Elysium Health Review: Are These Anti-Aging Products Worth the Investment?

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Need help finding a reliable brand offering dietary supplements promoting healthy aging? Try the Elysium Health products, but before that, here is a closer look into the brand, the scientific evidence, and customer feeds to guide you in making decisions. Let us find out if the company is worth your money.

The research indicates that most people tend to lose control while aging. This got so many impacts on adults. But among the profound is the lack of self-esteem which results in a high death rate or life expectancy. Thus, there is a need to gain control over the aging process from the outside and the inside.

Many companies claim to offer support through manufacturing different products, but Elysium Health has developed a different approach to looking at their dietary supplements. While NAD is responsible for spending the aging signs, you can also see its impact. In conjunction with organizations and institutions, the company has made significant contributions despite following strict pharmaceutical standards.

Elysium Health has gained popularity with huge customers on social media platforms. Due to the quality and guaranteed results, the company has been featured in reputable magazines like Psychology Today, etc., indicating numerous complimentary.

They have also won multiple awards, including the 2017 MIT Technology Review. However, is the brand worth the money, or does it work? Well, the answers are simple in the below Elysium Health review article. Read to the end and learn more from the best-selling to the company overviews and promotions.

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Elysium Health Review

Elysium Health is a New York-based company founded by the trio involving the coordination of Eric Maracotulli as the CEO, Dan Alminana as the COO, and Leonard Guarente as the chief scientist. The firm came into the market in 2014 with the vision to help bring impact to those people searching for the anti-aging solution through scientific research.

Therefore, Elysium Health first focuses on the NAD+ level in the body. Their website, specifically on the NAD+ page, profoundly highlighted the coenzyme and its importance in facilitating cellular energy and its biological tasks, which reduce aging. Therefore, the founders realized that controlling these enzymes can slow the aging signs and its effect. But there is also a need for research to verify this fact.

The brand Elysium Health was established based on the foundation of its highly rated Jack Szostak as the Nobel-winning board staff. This guy has also illustrated how managing the chromosome and preventing its damage can help manage cellular aging. While it is still developing, the company partnered with other firms, and currently, they are engaging in a deep research trial on the treatment of the skin through the prototype.

This also involves the treatment of the cognitive and muscle conditions associated with aging as well as the microbiome. They insist they can package and bring their research to the market for successful treatment once their study is complete. The main product of Elysium Health is Basis which consists of the B3 vitamin that is NR(Nicotinamide riboside) that acts as a precursor to the NAD+.

The second component of the Basis is the Pterostilbene available in plants. The company has detailed information on its website about Pterostilbene and how the polyphenol facilitates healthy cell function. This is because the product has anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. Still, in further research, Elysium Health sirtuins also indicate that proteins are responsible for the homeostasis in the cells.

Thus, this constitutes the Basis formula as the main product of Elysium Health. There is also ongoing research that might bring out the benefits of the products in increasing longevity. Hence, leaving out the scientific terminology that should not scare you, let us go through the pros and cons of Elysium Health before exploring the best-selling Elysium Health products.

Elysium Health Pros:

Elysium Health Cons:

Why We Like Elysium Health

While writing the review, we realized that Elysium Health offers the 3 main products on its website. These products have reported multiple positive reviews online, as seen in the next section. However, the brand is still working on research to establish more products. There are numerous reasons why we would love to recommend this company. You can select between the Basis and Matter in the Elysium Health inventory. This consists of dietary and health supplements. The product is the Index, a perfect anti-home biological age testing kit designed for you.

To introduce you to these products, Basis is an effective daily supplement that professionals have proved to be capable of increasing the NAD+  level in your body by around 40%. This is a good move in giving you control to promote healthy cellular aging.

For Matter, though it's just the typical daily supplement like Basis, the difference is that it has been researched and established with a partnership between the brand and other reputable institutions like the University of Oxford. Therefore, this Matter targets boosting long-term brain health. The Index is a home kit for biological age testing sold individually—more in the next section.

The Best-Selling Elysium Health Products In-Depth

Bais is the leading best-selling supplement but targets cellular health and optimization. These supplements are available in capsules and have been proven by reputable clinics as safe. The pills can help sustain the NAD+ level among adults, and taking at least two capsules in the morning without or even with food is recommended.

The products mainly focus on NAD+, a vital coenzyme regulating metabolic stages. Thus with sustained NAD+, there is improved nutrient conversion to energy, and Basis comes to give the body this support as yNAD reduces with age. The products combine the cooperation of the elements, which are Pterostilbene and the precursor nicotinamide riboside, in functioning.

Hence, with improved cellular health and optimization, the Basis helps reduce premature deterioration, a common sign of aging. For the monthly supply, customers receive 60 pills that will only cost you $60 for Basis if it's an individual purchase. The subscription-based plan varies depending on your selected method, a 6- and 12-month commitment.

The second product from this brand is Matter. This one was formulated in collaboration with the University of Oxford. Though it's a dietary supplement for daily use, it focuses on the B vitamin complex, which is said to be responsible for slowing the brain deterioration accompanying aging among adults.

Meanwhile, vitamin B is well known to be effective in sustaining the brain retention capability as well as basic cognitive power, which we tend to presume. As we age, we lose up to one-fifth of our brain volume. Therefore, Matters comes to your rescue as the solution for the long-term daily health supplement. The cost is also the same as a primary 60 pills monthly, which costs 60 bucks as a one-time purchase.

Up next is the Index. This biological age test kit is used at home while evaluating biological age. It measures the customer's unique biomarkers, which vary depending on genetics and lifestyle. The company claims that when you understand how quickly you are getting old, it becomes easy to identify the contributing factors to gain control of yourself.

Index utilizes the saliva as a sample, and when it fails, this brand recommends that you take it to their lab and get results within 6 weeks. The Index will only cost you $499, while the subscribers can enjoy access to it at only 299 bucks.

In the above section, we have seen that the company offers three products, two focusing on daily supplements while the other is a home biological age test kit. On their website, you can purchase individual products or go by subscription, allowing you to access exclusive discounts.

The brand also allows you to customize the monthly package for individuals or families, which can only be 5 people. You can pause, cancel, and kin-based on your needs. Highlight the price and refer to their websites. They have broken down from one-time purchases or subscriptions such as one year, 6 months, and monthly.

Customer Review

Per our review routine, the Elysium Health review would only be complete by seeing what other customers had to say after purchasing from this brand. Thus, this forced us to go the extra mile and research the customers' feedback to help us evaluate the worthiness of these supplement products. There are numerous sites with customer reviews online.

Starting our list is their official website, elysiumhealth,com. There is a lot of feedback which indicates the satisfaction level of the customers. 4.4 stars out of the 159 reviews is exceptionally excellent. Many people have complimented Basis, considering it perfect. One of the happily satisfied clients compliments with the statement:-

"Elysium is a true miracle. We haven't had "tip of your tongue" word frustration since we started taking it about four years back, and we recall the names, events, as well as everything much superior. My brain feels like it's 20 years younger! With no negative side effects! Thank you for creating such an amazing product."

This also leads us to the Sitejabber. On this platform, the brand gets 1 star after 2 reviews. This is not satisfying, but two customers cannot make us conclude. Up next is the Trustpilot. The customers on Trustpilot indicate their satisfaction level. Three stars out of 8 reviews. Most of these clients were impressed with the purchase based on the return, the quality, and the value for their money. Here is a satisfied customer praising the aging control capability of these supplements:-

"I am already 71 years old. I've had Basis for two years and Matter for one. I'm in good health. Basis is thought to aid in cell regeneration, while Matter is thought to promote long-term brain health. The following is an illustration of Basis efficacy."

On the Nebula Genomic site, the author also evaluates the brand in detail, stating how effective these Basis are in slowing aging and fueling cellular health. In summary, the brand scores 4 stars here, looking at the outcome, the science behind and pricing. Heading to the Thing Testing website, the company also gets 4.5 stars rating after 2 reviews from the clients. Many people here are surprised by the scientific research and access to the insights by only subscribing.

Still, there are also good reviews on the Consumer Lab, Wired, and Good Housekeeping sites. Wired offers detailed facts on these anti-aging and trendy pills with discounted pricing. At the same time, Good Housekeeping goes deeper to evaluate if these pills can change a life.

Though there are few critics, the praises and compliments are fantastic from the point of view of analyzing customer feedback. As our bona fide favorite brand, we also recommend giving it a try after a recommendation from a professional.

Where to Buy Elysium Health

Elysium Health offers subscription-based packages; you don't need to struggle to find these products. Therefore, the only place to order the Elysium Health package is the official site at elysiumhealth.com. Subscribing to the plan is very simple, and they have laid down easy steps.

As long as you have selected the product on the website, you have to choose Matter or Basis, and by clicking the blue icon on each product, you can select either buy now or go with the monthly plan.

The site will redirect you to the subscription page and head to the individual; purchase for a one-time payment or move with the preferred monthly plan. From there, beneath the monthly delivery button, you can select the people who need to receive the package for 1 to 5 and finish by verifying the email address.

Does Elysium Health sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Elysium Health stores on Amazon.

Is Elysium Health Worth It?

Making decisions is one step to your success in life. But before that, it's also a good move to ask yourself if the choice is worth your time and money. Therefore, Elysium Health is also here to cater to all your needs. Though they offer subscription-based products, they also have individual items. Based on the consumer-first approach, the brand is worth it and has shown significant results among the customers.

Many customers online have complimented the Elysium Health  NAD+  supplements. However, we encourage you to be cautious because these products are only recommended for medical purposes alone. In case of anything or initial dosage, seek medical advice. Otherwise, the company has highlighted all the detailed information for every product.

The site is simple and allows customers to subscribe or order delivered products quickly. There are numerous articles explaining different research projects on these supplements. Whether Matter or Basis bottle, the customer experience with these products speaks volumes; while it does not give immediate results, you are guaranteed an effective process.

You can now fight all the aging effects, gain control, and consistently glow with these NAD+ supplements. Besides having trained professionals, engaging in charity work, and being endorsed by many reputable firms, the company also offers customers lucrative avenues to save on budget. These products are worth it but with the recommendation of a professional expert.

Elysium Health Discounts

Every customer loves discounts and promotions, and so does this brand. Elysium Health offers customers lucrative deals on its website, perfect for cutting costs. You can save much through the subscription plan compared to buying individual products. On each bottle, be it Basis or the Matter, customers can save 17 to 33% through a subscription. For the subscribers alone, Basis allows them to enjoy $200 bucks off in the following Index.

The brand also offers free shipping when you place an order that adds up to $299 and above. The company also gave members 25% off on the Basis format, Matter, and Signal products when writing this review. Elsewhere, they offered referral programs or incentives. When you invite a friend to the platform and subscribe to the 6-month subscription plan, they qualify for the free bottle while you get $50 credited to your account as the Basis credit.

This is a great move for anyone looking to save. When your referral reaches ten friends, you are guaranteed to receive $10. however, remember that this referral only applies to the Basis subscription. For physicians, there are no offers available. Therefore, subscribe to the newsletter or mailing list for all the latest updates and lucrative deals in the future.

Elysium Health Contact

We may not have covered everything you need to know in our review. If you still need clarification, we will refer you to the customer support team this time. The team is available. It took precious time to analyze how you can connect with the Elysium Health team and found a few. Currently, Elysium Health doesn't offer phone call support.

However, you can contact them by email at care@elysiumhealth.com. Some customers suggest that the team is unresponsive, and in case of such, you have the second option. That is, follow them on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more updates and collaboration. The team is active all time on these accounts.


Q. Where is Elysium Health's headquarters situated?

The company has its headquarters in New York City. The company has partnered with multiple institutions from where they perform research through cutting-edge laboratories. These reputable institutions consist of the likes of MIT, Oxford, and Havard.

Q. Who is the current owner of the Elysium Health brand?

The company was founded by a trio involving the corporation of Leaonard Guerente as a scientist, Eric Marcotullia s the CEO, and Dan Alminana as the COO. Therefore, Guerente is the acting director at the Glenn Center for the Biology of aging research in a department at th MIT.

Q. What does Elysium Health involve?

The above reviews show that Elysium Health products are well-researched and clinically tested. Thus, the Basis as the main product is made up of two naturally occurring ingredients: Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene. In comparison, the main ingredient in the Matter is the B-vitamin complex alongside the omega-3 free fatty acid. Each product on the website includes active and inactive ingredients through the help link.

Q. What is the cost of Elysium Health products?

There are two purchase options at Elysium Health. You can go for the individual as well as a subscription plan. Hence, the pricing varies based on the chosen form, from monthly to one time. However, the subscription comes at a discounted price, and you can access the complete pricing plan on the website under the section titled how much is Elysium Health.

Q. Can I cancel my Elysium Health subscription plan?

Remember that a prepaid subscription is considered the final sale. However, customers can also cancel the monthly subscrip[tion anytime, but it should be before the shipment. Contact the customer care support team through the above email addresses to initiate the process.

Immediately you contact the support team; the company removes the auto-renewal as long as you reach the target or designated subscription. Still, there is the option to have the plan on hold or pause as you adjust the delivery schedule. Contact the support team and decide on the restarting date.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Elysium Health brand?

Our research indicates that the company currently shops Matter and the Basis in Canada and US states. In the US, the brand is only offering index shipments. Through standard shipping, the delivery takes between 5 to 77 business days in transit. Sill, Elysium Health provides express shipping services but using FedEx. In this case, expect your orders to arrive on the next business day only if placed before 2 pm EST.

Q. What is the return policy of Elysium Health company?

You must understand that all the products obtained from the Elysium Health website are considered the final sales. This is based on the nature of these products. You can read the conditions and terms involved in the purchase for more details.


Though still engaging in research, Elysium Health company offers clinically tested Basis and matters to customers. The company has scored multiple positive reviews praising the effectiveness of the products in fighting aging conditions and other challenges. If you want to boost your NAD+ level, Elysium Health offers healthy supplements with guaranteed significant results. They have substantial anti-aging supplements with a favorable shipping policy, but the purchase is final. Before committing to these supplements, we also recommend getting a professional recommendation.

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