Everlane Clothes Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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Is Everlane Clothes a perfect brand that lives up to the hype based on transparency? Let us go through the Everlane clothes review to conclude if the brand offers sustainable and ethically focused clothing at an affordable price. 

Many brands are offering direct-to-consumer ecosystem design services. However, when it comes to the basics, this is where multiple brands online are ruled out, leaving Everlane. Most people love Everlane due to its submissive stewardship as well as transparency when it comes to the ingredients. The company has partnered with numerous ethical worldwide to achieve its radical transparency mission.

Most reviews online also claim that the brand sources its fine ingredients alone, improving the well-being and health of the people working with them. The brand also remains transparent on the costs and their charges on the clothing. Let us dive deeper into the company overviews before moving to the next thing we should share today.

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Everlane Clothes Review

Everlane is a clothing brand that caters to women and men, offering ethically sourced fashion products and other accessories to customers. Though the company believes we can all make a difference, it still fights to ensure customers enjoy exceptional quality through a partnership with the ethical firm and its mission to be radical transparency.

Everlane was founded in 2010 by Michael Preysman, who believes this business looks at fashionable clothing from a utilitarian perspective. Remember, their main mission is radical transparency, which means that the company is ready to partner but only with the best ethical firm around the world. They only source fine materials, and in every step during the manufacturing, they share every process.

The brand is headquartered in San Francisco, California. In addition, they also have other firms found in other countries like China, America, Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Peru. Everlane clothing has established a strong reputation, and many popular publications have featured their products, catching the attention of Glamour, Vogue, business insider, and the New York Times.

The company's online presence has a huge audience on social media platforms. And in 2019, Everlane was listed third among the most innovative firms by Fast Company. In this review, we will take a deeper look at the best-selling clothing products and accessories, promotions, and customer feedback, then value if it is worth your money. In the next section, we need to look at the pros and cons of Everlane clothing products.

Everlane Clothes Pros:

Everlane Clothes Cons:

Why We Like Everlane Clothes

Everlane does not only offer women's fashion but also sells men's clothes and accessories. This section will highlight some of the best-selling clothes under each category.

Best Best-Selling Everlane Women's Clothes

Everlane offers all sorts of tees, pants, shoes, accessories, and hoodies regarding women's fashion. Regardless of what you need on the market, you can purchase simple loungewear attire or chic streetwear from this brand. It gained its popularity through the best-Selling women's clothes.

These include Everlane Clothes, The 100% Human Typography Hoodie launched to unite people, and the brand donates 10% of the cash on these clothes to the ACLU.

The next best-seller is Everlane Cheeky Bootcut Jean combines the cheeky fit favorite signature elements but has the waist nipping, high set pockets, and slightly straightened legs with an incredible stretching amount. When buying, you can choose between the ankle and regular length.

Everlane The Day Glove, as the name suggests, is the clash that fits your leg like a glove made with buttery and soft Italian leather hence capable of molding the foot for a custom fit. They go well with the most fashionable power suit though it runs narrow.

The Best-Selling Everlane Men's Clothing

'The collection of Everlane men's collection is all designed with simplicity. The clothes are simple but also clean and perfect for daily activities. No bright pattern or color on the market from this brand, as the brand tends to thrive through minimalism. Some of the bestselling Everlane clothing ranges from tees, shoes, sweaters, and related accessories.

The best-selling clothes are Everlane Grade-A Cashmere Crew, considered a luxury upgrade for the guaranteed soft and lightweight warmth. The sweater is designed to help trap heat and craft equal where it sources its Grade A cashmere from Inner Mongolia, made with the finest fiber.

Next is the Everlane Slim-Fit Performance Chino, which is quick-drying, and sweat-wicking as well as provides 4-way stretch and form the look; the item is made for daily purposes, and you can choose between slim and athletic fit.

There is also a famous Everlane, The Forever Sneaker. It is well known for its ability to be recyclable and comes with a timeless style; hence easy and comfortable sneaker due to its lightweight feature. It is also made with sustainable rubber and is machine washable to give customers simple, caring demands.

Other Everlane Accessories

Besides clothes and shoes, Evberlane also gives you access to fashion accessories. The accessories are meant to help add flair to the outfits. Hence the company provides beautiful curated accessories perfect for the home aesthetic or your simple ensemble. The accessories range from throw blankets to pouches, face masks, scarves, hats, and candles.

In this case, the best-selling accessories from Everlane are Everlane The Cashmere Bandana, Everlane Ribbed Wool-Cashmere Socks, Everlane The ReNew 13” Transit Backpack, and Everlane 100% SF Tote. Check out the products and place an order. Buy products through fas fashion but supports and concern the environment.

Customer Review

In this section, the Everlane Clothes review takes a different shape and goes into detail to locate customer feedback from their experience using the Everlane products. In this review, we will copcndier good and compare with bad reviews online to come up with a conclusion. The BBB website rates the brand with a B feedback after a good response to the complaints raised by the customers for the last year.

Many people are happy with Everlane clothes and preach the gospel to make the brand popular worldwide. People are even impressed with the huge collection of clothes and other accessories. their customer support is on another level. The first place with amazing reviews is Insider. On the platform, the author lists the best and favourite Everlane styles on the market.

The author recommends 28 options from the list that guarantee the perfect look and fit for any occasion. Ultimately, the author terms Everlane a Kingpin in the ecosystem of the direct-to-consumer basics and praises its ever-expanding closet for comfort and aesthetic pieces. On Sitejabber, the brand gets a 2.17 stars rating, indicating some customers are unhappy, considering 112 reviews on the platform.

Most complaints are related to store credit and services. The same applies to Trustpilot, where the brand generally gets 2 stars which is a poor rating after 306 reviews. Though reviews lean on negative, there are still numerous positive reviews, as indicated below from the Trustpilot:

"Excellent products & customer care. I've bought from Ireland a few times, and the delivery times are clearly stated, with the option of expedited service. I wish more businesses followed their example of being open and transparent about manufacturing and charges. Congratulations, Everlane."

The author reviews the brand on The Modest Man platform and outlines what you must avoid and what you must go for on the products. On a quick note, the author makes a summary saying:

"Everlane is currently one of my favorite clothing brands, and I don't see that changing relatively soon. Everlane provides the majority of my pants, and their slim fit chinos are a perennial favorite. I also like Everlane's knitwear, particularly their t-shirts and sweaters, even as slight adjustments are often required to correct sleeve and body length."

We move to the Sher She Goes website, and the author lists or reviews the favorite pieces based on the experience.

That is not the only place a unique website; The Adult Man understands that life is all about the basics and evaluates the Everlane clothes and other accessories on the market. The author gives the brand 4 stars rating based on the quality of materials, designs, packaging, customer support, and value. In the end, the review concludes that:

"It's no surprise that Everlane is quickly to become the go-to retail store of option for guys who prefer to keep it simple, with its high-quality essentials apparel and ethical approach to clothing."

The Eco-friendly Habit website also reviews the brand and praises it for its sustainability and eco-friendly nature. Also, the author mentions its ethical practices and the high-quality, timeless fashions and goes deep to mention the stylish pieces and numerous options to select from, keeping in mind the secure environment or sustainability.

Lastly, we also had to go over the Gentle Man Within platform that mentions the brand for its sustainable yet fast fashion in this mega fashion error. Most of the online reviews sides are on the positive side. This means most customers are happy with the Everklane clothes as well as other products and accessories. You can also go for it today and bring real experience without bias.

Where to Buy Everlane Clothes

If you want to purchase Everlane Clothes and get prepared for the summer, then the only place we would like you to place an order from is their official website at Everlane.com. They have 11 stores distributed across the US. You can decide to visit one of their retail stores found in

Besides the above stores, Everlane clothes are also available on the sites such as:-

Does Everlane Clothes sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Everlane Clothes stores on Amazon.

Is Everlane Clothes Worth It?

Everlane sells all of the apparel, Denim, sweaters, shoes, and accessories, but we are here to confirm that the brand is worth it since it caters to a specific aesthetic. That is simplistic, practical, and minimalistic. The brand guarantees complimentary shipping and access to consciously crafted clothing designed with the planets in mind.

The brand has many positive reviews online, complementing the high-quality clothing, even distribution of the retail stores in the US, and multiple customer offers. The products are created to meet your daily needs and offer versatile clothes for many purposes.

From the reviews, we also appreciate the model diversity as indicated on their web page. You can access a particular type of garment based on the different sizes and occasions and access the new arrivals in town. Again, something admirable about this brand is its mission of radical transparency.

They also ensure they partner with ethical factories and guarantee that their materials are ethically sourced to remain sustainable. You must be proud of this, especially during the fast fashion period. Though the company also got negative reviews online, the positive feedback greatly outweighed them. Therefore, considering this perspective, Everlane clothes are worth buying.

Suppose you want to be a minimalist and looking for ethical garments. In that case, Everlane is the place to sort you with all you need in a cleaner fashion that works day and night to reduce waste and remove harmful chemicals while minimizing the use of natural resources. The company is on a mission to clean up dirty fashion.

Everlane Clothes Discounts

As we usher in the new year, Everlane has multiple promotions and discounts to offer customers. The new markdowns have added an offer of up to 70% off to ensure you have access to the timeless style. When you sign up, the company guarantees you up to 10% off the first order you place. They also offer free shipping to specific customers on the platform. They also have a gift card that you can get to curate your wardrobe. Subscribe to the newsletter and stay updated with all the lucrative deals as long as they are launched on the site.

Everlane Clothes Contact

If you have a question not addressed in this review about the brand, then you should not worry. The company has different means through which you can contact the technical team anytime. In our reviews, we came across their telephone number, +1 (888) 743 1619.

You can also contact them by filling out the contact form on their website. They also have an email address where you can send inquiries through support@everlane.com. Besides the above, the support team and marketing managers are on social media platforms. Engage with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Q. Who is the founder and owner of the Everlane brand?

Michael Preysman founded the brand as a direct-to-consumer brand while still 25. He creates the brand by leveraging the internet alongside social media to devise a technique to do away with the intermediary, which ensures high margins wheel low-priced products. The answer then was the fast fashion in practical and ethical clothes.

The company is well known for its mission of radical transparency. The other thing making the brand popular is the ethical sourcing of materials as well as the partnership with ethical factories. In addition, they are also popular with their minimal, sleep, and pragmatic garment designs.

Q. Is Everlane an ethical and luxury brand?

The brand's mission is to become ethical by hiring ethical factories, and customers can access where they make and course materials besides the ingredients. Though some reviews online raised issues related to worker wages, the company does not address them. In terms of luxury, the company is regarded as the source of all the new and luxury fashion. Everlane is the place to go if you want to purchase high-quality essentials.

Q. Can I term Everlane as greenwashing?

Greenwashing is a sustainable brand that encourages consumers to purchase from them. On the eco-stylist, the brand scored 5 out of 33 in terms of sustainability, termed as a failure, and the company does not explain.

Q. Are Everlane products expensive?

From the review online, the brand is taken as mid-priced based on what you purchase. This might be because the company is considered ethical and sustainable fast-fashion.

Q. Are Everlane products true to size?

Looking at the Everlane jeans, the brand and customers conclude that it runs a little big since the material stretches. But the nature of the size depends on the product you purchase. You can head to their web page for the size chart on a particular item.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Everlane?

From our reviews, we found that the brand ships across the world almost in all countries and this, including Canada and US.. to access the full list of the countries, head to the location section on the web page.. for the US orders that are above$75, the brand has free shipping.

The company offers 3 types of shipping: No rush takes 5 to 8 business days and costs $5; standard shipping takes 3 to 5 business days and costs $7; and express takes 2 to 3 business days for only $20.

While for international shipping, two options are standard and cost $10, taking 7 to 14 business days; when you live in China, it takes between 12 to 18 business days to deliver. Express shipping takes 2 to 3 business days, while Canada takes 3 to 5 business days, and all costs are between $25 to $50. when you place orders costing $120 and above, you will enjoy free shipping though this excuses the taxes, duties, etc., involved.

They also offer free express shipping on orders from $200 and above, less the local charges on duties, taxes, etc. Once the company dispatches the order, they send customers the tracking code as well as confirmation of the order. But tracking links take up to 3 days to generate. Also, all the duties or related charges are paid immediately during sales.

Q. What is the return policy of Everlane?

Our reviews found that the brand accepted the return but within 30 days of purchase. The returned item must remain unworn and unwashed, and the purchase must include all tags, those boxes, and original packaging. However, the original shipping charges, including the final sales products and gift cards, are not refundable. Visit their website for how to start a return section.

Other non-refundable charges are duties, taxes, and handling fees, excluding orders shipped to New Zealand, the UK, Canada, and Australia. For international orders, the company is not accepting exchanges but accepting a return. And US-based customers are eligible to exchange the products within 90 days online. They have also partnered with Happy Return for US customers to return in person.


Everlane is a reputable fast fashion brand that sells ethically made clothes, sustainable and well known for its radical transparency. If you want to purchase the e daily casual wear clothing for any occasion, Everlane has you sorted with its fantastic mission.

Though it is experiencing the growth paid, they always guarantee you the best level of customer service. From the above review, customers have complimented excellent sizing and fitting, good pricing, and high-quality garments. It is worth checking out regardless of location and enjoying lucrative deals.

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