Earth Shoes Review: Comfort and Wellness Perfect for Any Occasion!

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Want to discover stylish and comfortable footwear for all occasions? Here come the Earth shoes. Read our Earth Shoes review for more information about these eco-friendly shoes and versatile designs that are perfect for anyone.

One of the essential things among many customers is walking in comfortable shoes. Few brands promise the aspects like stylish, versatility, comfort, aesthetically appealing, eco-friendly, and affordability while maintaining high quality. Most companies sacrifice quality while lowering the price tag of their products.

However, with Earth shoes, the company has kept the promise and gives customers various choices concerning footwear. Through our experts' dedication and hard work, we will take you through the Earth Shoes review article and determine if their products meet all these claims.

Though the company has been on the market for decades, we intend to find out if they have gained real experience in shoe fashion design and if they aim to make our environment healthier for everyone. Let us start with the History of the brand.

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Earth Shoes Review

After being in business for a long time, Earth Shoes is a company based in the US that brags for standing time in the advanced wellness footwear fashion. The brand ventures to offer sustainable footwear in manufacturing as well as design. In their design collection, Earth consists of a retro-modern range of shoes for women. These shoes are designed with comfort and wellness in mind, perfect for any occasion.

They Are also crafted with the well-being of our surroundings in mind. The company aims at achieving a simple vision with my target to make customers not only look good but also do good and feel good. It is a possible brand that considers our environment and any mark it makes and takes responsibility for Earth.

Since they are dedicated to sustainable manufacturing, the company mainly relies on ingredients sourced from gluten-free shoeboxes, water-based, non-toxic glues, and vegetables with tanned leather. Though the company was established in the 1970s, in 2017, it partnered with Tree For The Future and managed to plant over 1 million trees.

Today, the company focuses its sales on planting trees, offering various families the basic needs for survival, such as food and shelter, and transitioning the farmers from the advanced but damaging method to the old- forest gardening farming system. They not only empower the farmers but also nurture them.

The company offers customers healthy footwear with a stylish appearance,  unique design, comfortable, and made with eco-friendly material. It has become popular among many people due to its versatility. Therefore, before we jump to the best-selling footwear, here is a comparison between the pros and cons of Earth Shoes.

Earth Shoes Pros:

Earth Shoes Cons:

Why We Like Earth Shoes

Just as the name suggests, the best way to put this across to you this brand is that they offer earthly shoes. Therefore, the company has everything in the store if you want a versatile, down-to-earth, casual brand under one roof. All the designs come in a unique style as well as comfort aspects across all the Earth Shoes.

As an investor of Earth Shoes, you will also have access to women not only sandals but also flats, sneakers, heels, boots, wedges, and casuals. The collection is extensive, and we cannot list everything because of time and review article length. Thus, this section will only focus on the best-selling Earth Shoes for better understanding and easy selection if you are a new customer.

The Best-Selling Earth Shoes

There are numerous popular and favorite designs that this brand offers. They range from Rocco onwards. Thus our first section in this famous list is the Earth Shoes Rocco. Though it features nubuck leather to give an extra soft feeling, it ensures they combine premium design with casual style. The pair is well known for its versatility hence simple and comes with the classic loafer silhouette. The precise laser cut makes them perfect for daily tasks as they are more breathable.

The second up on the line is the Monarch. The inspiration behind these shoes is the iconic moccasin made using premium leather. The material furthermore becomes softer with time as you put on the shoes. There are five colors to select from, but they are suitable for daily wear. The shoes also contain the power path footbed for ultra support and match all the casual fittings.

Up next is Erica, which though very simple, remains classic and can be a perfect addition to your wishlist. The Scandinavian design inspired the shoe and came with a soft silhouette, cork style power path footbed with rounded toe. Thus, the shoes guarantee not only enhanced support but also ample bounce. They are suitable for handling indoors or at work during the casual day. They are designed with moisture-wicking suede and recycled canvas in 3 colors from the inventory.

There is also Ellery, described as playful yet sophisticated shoes or clog. They are made with long-lasting as well as comfortable suede material. On the top, they contain the overlapping color blocked on panels to make them eye-catching. They are designed from the fabrics obtained on LWG gold that is tannery rated to guarantee customers' sustainability. Due to the presence of the moisture-wicking line, the shoes are perfect when worn during warm conditions. They are also comfortably fitting since they have the classic power path footbed.

Lastly, we have our favorite Earth Shoes as Shanti. The designer also made this unique by combining fashion, function, and ultra support. On the upper part, the shoes feature durable leather with an adjustable heel strap with its details studded., Their toe box is spacey, bouncy, and simple to put on or take off due to the rubber flex outsole.

Therefore, if you wish to get started with the Earth shoes today, never struggle; the above are some of our favorite and best-selling shoes on the market. Give it a try and save your time going through the whole inventory.

Customer Review

Looking at the customers' feedback can complement our stand on the Earth shoes review. Therefore, this article takes another direction, and we spend time online researching to understand the company's reputation. In the long run, we found various sites. However, we will start with the official website.

When you visit the website, you will realize that the brand has received compliments from genuine customers. The reviews on this site are divided; we have the product reviews, which account for 7831, while site reviews total up to 2438. Therefore, these ratings are excellent as most people have indicated their satisfaction level with 5-star feedback. For instance, one of the customers that bought the boots left feedback saying:-

"boot This boot is fantastic! I've gotten a lot of positive attention from them! They're wide enough, but I had to use footwear stretchers to accommodate my high instep and big toe knuckle. But I do it with often these footwear."

We also headed to their Facebook page. And here, we noted a 3.7-star rating after 248 reviews left on the page. Based on this opinion, customers are satisfied with their purchase. While many people have complained about the shipping issues and return process, some still complain that shipping is not universal.

This takes us to the Sitejabber. However, we got about 16 reviews, and the brand scored 3.4 stars. This indicates some of the customers are happy with the purchase at the store. However, they highlight issues about that service, shipping, and unfavorable return policy. That is not a big deal as many of these customers are happy. Therefore, among the feedback, here is a satisfactory customer recommendation:-

"I'm very pleasantly surprised. Every single cent was well spent. It is difficult to find a wonderful brand at such a low price. However, the quality and design are excellent."

Amazon also rates the Women Earth Solar black with 4.2 stars after a 117 global rating. This is a clear sign that the shoes are hyped on the market. To complement this review, you can also go through the detailed review or blog on the Cotton Cash merecathair. The author reviews various shoes while giving real experience.

Another excellent review is found on the Brand Rated website's blog; the author compares the pros and cons. Ultimately, he gives the verdict, highly recommending the brand for high-quality, long-lasting, vast, affordable shoes. The shoes are crafted to offer customer comfort and come in a unique style, trendy design, and fit where the author insists its eco-friendly material that makes them Earth-friendly.

Therefore, we also cannot hold back based on the reviews of the Barking DoShoes and the BBB rating. Instead, we genuinely love the brand and don't hesitate to give you the go-ahead.

Where to Buy Earth Shoes

Earth Shoes are available in multiple stores online. However, not all online retailers are reliable enough to offer genuine shoes from the brand. Therefore, the first place we recommend if you want to purchase Earth Shoes is their official store at You can also use the store locator feature on their website to find the nearest store based on your location. Otherwise, you can buy these shoes from online retailers such as:-

Are Earth Shoes Worth It?

With multiple discounts and promotions and numerous positive feedback online, Earth shoes remain a highly coveted footwear brand we highly recommend. The boots are woven and crafted with maximum comfort. They are consciously made with style using high-quality soft leather as well as suedes.

Looking online, clients attest not only to the quality but also the comfort of these shoes, where the brand gives the customer priority. Thus, these shoes are a hype, perfect bet worth your money.

The shoes are also made using eco-friendly materials and remain sustainable, and the brand engages in many charity activities aimed at helping society. Earth Shoes again comes featuring the original retro-inspired designs, which guarantees compliments from your friend upon purchase for the style, comfort, and trendy models.

Earth Shoes Discounts

Our review also went ahead to find out if the brand has something to offer you targeted to cut down your budget. Definitely, our experts in the research also realized that the company provides numerous discounts and promotions on their official store. Currently, they offer 20% off on the first order from the store.

This is only after subscribing or creating the account with your email address. You can subscribe to the mailing list to get all the latest deals and frequent sales promotions on the platform. Most of their shoes go at a reduced price. Keep an eye.

Earth Shoes Contact

If the above review article has not addressed everything you were looking for and you need clarification about Earth Shoes or the company in general, then we got you sorted. We have gone through the research and found multiple methods to contact them. Earth Shoes have listed the phone number to call 1-877-372-2814. You can as well send them an email to the address

On top of that, they also have an online contact form on their website which you can fill in with relevant details and send them. Besides these contact details, the team is active on social media accounts. Therefore, you can contact them anytime on their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. The staff and marketing team is online to serve you.


Q. How should I take care of my Erath Shoes?

To clean your Earth Shoes, wipe using a piece of clean damp clothing. Afterward, treating your shoes using an eco-friendly cream conditioner would be best. However, with the suede shoes, we recommend cleaning with a dry clean cloth. From there, you can utilize the brush while removing all the diets that remain on it.

Q. Do earth shoes run small to size?

Earth shoes from the online information run wide to size. The shoes take the shape of feet; therefore, the company ensures you have access to the enormous collection of wide shoes.

Q. Does Earth match the shoe prices?

From our experience and data from the online information, the company does not match their shoe prices based on other retailers. When the brand lists the shoes on sale within 14 days, you can purchase them at a discounted price. There are plenty of offers you can enjoy on their website.

Q. Are Earth shoes fitting true to size?

Most customers online have praised these shoes for fitting true to size. Most people love this fact and appreciate the brand for considering the sizing. They even clarify that in case of any issue, connect the support team for assistance.

Q. Do Earth shoes come with an arch support feature?

Though the shoes have an arch support feature, the support is moderate. If you are keen online, you will notice that some of these shoes are highly rated for having excellent arch support.

Q. What shoe sizing does Earth company offer customers?

On their website and from the online retailers, Earth Shoes are available in the US sizing, and the size ranges from 6 to 12. Other designs have the exact sizing, both wide and medium width.

Q. What is the Earth Shoes shipping policy?

While the company is working on expanding its coverage, at the time of writing this review, Earth shoe firm was offering shipping to Canada and US states alone. They offer free standard shipping in the US, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska, as well as APO, AE, AA, or AP regions for all the orders from their store. The company ships its orders through the FedEx and UPS primary carriers, but final delivery is done using UPS.

When you use FedEx and USPS, expect your delivery within 5 to 10 business days from the dispatch date, based on your region. Any order that customers place immediately after 2 pm is processed and sent the following business day. Besides standard shipping, there are also 2-day expedited available to US-based orders.

This option ensures that your order is delivered before 4:30 pm if it's to your business but for the residence by 8 pm. shipping does not include the weekends or, instead, the holidays. When you place an order totaling $120, the company guarantees you free standard shipping but does not include the northern territories, Nunavut, Yukon, and Northwest territories. Most of the orders are dispatched within 2 business days.

For canada customers, the company promises to deliver within 10 business days, and this depends on the region. The above transit time does exclude the processing time, which is 24 to 36 hours for standard orders.

Q. Do Earth Shoes offer order tracking?

Earth Shoes have the tracking option for all orders shipped from their official store. You can access the order tracking service on the Earth shoes account, and if you are a guest, go to the orders section on their website and locate the track order icon. It will redirect you to carriers such as UPS, USPS, or FedEx, then use your tracking number or order number.

Q. What is the return policy of Earth Shoes?

The company is dedicated to ensuring that customers are  100% satisfied. Therefore, you can return to the store if your order or product you purchased does not satisfy you or has issues. Through return, i is subject to refund; this excludes the final sales products. They approve returns when your products are still in original condition, unworn, and when returned within a window of 90 days from the date of purchase.

However, the company charges customers the return shipping cost, which is $5, and deducted from the refund. Earth Shoes does not have a direct exchange. For this reason, they highly encourage you to try the shoes indoors first for fitting before you wear them in your regular duties. Replacement and refund are only applicable when purchased from their official website.

Customers based in the US can enjoy free return shipping since the packages come with a free USPS return label. Initiating a return is very simple as long as you have the account. If you are the guest, you can return the order if you follow the relevant procedure.


Earth Shoes is a famous brand offering high-quality, comfortable shoes featuring the original retro-inspired design. In the above review article, we have covered the brand from the foundation to the customers' feedback, discounts, and best-selling shoes in the inventory. The company has built its name from multiple compliments online about its breathability, lightweight, and moisture-wicking design. Earth Shoes is here if you want premium footwear comfort without breaking the bank. They offer professional customer care support and guaranteed discounts or lucrative deals. Give it a try today.

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