Seychelles Shoes Review: Comfort Meets Style in Empowering Feminine Footwear

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Are Seychelles kicks worth the purchase? Before deciding, read our detailed Seychelles shoes review to determine if the brand offers versatile shoes for every digital woman and if they meet your preference. Here is everything you need to know.

Your trendy jeans and elegant dresses need you to match with impressive shoes if you want to stand out from the rest. This is where most people fail as fashion is concerned. However, you can attest that the stylish sandals are currently the best in town and perfect to add to your wardrobe during the summer. But remember that with the wrong pick, you can spoil your fun while on summer vacation.

Through our research, we have sourced multiple brands considering different beaches and now present you with comfortable kicks to try out and look impressive. Regardless of what you want, from the rugged sandals to the breezy ad throw-on and gop staple, Seychelles has everything for you to hit the trail and go for the night date. The brand carries you throughout the summer vacation.

Therefore, in this Seychelles Shoes review, we will explore the company in detail, present you with the best-selling shoes and accessories, discounts, and promotions then sum up the evaluation based on the customer feedback. Keep reading with us to the end and make the right choice.

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Seychelles Shoes Review

Seychelles is a footwear brand based in Los Angeles. What makes the brand famous among customers is its focus on the comfort of its footwear products. In the collection, the company ensures you have access to durable signs and feminine shoes ranging from sneakers to sandals, flats, and heels. If you are a modern woman and want to purchase versatile shoes, here is the brand you need to taste its water depth.

We have also seen the company has a substantial social media presence featuring multiple audience bases. They have also been featured in popular publications like Refinery29 because they collaborated with Corey Lynn Calter. Sourcing from the archives, Seychelles was founded in 1984 by CEO Sari Ratsula. The brand has the vision to help empower women through personalized as well as providing unique footwear designs for customers.

There is an extensive collection of footwear for customers to select from. This is because comp[anu targets to embody the expression as well as personality in their design. While Seychelles has partnered with manufacturing companies in China, Italy, and Italy, they are always strict about preserving its quality and remain meticulous in their collection.

Artisans around the partner countries handcraft this footwear. They have established popularity because of their shoes which are functional as well as fashionable on the market. Information online clarifies that the firm's headquarters is in EL Segundo, CA. A statement on their website justifies that the company is focused on femininity and the value of everything, where they want customers to feel confident and firm without any complications.

They want to make you move quickly while carrying out your routine or on vacation. That is enough of the overview. As a highlight, we have the pros and cons of the brand based on our experience with the brand.

Seychelles Shoes Pros:

Seychelles Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Seychelles Shoes

You may have come across the Seychelles brand if you are a digital lady. This is because they make you who you are with an extensive collection of all footwear ideal for any occasion. The assortment of shoes is ripe and ready for picking. The company has designed this footwear with comfort and chic options, from boots to flats, sneakers, wedges, sandals, and heels. Seychelles has designed these shoes with the Sey-curve tech, with the flexible ortho-lite hybrid foal and insoles.

They tested every prototype to ensure they are ideal and make you walk tireless and straightforwardly to go the extra mile. If you are ready to go into extra steps and purchase the Seychelles shoes, we will take you through a few of their best-selling shoes and our favorite footwear under flats and sandals. This will give you an easy time making choices.

The Best-Selling Seychelles Sandals

The perfect time to wear sandals is during summer vacation. The only exception is when you prefer the strappy espadrilles. Otherwise, Seychelles gives you an excellent and ideal collection of sandals. Navigating the site, we highlighted some of the customer-favorite and best-selling sandals. Low Key Slide leads the list all the way.

These sandals are comfortable and are designed with all leather. It also features a minimalist design with a molded footbed while the upper is puffed. Its seamless and monochromatic silhouette gives off a simple finished ceramic feeling. It also gives you an extra one-inch heel height, and you can select from 7 unique shades.

Up next is the Bits 'N Pieces Sandal, ready to give you the most goddess gladiator vibe in the city.. though strappy, they come with a sturdy and soft open weave toe alongside their perfect adjustable ankle strap. In terms of the comfortability, it is designed with a cushioned insole to give you intense Grecian combat. Available in 5 shades from the store and matches a black leather jacket with a romper.

Total Relaxation Neon Sandali are sandals designed with luxe Italian leather material. It comes with the crisscross wide band found on its square-toe design. Though it has a playful signal as well as a summertime aesthetic, you can find them in 2 shades. There is neon pink and neon yellow good for the tropical island vacation.

You can match them with sunglasses, a straw hat, and a bright color wrap dress, making you complete on a beach day. The last under sandal comes to Forward Wedge Sandal. These sandals give you an extra height of 3.35 inches. They come with the stud at the ankle strap responsible for interlocking at the back of your ankle. It also showcases the wide suede band in the opposing shade. Each has gold metal buckles at the sides. They are wedge sandals and are available in-store to select from 3 shades.

The Best-Selling Seychelles Flats

If you prefer to plant your feet close to the ground, this is the time to go for the Seychelles flats. There is an extensive collection of flats from this company. And above everything, all these flats guarantee you ample support and do not compromise fashion anywhere. These flats are available in different shades and patterns.

The first here is Plateau Flat. It ensures you access the thought-sophisticated design; they are sleeker and highlight the subtle silver wedge with their ideal cushioned insole. In addition, they have a unique almond toe shape while the ankle is buckled. While the refined silhouette ensures there is a foot arch to appear delicate and petite. You can select from 9 unique designs.

Both are eye-catching, while others are made to feature natural metallic linen. Offstage Ankle Boot is second, which is available in a slightly squared toe and features the stretchy twin gore making it easy to slip off or on the access. It is about 1.5  inches high. These boots are made for walking alongside the sey-curve tech to balance the weight while evading toe cramping or slippage. Survival Leather Mule is a unique flat in this category and one of the reliable instances when functioning blending with fashion.

It has crisscross leather info at the upper while the insole is cushioned. It is ideal for afternoon errands as it embodies the perfect elegance to have a cocktail evening, and they are versatile for any event. You can choose the muted pink nubuck or the rose gold leather flats. Second last here comes Powerful Loafer, which is ready to help showcase regal elegance through its ruffled data at the upper. These loafers make you appear like a royal family member as they are tailored to meet perfection.

They also display the accordion centerpiece found at the front while the subtle stocked at the heel elevating height. They are available in different shades and match all the jackie kennedy-esque monochromatic outfits for a splendid appearance. Cloak Loafer sums up our section. This flat is focused on making you highlight your cottage core youthfulness or academic preppiness essence.

It's a classic kiltie tassel located at the upper area of the shoe, while the rim is decorated with leather ribbons to make it virtually appealing. Please choose from 3 shades and match them with your ideal slimming flannel pants, trench coat, and black turtleneck. You can order these shoes in the comfort of your home without issues.

Customer Review

Seychelles Shoes Review aimed to evaluate the brand's online reputation. This is only deduced from the customer testimonials and ratings. Many sites present honest feedback on the brand; while some have complained, there are more positive reviews than complaints.

Starting with Amazon, The Women Jump at The Chance scores 3.4 stars, average but evaluated from 17 global ratings. Most customers praised lucrative deals, high-quality shoes, and extensive collections, but it is only focused on women. Zappos also gives us another perspective, and most of the feedback on the site has been rated considering three aspects. These are comfort, style, and overall experience with the brand. A customer on the site stated:-

"These slip-ons are incredibly supple and comfy. It has the feel of lamb or goat skin—a little on the small side. I'm generally a 7.5, but occasionally an 8. After reading other reviews, I got an 8, and they fit well. "I'm overjoyed."

The Next Site is Trip Advisor, and generally, the brand scores 4.4 stars from 259 reviews. This rating is simply impressive. It indicates that customers are delighted with these footwear collections. The shoes are fantastic and worth the purchase. But on Nicole Remy, the author also reviews the brand praising the shoes, high quality, and durability and then compliments the collection for making summer vacation perfect.

The Wirecutter also reviews the brand from the New York Times Magazine and focuses on the sandals. The main areas that impressed the author are the shoes' availability, styles, comfort, and quality. And From the best sellers or picks on the blog, you can make an informed decision. Reddit thread also has fantastic information on the consensus of the brand. You can follow along to get more data and ratings.

Lastly, Allyn Lewis presents a detailed review but only considers the Floodplain Booties. And what makes the author love these boots are their comfort, height, elegant appearance, and perfect fitting.

The above testimonials are all you need. Though some have complained about the inconsistent sizes, the general rating and testimonials are positive.

Where to Buy Seychelles Shoes

To this far, the first recommended place to purchase Seychelles Shoes should be in your mind. We would not insist on the official website You will have an extensive collection of different shoe styles and sizes. However, this footwear for women is also available in online stores under various partner retailers. Among these online retail stores includes:-

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Is Seychelles Shoes Worth It?

If you struggle to find the latest, trendy kicks with modern styles and guaranteed comfort, we urge you to look at the Seychelles Shoes. This review is delighted to conclude that the brand is worth it. This is because they have an extensive collection of footwear for any occasion, which ranges from typical boots to summer heels, which are friendly to wear.

This assortment of collections is appealing to many people, and this justifies the claim that these kicks are ideal for any aesthetic. Multiple cheerful customer reviews exist, from their official website to external sites. Sure enough, we can second that you will never sacrifice your fashion for practicality. This is because all the footwear is designed from high-quality and durable materials through special technology.

Hence, they come with the optimal fittings. If you have been looking for unique, memorable, reliable, and high-quality footwear, Seychelle offers you an extensive collection worth browsing. However, because there is no adequate information on the feedback, we also encourage you to select cautiously. We know some have complained about the sizing, but gauging the company's credibility and trustworthiness, it is still worth your time.

And when it comes to the shipping as well as return policy, the brand stands out. These policies are impressive, and if the shoes don't fit you or there are any issues, you have a 30 days window to return them to the store. Capitalize on their footwear brand and save through the lucrative deals, giveaways, and frequent sales open the site. Also, buyers have an easy time as the shoes are easily accessible even through online retailers.

Seychelles Shoes Discounts

Seychelles shoes have many discounts and promotions on the site. From the start, you can sign up for the mailing list or even newsletter, then get 15% off on the first order. Besides the frequent sales on the site, customers based in the contiguous US region still have the opportunity to get free ground shipping. Always keep checking for the discounted price when you shop by category. However, we cannot spot any promo code at the moment.

Seychelles Shoes Contact

Besides Seychelles Footwear featuring the online message form on its website, many methods exist to contact the company. That is if you have a pending query that needs consultation. Our research has also revealed that the Seychelles support team is available for support through the email address where you can compose and send the mail to

On top of that, you can opt for a telephone call if the query needs an urgent response. The team thus is accessible just a phone call away at 310-335-0102. Additionally, for those who love social media platforms, Seychelles gives you a unique approach to contacting the team. Follow them on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook page and collaborate with the team; send them direct messages, and have your concerns addressed asap.


Q. Which shoe sizes do the Seychelles brand offer customers?

Seychelles gives customers access to different shoe sizes. Their website shows they currently have US sizes from 6 to 11. Additionally, on their website, they also feature the UK and Eu size conversion.

Q. Do Seychelles shoes fit true to size?

From the information found on their website, the brand claims that their shoes are designed with fitting true-to-size aspects in mind. But few customers have singled out that these shoes tend to run a little big. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the measuring instructions keenly before placing an order. Visit their website for a detailed outline on measuring the shoe or foot size.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Seychelles brand?

If you are living in the continental US region, then you can enjoy free standard shipping services. On top of the standard shipping, you can also opt for expedited 2-day and overnight shipping. That is only if you need to deliver the urgent order to your destination faster. Seychelles is in transit and takes about 2 working days to process the order. Therefore, customers get a confirmation mail with the tracking link before sending the order out. At the moment, the company doesn't have an international shipping option.

Q. What is the return policy of Seychelles company?

Unlike other shoe brands, Seychelles also allows customers to return the products. Therefore, if you feel unsatisfied with the purchase, the company gives you 30 days to return the order to the store for a refund. However, your item must still be in its original condition and packaged in the box to be eligible. Also, note that customers must cater for the return shipping charges. Lastly, to initiate the return process, you must fill out the form on the site, and the support team will direct you to the next step.


Seychelles is a famous brand specializing in designing and selling shoes with different styles and ideal for other occasions. The company has built its reputation by focusing on the customer's comfort. Online customer feedback complements the firm for its impressive designs, extensive collection, and favorable shipping and return policy.

In the above article, we have highlighted the company's history, best-selling shoes, customer ratings, promotions, and where to purchase these shoes. Most customers are happy with their purchase, and if you are looking for simple, durable, and comfortable kicks, try out Seychelles shoes today and match them with any dress.

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