Vivobarefoot Shoes Review: Are They Really the Best Barefoot Shoes?

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If you’ve been feeling pain in your foot or back, you may need to reconsider your footwear. Viviabearfoot shoes allow your feet to function better and your posture upright.

If you’ve worn a range of orthotics and supportive shoes, you may realize that they are not always as comfortable as you’d want. You may find yourself having issues with tendonitis even after your podiatrist recommended them to you. But have you thought of trying out minimalist shoes? Many have said that they’ve helped their feet function better and become more stable.

Vivobarefoot is a brand that focuses on barefoot or minimalist shoes that are sustainable with little to no environmental impact. It makes shoes for women, men, and kids that help their feet to have a better connection with the ground they walk on. This review aims to look closely into what Vivobarefoot shoes offer, what people think, and more.

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Vivobarefoot Shoes Review

Vivobarefoot is a foot-friendly company established in 2012 whose focus is to produce barefoot shoes. Its founders are Galahad and Asher Clark who are seventh-generation cobblers. It manufactures eco-friendly shoes that are thin, wide, and flexible which is almost like barefoot. Minimalist shoes allow you to naturally connect with the ground better while promoting your feet’s natural movement and strength.

Vivobarefoot is a certified B-Corp company since 2020 meaning it produces nature and human friendly footwear. The footwear is made using as little material as can be to minimize the consumption of natural resources. The company uses regenerative components from natural, bio, and recycled materials that promote sustainability. Read on to know the good and the bad of the Vivobarefoot brand.

Vivobarefoot Shoes Pros

Vivobarefoot Shoes Cons

Why We Like Vivobarefoot Shoes

They promote stronger legs and feet

Naturally, our feet have all they need to move which is why shoes should be as minimalist as can be. It's proven that walking barefoot regenerates your legs and feet muscles since the shoes don’t have extra cushioning or arch support. Your feet will therefore naturally absorb shocks and you’ll be more comfortable when walking, standing, or running.

Shoes with arch support and cushioning tend to weaken bones and tissues resulting in discomfort and pain. Stronger and better-functioning feet have a myriad of positive effects on our bodies. Pain in your foot can be debilitating if not checked, therefore, ditch conventional footwear and go minimalist with Vivobarefoot shoes.

They provide better posture and balance

Your body’s posture and health are also affected by what you wear on your feet. It's advised that wearing zero-drop, flexible, and lightweight shoes promotes your well-being. Modern shoes mostly have a heel-to-toe design that does not naturally align your body. This makes movement painful, weakens your calf muscles, and shortens your range of motion.

Barefoot shoes allow you to be naturally upright and you will notice improvements in your back, hip, and knee health. Consider wearing minimalist shoes if you find your back is hurting or have problems staying in an erect posture.

They provide more space for your feet and toes

Often you may find your feet feeling crushed and uncomfortable when you wear conventional shoes. This is because your toes are not thriving or staying in good shape because the shoes don’t have enough room for them.

Minimalist shoes, however, mirror your feet's natural shape and provide a wider toe box. This will lower the misalignment and pain caused by restricted footwear. Your toes need enough room to play for your body to function and posture to be better. They function naturally with ease stabilizing your body.

Customer Review

Currently, Vivobarefoot’s website doesn't display reviews, but there are many other places to get customer feedback. Among them is Trust Pilot, with 73% of the reviews showing that Vivabarefoot is an excellent brand. Some have hailed the brand’s customer service, while others love the shoes so much that they had to buy more pairs. While the ratings are high on one site, they can differ on others. Such is the case in Amazon.

The bigger crowd loves them, but a good number have issues like bad sizing, while others say it's not minimalist enough. All in all, the masses love it, and it can never be perfect for everyone.

“I have four pairs of Vivos, they are so comfortable that I can walk for ages without feeling the usual pains on my foot. It has been two years since I got my first Vivos, and I haven’t looked back.”

Where to Buy Vivibarefoot Shoes

You can directly buy Vivobarefoot shoes from the brand’s website as well as enjoy discounts and promos.

You can also use the store locator on the company’s website to know the physical stores near you or through other e-commerce sites such as;

Is Vivobearfoot Worth It?

If the shoes help to alleviate pain in your feet while providing comfort, we say yes. The shoes are also made from sustainable materials, with some classified as vegan. This means the company is trying to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Otherwise, the shoes are a great fit for many, including children and the older generation.

From the customer reviews, many love them and have also attested that their feet are relieved of the pains. With the heavy padding and reduced foot space on conventional shoes, foot pain will most likely occur. Despite the brand’s shoe prices being on the higher side, you can never go wrong with Vivobearfoot shoes.

Vivobearfoot Discount

The brand provides various discounts to its clients which among them include:

Viviabarefoot Contact

If you need more information on Viviabarefoot, you can contact customer care through the following contact details:


Q. What are the sizes of shoes at Vivobearfoot?

The brand has in stock shoes of different sizes and ages for men, women, and children. Shoe sizes start from UK size 6 to 14 for men and size 3 to 9 for women. Juniors, kids, and toddlers have various sizes, from small to big, so you won’t lack one for kids. You can check with the Vivobearfoot sizing guide on its website to know which is best for you.

Q. What is Vivobearfoot’s shipping policy?

All orders that are above $120 get free shipping to all of the US, and the shipping period is between 12-14 working days. For faster delivery, you can have the shipment sent to you within 2-4 working days at an extra cost. Vivobearfoot does deliver consignments to PO Boxes. Fulfillment to places like the EU and UK is subject to duties and taxes of the designated country.

Q. Can I cancel or change my order?

Currently, Vivobearfoot does not allow order exchanges. You’ll need to go through the return process from the original order you made. You can also return the items within 100 days at no extra charge but is limited to certain countries.


Choosing better footwear may seem like a small change, but in the long run, brings about great results. They are cool to wear, naturally support your posture, and promote your overall health. When your foot is unnecessarily supported by an arch, the muscles and tissues weaken. Get a shoe that will keep you healthy and vibrant throughout your day.

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