Bally Shoes Review: *Pros and Cons* Are They Worth the Price?

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Does Bally brand offer the luxury and durable footwear that is worth the price tag? Please keep reading and find out more about this footwear brand. Learn from the experts and make an informed decision.

In your world of fashion, many accessories hold different reputations. On top of the clothing fashion, you also need matching and luxury footwear. When selecting the footwear brand, there are many things you need to keep in mind. Among them are the quality, the collection, durability, and the prestige. Indeed, when discussing luxury footwear, Bally is an ideal place to shop for luxury shoes.

Therefore, this review intends to determine if this company is worth the investment. Through the experience and coupled with the customer testimonies, we will explore the brand from the overview through the best sellers, customer ratings, discounts, contacts, and FAQ and then give our honest verdict. Please read our Bally Shoes review to the end and take the first step to upgrading your footwear collection.

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Bally Shoes Review

Bally is a fashion brand that claims to be unique from other companies on the market. The brand offers access to durable and reputable luxury clothing, shoes, and accessories targeting men and women. These shoes and accessories are made considering the creativity, trend, and longevity the customer anticipates.

This company has partnered with famous creative talents from around the world, including Bernard Villemot, as the commissioning French illustrator, to design impressive posters to advertise around the world. The company has also established a solid online reputation with a large audience on social media accounts who love the unique designs and luxury collections.

Though the brand's history might look surprising, we must believe in it, whether it is justice or not. The brand was founded in 1851 in Switzerland. The heritage of the craftsmanship highlighting the Bally championship was ideally the contemporary aesthetic. Carl Franz Bally founded the company as a family-owned ribbon factory. Later, it developed and transformed into something else, reading the global market.

Also, note that Bally is still honoring their traditional and timeless subscription, which values the belief that product quality speaks volumes in marketing. Therefore, this company has employed well-rounded and multi-generational artists who are today situated in Caslano, Switzerland.

These artists are meant to help handcraft the luxury collection, conditioning the care, consistency, and styles. The history is long, but to sum up everything, we have compressed the overview into the pros and cons. Here we go.

Bally Shoes Pros:

Bally Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Bally Shoes

Besides Bally giving you an extensive collection of footwear, clothes, and accessories, the company serves both men and women. Their collection has proven comfortable and trendy and matches any fashion outfit.

However, for today, we will only focus on the Bally shoes. And without wasting time, we will delve into the best-selling shoes under each category. Stay tuned to the end, and enjoy making the decision.

The Best-Selling Bally Women's Items

In this category, we will highlight the outstanding women's items. The company values simplicity in luxury fashion. Therefore, their collection of designs is never loud for a customer. Throughout the design, you are guaranteed the high-end items made with premium materials, and they never overshadow the outfit. These ranges form the Lassen to the Fashion Air Mark, Webb, and Asher Guard.

The first item on the list is the Bally Asher. This is a sneaker but unisex, featuring a flexible rubber cup sole as well as calf leather. It gets a perfect style through its impressive white low-top trainer. They come with the practical lace-up meant to help in fastening. In the midsole, the sneaker also features the retro-inspired flashes. They are durable and ideal for daily errands.

Second on the list comes Bally Guard. They are designed to help ladies encounter the harsh winter conditions. They match any contemporary style. These dark green snow boots with rubber-coated leather give you much-needed flexibility, durability, and comfort. Get extra comfort with a five-layer sole. Then, the interior fur lining helps keep your foot warm and cozy. Bally Webb is also a famous footwear.

However, it is made after the classic loafer style for men. These shoes are designed using unlined deer leather blended with brown grain to feature the penny slot detailing. The boots have a leather sole with injected rubber to get the additional grip. The shoes are fashionable, classic man clean cut to make your dark academic aesthetic a dream come true.

Besides the shoes, the company also has the best-selling accessories. Among them, the women's item is Bally Lassen. This is a sleek and sophisticated wallet on the market today. The French wallet uses black embossed leather and has a snap button closure, card slots, and a flat pocket inside. Still, it features the cardholder alongside the zipped coin purse. The wallet is convenient for carrying all the necessary items due to its careful craftsmanship.

Up next is the Bally Fashion Air Mask. This is one of the sustainable Bally accessories in the Outlook capsule collection. The mask has 5 layers to ensure the customer gets superior filter protection. There are also two exfoliation valves to make your breathing simple by reducing the moisture. Match with the memory foam node padding for extended wear to be comfortable.

The Best-Selling Bally Men's Items

The company, as stated, also serves men. In this category, we will only base on the customer's fab shoes and accessories. In the men's shoes, Bally prioritizes luxury blended with comfort. All these bestsellers are designed to last long enough and give you value for your money.

We will start with the Bally Bikki, striking but unisex sneakers. They have gold laminated as well as white leather, not forgetting the lace detailing. They are designed to give you a lightweight feel and the needed comfort. Because of their unique designs, they are ideal as the welcome sneaker collection. They are casual but, in reality, stylish and playful, and this is where modern meets the classic.

Second on the list is Bally Gadey. These boots are available in black shade and are designed using water-resistant rubber-coated leather and blended with the shearling fur lining. They come with the Vibram Arctic grip technology for maximum grip in snow or harsh weather. Most people have complimented their comfortable nature, sleek design, and stylish to meet your preference. They are perfect whether in the storm, sleet, or instead during snowy weather.

Then the third option on the bestseller is Bally Jaabir. They are keenly crafted sandals made using rubber soles and black calf leather. They are then embellished using the Bally stripe white and red detailing for the luxury pop while on the beach for a vacation. Though it looks casual, the sandals are intimidating with perfect matching and give you a strong presence.

The second last item on the list is Bally Sarkis. This is a backpack made with scratch-resistant and soft-coated canvas. They also have the Bally stripe as well as two zipped apartments. They also have a zipped front pocket with the rear trolley pass and adjustable shoulder straps. You can emit charisma by ordering this fashionable and functional backpack.

The last accessory for men is Bally Taylan. This belt is meant for men and comes with a reversible style and embossed woven leather. At the front, you'll see the silver-tone palladium metal buckle ready to make your outfit stylish. The Bally collection is extensive, but the above hints at where to start.

Customer Review

You are reading this Bally Shoes review because you want to try out these apparel but are unsure if they are worth the investment. The real reason and your decision depends on the customer's reputation and testimonies online. This is the time to dive into the details of the feedback.

Honestly, the company has gathered mixed ratings and testimonies online. Most of these reviews compliment the brand's extensive collection and high-quality or luxury footwear. Starting with Quora, there is a long thread evaluating whether these shoes are worth the hype. The testimonies are impressive. Moving on to the Trustpilot, we get a 2.1-star rating, and only 13% give the brand five stars out of the available 31 reviews.

If you navigate through Amazon  there is also a fantastic rating of 4 stars deduced from the 3 global ratings ibn the Bally Men's Kheper 31 Derby, Moka, 7.0 D. 50% of the ratings are five stars here which shows customers are satisfied with the purchase. The Extrabux also makes a comparison between the Bally and other competitors. The author appreciates Bally's Swiss value and dedication to serving customers with functional, comfortable, quality footwear.

On Zappos, there are also 2 reviews where customers rate the brand considering the style and comfort of the shoes. One of the customers had this to say;-

"These are probably the most cozy footwear I've ever put on, and I bought them to substitute an older one that I'd been putting on for the last two years." The footwear is composed of buttery leather and is incredibly long-lasting. People have asked me where I got them, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them."

Yelp features 18 reviews that average to the overall ratings of 3.5 stars. This also indicates a good satisfaction level. You can also look at the reviews on the Styleforum where the author delves into the quality of these Bally shoes in detail. The Shoes Snob still features few styles and clear images of the Bally Scribe-scotch Oxford. Summing up the list is the Ask Andy About Clothes website. From experience, the site gives a clear impression from different users.

Therefore, though Bally Shoes has received some negative ratings, there are few compared to the positive testimonies. That ignored, the brand has an extensive collection of luxury and timeless shoes for you.

Where to Buy Bally Shoes

Many outlets around the world sell Bally Shoes and other apparel. But for this case, we encourage you to order from their official website, You can grab a few of the lucrative deals from this site and access the extensive collection of footwear and other clothing accessories.

The site still features the store locator tool. If you capitalize on this with your zip code, you will see the nearest stores in your region. Otherwise, our research also indicates that the Bally Shoes are available in online retailers. The results showed that some of the retail stores selling these footwear are as follows:

Does V Bally Shoes sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Bally shoe stores on Amazon.

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Is Bally Shoes Worth It?

The question should be ringing whether the Bally Shoes are worth the investment. We can conclude from the above reviews and customer feedback that the brand is worth your penny. The online testimonies praise the brand, though there are a few drawbacks that the support team has attended to and resolved.

Bally Shoes Are popular because of the long-standing history of the company. If you couple this with their traditional craftsmanship, the company guarantees high-quality, luxury footwear that lasts longer. Compared to the high price tag, the quality is worth the investment. One of the worrying issues is the complaints raised about the response of the customer support team.

To ensure effective communication, this company needs to work on its technical team and find a way to respond to customers with a priority. Also, note that the issues raised concerns about the support services rather than the products. Otherwise, Bally Shoes has an extensive collection of footwear, clothing, and accessories that serve not only men but also women.

The company also provides lucrative deals with favorable shipping and return policies. Above everything, their products are easily accessible from around the world. There is no issue paying more for footwear that lasts longer with guaranteed comfort and quality as well as a luxury feeling. Bally Shoes are worth a treat if you want to upgrade your footwear game.

Bally Shoes Discounts

Bally Shoes, just like other fashion brands, also gives customers a few methods to save on their budget. In this review, we also wanted to explore the available discounts and offers. Thus, the results turned out with pleasing outcomes. As per the latest information, Bally offers free shipping and return, which applies to all orders.

There is no promo code we noted on their website. Besides that, some of the products on the website are sold with a warranty, though within a limited time frame. The company holds frequent fashion shows; there are numerous careers on the website for you. Sign up for the mailing lists today to stay updated with the latest deals, offers, giveaways, promotions, and special projects or events.

The Return Policy Of Bally Company

Bally has a favorite return policy, but it comes with conditions. The brand accepts store returns only when the returned items are from the same country or destination of delivery. Therefore, you have a 30-day return window to initiate the process from the date of purchase. Initiating the return process is very simple. You can start by contacting the company with the above-discovered methods.

That is, email or call them through their phone number. Or, equally, you can send a return request through the Model withdrawal form. From there, the support team will give you the TRTam and then proceed to facilitate the carrier to pick up the package. Ensure the items are repackaged in the original package and attach a completed form. Also, ensure you have attached the return label on top of the box. Immediately, Bally receives your parcel in their facility; they will be inspected before proceeding with the credit insurance of the money you paid.

For the company to approve your returned products, they must remain in the original condition, not used, and feature the labels in the box with tags where necessary. Though we have stated that the Bally return is free, it is only free when using the Bally Carriers. But when you return through other carriers, the customer is responsible for the extra return shipping costs.

Such expenses are not refundable. Currently, Bally does not offer an option to exchange a product from their online store. You can only return them in-store if you do not select the carrier pick-up from your destination and seek a full refund afterward.

Bally Shoes Contact

Through this Bally Shoes review, the article did not cover everything you wanted to know regarding the brand. In that case, we recommend that you contact the support team to get a clear clarification. Thus, we have searched for approaches where you can connect with the support team. Results indicate that customers can contact the team by completing the contact form on the website. Secondly, you can email them and send them through the address

On top of that, you can also give them a phone call. You can utilize the number +39 028721 4318 or 00800 1851 1851. The choice of the number depends on your concern as well as location. The Bally support team is also active through their social media accounts. Search and follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook page. Note that the above methods of communication are available for instant reply from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm


Q. Where are Bally Shoes made from?

This is vital; from the platform and multiple external review sites, the brand claims its footwear is designed in Switzerland. However, they sold most of the controlling stake from the JAB Holding Company to the Chinese material conglomerate. Some customers are concerned that this brand is hiding the fact that most of their items are designed in factories based in China.

Q. Do Bally Shoes fit true to size?

Looking at the customers' feedback, most people have highlighted that the Bally Shoes tend to run half size large. Therefore, always size it down when purchasing a perfect-fitting shoe. Women's sizes start from 3.5 to 12, while for the men's footwear, they start from 5 to 13.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Bally company?

First of all, Bally offers international shipping services. From Their website, customers can always select their location before ordering. These ranged from Bally Canada to the Bally Indonesia and Bally UK websites. They have a free standard delivery service applicable to all orders. However, the delivery time highly depends on the location.

Customers might take 3 to 6 working days to receive their package. But if your order is in transit, you can always channel your question to the brand for support. Also, note that the company sends you the confirmation as well as a tracking link to your email immediately after shipping. You can then use the code while tracking the order in transit till your destination. Sign in to the Bally website and trace the order status.


Bally is a long-standing fashion brand that designs shoes, clothes, and accessories. The company has built a strong reputation because of its long-lasting shoes, the finest, innovative, and created using high-quality materials. The Bally shoe collection is worth the price as the quality and customer testimonials justify the point.

In the above Bally shoes review, we have explored the brand in detail through the testimonies, their best-selling shoes for men and women, and many more. We confirm that these Bally shoes are comfortable, and many customers are delighted. Revolutionize your fashion and footwear collection with the Bally shoes today.

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