Lemon Jelly Shoes Review: Unique Style Meets Trendy Comfort

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Do you want to step into the footwear style and comfort with the Lemon Jelly Shoes but are unsure if it's worth the investment? Then, let us dive into the Lemon Jelly Shoes review and find out what the company has for the customers. Uncover all the company claims commitment to sustainability, creativity, and quality.

You are here for many reasons. Among them, you always want to try trendy but also comfortable and stylish footwear from reputable companies. You can agree that there are a handful of companies with extensive footwear collections.

However, dedication is the key, and very few deliver according to what they promise customers. Through our research, we are delighted to present our meticulously researched Lemon Jelly review today. Thus, if you are curious about the brand and its offers, we get you in all corners, from the history through best sellers to the testimonies and contact information. We will start with the company overview in the next section.

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Lemon Jelly Shoes Review

Lemon Jelly is a company that focuses on the footwear industry. The company has operated with the current CEO, Jose Pinto, for over 40 years. The brand was established to provide customers with guaranteed comfort with unique, stylish, trendy, and fashionable footwear. In the collection, Lemon Jelly contains footwear ranging from classic rain boots to fashionable sandals—the extensive collection, with various footwear targeting different occasions based on your preferences.

Thus, we aim to determine if Lemon Jelly has the real style, comfort, quality, and scents they promise online. This is vital to help you make decisions. Historically, Lemon Jelly is traced from Portugal as reportable footwear that serves women and men. They have established a reputation because of the unique design and high-quality materials manifested through the durability of these shoes.

The company stands out from the competitors in the market. The Lemon Jelly Shoes are unique because of the lemon scent. The expert relies on the advanced technique while infusing the subtle lemon fragrance in the footwear to get a fresh smell. Though it does fade with time, the shoes have an extra touch. Lemon Jelly Shoes are reportedly designed in Europe and are always fashionable, reliable, functional, and comfortable.

The style fits a variety of seasons as well as occasions. You can select from unique sizes as well as colors to match your outfit. All these Lemon Jelly Shoes are affordable and give you value for your money. There is a lot of historical background you can learn. But to save on that, we have a complete list of the pros and cons of Lemon Jelly Shoes as outlined.

Lemon Jelly Shoes Pros:

Lemon Jelly Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Lemon Jelly Shoes

Lemon Jelly Shoes is more than just a footwear brand. There are many things here to be proud of, indeed. Besides everything, Lemon Jelly Shoes allows customers to use multiple safe payment options like Amazon and PayPal. A 14-day ultimatum for the return or exchange is also attractive since it guarantees fast shipping.

The company gives you the final call because they insist that you will never run out of styles, as you can grab any timeless rainy boot or shoes meant for any occasion or season, including summer. You will always have fun on the website when locating your matching footwear. The brand is already set up with everything as far as footwear is concerned for any adventure.

Regardless of the destination, they still have you with a travel companion. You can welcome spring with new tones. Lemon Jelly Shoes is, above everything, dedicated to sustainable and ethical production. Their shoe collection does nothing for the ecosystem but transforms everything in the surroundings. Thus, Lemon Jelly Shoes still recycles old shoes to make new footwear for customers.

The company currently features numerous footwear ranges. They serve not only women but also men and kids. They are popular because of the presence of the European Flair and are designed using high-quality materials. Men's, women's, and kids' shoe collections are vast and varied, and the choice depends on your preference for the color that matches the outfits.

The designer made all the Lemon Jelly Shoes shoes, blending functionality with fashion; hence, they are timeless and meant to last. Thus, Jelly Shoes is also reputable because of its design and aesthetic. They come with unique and eye-catching appearances. The color options, variety, preference, and taste are impressive.

The company has almost every footwear for all customers around the world. The shoes are infused with lemon scents, making them refreshing. Without further details, we would highlight some of the best-selling Lemon Jelly Shoes on the website. The rating is based on the customers' testimonies, popularity, and experience.

The Best-Selling Lemon Jelly Shoes

The website features an extensive list of best-selling shoes. However, to save you time, we'll focus on the customer's favorite. Introducing,

FRAN 01, vegan, black, high-heeled boots that never go out of style. These boots boast an 8 cm stable high heel with a captivating matte finish, perfect for a chic winter look. It also contains a warm fur lining. These boots are perfect because customers can match them with any daily outfit, including a night out. They are long-lasting because they are designed using high-quality materials. It comes with lemon scents to make it refreshing and simple. Customer feedback confirms that it fits true to size.

The second is COMFY 41. This is an ankle boot and is available in vegan blue. Its dark navy tone makes it ideal for the rainy season. They are comfortable jelly boots because they blend the shiny finish with the timeless Chelsea style. Any woman can walk with these boots and endure any elegance.

However, the company also advises customers on selecting a bigger size than a typical one. Ideally, it is designed with a dual-size classic panel,  metallic nickel-free rivet featuring a brand logo, and an insole made with microfiber absorbent. Excellent choice, indeed.

NETTY 05 comes next. Although it is a low boot currently on sale, it is still vegan black—a simple upgrade when used to the old black jelly boots. In addition, it has a comforting platform outsole. It is cruelty-free, has no animal component, but has a lemon scent. You can make winter boots with this Netty 05 for sustainable fashion trends. They fit true to size and sideways; you can spot ribbed side classics, and the TR sole has an 8mm Luftpolster. It is exclusively made in Portugal.

The list is very long and continues like the SUNNY 01. These are vegan black platform slides recommended for individuals who love enjoying a comfortable summer vacation and relaxing. They are lightweight indeed.

You can also have the CAM-01, which is perfect, in the sales section. They are capable of leaving your footprint. They are generally black oxford shoes made with PVC, which complies with the REACH, Vanish tongue lined with synthetic materials, glossy finish featuring a laser engraving at the toe cap, and its sole in the TR has a zeolite welt.

It is worth mentioning SPARKS 01. They are also vegan black Oxford shoes. The company believes that the new shape can give customers a sublime touch on the outfit. The chunky outsole makes them perfect as casual and matches a chic outfit, highlighting edgy details. They are versatile for bright skies and rainy days. It also has a humidity-controlled recycled insole ethically designed by experts.

The other best-selling Lemon Jelly shoes are  CIANA 05- a vegan Mid-calf white boots with heels; CINZIA 01, which are vegan gray Chelsea boots that match light or dark outfits; JAYDEN 18, which are ideal vegan blue ankle boots good for adventure; FRANKIE 01 are also black ankle boot good rain boots.

While shopping online, customers can sort the Lemon Jelly shoes based on their needs. They have ankle boots, boots, sandals, slides and Mules, mid-calf and knee-high boots, as well as accessories. Make the selection based on the size, sales, and many other aspects.

Customer Review

Before summing up the Lemon Jelly Shoes Review, we were curious to learn something from the customers. This highlights the company if it is authentic and delivers what it is promising on the website. Thus, we took some time to research the testimonies, and here are the results.

From the official website lemonjellyusa.com, there are countless reviews, and below each pair of footwear, there are ratings. In this case, Sunny Warm Grey scores five stars from 9 reviews, indicating people have nothing to complain about the brand. A verified customer left a recommendation online claiming:-

"I ordered warm gray sunny footwear! The hue has warmer tones and matches with everything. More of a champagne gray. Extremely comfy! I also admire the design! Not clumsy at all! The footbed is a sleek substance that gives the shoe a more polished appearance."

Amazon also features the review on the Lemon Jelly women's platform sandals and ranking on the 1317 reviews, it scores 4.2 stars. Sounds good and promising at the same time. Heading to Judge Me, the company seems to be the beast ruling the platform. It gets 4.69 stars, considering 1269 reviews.

Though Trustpilot has an average rating of 2.8 stars, there is still something to hope for because 14% of these customers out of 7 gave it five stars. The Facebook page also carries good and promising reviews that rate the company 4.2 stars from 25 feedbacks. Likewise, Lare Doute features the Comfy Wellies from Lemon Jelly that gathers 4.4 stars on 31 reviews. Many people are impressed with the product's quality, true-to-size fitting, and value.

Lemon Jelly shoes are hype. Though some complaints were raised, the team responded positively, and hopefully, they have made the changes needed.

Where to Buy Lemon Jelly Shoes

If you have made up your mind and want to grab a few pairs of Lemon Jelly Shoes, plenty of sites sell these footwear. But foremost, their website has an extensive collection and gives you access to the lucrative deals at lemonjelly.com.

Equally, the shLemon Jelly Shoes shoes are sold online as well as through the boutiques. They are still accessible from your locality's profound footwear stores or departments. Some of the retailers that sell these shoes are:-

Is Lemon Jelly Shoes Worth It?

Lemon Jelly Shoes are worth your investment if you are searching for stylish footwear with guaranteed comfort. The online reputation speaks volumes. The shoes are designed using high-quality materials that are sustainably sourced, and they are made to be durable and withstand the test of time. The impressive lemon scent makes Lemon Jelly Shoes stand out from the competitors.

It adds refreshing elements and brings fun to the footwear to make it unique. These shoes never disappoint as far as comfort is concerned. They are made with customer comfort in mind. Hence, it contains cushioned footbeds, and the presence of flexible soles makes them more attractive. They are a recommended event in the everyday routine.

Even wearing them for an extended period of time, customers won't feel discomfort. Lemon Jelly Shoes are more versatile. Customers can select the color as well as type based on their preferences. Thus, you can match your outfit to meet your style. You can decide to dress down and dress up, making it ideal for any occasion.

The ability, perfect design, comfort, lemon scent, and commitment of the brand to sustainability make Shoes an ideal choice. They also engage in ethical production. Please give them your attention and never regret with lasting footwear.

Lemon Jelly Shoes Discounts

If you need more from the Lemon Jelly Shoes purchase, then understand that, like other footwear brands, this company has promotional offers and discounts. One of the ideal options to try out is the Klarna, which enables customers to grab footwear even with a fixed budget through interest-free installment. On top of that, they guarantee customers fast shipping, offer online dispute resolution on top of secure payment methods, and have a dedicated customer support team.

The website has a sales section offering multiple shoes at a discounted price. Therefore, keep checking on the website or subscribe to the newsletter for consistent surprises on new styles, updates, events, and campaigns.

Lemon Jelly Shoes Contact

If you have a pending issue concerning our review or the company, then understand that Lemon Jelly gives you multiple methods to contact them. You can opt to fill in the online form and submit it for feedback or give them a call. Contact the support team at +351 964 700 246, also available for WhatsApp, or when there is a question about wholesale, then reach out to the team via +351 227 470 618.

The above numbers are accessible from 9H to 17H GMT The company clarified that when you contact them, they will secure your data through the log history; besides the above method, you can also write the team an email, and when it is about customer services, send it to cs@lemonjelly.com, general complaints address to cs@lemonjelly.com, inquiry concerning the US-based orders address to info@lemonjelly.ca, and there are many more options.

We also recommend that Lemon Jelly be active on social media. Thus, you can follow them and engage on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify. The choice depends on your preferences.


Q. Does Lemon Jelly footwear fit true to size?

From customer testimonials and brand claims, the Lemon Jelly shoes fit true to size. However, some styles and designs run larger to size or smaller. Thus, always refer to the sizing chart on the website before buying.

Q. Is Lemon Jelly footwear generally waterproof?

Though not all Lemon Jelly shoes are meant to be waterproof, we have realized that Lemon Jelly boots are ideal for the rainy season because of their waterproof features. The reason is that these boots are made using unique PVC materials to keep your feet comfortable and dry while on your typical routine.

Q. Does Lemon Jelly have a sizing chart for their shoe collection?

Lemon Jelly company indeed has its shoe sizing chart on the official site. You can thus get all the readings in the European and US sizes. We highly recommend analyzing the chart before purchasing to be sure.

Q. Are Lemon Jelly shoes easily accessible from Canada?

From the above article, Lemon Jelly shoes are easily accessible. They are sold in official stores or websites, and other online retailers offer the same footwear. For Canada-based customers, such as retailers like Zappos, amazon, etc. These shoes are also available in the selected stores.

Q. Does Lemon Jelly company feature perfect shoes for summer vacation?

Lemon Jelly has an extensive collection of shoes or footwear. Thus, we highly recommend slides and sandals if you are searching for summer shoes. These are more than just being comfortable; they go beyond to give you a stylish outfit for warm weather. The collection for summer also includes the sunny platform and sunny slide sandals.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Lemon Jelly company?

The shipping policy is essential before buying shoes from Lemon Jelly. The company has a simple shipping policy. Based on the research from their website, they have free shipping on orders that surpass particular thresholds. When your order falls below the set threshold, you must pay for the shipping at a flat rate of $10. Currently, the company offers shipping to customers based in Canada and the United States. Delivery varies, though it ranges around 3 to 7 working days to arrive.

Q. What is the Return policy of Lemon Jelly company?

If you purchase the Lemon Jelly shoes and realize they are not meeting your expectations upon delivery, the company gives you the option to return them to the store. From the date of receipt, the customer has 14 days to initiate the return process. Therefore, when you want an exchange or a full refund, you must present the shoes in their original condition and packaging to be eligible.

Any return outside the deadline is left in the hands of the Lemon Jelly company, as the manager has the right to reject it, especially when it is not in its original condition. Regarding the sales period, all the returns are done, but customers must incur the return shipping charges. For this period, customers are encouraged to be extra careful and select the right shoes in size. The return policy is generally reasonable. The process is simple, and the company gives you clear guidelines.


Lemon Jelly is a band that focuses on designing and selling footwear delivered with comfort and refreshing lemon scents and is stylish and durable for any daily routine. In the collection, the company blends sustainability with styles to offer these versatile shoes in vibrant colors of your choice.

Hence, Lemon Jelly shoes are ideal for and match any outfit for an eco-friendly experience and ethical production. Make a statement with these shoes for any special event while embracing your individuality to promote sustainable fashion. We have reviewed Lemon Jelly's company history, the best sellers, testimonies, promotions, and lucrative deals; thus, we recommend this brand for all your footwear needs, irrespective of the season.

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