Ten Thousand Shorts Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy It?

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If you are looking for one of the best men’s activewear, Ten Thousand Short should be on your list of choices. Why? Read on to know more!

Looking for trending activewear for men is very difficult. This is why when you get a good brand that supplies you nothing but quality, you should shop from them. In the past, most producers focused on women's outfits. However, with the globalization of the world, men's fashion has come into high concentration due to the high demand by men to look good at all times.

If you have been looking for one of the best brands that will supply you with all kinds of activewear to boost your appearance and make you look sharp, then you are making the best decision. You might get confused because of the numerous brands that offer the same items. However, you can spot the right one because of the quality of their wear. Ten Thousand Shorts is a brand that offers activewear made with quality material specifically for men.

If you are looking for wear that is trending, then you should stop at this brand’s website to shop. This brand is known for its quality, reading this review will make you know everything about this brand. This is necessary because you might be confused about this brand and you might not know how to go about it. If you want to know if the brand is legit or not, then you need to read this review.

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Ten Thousand Shorts Review

Ten Thousand Shorts is a brand that offers men’s activewear. They offer premium quality wear, great design, styles, and nice colors all at an affordable price. They have been able to master the act of producing clothes with technology with a mix of amazing styles. If you are looking for shirts, shorts, pants, and other clothing accessories that are highly fashionable yet functional, then you can always count Ten Thousand Shorts for it.

The brand has gained popularity all over the internet after it has featured in so many publications in the past. This has made them featured in some magazines such as Forbes, Business Insider, Mensjournal, Men’s health, and so many more. The brand was founded by Eugenio Labadie and Nowak Keith in 2013 in New York, USA. They source their material from Taiwan and Italy.

They are designed with a high sense of fashion but it has a specific function. This review will take a long view on the advantages and disadvantages of this brand, the customer ratings, and testimonies from a reliable website to help you know what their customers are saying all over the internet, the reason why I like using the brand, promos, discounts, FAQS, and many more.

Ten Thousand Shorts Pros

Ten Thousand Shorts Cons

Why We Like Ten Thousand Shorts

This brand offers a wide range of shirts, shorts, pants, and so many other clothing items. If you are looking for items made with high-quality fabrics, then you should shop with Ten Thousand shorts.

Customer Review

After carrying out impressive research to know what customers are saying about this brand, I found out that most of the reviews were positive. There is a satisfactory review made by customers who are pleased with the brand. These testimonies were based on the products, fashion, function, premium quality, price, delivery, and some important policies. While customers were impressed by the quality of the items some were making negative comments about the price of the items.

I made use of the Trust pilot as my main website to know what customers are saying about this brand. There is a satisfactory rating of 2.5-star on this website with about 40 percent of positive testimonies. I was impressed because just a few customers complained about the price of their product when you compare it with something similar.

I bought my men’s wear and I was pleased with it. However, I was not okay with the price because I felt it was too expensive when I compared it with some other brands.

Where to Buy Ten Thousand Shorts

If you want to enjoy a great price and the best deal, you will have to shop from their online platform. However, if you still want to buy from another country, you can do so on Huckberry

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Is Ten Thousand Shorts Worth It?

You can only find very few negative reviews on the brand by customers. The brand has been said to have placed a high price tag on its clothes. However, the brand has argued that these clothes are made of superior quality. The brand has enjoyed high positive on most of its bestsellers. I will recommend this brand because the brand is worth it. You can enjoy their promos, policy that includes a lifetime warranty, and also free shipping.

Ten Thousand Shorts Discounts

If you are looking for a specific discount to enjoy discounts, you might not get it because they don’t offer codes. Nevertheless, you can enjoy some promo

Ten Thousand Shorts Contact

Do you want to make your inquiry or know more about this brand beyond this review, then you can reach them via the following


Q. What is the return policy of Ten Thousand Shorts?

You can request a return within 90 days after your order has been shipped. The brand offers both exchange and returns. When returning, you must make sure the items are in their original packaging, untouched, unworn, and must have their item tags on. If you have a damaged item, you are qualified for both returns and exchange after inspection. You can contact the customer support team to commence this process.

Q. What is the shipping policy of this brand?

The brand does not offer oversea shipping. All delivery is internally bound. However, you can enjoy free shipping on any kind of order, there is no particular shopping price attached to enjoy their free delivery. Your order can take up to 3 to 5 days to be processed and shipped within 5 to 7 days based on your location. You can also access their product via Hucksberry if you are outside the US. You have to pay for delivery using this online retailer.

Q. What kind of warranty can I get in Ten Thousand Shorts?

You can enjoy a lifetime warranty being offered by Ten Thousand Shorts. This policy implies that you can make a return for free if you discover that the item is damaged or faulty. You will be refunded in full.


A lifetime warranty is a very rare policy offered by companies especially when it comes to fashion. When it comes to making you look classy and manly, then you will need a touch of Ten Thousand Shorts apparel. They have premium quality material for you, impressive designs, and many more. When making your decision, this review will help you out.

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