Rothys Shoes Review: Is It Really Sustainable, Comfortable, And Worth The Investment?

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Are Rothys shoes machine washable and ideal for any traveling occasion? Please find out more in our honest Rothys shoes review article and learn more tips for best-selling footwear.

There are many popular footwear brands on the market today. These include Birdies shoes and Rothyls shoes. These two brands look alike, but in most cases, Rothys tends to pop up on most social media. This might be for a reason. In comparison, you might have been purchasing from a famous footwear brand with lightweight designs, sustainable as well as machine washable shoes.

Before making the final decision, there are many things you need to have at your fingertip. Therefore, in this review, we will present you with the full rundown of the Rothys shoes and everything they offer in summary. Though the brand claims to make their footwear from plastic water bottles making them machine washable, we need to find out and justify through the customer testimonials online.

We also want to see if this brand is hype, offers comfortable shoes, etc. Read our honest Rothys shoes review and make the right choice here. We will explore the brand history, best-selling products, and pros and cons, then summarize the conclusion after evaluating if the brand is worth the money.

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Rothys Shoes Review

Rothys is becoming the best online, and many people are paying attention. It is endorsed by many reputable people and celebs such as Meghan Markle, Jessica Biel etc., who have been spotted wearing the Rothys shoes. Though trendy worldwide, the brand is based in San Francisco and focuses on designing and selling casual shoes for women and kids in the collection.

Therefore, we are here to guide you if you consider getting the Rothys shoe pair. This is because the footwear market is currently oversaturated with many companies, which makes selecting the right one challenging. The brand boasts that they understand the needs of modern kids and ladies; hence they are working to meet their expectations.

This is among the few companies blending the wherewithal of comfort and practicality. They even include fashion and style under one footwear brand. However, Rothys emphasizes mainly the style with comfort. At the same time, they are working hard to guarantee you and other customers a sustainable environment when considering ethical practices throughout the manufacturing and selling process.

Although most of the current ecological state needs sustainable company practices, the firm understands everything. Rothys has worked hard to ensure that its products meet all aspects, from actual production to material durability. Therefore, you will only purchase durable, long-lasting, high-quality footwear in the collection.

The appearance and feel of these shoes is overwhelming. Most people have praised it as fitting true to size. Rothys has become a favorite footwear brand. Therefore, before jumping to the best selling, let us cover the pros and cons you need to expect from the Rothys shoes.

Pete and Pedro Pros:

Pete and Pedro Cons:

Why We Like Rothys Shoes

Rothys is a company focused on the design and selling of sustainable footwear. The brand relies on eco-friendly materials through its impressive manufacturing process. Many reasons highlight these Rothys Shoes as worth the money. These range from not just durability but also perfect style and comfort. The signatures are designed with repurposed single-use plastic water bottles.

In contrast, their stable boards are designed with bio-based algae. Going deeper, the insoles feature bio-based castor oil as well as numerous recycled materials. Their merino wool is humanely harvested and sourced from Australia. In Italy, they are handcrafted, making them sustainable. Their soles are eco-friendly as well because while they are mostly made of carbon-free, others contain luxe vegan leather.

Above everything, the firm ensures stringent sustainability guidelines in the workshop. Some people have raised a question about comfortability, and we are here to confirm that, from the customer feedback, the footwears are extraordinarily comfortable and last longer. Hence, you can wear them regardless of the long walk, vacation, or even at work without discomfort.

To some people, these shoes mold to fit in the shape of the foot due to the nature of their materials. However, Rothys Shoes are not waterproof. It causes concerns to some users as the company insists that their shoes are machine washable. The shoes are delivered with clear washing instructions, and you have to leave them to air dry, which retains their integrity as well as shape. Keep checking.

They might launch waterproof pairs. Otherwise, these shoes are made with the compactness aspects in mind and guarantee a barefoot feeling. However, it does not feature arch support because of its design. Rothys Shoes are easily accessible for men and kids, and women focused on sustainable fashion, if not the impressive customer experience. The shoes are zero waste but are designed to wear along with the streetwear and are ideal for cottage, dinner dates, and numerous exercise errands.

The Best-Selling Rothys Shoes

This is the time to present some of our favorite picks and trending designs. These include flats and go on to loafers.

The first one here is Rothys Flats. Searching online about the brand footwear, flats must feature. Most online customers have praised these flats as they are designed to target their comfort and needs. The design is impressive. The shoes come with a casual modern appearance and fit true to size. They Are available in stores to select from multiple shades or patterns.

There is always something for you in store without hard pressing something. They are all machine washable, featuring Merino wool as a material. Rothys Flats are perfect for any occasion regardless of the customer dressing them down or up.

Second, on the list is Rothys Sneakers. These sneakers come in a unique design for any sneaker enthusiast. With their casual slip-on, they almost resemble numerous famous skate or athletic footwear forms, especially with the white rubber sole. These sneakers guarantee your feet additional padding while walking. Thus, they are heftier compared to the typical loafer and flats. They also feature the least give targeting to accommodate, and we recommend going at least up half size when you have wide feet.

The last on our list comes Rothys Loafers. These loafers are the same as the flats, regarding the information on their website. These are the brand Meghan Markle options recommended for running errands. The only difference between the Flats and Loafers is that loafers come with extra arch support with the high vamp located at the top of the foot. The loafers gain a stylish touch in their backyard with these vamp designs. Some people have even confused them as being too comfortable for the exercise. They are fresh and machine washable.

The list is long, but we have given general information. You at least now have a point to start. Rothys has something for you in the footwear store, regardless of the occasion.

Customer Review

The Rothys Shoes review would not be complete without online customer reviews. This is one of the features in our review guidelines to give you the highlights of the views and experiences of the customers. It is a guiding principle for you to make a decision.

First of all, we will head to The Atlas Heart, and here, this blog's author wanted to know if these footwears are worth the money. From a quick look at the brand, the editor gives us real experience shopping and wearing shoes. From the pros and cons, the author still insists that the company deserves credit for its comfort, durability and sustainability goals. But on the Whimsy Soul, the site focuses on the pros and cons and in the long run, the footwear is impressive for travelers and any occasion.

Still, The Advisor Coact features detailed information on the company, an extensive collection of footwear and compliments from friends while using these shoes. Though the author was skeptical, he loved that they are machine washable and last longer. here:-

"I felt skeptical at first. However, I tried on her pair, fell in love with them, and grabbed some for myself." They're really cosy and long-lasting. Furthermore, you may wash them in the washing machine. I wash mine once weekly, yet they still look brand new."

On Jess Keys, there is also a one-of-a-kind review, but now that comes with a different approach on the pairs, everything you need to know, including sizing. The blog highlights many reasons to love Rothys Shoes and accessories. Infact, Things Testing has a rating of 3.84 stars perfect and is ranked with 61 reviews. Lately, most people are in love with the brand. The same case applies to the Insider. The brand is sustainable and relies on recycled materials,  and this point alone makes authors praise the brand to date.

The other reviews are found on The Quality Edit, where the author ranks it as the latest go-to brand for men's sustainable shoes made from recycled water bottles. The next up site to check in your free time is the Qui In France, which reviews the flats, while  Barking Dog Shoes evaluates the sizing and if the shoes fit true to size. Functionality and design make many customers leave impressive comments on the blog.

Rothys Shoes are the no-brainer footwear. The brand is sustainable and offers durable shoes which keep customers comfortable. With a vast collection, many people online side with the firm.

Where to Buy Rothys Shoes

While Rothys has become popular among many, the company still focuses on servicing customers through online sales. To try these shoes, you must first consider visiting their online store at You will have all the styles and a full lineup of the shoes. But again, these guys have physical stores or shops which you can visit and make the purchase.

At the moment, we only spotted a few of the shops found in Washington DC, NYC, Texas, CA, Boston, as well as San Francisco in the US. Therefore, if you opt for the in-person purchase, and live around the region, make time for a visit. But remember that this store does not trade in cash; you can pay through credit and debit cards alone.

Does Rothys Shoes sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Rothys Shoes stores on Amazon.

Is Rothys Shoes Worth It?

We are happy to recommend this Rothys Shoes. This is not because of the extensive collection of shoes featuring different styles and trends but because it has multiple positive customer ratings. Our experience shopping from these guys was amazingly worth crediting them. Ethical practices and giving back to society are other things worth mentioning. In fact, Rothys Shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles, making the brand sustainable.

And They guarantee that their footwear designs are made with durable, high-quality materials to serve customers as long as they need them. Though people have complained of the steep pricing and the shipping duration, which was taking long, comparing this with a positive review, we still credit the firm.

If not, when searching for averagely sustainable footwear with numerous styles with machine washable features, try out Rothys Shoes and harvest your investment as you age. The return policy is perfect; customer reviews, the extensive collection, and the impressive quality and styles. These Rothys Shoes are worth the investment.

Rothys Shoes Discounts

There are many ways a customer can save while purchasing Rothys Shoes. The impressive part is that the company gives you free shipping as well as free return. There are also discounted prices on trending products. There are bulk order offers and gift card offers, and you can even sign up for the newsletter for the latest updates from the site. Besides discount programs on the site, you can also become an affiliate to earn more passive income.

Still, you can refer your friend, and for one successful referral, you give $20 while you receive $20 in your account for the next purchase. Eligible teachers get a personalized promo code to unlock the discounts of 20% off. Follow them for more.

Rothys Shoes Contact

For clarification, pending queries, and other concerns, you should still contact the Rothys technical support team. If something is not clear or you want more explanation, then feel free to contact the company. Infact, the review got many methods to connect with the team. This ranges from the phone call through 877-201-0837 to the MS services through +1-415-212-7404. If the above is not efficient on your side, message the team at

And if you want to contact their physical stores, access their services from email in Boston through and San Francisco through When you are based in Washington, DC, write them through We also encourage you to follow their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok handles for more updates and concerns about the brand.


Q. What materials are Rothys footwear made with?

The material used to make every piece of footwear depends on the style of shoes you select. But generally, most of this footwear is designed with single-use plastic water bottles that are recycled into flakes and pellets. After that are made to spool threads, dyed then 3D knit to design the shoes; the other materials used in designing other footwear styles include vegan leather, merino wool, etc. The signature material here is the soft knit obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

Q. Where is the Rothys Shoes manufacturing plant situated?

The above review shows that though these shoes are made in Dongguan, China, they are all designed in San Francisco. Navigate through their website and learn more about their manufacturing process.

Q. Can I wash Rothys Shoes with the machine?

Rothys Shoes are designed to be machine washable. You can place them in the washing machine but under a delicate cycle and remove insoles t after which let them air dry.

Q. Where is the name Rothys coming from?

The co-founders of the brand coined the name. That is Roth Martin alongside the friend Stephen Hawthornthwaite who is nicknamed Hawthy. These guys use Roth as well as Hawthy to come up with the Rothys.

Q. Do Rothys Shoes fit true to size?

The brand mentions that its shoes are designed to fit true to size right from the box. Customers do not need a break in periods. Although these shoes might fit tight out of the box, they tend to remain that way. Hence, the company recommends purchasing half-sizing when you have a wider foot. This is because they never offered the wide feet option in the collection.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Rothys company?

On their website, Rothys clarify that they have free shipping services. If you are within the US, such an option takes about 5 to 9 working days to arrive at the destination. Still, they have much faster shipping services.

For instance, their UPS expedited option takes about 2 to 3 working days to deliver, while UPS Express takes 1 to 2 working days, costing you $25 and $35 shipping charges, respectively. However, those international orders take between 5 to 10 working days. International shipping does not include expedited or express as alternative faster delivery services.

Q. What is the return policy of Roths?

The company understands customers' challenges while trying to order footwear online. Though, the brand now compensates the customer through their favorite return policy. If you are not thrilled with the Rothys shoes, you can return them to the official store. Rothys accepts the returns of the shoes for a refund or exchange on condition; the shoes must be in their original state and unworn.

All customers have 30 days as a return window. You have enough time to try the shoes in a clean, confined home. For customers based in the US, the return options for you to use are the Happy Return bar, Rothys San Francisco store, or even through the mail. Thus, restoring your sleep determines the processing period of your return.


From the above Rothys Shoes review, we have been impressed with these machine washable footwear made with sustainable materials, comfortable, and lasting longer. If you have been searching for quality, comfortable and trendy flats, here comes the Rothys brand with an extensive footwear collection. Many cheerful customer reviews praise these shoes' versatility, comfort, and numerous styles. Make this eco-friendly brand your partner; they are worth it and never hurt your planet.

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