Glow Recipe Review: Are Their Ingredients Effectively Treating Skin Care Concerns?

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Do you want to try fruit-powered skincare products that make your skin healthy and glow? Glow Recipe might be your perfect partner. This Glow Recipe review will explore the company, from the foundation to the best-selling products. Learn from experts and make a professional investment.

Are you still wondering why Glow Recipe mainly uses colorful packaging? Then come easy and learn along with us. We will take you through a detailed review of the Glow Recipe's innovative ingredients. The company believes in the value of skincare as fun, but there is much more to learn from the customers' ratings online.

In the previous articles, we have reviewed many brands that still offer you effective skin care products, But not all rely on fruit-powered ingredients. You can use it as well as glow and still make your skin healthy with only Glow Recipe. If you are such a person, then this is your dream partner.

Thus, before going into details about the best-selling skincare products, we recommend summarising the brand's history and what they have to offer you to the current market.

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Glow Recipe Review

Glow Recipe is a Korean-based brand offering skincare that relies on fruit-based ingredients. You can get products ranging from Toners to cleansers, serums, lotions, and masks in the facial treatment inventory. There is a lot more in store for you. Since Glow Recipe is a K-beauty company founded by two duos, Christien Chang and Sarah Lee, the company was established in 2017 upon luncheon of the watermelon Glow Sleeping mask as the first product.

The product recorded seven consecutive items selling on Sephora and other stores. Though it's still upcoming, the brand is storming over the market. The two duos got the inspiration to establish the brand based on the market gap that the founders identified. First, they pitched their business ideas to the Shark Tank to establish the skincare brand.

The two girls were all L'oreal Korea Marketers, which means they already had marketing skills and industry experience./ Immediately through the video audition, the founders managed to feature on the Shark Tank Glow recipe series and featured in the studio to promote their brand to Sharks. Later, the founders received an offer where the deal was worth $425000 as an investment from Robert Herjavec.

In the long run, the two turned down the deal while still working alongside Shark Tank, who was by then helping to lift the brand to the limelight. The founders clarify that though they are certain about what Shark Tank will do as their business is concerned, they have hopes and promises customers to offer them enjoyable products, best-in-class support staff, and a seamless experience.

With time, Glow Recipe was listed among the best-sellers on Sephora, from where they got the opportunity to launch Pink Juice Moisturizer. This product had excellent inception to the market; in less than 2 hours, the products were sold out while still pre-sale.

Later on, Glow Recipe also established Sweet Chef as the sister brand that specializes in providing vitamins as well as health-targeting products still under the skincare niche. The brand is still developing and expanding. But for the online reviews and our experience, we have gathered some pros and cons to meditate about before deciding.

Glow Recipe Pros:

Glow Recipe Cons:

Why We Like Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe, as a brand, offers numerous skincare ingredients in the collection targeting different skin conditions. The inventory carries products ranging from moisturizers to serums, mists, masks, toners, and cleansers; as a customer, you can buy a list that carries all the skincare items based on your preferences. The brand's website is easy to navigate, and you can explore products based on the fruit type used to extract ingredients.

Other products come with added ingredients and, more so, treats for face application. Glow Recipe also provides a merchandise line that covers clothing, stickers, and hair clips. Therefore, due to the need of our customers and with support in helping you save time selecting the products, we have highlighted some of your favorite skincare products.

The Best-Selling Glow Recipe  Skincare Products

As stated, numerous skincare products are under this brand, but the first one on our list is Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. This mask is among the famous and best-selling on Sephora but is not typical. Typically, it has a shiny appearance with slim-based consistency to make it bouncy as well as luxurious. It mainly focuses on perfecting and smoothening the skin all night.

The mask is a pillow proof and no need to worry about staining your bed. Its formula functions like a radiance-boosting ingredient, such as a hyaluronic acid mask but with added amino-rich extract from watermelon. It also exfoliates skin due to the presence of the pore-refining AHAs. It's available in 2 sizes to select from.

Second is Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, designed to help improve the under-eye area from dark circles. The mask is perfect for freshening the eye and contains avocado ingredients, niacinamide, encapsulated retinol, and coffeeberry.

It also works well in smoothening lines, brightening skin, and moisturizing and puffing skin. This product makes you feel awake and look younger in the shortest time. It is tested and approved by a professional hence safe without harmful chemicals, and recommended to apply a pea size amount each night.

The next is Pineapple-C Bright Serum. This serum has been proven effective in attaining the glass skin beauty complexion. However, you must follow a serious application routine as a regimen. The serum is packaged in a beautiful pineapple-inspired bottle and contains 22% of pineapple juice content. This offers your skin vitamin C. For acne scars, healing the dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, the serum contains pure ascorbic acid and stable-3 0-Ethyl ascorbic acid to facilitate the process.

Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum is another best-selling Glow Recipe skincare product and targets making your skin smooth as well as plumpThe product involves the blend of plum, extract, and 5-mole hyaluronic acid with the water gel consistency, which makes it effective in hydrating skin. The moisturizing power comes from the ingredients, which are silk protein and vegan collagen.

For toners, there is a best-selling Watermelon Glow Pore-Tight Toner on the market. This is a unique component to have in the skincare product list. This Toner can multitask, tighten pores, and hydrate skin. It is manufactured with a blend of PHA, BHA, cactus water, watermelon extract, tea tree extract, cucumber extract, and hyaluronic acid.

The products were inspired by the Koran Aqua Peel facial that works on hydrating and exfoliating the skin. In the store, you will find it in two sizes, 40 ml, and 150 ml bottles.

There is also Papaya Sorbet Cleansing Balm. It acts as a remover in helping remove dirt and dissolves the makeup using its balm-to-milk oil ingredients. It utilizes the natural papaya enzyme. This bamp got inspiration from the Korean Beauty 1:1 method that relies on massage skincare items but ensures that your skin is cleansed and moisturized.

We also have the likes of Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer that falls on the website's list of best-sellers. This timeless hype contains 90% of amino acid watermelon-rich extract,  vitamins, soothing botanicals, and hyaluronic acid. The product is 100% oil-free but made to act as a cooling gel emulsion to prep[ and hydrate skin. It also contains antioxidants for offering damage prevention while repairing damaged skin cells. You can use it anytime, day as well as night time.

The list is endless, but we cannot close it without mentioning Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser. This is also the best-selling cleanser capable of cleaning the blemish after removing makeup. This combined cleanser is perfect for hydrating skin, combating blemishes, and eliminating breakouts.

The primary ingredient is a blueberry extract. With vitamins and antioxidants, the cleanser can prevent premature aging signs, reduce discoloration, and calm inflammation if not hydrating the skin. It is a 3 in 1 product.

Lastly, the Glow Recipe has a complete Skincare Wardrobe Vault Set package containing over 5 skincare products. With this option, you can save much money under one all-time routine collection in a single set. This is well known as the 13-piece skincare kit, and it's our favorite among the products this company offers.

Customer Review

Most people online, from the new to the frequent old customers, have rated this Gloe Recipe as excellent for skin care treatment. While we could not locate general feedback on the website, numerous external sites have genuine reviews.

The first approach is the Byrdie platform. On this site, the author reviews the brand while highlighting the 8 best products from the place to go for. As the K-inspired brand, the author calls the customers Glow gang for containing holy grail products like watermelon Glow PHA+BHA pore tight Toner. But the brand has built the name considering its famous Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask.

For The Derm Review website, the author also goes into detail praising the beautiful and colorful packaging and gives many reasons why this company is hype regarding the skincare industry. There are alternatives online, but Glow Recipe remains cruelty-free and offers a favorable return and shipping policy. To clarify, here is what the author concludes:-

"Glow recipe merchandise, in our viewpoint, provide good value for money, but consider other brands that do not entail you to forego your hard-earned cash. We recommend brands that are dedicated to creating safe and effective commodities." Amazon is another site with honest customer ratings. Watermelon Glow scores 4.5 stars on this site after considering 1481 global reviews. We consider this excellent, and customers are delighted with their purchases.

The self site also gives a clear outline of the ingredients and the products this company offers, and the author gives you the targeted customer on the market for effective performance. The author is amazed at the skincare products. You can also attest to the verdict on this site:

"I knew I liked K-beauty and Glow Recipe earlier, but it's now my holy grail. I observed an important transformation in the general looks of my skin after using this serum consistently for one month. If you're on the fence about purchasing this, let this review be the thing that convinces you to do so."

You can also analyze the reviews on, Quill Media, Glamour, and Organic Beauty Lover online through the Youtube Video Review. This alone will give you a direction in making conclusions.

Looking at these few feedbacks, many people are left with positive experiences online. A few drawbacks do not make us deny the brand its credit. We make it a no-brainer choice for the next skincare product purchase.

Where to Buy Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a perfect alternative for all skincare conditions and beauty needs. Thus, if you have any issues and think the Glow Recipe is worth it, you must be searching for a perfect place to order the skincare products.

We are happy to inform you that you can access all the Glow Recipe products under their official store, Otherwise, our research revealed that these products are available in online retail stores. While there are many, you must be extra careful to avoid purchasing fake skin care products. Thus, consider the blow retail store:-

Is Glow Recipe Worth It?

While evaluating if Glow Recipe is worth it, we had to consider the aspects like quality, customer support, response, collections, the results, as well as the price of these skincare products. Glow Recipe is worth the money to come out clearly, and we highly recommend trying their products. They have a massive collection of cosmetic products to select from, and their website is just simple to explore, with detailed information to guide you.

They have organized their cosmetic products into categories so that you can go to the section based on your needs or preferred fruit extract. Fruit ingredients are the key and active content of these products. Thus, you can pick products depending on your skin condition and what you want to treat the facial blemishes well as a skin condition.

These guys are transparent, and beneath each product, they have listed all the details, including ingredients, and come out stating the expected effect on the skin. This is very vital for customers to grasp before purchasing the product. To sum up, with reason, Glow Recipe is committed to sustainability and offers you 100% natural products with fruit-based ingredients.

The formula is not only vegan but also cruelty-free and empresses sustainable packaging. However, we will not assume negative reviews in this review as well. Most people have reported issues with the shipping policy as well as unfavorable consistency in these products. Since it's not a universal challenge, the positive outweighs the proof that the brand is worth your money. They offer a free return on all the products, an excellent option for issues with them. Give it a try.

Glow Recipe Discounts

Glow Recipe gives you endless options if you want lucrative deals or discounts. First, the company offers you 15% off on sitewide when you use the promo code GLOWFORLESS. There is also free shipping on all orders when you place an order totaling $40 and above. To proceed, you can enjoy the free hydrated highlights trio when you place an order that adds up to $120 or over.

For newcomers, they have a great deal where they give you 10% off on your first order as long as you subscribe to their website. This move also gives you access to other lucrative deals and updates on the latest sales. Still, you qualify for the purchase of 2 pieces of the satin skin bubbles when you place an order that adds to 105 bucks and above.

The gifts above come with the free strawberry BHA pore smooth blur drops of 5ml and a satin knot bag. However, to claim this, you8 must use the promo code ALLSATINEVERYTHING. Again with the code GLOWNADGLOW, you also qualify for the free hair and body repair trior, but the order must total $10 and above. We cannot exclude this brand from the referral programs as well.

Therefore, when you refer a friend, you give them $15 while they receive $15. The reward program also offers subscribers the option to get points to access exclusive perks in the collection with special offers. They also guarantee students 15% off on their orders. But for the professional artist and esthetician, you have a choice to make and join the Glow pro plan to receive the 30% off on all the products you order from the store. There are many more deals on the website.

Glow Recipe Contact

Thus this far, you might still have issues that need clarification as the Glow Recipes are concerned. For this reason, we have compiled various methods to contact the customer support team. For any questions related to orders, reach them through mail at, while if it's related to the customer's service, read out to them at But When it's a consultation regarding skincare issues, the team is also available at

Return issues are addressed by sending mail through, while on the press concerns, send them mail If all the above are not the best option, it is so unfortunate that currently, the company does not have phone call support. Instead, you can reach out to them on their social media accounts. Such includes Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Q. Who is the owner of the Glow Recipe?

The company was founded by two duos who are still the current owner. These are Sarah Lee as well as Christine Chang.

Q. Are Glow Recipe products safe for humans?

From the online information and data provided on the website, the company relies on 100% natural ingredients. These plant-based ingredients are safe for humans and sustainable for the environment.

Q. Does Glow Recipe offer clean products?

The Glow Recipe products are not only cruelty-free but also clean as well as free from harmful elements like phthalates, sulfate, and parabens.

Q. Do Glow Recipe products come with expiry dates?

If you are wondering whether the Glow Recipe products have a shelf life, then it is our pleasure to state that these products, including masks, have an expiry date. You can see these expiry dates mainly on the packaging as well as bottle designs with the products you have chosen. Therefore before shipping, the company inspects its products considering the expiry and production dates.

Q. Where are the Glow Recipe manufacturing facilities situated?

Even though the company has its headquarters in California, the manufacturing plants are elsewhere. From the information, the Glow Recipe products are made in factories and plants in South Korea.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Glow Recipe?

In our research, we found that the company offers numerous ship[ping choices available for customers based in the US. But, they offer free standard shipping when you place an order totaling $35 though this does not involve the products on promotion. However, if your order is below the threshold, you must pay the fixed shipping charge of $7.

The company takes 5 to 8 business days to deliver through standard shipping. Still, there is also free express shipping, but your order must total $100 and above. In addition, Glow recipes have FedEx Express for customers, but this takes 3-5 business days to deliver the order. While the FedEx 2nd day air is available at an extra cost, it is so unfortunate that with the current situation, the company does not offer shipping to Puerto Rico as well as the Virgin Islands.

If you are a customer based in Canada, then the brand offers you shipping but using the DHL international standard. Still, there is first class mail which takes a max of 15 business days and the last 5 business days to deliver your order but charges a flat rate of $17.50 as a shipping charge. Customers based in Canada only qualify for free shipping if your order adds up to $100.

They also offer the DHL international standard as shipping services for international customers. This way, it ends up taking 15 business days to ship. The charges vary, but you can refer to their website for more information.

Q. What is the return policy of the Glow Recipe?

Glow Recipe offers a favorable return policy. All US-based orders qualify for the free return services. However, customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to taste the products and return them if there are damages or something else.

You can initiate the return process through the portal or account online. The company does not offer an exchange or return for international shipment, including regions like Canada. The final sales products like the gifts under purchase, mystery boxes, merch, kits, box sets, or standard kits do not qualify for the return.


From the reviews, the Glow Recipe products are sensuous. The company is sustainable and uses natural ingredients in manufacturing fruity smells and colorful and gorgeous packaging. Many customers have reported exceptional experiences, and it's among the options to consider for the next purchase. The brand has many products and works on skin conditions, from oily to combination.

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