is a popular magazine that focuses on cosmetics and beauty among women, published by Conde Nast every month. This publication, Allure, was established in 1991 by Linda Wells. However, today, the magazine is managed by Mitchelle KLee, who is the editor-in-chief. These guys, Allure, thus debuted their subscription box packages in the early 2010s.

Though there are many alternatives and profound brands online, Allure was among the limited firms overseen by honest authorities in the industry. They have developed and expanded their reach, where today, they give customers the best in the cosmetic industry. With that in mind, it is also time to dive deep into how these subscription boxes work and the customer favorites on the market. But beforehand, here are the pros and cons to meditate about and compare before judging the expectation.

Allure Beauty Box Pros:

Allure Beauty Box Cons:

Why We Like Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box has become popular, and many people like this subscription package for their beauty routine. However, this subscription is based on the monthly delivery services, though it does not need commitment from your side. You can pay month to month or commit to the extended monthly delivery, which is discounted the longer you sign up.

There is always an option to skin the delivery if not suspended, and there is no fine. Allure Beauty Box does not allow you to purchase a single beauty product, but the membership allows you to access exclusive offers with which you can get multiple products you love. Besides the monthly subscription, Allure Beauty Box allows customers to go for limited edition packages or past delivery, where your active subscription remains intact.

This is applicable whether you are a member or a one-time customer. We also recommend this brand because one can still sign up for the gift subscription, which is ideal for your friends with various delivery options. The cost and how these packages are delivered is never an issue. We will guide you through every step to ensure you are content with the company process and services.

Allure Beauty Box Monthly Subscription plan

The company claims they deliver directly to your doorstep at the start of every month. However, the first box is delivered for the new members the same month you sign up for the plan. If you sign up close to the end of the month, you are guaranteed to receive the two boxes in the following month, which is a rapid succession.

In the box, currently, the company features at least 7 products as a minimum; of all those, at least 4 are full size while the rest are samples. On top of the packages, there is the potential to get bonus gifts, including extra samples, brushes, or face masks. Most products in the box are designed by Allure, which is Allure-exclusive, including the U Beauty Resurfacing compound, also available at mainstream retailers. Currently, the company offers one of the highest-valued subscription boxes in history.

On the monthly plan, at the moment, it costs $10 from $25 for the new customer's first order; the quarterly plan costs you $54 for the first 3 boxes, while the rest bills $69 for every 3 boxes. The annual plan currently goes for $235 for an entire year. Note that in the above review, we have indicated the 7-product box minimum, which is the August offer for the new member box. Ideally, the box combines 6 products valued at $304 annually, including gifts. Also, remember that the annual plan fee is non-refundable.

With all the above information, let us move to the next section and listen to what the customers say about the brand.

Customer Review

We have seen that Allure Beauty Box offers you the best collection for all the monthly cosmetic requirements. Though it is based on the subscription packages, the service seems satisfying and saves you time as the company delivers your favorite products at your comfort.

From the customer's point of view, there are also multiple online reviews from different external sites. From our research, we have identified sites like Amazon, where The Best In Beauty delivered a monthly score well that out of 8529 ratings, it managed to gather 4.3 stars. However, heading to Consumer Affairs, there are many drawbacks that customers have highlighted, which accounts for a 1-star rating of 88 feedback It doesn't seem very pleasant, but 22% of customers highly recommend the brand.

Wishlisted also explores all the tips and hacks customers need to understand before commenting on the premium beauty package. From the experience, the author summarizes the review by praising the luxurious products with a delicious smell. There are also detailed blogs on, where the authors praise the brand and single out a few encouraging feedback from their customers.

In addition, Splendry features an extensive blog that details this brand and the subscription box with how it works, its contents, and many more. On the Cratejoy website, 7 customer reviews complement the brand and give an overall rating of 4 stars. The new customer left a comment praising them, as seen below:-

"feeling that the Allure box is the unique box where I obtain new, pertinent goods rather than discounted items I won't use." They raised the fee last year, but I just resubscribed last month and am extremely pleased with all that thus far. "Well done!"

The other testimonies are also found on Review42, which is a complete box analysis, and the same applies to My Subscription. The site concludes that this box is ideal for all beauty enthusiasts, where from 758 ratings and 192 reviews, they account for the 3.5 stars rating. That speaks volumes; customers are delighted to have such monthly subscription plans delivered to them often.

Where to Buy Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box comes as a monthly subscription package. Therefore, the only place to purchase the Allure Beauty Box package is their official website, The only question you should ask is how to register for the monthly subscription delivery. For this reason, we will guide you through a simple registration procedure. First of all, one must become a member before anything else follows.

And immediately after you sign up, you will be redirected to the section with the subscription packages. Here, choosing the preferred plan from monthly to quarterly and annual subscription would be best. After that, you will have to subscribe and check our information. Ensure you enter your relevant payment and shipping information.

To this end, you are then entitled to many promotions, services, and gifts, which are found in the next section. You can then proceed by reviewing the order and making confirmation. You can then log in to the portal anytime and request your comfort while you wait for the delivery. Today, you can also order from Amazon.

Is Allure Beauty Box Worth It?

If you are tired of often going cosmetic shopping and searching for an alternative brand with guaranteed delivery, then Allure Beauty Box is worth the investment. Though the brand is comparable to the competitors on the market, it has a more advanced advertisement approach. The company uses the exclusive approach, which is also based on their parents' beauty industry publications, as we all know.

Even though their pricing has increased, the company is still worth it when you look at the customer testimonials, the guaranteed monthly delivery to your doorstep, and multiple offers on their website. In this game, the Allure plan is worth trying their new products. It gives you numerous ways to sample unique products every month.

They claim that customers will never receive the repeat products, and in case you like the sample products in the package, you can still proceed to buy in full size as Allure Beauty Box but come at a discounted price. Most products are delivered as sample products from 7 items; 3 are samples while only 4 are full size.

We recommend trying out their monthly plan before making an extended commitment. This is a cheaper way to get the products and sample unique items. Additionally, you can manage your subscription, pause, skin, and cancel anytime.

Allure Beauty Box Discounts

Like everyone online, customers love gifts and promotions when ordering. Just like other cosmetic brands online, Allure Beauty Box also comes with the option to access multiple discounts and lucrative deals. However, the deal you get highly depends on your selected subscription plan. While writing this review, we were able to locate multiple offers.

First, with the promo code WOW, you can unlock discounts like $10 off the first delivery, purchase Tula and Color Wow at only $10, and many more gifts specifically for you. When you purchase the extended subscription box that costs you $304 or above, you get a free bonus box delivered within your annual plan.

All these monthly plans are discounted. Of the 7 products minimum delivered, 3 are samples while 4 are full size for $141. For gift subscriptions, there are also discounts on the site for you.

There is still a friend incentive on the website, which is lucrative and presents you get depending on the successful referral you make for the brand. Thus, we recommend signing up or subscribing to the Allure Beauty Box newsletter for future updates, discounts, sales, and other deals.

Allure Beauty Box Contact

Though we might be about to conclude our Allure Beauty Box review article, you still have pending queries. In that case, you must seek alternative means to clarify everything. Therefore, we have you covered with every step. We have done our research and now represent you with many methods to contact the Allure Beauty Box company. Research indicates that these guys are active on social media accounts.

These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The marketing team is working all day and night to address all your concerns. Besides, they have also listed numerous means to contact them on the site. These include writing them an email and sending them to

They claim to revert within 48 hours. Still, they have an open telephone number for urgent support. That is, call them at 1-800-274-1603, which. It is operational Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.; on weekends, they are available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.


Q. What is contained in the Allure Beauty Box package?

First, Allure Beauty Box is simply a cosmetic subscription service that guarantees customers monthly delivery featuring at least 6 beauty products costing you $100 plus. The experts carefully curate these products or, instead, the magazine editors.

However, only half of the products are complete; the rest come in small quantities to give you prior knowledge of these products. In the box, you will never get the same products twice, but rather, you keep trying new products on every delivery that are tried and proven to be true classic products.

Q. Does Allure have gifts for the new members?

Definitely, but in the collection, the company offers different gifts, varying monthly. For instance, you might get a sample bottle of Viktor, Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar perfume, etc.

Q. What is contained in the Allure Mega Bundles?

The company clarifies that when a customer orders a 1-year subscription plan, these guys give you a free mega bundle that features 12 products, which cost $315. The costs vary from time to time. However, the customer doesn't know the contents until they receive and open the bundle. Also, some users have raised concerns about getting old products in the bundle.

Q. Can a customer pause a month of an Allure Beauty Box subscription?

Sure, the company is open for people with extended subscription plans, such as a 3-month plan of one year and a gift subscription. You can skin or, rather, suspend a monthly delivery. To initiate this, you have to connect with the support team.

Q. Can I order the past Allure Beauty Box product from the site?

We can justify that the company allows you to request the past Allure Beauty Boxes for delivery. However, this is only available as long as the supplies last in the store. Head to the past boxes through your portal and select The Box from the drop-down menu. You will have access to the available past boxes of packages, which you can reorder again.

Q. Can I cancel my Allure Beauty Box subscription plan?

Customers can easily cancel the monthly subscription plan anytime they wish. However, you must first contact the support team using the above contact information. From there, the Allure team will take the necessary steps. Also, note that you must cancel the month's last day before billing starts so that you are not billed for the next month's delivery. However, annual subscriptions are non-refundable; immediately you cancel such, the company will still deliver until the cycle ends.

Q. Does Allure send a notification to customers once the boxes are shipped?

Immediately, the brand packages your boxes and puts them in transit, then sends you an email for confirmation alongside the tracking code to follow up on your shipment. In this case, you will get an email from

Q. How long does Allure Beauty Box take to process the order and ship?

The above article shows that the company takes about 3 to 7 working days to deliver your package. This is only if you are in the contiguous U or Puerto Rico. The duration it takes to arrive depends on the location or destination. It is unfortunate that currently, the company doesn't ship to Canada.

Q. What is the shipping policy for the Allure Beauty Box package?

Currently, the company offers shipping services in the contiguous US and Puerto Rico. All the active subscribers get their boxes shipped within the 3rd week of the month. The orders for new members are shipped within 2o working days starting when you sign up for the subscription. Also, note that the company does not charge you the shipping because everything is accounted for in the subscription plan.

Q. Does Allure Beauty Box accept returned boxes?

Though the company has a favorable return policy, the products must meet the minimum requirements. They will accept a return for the replacement only if their products reach you while damaged, duplicated, or when the products in the box are missing.

However, the company doesn't refund you when their products are not to your standard or expectations. Therefore, to seek the replacement of the missing or duplicate items in the box, contact the Allure support team. Once in position, they will arrange and send you the replacement, which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.


Allure is a famous magazine that has also ventured into the beauty industry through its unique and personal Allure Beauty box. If you are struggling to purchase cosmetic products every month at a high price, it is time to try out the Allure Beauty Box monthly subscription and relish or upgrade your beauty routine at your comfort. You will access at least 6 products delivered to your doorstep in the box package.

Feel the mystery and excitement if you are the ultimate indecisive buyer. We have seen from the above review that Allure curates the box with experts and editors to meet all your monthly cosmetic needs.

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