Taft Shoes Review: Exceptional Craftsmanship & Value Through Exclusive Deals

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Are you curious to elevate your shoe game to a new height through impressive craftsmanship? Then, please read our article and discover the magic of Taft Shoes when it comes to artisanal elegance. Epitomize luxury footwear and stride with confidence to make a statement. Find out more.

People are preparing to take their fashion to the next level and constantly adjust to trends. Thus, matching outfits and footwear is one of the goals for many people. However, few of the well-known firms blend the styles with craftsmanship when it comes to footwear designs.

With our Taft Shoes Review, we will explore the Company, find out what the Company offers customers, the best sellers, contact information, and lucrative deals, and also gauge whether Taft company is able to redefine your confidence and artisanal elegance.

Though the Company claims they have contemporary footwear design and blends innovation with epitomizing luxury, we need to go deep and learn from testimonies. Here is an overview of the Company first.

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Taft Shoes Review

Taft is a footwear brand that is taking over the market by storm not only because of its extensive collection but also because the firm focuses on high-quality footwear that blends functionality and fashion. This is because many customers today value style and quality. The company bases the designs around these aspects to attract the customer. 

Still, Taft has made their shoes more accessible and affordable through interest-free installment payment plans. You do not have to break the bank. In the collection aspect, Taft promises customers access to extensive styles, which start from boots to dress shoes as well as sneakers. They have shoes for any customer regardless of the occasion.

Taft, as a footwear company, was founded in 2013 by the duo Mallory Stevens and Kory. The founders are ideally a couple who were inspired by their love and dream of cutting-edge footwear designs. Thus, because of the superior products, they were inspired to establish this company and achieve their simple mission. Today, the brand aims to serve customers with high-quality and handcrafted footwear at an affordable price point.

While it was established as a small business where the duo behind were still working on the premises in Provo, Utah, they already had a significant demand on the market. Hence, because of high demand, their business flourished, grew, and developed, forcing them to relocate to a bigger space and match the production demands. The company also established a strong reputation online.

This was facilitated by their dedication to the stylish and unique footwear design. The unique patterns on this footwear actually work as their symbol, matching the company's color. In fact, this is due to the founder's experience after traveling around the globe.

The company is generally committed to craftsmanship and offering high-quality footwear on the market. Some of the materials the company utilizes are handcrafted by expert artisans based in Spain, such as the full-grain Italian leather. Because of its reputation, Taft ranks among the most impressive footwear brands in the USA region.

They have even gone beyond to feature the clothing as well as accessories in the collection. However, the mission remains to offer affordable and handcrafted shoes to customers. With all these said, we can now sum up by comparing the pros and cons of the Tafst shoes.

Taft Shoes Pros:

Taft Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Taft Shoes

Taft is well known for offering comfortable, versatile, and durable footwear. Taft Shoes come in unique design styles, and the company has every footwear for any occasion with the option to customize the order. These boots are handcrafted, and they are still warranted to be free of defects as well as quality for one year. The warranty is a simple expression for these guys based on their confidence, hence dependable shoe collection.

Regarding the aesthetic and design, the company has various options to select from. They have also established the name because of the trendsetting as well as unique shoes in the industry from Europe. To help you understand everything here, you need to consider the material quality as well. Taft Shoes are designed with high-end wool, suede, and leather, crafting footwear that guarantees lasting comfort.

There are also extensive collections of color variation, and regardless of the preferences, they have a pair to match your outfit as well as your style. The colors start from classic to more unique colors, though some contain multiple shades. The company also features a diverse range of styles, from boots to sneakers and dress shoes, with every category having a unique aesthetic.

Every choice is top-notch. The other important factors that Taft has put into consideration are comfort and fit. Most customers confirm that Taft Shoes fit true to size, but they also feature half-size shoe styles in between customers. The level of foot support on these Taft Shoes is impressive. They have an insole that is cushioned for comfort and durability while on your errand.

The blend of the full grain leather with the durable rubber soles makes these shoes a beast and can withstand any wear and tear. Another thing is the pricing and value, which we can agree is that though slightly expensive, Taft Shoes are worth the price tag. To help you make a simple decision, we will delve into the bestsellers in the next section.

The best-selling Taft Shoes

Ideally, the Taft Shoes best sellers are here to give you a boost. With the best-selling boots, sneakers, and dress shoes, you can always stand out from the crowd because each pair is made to turn heads. They also feature superior craftsmanship and are made using the finest quality materials. They have paid much attention to detail and give customers long-lasting footwear to remain on the trend and match their outfits constantly.

From The best-selling list, we would like to start with The Jack in Grey/Oxblood. These shoes come in different shades, though Gray/Oxford seems trendy and highly rated. The shoes are available even through Afterpay installment. Since they are meant for men, the available sizes start from 6 to 15. The boots easily rank as the signature product because they feature upper eyelets that reinforce it and help add durability as well as structure.

It gives support because of the calfskin inner lining blended with 100% wool upper. With the decorative pull tab, it is sure to go to boot with a minimal silhouette as well as a sleep appearance alongside the rugged feel. The sole unit is made with a full rubber lug and adds extra grip as well as comfort. The boot is versatile and matches both casual and formal outfits.

The second best seller here comes The Rome Boot in Brown. The company recommends you order half-side down. In reality, this type of boot matches any attire, from formal to casual in any style. They are versatile; hence, customers never get any issues while styling. They also guarantee you impressive comfort and long-lasting features while on your errand.

The company has also introduced the lace-up feature, which gives customers added security. The outsole is made with the leather sole as well as rubber inserts. The shoes can stain as well as bleed; thus, they are not recommended for cold or rainy conditions. The other best-selling shades are black, oxford, and many more.

The next best-selling boot in the line is The Troy Boot in Black. There are many other sizes to select from and options to grab a pair through Afterpay. Though they recommend purchasing half-side down, the sizes range from 6 to 15 for men. Through a new boot, they have become customer favorites on the market. They have an impressive balance between a rugged look and a sleek appearance.

It also features a substantial suede made with leather lining to make it more durable. They have also featured gold details to highlight some characters in the style. The boots get as much attention as when you are on an errand. The boots are handcrafted in Spain, though not perfect for wet weather.

Leaving out Boots, there are also dress shoes. The first leading and most popular shoe was The Beck Shoe in Burnt Honey. It has gathered impressive customer feedback, and many complimented the Afterpay purchase option. However, the only available sizes are 6 to 14. This Beck comes in a traditional shade.

The Full Brogue wingtip was designed to handle daily staples and make you unique from the rest. Its bold shade is magnificently striking, while, ideally, it is handmade. Its soles are made to feature the rubber insert and stacked leather to give you needed longevity, durability, as well as support or grip. These full leather shoes are designed with Blake stitching.

We would also like to mention The Jack Shoe in Eden among the best sellers. You can customize it or request a half-size down for fitting. It takes on all the signature products because they are not only designed to give comfort but also to last long and guarantee customers get compliments. It is versatile for not only casual outfits but also formal attire. The upper is made with cotton jacquard weave, while the toe cap and counters feature Italian grain calfskin.

Customer Review

Besides the above claims that hype the brand in general, we would also like to learn from the customers. Thus, we will focus on the testimonies on the website and from the external sites. Customers seem satisfied with their purchases and experience.

Because from the official website taftclothing.com there are countless five-star reviews. The Jack Shoe in Navy scores 4.9 stars based on the 1139 reviews, which is impressive. Many customers are amazed at the comfort and fashion trends and praise the designs, craftsmanship, and return policy. One customer mentioned something on the site:-

"Very comfy & breathable. They kept my feet toasty outside in the winter and cool inside in summertime. I already had two praises on the first day of wearing them. Superb shoe; I bought another pair and a boot immediately after."

Trustpilot has 20 reviews, and the company gets 2.1 stars. Some customers complained, but 30% of the customers gave it five stars. Amazon features a Jack Boot that scores 4.5 stars from the 52 global ratings and out of the total, 83% of the customers left five stars only 8% dissatisfied. Reddit has a detailed thread as well that you can refer to. 

Where to Buy Taft Shoes

Struggle no more on where to purchase the Taft Shoes. Therefore, if you have made up your mind, navigate through their official store's website, taftclothing.com, and place an order. Equally, Taft Shoes are available from online retailers and profound boutiques. Besides, you can get them from in-person shopping, trunk shows, and many other places. when it comes to online retailers, you can find these footwear from online stores like-

Is Taft Shoes Worth It?

Taft Shoes are impressive. The brand provides access to an extensive collection of stylish footwear with unique designs. These shoes are not only durable but also comfortable and are made using high-quality materials. From every pair of shoes, it is clear that these experts paid attention to every detail. In fact, Taft Shoes are also available on interest-free installment plans, hence affordable even if you are operating under a fixed budget.

While they come with a slightly higher price point, the exceptional craftsmanship and premium quality justify the cost. Additionally, the brand regularly offers a variety of promotions, discounts, enticing deals, and sales events, enhancing its overall value proposition. For U.S.-based customers, the allure is further increased by the offer of complimentary shipping and returns, making these shoes a smart investment.

Thus, these Taft Shoes are risk-free to try before committing. If you are after stylish footwear and a pair of high-quality shoes, we highly recommend the Taft Shoes. With the brand, you will own a piece of artisan luxury, timeless designs as well as impeccable craftsmanship. Enjoy the fleeting trends and get the total value for your money.

Taft Shoes Discounts

Just like the brand, with the Taft Shoes purchases, you are also entitled to get access to lucrative deals, promotions, and discounted pricing. Thus, we aim to give you an active offer that this company promises customers. From The website, they have the option to become the brand ambassador. Still, they have the last chance collection featuring the final sales footwear, but it comes with conditions that there is no return or extent.

Last Chance also doesn't utilize promotional codes. Taft has a reward club that you can join and earn points for every order you place online. We highly recommend that you enter the family to get updates on sales, promotional codes, and upcoming releases quickly and in real-time. They aim to maintain the value of their unique craftsmanship and, hence, rarely offer discounts. But they have the Tfat custom to customize your footwear exclusively based on your preferences.

Taft Shoes Contact

If you still have a question as far as our Taft Shoes review is concerned, then the only thing here is to connect with the brand support team. We might have limited our article to save time. Thus, there are different methods to contact the Taft Shoes support team. Amongst the popular methods is reaching out to them through the live chat on the website live M-F, 9-5 MST, and sharing your quick questions.

Still, they insist that customers can quickly email them at the official address support@taftclothing.com. Besides the above options, you can also engage with the marketing team on the social media platform. Follow their accounts on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook page, and watch through the YouTube tutorial for more information.


Q. Do Taft shoes have a sizing chart?

In most cases, the Taft shoes run large to size. Thus, for every pair, the company recommends ordering a half size down to get the normal size. But for the in-between size, then go for the full size down. To give customers the best and ideal fitting, they also have sizing charts accessible on the official website. They indicate the length and width measurements.

Q. Do Taft shoes offer frequent sales?

In most cases, Taft offers customers access to frequent sales as well as other lucrative deals. Thus, you can get all the updates by signing up for the newsletter. They also have Afterpay, which is an interest-free installment payment plan to make their collection more affordable.

Q. Does Taft Jack Boot also run large to size?

Based on the recommendations, Jack boots are slightly narrow, and if you have wider feet, the company highly recommends that you size up. But with time, these boost stretches, and this is always vital to remember. However, not all styles stretch over time because they are made with high-quality materials to withstand wear and tear.

Q. Does Taft offer reliable footwear?

From the above review, we have seen that Taft is not only a reliable company but also reputable. They offer high-quality footwear made with high-end materials. The craftsmanship, durability, versatility, and designs make them worthwhile and reliable.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Taft company?

The company Taft also offers free shipping for orders that surpass a particular threshold. In most cases, Taft ships use UPS ground shipping, and this method typically takes 3 to 5 working days to deliver your order. Immediately, Taft dispatches your order; they send you the confirmation mail as well as the tracking number to follow up on your package while in transit to the final destination. Again, Taft also offers international shipping. But this shipping takes longer as well as costs you extra charges because of the customs, taxes, and many more.

Q. What is the Return policy of the Taft company?

If, upon delivery, you are not satisfied with the Taft Shoes, then you have the option to return them to the company. As long as you initiate the return within 30 days from the date of purchase, you are entitled to the free return as well as exchange. All the products also come with a one-year warranty, and this indicates their commitment to offering quality and confidence in their craftsmanship. Initiating a return is very simple. Just connect with the support team, and any available agent will be happy to take you through the process if you need an exchange.


Taft Shoes are designed with comfort, durability, and versatility in mind. The company features an extensive collection of footwear, from sneakers to boots and dress shoes, alongside accessories. The timeless shoes are made with artisanal luxury and are committed to creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship to attain unparalleled comfort.

We have explored the brand in detail, from the testimonies through website leveling, history, contacts, where to purchase, lucrative deals, and many more. Thus, if you want to make a statement with each stride, try Taft Shoes for your daily errand.

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