Tieks Ballet Flats Review: Is It Worth the Money?

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Are you thinking of getting a pair of the Tieks Ballet flat shoes but still not sure if they are the best in your wardrobe? Read our honest Tieks Ballet Flast reviews and determine if the brand is worth your money. 

There are multiple Tieks reviews online. If you are a flat shoe fanatic, you have seen one review about this brand.

It might take you longer than enough to do research online to locate the reliable company with the best shoes in the store that are long-lasting. Some fall for the heft items, which go at cheap price tags. However, when it comes to the Tieks Ballet Flats, things change, and sure, the budget anxiety can quickly go through the roof.

Our article will cover a detailed review of the Tieks Ballet Flats brands online and help you gauge if the item is worth your money. Keep reading and learn more about the company to make an informed decision before clicking that buy button.

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Tieks Ballet Flats Review

Tieks is a company by Gavrieli, and it is reinvented to offer the stylish, durable, foldable, and comfortable ballet aimed at meeting the most versatile flats worldwide. Tieks is a noun that refers to versatile shoes made using fine Italian leaders and means to fold while fitting in the purse. This makes these shoe wearable at all times of the day.

The company makes Tieks Ballet Flats with comfortability, durability, style, and flexibility in mind making to be unique on the market. Another thing is that the firm is committed to improving craftsmanship, which enables the artistry from Italy to combine their skills with the modern technology of unparalleled comfort while making these flats. They produce shoes with different colors like patent scroll prints, classic, etc.

Being one of the foundations supporting women's empowerment worldwide, they specialize in designing women's shoes and distributing them from the US to other parts of the world. They also contribute funds through Kiva to women entrepreneurs while fighting against poverty worldwide.

Though these shoes are expensive, we guarantee that a pair of the Tieks ballet flat shoes can withstand any daily grind, especially with the split sole capable of flexing as one walks. Since they focus on endurance, fashion, comfort, and adjustability, these shoes can be utilized at any time of the day or night. Therefore these shoes can meet any needs of different personalities. Image each pair of shoes takes 3 days to go through 160 steps to make it ready.

To better understand the brand, we will also dive into the pros and cons of the brand on the market. We will go into other details and find out if the shoes are worth your money.

Tieks Ballet Flats Pros:

Tieks Ballet Flats Cons:

Why We Like Tieks Ballet Flats

There are plenty of reasons why we would like to recommend going for this Tieks Ballet Flats brand on the market. In this section, we will just highlight some of the few reasons why we like this brand.

Value for Your Money

Many people are still wondering why these brands are very exp[ensive compared to other alternatives on the market. First, the company makes premium flats that take 3 days to pass the items into 150 steps. This way, they can quickly eliminate all the fast fashion other rivals use on the market while sacrificing their materials and cutting down the comfort cost.

The brand manufacture these items using 100% fine Italian leather, which is handmade. They toss the leather for hours just to ensure that you have the softest materials, which are hard to break in. Plenty of things make these brands comfortable and let you enjoy the value of your money.

The shoes are cushioned back. Some women tend to complain about the blisters on the back of their legs. But when it comes to Tieks Ballet Flats, they are cushioned back instead of using plastic, making them extra comfortable. Flexibility also counts on the value of your money. The shoes come with a split sole, making them more moveable while giving you extra support on the ground. The company ensures that its brand shaves a space between the ground and shoes, making you more flexible and comfortable.

Lastly, the brand considers the extra care while trying to stitch the edges of their Tieks Ballet Flats. This way, customers can comfortably feel smooth, even barefoot, making it not scratch or dig. And the inner sole is made using soft leather.

Offers Multiple Designs, Colors, and Patterns.

On their website, you will realize that Tieks Ballet Flats have four different collections but brag over having 60-plus styles on the market. These four collections consist of the classics, vegan opinions, prints, and patents compatible with any personality, closet, or occasion. Though every collection might come with different exteriors, they all feature back cushions for comfortability,  signature non-skid rubbers, and blue soles meant for foldability and grip. Foldability ensures easy storage and quick outfit refreshes for heel rest.

Also, over 60 styles cover all the personalities on the market while maintaining the simple ballet flat shape. Some best-selling Tieks prints include Leopard Tieks Prints, Arabian Night Flats, and White Rose.

In comparison, patent best selling shoes consist of the 16 patent leaat5her option with rainbow hue and ranges from the lemon patent to the Obsidian black. Looking at the Tieks Classics comes with 23 solid flats colors, premium leaders, and the single suede option. The last brand is Tieks Vegan, which consists of the  Funky Polka dot made with luxury European textile and synthetic fabrics and features five options.

Little Mis Tieks has the Mini Cottom Candy as the best-selling item for the children and is crafted in the Arzignano. It comes with three options Mini Rozzbleberry, mini cotton candy, and mini matte black.

Tieks Gift Cards and Portraits

The brands also offer the perfect gift cards, as you can browse through the portraits on their platform and select the one you prefer. The Tieks gift cards offer e-gift cars that the company guarantees instant delivery through an email address. Secondly, they have e-gift card pairs sent to the inbox for details confirmation and shipped to the destination after that. Then lastly, they have the traditional Gift card that is delivered in a mini Tieks box and generally shipped within 4 days.

Women Empowerment

The firm is also committed to empowering women worldwide through their entrepreneurial changes. They offer funds to the women through Kiwa, fighting to combat poverty from all corners of the world. They aim to move beyond charity through their universal dream, and to date, they have managed to contribute sums of over 10 million dollars, distributing among 55k women around the world.

Customer Review

This review would not be complete without considering the customers' reviews about the brand. Therefore,  we took time to find out online about what other customers say.

First, there are plenty of reviews on their official website. From the compliments on the platform, it is clear that the customers are satisfied with the brand. as indicated in the first reviews, one of the customers recommends stating: "The pliable leather unfolds and molds to your leg, providing a completely unique fit for each individual." All the website reviews seem positive.

That is not all; we went through the Never Ending Voyage website. The auto; Erin took time composing the detailed Tieks reviews after 8 years. In the article, she makes it simple with a statement,

"My feet have never bled or blistered as a result of wearing Tieks flats.  Each pair has had a unique experience breaking in. My 1st pair of leather Tieks flats were a little snug at first because the leather is designed to flex and mold to your feet. Don't worry if your Tieks feel tight at first; they will extend out."

Still, The Atlas Heart gives us a detailed and honest brand experience. The author also complements multiple things about the brand, such as packaging, quality, shipping, variety, styles, and designs. In the opening statement, the author states, " Just looking at the wrappers made me feel a little more confident about my purchase." This sounds impressive.

There are also multiple reviews on the Influenster, Her Packing list, Taramet Blog,  and Reviewed. On Reviewed, the author admits that the brand is an expensive but worthwhile investment. On Taramet Blog, the author gives a mixed verdict on the brand. But because many customers are happy and feel satisfied with the Tieks Ballet Flats items on the market, we suggest you try them today.

Where to Buy Tieks Ballet Flats

Therefore, when you have made up your mind and need to get a pair of the Bellet flats, the only place we would recommend going for is on their official website. This guarantees genuine products at a friendly price shipped to your doorstep. To this far, they have never listed any external retailers. That means you cannot find their products on the luxury sites like Nordstrom or amazon.

Is Tieks Ballet Flats Worth It?

Some people worldwide love putting on the classic bullet, but to an extent, they do not feel comfortable because of the pain. However, the story is different regarding the Tieks Ballet Flats. This brand is worth your investment. Besides coming in different styles, collections, colors, and sizes,  they easily match any outfit in your wardrobe. You can wear these shoes anytime without feeling guilty.

The pair is simple to carry along in your purse because they are foldable hence perfect for the long commute even during the winter. And if your preference is long-lasting and comfortability, we would also recommend going for the Tieks Ballet Flats and enjoying the value of your money for a long time.

Besides designing the shoes using fine leather from Italy, they also have the vegan option made with textiles. Leather is unbeatable when you compare it with synthetic products online. Because it is a sof6tleather brand, the products may not cost-effective. But in short, these shoes are ideal for travel because of their stylish, durability, versatility, comfortability, and portability.

If you are selecting quality over quantity, this is the best brand to invest in. pay for the few pairs that last longer and fit you perfectly. They also have an excellent return policy; treat your feet today if it is perfect for you.

Tieks Ballet Flats Discounts

It is so unfortunate that Tieks does not have any discounts at the moment online. Though other competitors have discounts and promo codes, this company does not offer either. But now, keep checking out their website; a deal might strike out any time, and enjoy the discounted price to save some bucks in the bank.

Tieks Ballet Flats Contact

Our article might have missed out on addressing a challenge you were looking for. But do not worry because the firm gives you multiple means through which you can contact their customer support. Though the mean depends on the question, you have. For instance, if it is something related to the return, you can channel it through email at returns@tieks.com. However, the general issues you can address through email at service@tieks.com, telephone, or text message at (310)601-8967.


Q. Do Tieks shoes run true to size?

Even though from the details on their website, they claim to run true to size,  we recommend going for one more size up when you want comfort with the brand. It is even vital for the customers with the wide foot or if you are using the half size.

Q. Are Tieks available in stores?

Tieks' brands and products are not sold in the stores. Instead, you can order them through their official website alone.

Q. Do Tieks get smelly?

This depends, but the shoes can get smelly though not that much. If they smell after a long hot day, then the smell disappears within the next few days.

Q. Do Tieks flats stretch?

Definitely, it is clear from the article that the leather Tieks flat are manufactured to stretch. This is important since they can mold feet so you can feel more comfortable over a long period. For some wearers, this statement implies that they can take long before breaking in. therefore, most customers have been spotted using thick socks while speeding up the comfort and stretching within the house. However, the vegan Tieks option does not stretch for this case.

Q. Do Tieks flats have arch support?

Compared to other flats on the market, Tieks flats also do not have arch support in-but. Therefore, the brand tends to offer more comfortability and support since they are made with a unique shape targeting customers. Though the items support orthotics today, you need to go a size up.

Q. Is Tieks slip-resistant?

First, the rubbers are made to be non-skid with a slight texture surface. This means they are somehow slip-resistant as opposed to flats consisting of shiny soles. These are not hiking shoes because they are not made for steep trails.

Q. Is Tieks washable?

Though the items are washable, they are not machine washable. We recommend washing them using slightly soapy water together with the sponge. Here, patent and classic are simple to wash as opposed to the vegan Tieks. When cleaning, you must be very keen.

Q. Do Tieks scuff easily?

9t is true that classic Tieks can scuff, but vegan Tieks do not scuff, and at the same time, patent leather is less likely to scuff for this case. Therefore, you can touch up the scuff on the shoes using the shoe cream.

Q. How long do Tieks last?

Fro0m the experience and customer reviews online, it can be concluded that Tieks can last up to 3 years, and at this stage, you can still wear them. With vegan Tieks, they end up looking so gruggy while the insole tends to peel off as well. The shoes can last longer if used occasionally.


Tieks is an international firm that provides the best, most durable, comfortable, and versatile shoes besides offering women empowerment. Though these Tieks Ballet Flats are expensive, they are worth the cost comparing their quality with other competitors on the market. In our review, we have covered detailed information and collection of the Tieks. From here, you can now make an informed decision, and if you value quality over quantity, Tieks Ballet Flats are worth your pocket.

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