Mystery Tackle Box Review: *Pros and Cons* Is Subscription Worth It?

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Is the Mystery Tackle Box the ultimate catch with the curated gears, expert tips, and lures designed for fishing enthusiasts? Through this review, you will unlock all secrets of fishing success. Delve into the  Tackle Box review, explore the unraveled excitement brought to you with a value subscription, and find out if it can help you enhance your game.

When you think of fishing as your hobby, trying something new in the industry is always good. There are different things that one needs to make the whole experience impressive. These ranges form the lures to the rods and the reel combo. The market has everything you need and numerous fishing gear that have made you happy. However, when you want to explore bass fishing, it is time to enhance your experience with the Mystery Tackle Box.

The box will make your catch unparalleled if you are such an enthusiast. The company claims to offer customers designed fishing gear selection and tackle delivered to your doorstep.

Therefore, this review intends to determine if the company promises an affordable price with lifetime surprises. We will detail the company's history, best collection, subscription plans, discounts, contacts, and FAQ section and then deduce the conclusion from the customer feedback. Read to the end for more.

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Mystery Tackle Box Review

Mystery Tackle Box was founded in 2012 alongside the Catch Co by Ross Gordon. He is a fishing enthusiast, and he was inspired by the need to bring the trendy and newest fishing lures for anglers into the market. He intended to help customers cut down on time wasted searching for the perfect finishing tools. The company has a vision to deliver to customers over 2.5 million boxes by the end of the year 2021.

This indicates the brand targets growing, expanding, and developing through fishing gear collection. Therefore, never worry if you plan to hit those ponds or lakes with an empty tackle box. You are sorted with the Mystery Tackle Box offered by the Catch Co. Grab a box filled with fishing tools ready for the task delivered to your doorstep.

But remember that Mystery Tackle Box offers a monthly subscription-based service with a guaranteed variety of lures and tackles to sort you with your fishing needs. In the box, you will have access to the whole month's fishing tools delivered right to your door at your comfort. Customers always have the option to select the preferred packages, which are based on the fish species you are targeting.

From their website, the company clarified that their tools are designed and go for 40% off the retail price, which guarantees you access to high-quality fishing tools at an affordable price. For the newbies in the field, this brand presents you with detailed tutorials, blogs, and magazines to prepare you before casting the fishing line. The company has also built its online reputation with an amazing customer base on Instagram and other social media platforms.

They have recorded multiple successful catches from their customers on the website, which makes them popular. Some of you are still wondering if the brand delivers. We are here to guide you through the selection, subscription, and form of the testimonies so that you can make an informed decision. Before exploring their subscription plans and best-selling boxes or tools, we have also gathered highlights on the pros and cons of our experience and customer feedback about Mystery Tackle Box.

Mystery Tackle Box Pros:

Mystery Tackle Box Cons:

Why We Like Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box allows you to purchase the p subscription plan or send it to a friend as a gift. The company gives you fishing packages and gear which target different fish species. Ideally, we will highlight three major types on the site in the next part. Otherwise, many options are based on your needs to select the form. For every plan, customers must select the duration and content.

The working mechanism of this company is quite normal. Remember that this brand is subscription-based, but the content ranges from small products to large packages delivered monthly. Still, you can cancel the subscription anytime before auto-billing the next delivery. Users can select the perfect lures and rods and select from their preferred affiliate brand, Karl Bait & Tackle. Signing up for the plan is very simple.

The palm on their site starts from the standards to the pros and elite as the first step. Then choose the targeted fish species and set the duration, then wait for free shipment and delivery of your monthly package.

However, from every box, you will find unique and different lures and bait; this is exactly what we will get into in the next section. Remember that Mystery Tackle Box doesn't have various products besides subscription packages. When you wish to get the one-time single item, we recommend navigating to their affiliate company, Karl Bait & Tackle, which the Catch Co manages. It is now time to go through some of the favorite or major plans to try.

The first here is the Mystery Tackle Box Regular. This box is perfect for people that want to spice the fishing trip and avoid those gambling in the aisle. This company gives you numerous options, from regular to pros and elite. This regular pack is the most affordable, with only a $17 to $20 monthly subscription. It is popular among beginners.

This is the best option for trout, and users can select the specific fish species they want. In the pack, you will get four major options again. Bass targets the spotted Bass, largemouth, and smallmouth fish; Inshore Saltwater is ideal for snook, flounder, speckled trout, and redfish.

There is also Panfish and Trout that target the trout, bluegill, crappies, and perch. Then lastly, you can go for the Walleye and Sauger. The above box sometimes typically retails at $25, and from the duration, customers can select from one month to the 12-month plan through a 3 and 6 months option. The more the duration, the more you save on the plan.

The second is Mystery Tackle Box Pro. Thus, if you enjoy this brand's fishing gear, we recommend trying out this box. This is because it features intricate products though some might not be useful. For the people who wish to try unique products, the plan gives you new gears and baits every month to freshen and upgrade your fishing routine.

From this box, you have five species options to choose from. These are walleye, Sauger,  Bass, Inshore Saltwater, Panfish, and Trout. Then there is a unique Multi-species that comprises the catfish, bass, and panfish targets. The duration appeal is like the regular one.

The last one is Mystery Tackle Box Elite. Thus, if you understand what you want and know how to effectively use the bait and tackle, try out this elite plan for the premium gear designed and reserved. Though, this plan features the least species choices. There are only Bass and multi-piece options. Like the first two plans, customers can select the duration from 1 to 12 months at an expensive subscription cost. You can cancel any of the above plans anytime or upgrade from one to the next.

Customer Review

Our Mystery Tackle Box review would not be complete without looking at the testimonies online. Therefore, this will be an impressive guide in making a verdict and validating the stand. Many websites have highlighted the feedback about this brand.

This section starts by analyzing their official website,, where you can see multiple positive customer reviews. The brand is 5-star rated, with many customers complimenting the delivery efficiency, first-class fishing gear, and many more. From there, we headed to the Trustpilot, and from there, we got 7514 customer reviews which gave the brand a rating of 4.6 stars. This is excellent as 79% were five stars. One of the verified and satisfied customers praised:-

"I bought a monthly box for an entire year & it's been nothing short of a dream." Each box has increased my confidence in preparation for summer fishing trips and tournaments. The variation per box eliminates the need to select fresh tackles. 10/10 will keep on buying."

Amazon also features a 4.6-star rating after accessing 2305 global ratings on the Catch Co Mystery Tackle Box pro-Bass fishing kit. From the statistics, 79% were extremely impressed and left five stars. Fresh Water Fishing Advice. The site also presents a detailed blog analyzing the brand with the best-selling subscription box. The author also goes into detail to explain how the plan works, and generally, the editor gives the company an overall 7.5 stars rating out of 10.

Ask Men is another site with the review on the brand, and the rating on the site is based on the aspects like the curation, quality, retail value, packaging, and subscription managed, which it scores well. Considering the pros and cons, the company is extremely recommended for the pros and beginners.

The Top 10 Subscription Boxes website also presents a review, and the author gives this company an amazing rating of 8.4 out of 10. This is the main source of the top gear for all the fishing adventurer needs. You can also review the Things Testing and find out more reviews on the My Subscription Addiction that seeks to evaluate the box is right for you and gather 4.3 overall stars rating. That is impressive.

Where to Buy Mystery Tackle Box

To this extent, you should not ask where to purchase the Mystery Tackle Box package but how to subscribe to their monthly delivery box. This is because the company offers subscription-based services and delivers to your doorstep. Signing up for the package is simple, and you will be ready to receive your first subscription box. All you have to do is open their website, and select the plan on the website, depending on your preferences.

However, if you are a newbie, we advise you to use the regular plan. Then on the drop-down menu, you can choose the fish species and set the delivery duration on the next menu, and you are good to proceed with payment details. Customers can easily change the information, amend the duration, pause, and cancel the subscription plan at any point and time. Also, you can get it from Amazon.

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Is Mystery Tackle Box Worth It?

Mystery Tackle Box is a unique fishing gear designed to target those fishing enthusiasts. Therefore, if you are one and want to upgrade your fishing experience with effective lures and tackles, then Mystery Tackle Box is worth the cost. The company guarantees monthly subscription packages and delivers them to your doorstep at your convenience. The box is accessible in different lures, and the choice depends on the fish species you are targeting.

In addition, the package is affordable, and for the newbie, it is hassle-free because it comes with detailed guides and tutorials, saving you time and resources. Many things make us run the brand, and among them is that it is simple to figure out when you plan to go fishing. Though they do not have the single tool purchase option, the package is impressive for all your fishing needs are featured under one box.

Their lures are marketed below the MSRP, and in every box, they come in variety; hence the brand is a real gem. Discover new lures and many advanced fishing tools with this brand to catch the fish of your dreams. Many online customers have also left amazing feedback, which is evidence enough to prove that Mystery Tackle Box is worth trying.

Mystery Tackle Box Discounts

While writing this Mystery Tackle Box review, we also wanted to determine if the company offers lucrative deals on its subscription boxes. Our effort bore fruits. Their packages under the subscription are retailing at 40% off the normal price. When you refer your friend, you are guaranteed to get $10 to use on the next purchase from the site. If you are a member, you can subscribe and get $10 off on the first delivery, but to activate this offer at the checkout, use the promo code TryMTB10.

Still, you can save up to 30% for the multi-month plan. Many carriers are on the site, and you can easily partner with the brand to make passive income through the affiliate program. If you can win the coupon voucher, you can redeem it and get the free subscription box. Follow these guys on their social media accounts and email list for more updates.

Mystery Tackle Box Contact

Our research concluded that this brand with Karl Bait and Tackle is managed under a single-parent firm. Either way, it gives you access to the same support team. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the company or your package, you can connect with the support team on the site anytime. In the research, we have highlighted multiple methods to connect these guys.

The first one is to use their live chat icon on the website for immediate feedback. Secondly, fill out the online request form and submit the inquiry to the team. Besides that, they have also provided the phone number for support access. That is, call them at 844-682-5833. On top of that, you can compose the mail and send it to the team via

However, the above options are operational from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm CST. Lastly, the team has a reputable social media presence, which means you can easily engage with the team on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, anytime for updates, consultations, lucrative deals, etc.


Q. What should I expect in my Mystery Tackle Box?

From the above review, we understood that in every cardboard package, there are products sourced from famous sources that are delivered to you but in an accessible manner to try them out. The package also has a guideline or data booklet containing fishing tips and other information.

Q. Can a customer purchase a single Mystery Tackle Box?

The box is available on the monthly subscription plan; thus, you can subscribe and cancel before they start the next auto-renewal process. This way, you will only receive a single box. The second option is to go with the specialty boxes ordered from Karl's Bait & Tackle. However, the company has a limited inventory which gives customers a different price point and themes for those wishing to try unique and trendy things without going for the subscription.

Q. Can a customer change their Mystery Tackle Box?

If you want to change the content of the monthly subscription box, the process is very simple. You must sign in to the portal, head to the switch icon on these subscription dashboards, and choose your preferred fish and chance species. Then you can return to the dashboard and confirm the changes at the top. These changes are effective when you submit them before the last day of the month. Thus, all these changes will be reflected in the next delivery box.

Q. Who are these Mystery Tackle Boxes designed for on the market?

The company understands that they are serving people of all ages and perfection. Therefore, they have boxes designed for fishing pros and beginners seeking the perfect way to test the new and unique tackles on their fishing trip. If you are a newbie and never touched a fishing rod, you will have a challenging experience using different tools here. However, these fish sign gears come with detailed and clear guidelines and tutorials.

Q. The shipping policy of Mystery Tackle Box

The company offers free shipping service to all US-based customers. And their delivery is expected to be within 7 working days, done through the USPS carrier. If that is a slow method, the company also gives you the 2-day expedited shipping method, which will cost you an extra $10.

However, the method does not apply to all the orders from the company. The company sometimes offers free shipping to people based in Mexico and Canada but only on a particular product. The delivery time is between 2 to 3 weeks for customers to receive their orders.

Q. What is the return policy of Mystery Tackle Box?

Unfortunately, the company does not have a return policy for well-known reasons. Therefore, customers cannot request the exchange or return their packages to the store for all their monthly subscription plans at all costs. But you can change the subscription package content or stop the subscription plan anytime. You only need to follow the relevant procedure and then, when done, notify the support team through email or the contact form on their website.


From our experience and customer feedback, Mystery Tackle Box is a beast for all fishing needs. The company is worth the cost though they offer a monthly subscription plan; the box contains random items perfect for the preferred fishing. From limited edition to the typical boxes, the Mystery Tackle Box is a fine investment because it serves both the pro and newbies in the field.

We have heard our experience from the brand's history to the monthly subscription plans, and from the customer rating, we are thrilled to recommend this brand because of its flexibility. Grab one box for the next fishing trip featuring unique gear.

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