Wantable Clothing Review: Personalized Styling Delivered Monthly for Men & Women

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Are you longing to get trendy, personalized, new clothes delivered to your doorstep monthly? Try out the Wantable clothing subscription box for styling, versatility, and an impressive experience. Here is what you need to know.

In the fashion industry, there is an increased demand for personalized brands. For this reason, you are now witnessing this rise in personal-style companies and sites online. These firms are taking the market by storm and growing their reach and popularity. One of the brands that is worth giving attention to is Wantable.

This company allows customers to create their preferences or what they want in their wardrobe. If all you want is to get new trendy clothes delivered to your door every month, then here comes a perfect alternative at your fingertip.

Read our review to the end and explore Wantable Clothing from the historical perspective to the best subscription packages, contacts, discounts, and testimonies; we will give our honest stand.

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Wantable Clothing Review

Wantable is a brand that deals with personal styling as well as a subscription that targets to serve women and men worldwide. Customers can access the most wantable clothing and fashion accessories delivered to their doorstep in the box. In the box, you get workout apparel as well as workwear. The company has experts that curate the box containing 7 handpicked pieces that complement your clothing style needs and unique fitting.

With extensive social media followers, Wantable has built a strong reputation, mainly because its aesthetic accessories feature seasonal trends that guarantee customer access to the relevant clothing collection. Read our Wantable clothing review and learn more about the history and development of the brand to the end. The company was founded in 2012 by Jalem M. Getz.

He had a mission to establish and promote fashion and accessories that consider the terms, wants, needs, and many other preferences that customers have in their hearts. The founder refers to this brand as the match for a product, which means he compares this firm to the unique matchmaking brands on the market. Wantable has its headquarters in Milwaukee, which is based in the US.

Their manufacturing facilities have employed over 140 experts in the field. The experts select the viable and most trendy or stylish wantable Clothing or accessories sourced from reputable designers like Melissa McCarthy, Hudson, Kensie, etc. Therefore, before going into the subscription box and how the company works, we have highlighted the pros and cons, which bring you a few tips to consider before committing yourself.

Wantable Clothing Pros:

Wantable Clothing Cons:

Why We Like Wantable Clothing

Besides the discounted pricing, favorable shipping, and return policy, there are many reasons to smile about Wantable Clothing. These ranged from the simple working or subscription procedure to the impressive packages. The company delivers subscription packages depending on your preference.

From the website, we can justify that the brand offers you a cost-effective, personalized, and straightforward subscription box containing trending and latest fashion wear. First, you must take the quiz on the website and determine the edit you wish to receive—these range from men's to women's active styles. From there, head to the stream, access all the latest arrivals in the collection, and select from the list what you want their active expert stylist to determine.

The order and collection in the edit are selected based on the unique description and requirements, where they charge you a styling fee of about $20, and it's free for the first order. Then, the customer has 5 days to try on the apparel in the box before committing to purchase. You can keep the apparel that amazes you while returning those that are not up to your satisfaction.

You can return and exchange the clothes at no cost. Keep all the 5 and above apparel gifts you offer for 20% off on that delivery. Based on our knowledge, currently, the brand offers four major edit subscription plans for you.: monthly, every 2 months, and every 3 months. Still, users can evade a subscription, which means you can go for the unboxed items separately.

Popular Wantable Edit packages:

Wantable Style Edit

This is one of the first surprises you will encounter on the website. Their quizzes are extensive to capture every detail, and this also features the frequency of your purchase targeting the business, date night, casual, or trendy. The feel to select ranges from casual chic, rock, Boho, classic, and glam. Regardless of the choice in the above category, the experts ensure they curate the edit box that meets all your needs and outfit requirements.

The women's style edit features 7 apparel selected by professionals and stylists, then handpicked to ensure they fall within your unique preference in fashion. You will have access to the jewelry, Clothing, and accessories alongside the advice and tips recommended by the stylist for personal use. These items are ready to flatter the body, making customers feel confident even in the crowd.

Wantable Active Edit

Regarding the wantable women's active edit, the process was simple, direct, and impressive. From the scale, customers can easily rate the items' preferences, including the products and apparel to be included in the subscription box. These include sports bras as intimates, etc. From The information, you can also proceed to rate the frequency of the subscription delivery, which depends on the daily activities.

For this reason, the term athleisure was derived from activewear for many reasons. Therefore, through the women's active edit, the box contains numerous items in different assortments, from leggings to socks, varying from bright to muted shades. The choice depends solely on you. From Instagram, these curated outfits are perfect for fashion.

Wantable Men’s Active Edit

In these packages, men have access to trendy and performing loungewear. The company promises to deliver high-quality activewear featuring the latest styles and more demanded fashion. There are many impressive things here about the men's activewear edit and, first of all, the apparel variations. These collections range from couch cozies to sports gear.

The activewear is also available in sizes from small to XXL and is ready to fuel your look and feel, hence max confidence with the option to try out the latest trends on the market. If you do not like shopping, you are sorted with active supplies with the Wantable firm, which they deliver to your doorstep. You can save on time wasted on shopping at the mall.

As a man, you can activate this edit to give you access to all the latest new designs and styles every month. While writing this review, the company also gave you the perfect summer style, ranging from sunup to sundown for all seasons. And besides what we have just covered, Wantabale has also introduced many other edits.

These include the sleep and body edit containing the drawer lingerie and sleepwear subscription, while Themed Edit features 7-a-kind and limited-time collections that follow a unique theme. You can request an item to include in your edit box during the delivery through the stream section. For the pricing, kindly refer to their website for the latest updates and gift wantable packages.

Customer Review

This Wantable clothing review also wanted to understand if the previous customers have had impactful experiences before making a decision. Hence, we were forced to go the extra mile and research the testimonies from external sites.

As a starting point, we have SiteJabber and Trustpilot. Sitejabber features 37 reviews, which give this company 2.61 stars, and some external reviews indicate that some customers are satisfied. Moving to Trustpilot, there are 881 reviews, which give this brand a 4.8 stars rating. You have an excellent reputation here, as 87% of customers highly recommend you. One client complimented:-

"Excellent choices for styling with high-quality items." I enjoy adding attire to my closet that I would never choose for myself. Feeling and looking beautiful when you're not in your usual comfy zone is fantastic!"

There are other multiple impressive reviews from sites like Brittandwhit where the author focuses on how this package works and gives personal experience. Crazy Together also features a detailed review but highlights the comparison between Wntable edits and Stitch Fix. Though two are impressive, Wantabale still outsmarts many aspects. There is Leahingram, where we explored an honest Wantable edit review from brand history, their collection, and alternative firms on the market.

For more reviews and testimonials, refer to the Imperfect Homemaker, My Subscription Addiction, and Byrdie. Though it also compares Wantable and Stitch, the author recommends Wantable for its styles and extensive collection. The Every Girl website also gives you Wantable as an alternative plan to upgrade your wardrobe, but From Pennies To Plenty seeks to evaluate if the brand is worth investment, which looks at the company collection to visit the stream. Clotheup sums up everything, and the author compares the pros and cons of Wantable from aspects such as pricing and styling to arrive at a massive recommendation.

Generally, we are also here to conclude that though the reviews are mixed, on a scale, more satisfied customers recommend the package than negative feedback.

Where to Buy Wantable Clothing

Wantable Clothing is a unique brand that you should be struggling to get access to their apparel. And if everything we have covered in the above section impresses you, consider making the next move. As a reminder, Wantable Clothing is subscription-based, and the company justifies offering free delivery to your doorstep.

Hence, signing up for this is as simple as ABC. Navigate to their official website, wantabale.com, and then proceed by selecting the edit you wish to start with. Immediately you select the edit, you will be required to select the quiz based on your gender, then redirect you to the signup section and make sure you enter the relevant information. Use a memorable password or use an active email account.

Then, it finishes with a quiz detailing the preferred styles and body types. When you are done with the payment information, it is time to select the subscription plan now and wait to deliver your Wantable Clothing package.

Does Wantable Clothing sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Wantable Clothing stores on Amazon.

Is Wantable Clothing Worth It?

For this section, we will be more transparent and straightforward. First, the brand offers a subscription-based clothing package delivered at no extra cost to your doorstep. Amazing! Looking at the customer ratings online, numerous clients are satisfied and gave it 5-star ratings. The Wantable Clothing subscription box is hype.

However, few clients highlight the quality, customer support team, and return policy as the challenges they have faced while hopping from this site. Disregarding that, the support team responded to all the concerns and handles, adjusted the challenges raised, and got their customers maximum satisfaction. Besides the subscription packages, customers can also order a single Wantable Clothing or apparel from the website.

We recommend not ordering those unboxed apparel unless you are sure they are part of the Wantable Clothing line sourced from popular brands. As far as the pricing is concerned, the Wantable Clothing plan comes at an affordable price. On top of that, there are numerous promotions and discounts to help you save on the budget.

If you are searching for the wantable, latest, and trendy clothes always delivered to you every month, Wantable Clothing might be your perfect partner today. If you do not love their items, the company gives you an option to return them, which is exclusively accessible.

Still, you can cancel the subscription plan anytime without penalty for that action. Well, different people have different experiences with the Wantable firm. It is worth checking out Wantable Clothing and consistently upgrading the wardrobe to get the real deal.

Wantable Clothing Discounts

Throughout the Wantable Clothing review, we also paid much attention to the discounts on their website and from affiliate sites. The results were terrific and precisely tailored to help you save on investment. Among the deals is that the more pieces you purchase, the more you save, up to 20% of the final total. There are also influencer and affiliate programs that you can join or partner with the site to make some cash.

The company gives you the option to try on the apparel before purchasing. Follow up on their career vacancies as well. For new customers, when you sign up for the site, Wantable company guarantees you $25 off, but this can only cover the styling fee on the first subscription box.

Though We could not locate any promo code, we hope they will be available shortly. Keep checking or subscribe to the newsletter and get access to the updates, giveaways, lucrative deals, and many more tips or gifts.

Wantable Clothing Contact

If you still have a question we have not addressed in our Wantable clothing review, then that is not the end; we have also gone beyond to present you with multiple methods to contact the Wantable company. To get more information about the subscription plan or the company, you can call the support team using their active tag at 1-855-926-8225.

Still, our review also noted that customers can access the support team by sending them an email addressed to hello@wantable.com. Their service hours are much more flexible, from Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm CT time zone. In addition to the above approaches, if you are a social media enthusiast, you can contact the team or engage with the support team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Q. Can I cancel my wantable subscription plan anytime?

Well, Wantabale allows customers to change their delivery frequency or plan. You have to follow simple steps, for instance, changing from the ongoing to every 3-month plan. From the plan page, head to the order frequency menu, tap on the pencil-shaped icon and then proceed to select the preferred frequency. However, to cancel the active wantable subscription plan, you must change the automatic shipment policy, which is also simple.

Still, on the plan page, please navigate to the order frequency, and on the pencil-shaped icon, click it and proceed with the cancel option on the automatic shipments. Then, you can follow the screen prompts while you update the account settings and finalize by tapping Place Order whenever you want it delivered. If you want to cancel the subscription permanently, call the support team or email them because canceling the order or changing the frequency doesn't permanently cancel the monthly subscription plan.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Wantable brand?

The shipping policy section clearly shows that the wantable shipping service is always free, which also covers the return. Immediately you place the order, the brand takes 7 to 12 working days to process, pack, and ship your items to your doorstep. While in transit, the orders are estimated to take 1 to 17 working days to arrive at the destination or your door.

Currently, the company offers shipping to all the territories situated in the US. These also covered Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. They also offer delivery to the DPO, AFO, and APO addresses. However, the company doesn't have an international shipping service, but we hope they are working to extend the coverage.

Q. What is the return policy of a Wantable company?

Wantable has an impressive return policy, which is extremely simple. Once you get the order, the customer has up to 5 days to justify or try the clothes. In the edit package, there are 7 pieces. You can try these pieces alongside other unique items in the ideal closet before deciding to return them, send back the delivery, or keep them. If you need to exchange or return the order, then the return is exclusively free. But, customers have to meet the minimum return policy and deadlines.

For the complete order, you will be charged. Therefore, for these pieces to meet the requirements for return and exchange, they must be in original condition, contain tags, and be unworn, not damaged. If the items are unboxed, most are regarded as the final sale. For those that are not eligible for the exchange but are done within 60 days and are unworn, with tags, and do not feature any damages.


Wantable is an ideal styling service that focuses on subscription clothing packages. If you want to feel refreshed with trendy, fashionable designs, try the wantable Clothing for the perfect shopping experience and impressive shipping.

In the rearview, we have covered the brand in detail, what they have for you in their subscription packages, the lucrative deals, how it works, and most importantly, the customer feedback. Most people are delighted with the monthly subscription featuring unique and latest fashion styling, especially for you. Upgrade your wardrobe with the wantable Clothing today and enjoy multiple offers through a fun ordering experience.

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