Watch Gang Review: Is It Worth the Subscription?

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An elegant man always needs a high-quality watch. Whether you're using it to pair with an outfit or for a collection, Watch Gang is worth to try.

Everyone wants to know what the times say at any time they want. There are simple wristwatches that tell you the time without adding class to your outfit. However, most people are concerned about wearing stylish watches so their outfits will be complemented. Some even go as far as gathering different watches with different styles to increase their collection so that they don’t run out of fashion.

The main problem of getting the right brand for your watches is quite broad. You might get a quality brand but very expensive and may not have numerous styles of the kind of watches you want. Some are less expensive but are very far from quality or fashion trends. The best is to look for the ones that are affordable with high quality blended with modern fashion trends.

Watch Gang is a brand that is based on a subscription box that offers watches to complement your outfit and enable you to know what the time is saying always. If you have difficulty going about with this brand, then you can read this review to get the necessary information about this brand and to help you know if the brand is legit or not.

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Watch Gang Review

Watch Gang is a subscription-based brand that offers watches in boxes to increase your collection, compliment your outfit, and help you know the time stylishly. They offer high-quality watches even at affordable prices. Despite their little presence on social media platforms, they have been recognized and featured in so many international publications such as Ask Men, BuzzFeed, Esquire, Men’s Health, etc. Checking on what you can find in that box, you will agree with me that the brand offers luxury.

The brand Watch Gang was founded by Matthew Gallagher in 2016, with the mission of making sure people increase their collection. The brand has its head office located in Los Angeles. They offer a subscription of different kinds and offer international delivery to several countries.

This review will take a dive at the customer review and rating, the pros and cons when you use the brand, the reason why we like using this brand, how to contact the brand for more information that you cannot find in this review, the promos, discounts, how to go about with their subscription box, etc.

Watch Gang Pros

Watch Gang Cons

Why We Like Watch Gang

The brand works by offering subscription boxes to its customers. This box is always a surprise. You are not meant to know what kind of watches you will be expecting. They are usually less expensive when you compare the worth of the watches to their actual market price. Looking for luxury that is cheap? You should be shopping already.

Customer Review

This review took quality time to evaluate what customers think about the brand. The brand does not operate like the usual pick-and-buy kind of purchase. They deal with giving out surprise watches after you must have taken some survey to know your interest. As a result of this, this review was very intentional when carrying out an analysis of what customers are thinking and saying about the brand. It is fair to say the review was expecting some negative outcome.

However, it was the opposite. This brand has a very high positive review as a result of the series of praises gotten from their customers. Some customers insisted the brand was just a trial to them but they found out it was a very good concept which has led to them having a wide collection of beautiful watches.

I made use of the Watch Gang website to know what customers are saying about this brand. It has a very brilliant customer review. Most customers remarked that the brand allows you to get watches that are luxurious even at a cheaper price. The subscription box kind of purchase makes the brand more unique.

I was shocked to see such quality watches in my subscription box, I have a very wide collection of watches now. My outfit is always unique now, all thanks to Watch Gang.

Sign Up for Watch Gang

If you plan to patronize this brand, then you should sign up for their subscription box

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Is Watch Gang Worth It?

In giving out our verdict on this brand, we are going to be very honest with our choice. The brand has been able to introduce a new concept of buying watches through subscription boxes and to make it all unique, it is a surprise box. This has led to the brand having a lot of positive reviews. The brand is worth a trial. If you are looking at getting a wide collection of watches this is your best plug. Despite they don’t offer returns because of a surprise purchase concept, we will still recommend this brand.

Watch Gang Discounts

You can enjoy a few discounts when you buy from this brand

Watch Gang Contact

For more information and inquiry, contact the brand through the following ways


Q. What is the return policy of Watch Gang?

The brand deals in a surprise package kind of subscription, this is why the brand does not offer any kind of return or exchange policy. Even if you do not like your watch you can not ask for a refund or exchange. However, if your watch is damaged at the time of delivery, you can reach out to the brand for help on how to get a replacement.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Watch Gang?

The brand has a policy of shipping all of its subscription boxes on the 16th of every month. If you ship within the US, expect your shipment to arrive within 5 to 7 working days for a flat rate of $9. Canada shipping goes for $14, UK delivery goes for $19, and the rest goes for $34. there is a stipulated time for delivery aside from the 16th of each month. These shipping costs respectively do on include extra duties. You can still pay for customs duties depending on your country’s shipping policy.

Q. Can I cancel my Watch Gang subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can send an email to their customer support team for further assistance. You can reach out to live chat too. You should make sure you cancel your subscription before the 8th of every month else that month's box will be delivered. They don’t offer refunds for prepaid subscriptions, instead, they will transfer them to the members store for you as points.


Signing up for Watch Gang simply means you are already adding more watches to your collection. Despite the work on surprise watch boxes for their subscription, you will have to take a survey when signing up so they will know the kind of watch fashion you love. This brand is concerned about giving you luxury even at a reduced amount. This review will help you make a decision.

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