Dr. Remedy Nail Polish Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Really Toxin-Free and Long-Lasting?

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Do you want to elevate your nail care routine with an ultimate game-changer brand? With a fusion of wellness and beauty, we will explore the Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish from its enriched formula, the allure of gentle ingredients, and captivating shades. Please read our review and make the right decision.

It is true that some of the painted nails suck, especially when using the polish. Therefore, you are here because you are searching for the perfect alternative to your nail care routine. Well, there are two rare things in this realm: health and style intersection. Throughout the research, we have identified one of the companies online which promises to prioritize nail wellness and offers vibrant shades in the collection.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish claims to bridge the gap with this industry's core features and best-selling products. Hence, in this review, we will explore the brand from the company overview to the best-selling products, customer feedback, discounts, and contact and conclude after analyzing some FAQs. Thus, keep in touch and determine if this brand can withstand the revolutionary solution. To ascertain this, we will start by exploring the company's history.

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Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Review

We all know that customers can elevate their style through a fun and sleek manicure. The design ranges from a natural tone to bold shades of trending polish. Getting fire-painted nails is the best way to bring drama to your outfit. Therefore, when you wish to do a home manicure, Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is here to help you. Evade those tricky alternatives and try these high-end, pigmented, toxin- and chemical-free polishes.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish utilizes a safe and effective formulation that guarantees durable home pedis and manis. The company has established a strong reputation online, and since it was established, it has received numerous buzz on the internet. They have been featured in popular publications, Vogue, InTouch, etc. Therefore, if you are a newbie, Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish gives you a long-lasting solution for all your nail polish.

Let us now get into the detailed information about the company's history. Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is a cosmetic brand focused on vegan ingredients; through real-life doctors and specialists, they design safe products. Besides not engaging with the toxin ingredients, the brand offers a high-quality formulation alongside the luxe shades. It was established in 2005 by Dr Adan Cirlincione.

The founder decided to conceptualize the firm immediately after trying and failing to locate a single toxin-free nail polish on the market for his patients to use. But he paired with Dr. William Spielfogel and two combinations and then decided to establish a perfect, effective, safe nail polish alternative brand. The duo partnered to develop the concept that has surfaced into real life as the luxurious lacquer that a woman CAN wear.

These are the manis and pedis-formulated products that experts and podiatrists trusted as functional with guaranteed flair. From their website, we can attest that Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish now offers customers safe nail polish that effectively addresses particular concerns and offers a therapeutic support nail.

That is functional outside as well as inside. Today, in Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish, you can select from the versatile shades alongside their profound hydrating Treatment, nourishing serum, and nourishing supplements, with many more.

All these collections are designed to free from the 10 popular toxin or chemical ingredients. That is a bit of the history, and before we go into the best-selling hydrating, nourishing, and pigmented products, here is a summary and highlight of the pros and cons for comparison.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Pros:

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Cons:

Why We Like Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish

Before giving you the bestsellers for this company, we would also like to mention a few things that highlight this brand from the rest. Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is made locally in the USA and offers you all you need for the advanced at-home mani or pedi requirements on the lineup.

From the pros section above, we can attest that we love the brand for many reasons. The customer testimonials are amazing, and the extensive collection and products are extremely effective in highlighting your general nail dream appearance.

The Best-Selling Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish

Our review revolves around this, and the category carries numerous products for all your go-to nail polish needs. The company ensures they highlight all the ingredients in making these polishes for transparency for healthy skin and nails. They are made using the good for your ingredients which the major ones are garlic bulb extract, tea tree oil as well as vitamin C & E. The polish is capable of nourishing the nail as well as offering enough strength for a healthy vision free from any toxic chemicals and parabens or formaldehyde.

Thus, we will not waste time but start with the best-selling nail polish. First, there is PERFECT Petal Pink Nail Polish. The polish is subtle and looks elegant, so they are feminine and must be on your list. Their colors are not eye-catching and overly loud though the slight sheer ensures the subtle pops on your daily outfits. It is recommended that you can match it with the Calming clear top coat to highlight extra shine.

PROMISING Pink Enriched Nail Polish comes next and is typically known for its pink hue. This is a more subdued polish than the rest, as it features your natural appearance to suit any complexion while asking for those yellowish tints on the natural nail.

There is also DEVOTED Denim Enriched Nail Polish and the product is on the market to impress many people. Although it has a subtle gray undertone, it is normally deep and creamy blue to give you an ideal transition shade during winter. This shade pulls on any high-quality, high-fashion, ready-for-the-weekend mood on your favorite medium-toned jeans and boots.

You can try out this ALTRUISTIC Auburn Enriched Nail Polish for cool fall weather to attain impressive warm yellow, orange, and red tones. For the burnt orange hue, you have achieved that gentle shade pop perfect for the hayrides, sipping, and a haunted house. Though chic, it is timeless, but to some people, it looks boring. It is a perfect alternative to your normal standard red polish. I

n the collection, we would also like to mention PERCEPTIVE Periwinkle Enriched Nail Polish which is intimidating; the product is incredible, featuring not only trendy but also fun and stylish with soft lavender pigment, if not their effective barely-there shimmer. Good for matching the sky on a cloudless day.

The last is MODEST Matte Unisex Top Coat Enriched Nail Polish. It is good for locking the color on your nail and always protecting the coat. This game-changer polish also offers an instant mattifying effect or sophistication. You can even utilize nude polish to cover the nail's target area.

The Best-Selling Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care Products

Besides the polish, the company still offers nail care products. So, you can easily switch to an at-home manicure or pedicure with these stocks and their gorgeous polish. After everything, you must complement the nail manicure with Treatment and match the skin. Thus, there is a large collection of nail care products. However, in this case, we will only feature the best-selling nail care products in this section.

NOURISH Nail Serum currently rules the market with the guaranteed vibrant neon, preferred mysterious dark guy, and soothing pastels. For this, you also have to appear impressive. With this serum, you can surround yourself with the perfect nail hydrating and rejuvenating or nourishing serum for damaged nails. This product is formulated using a blend of flax seeds with coconut extract, capable of combating all those dryness. They can over-sanitize as well as overwash your nails. Hence the serum has the power to offer UV protection and breathable features and is vegan.

The second product in this category is RESTORE Ridge Repair. This product is meant to help repair all the damage and restore the nutritional deficiencies to give you a much-needed smooth look. Their base coat is effective for giving you beyond the cover or restoring. It must also strengthen biotin and antifungal elements to incorporate into your typical at-home nail care routine.

Then these guys have HYDRATION Clear Moisturizing Nail Treatment. This Treatment smooths the whole manicure process, and your brittle nails can heal. It can hydrate your brittle. They are made using vegan ingredients, blended with the  4 basic vitamins, carbs, complex pentamidine, and wheat protein to speed up attaining a healthy nail.

Above everything, the above nail care products are designed for the inclusive brand. Thus, regardless of sex, orientation, or age, they offer you all you need for nail polish enthusiasts for men, women, and kids.

Customer Review

In the above sections, we have been focusing on the company claims through the collection, from the polishes to the serums and treatments. However, for you to find out if these products are working, we had to go into the customers' feedback and evaluate the general reputation. Throughout the research journey, we could see many amazing praises and testimonies online with extreme performance.

Therefore, right away, Amazon presents reviews on the Enriched Nail Polish, a hydration Nail Moisture Treatment, and from 378 global ratings, the product scores 4.4 stars. On their Official website, remedynails.com, the PROMISING Pink Enriched Nail Polish scores 5 stars rating based on the 4 reviews from dedicated customers. The descriptions involve the formulation, shade description, and benefits. These ratings are deduced by looking at the features like the long-wearing, gorgeous color, love for the brush, ease of application, and beautiful shade. One customer said:-

"I've always liked pale pink nail polish, & Dr. 's Remedy Promise Pink is now my best." It's the ideal shade for fingers and toes. The color is a lovely, creamy pastel pink. It's easy to apply and durable. It goes great with the Basic Base Coat and the Calming Top Coat."

And on Beautymone, the author also reviews the four best gorgeous nail polishes from this brand and recommends trying them out for the best results. The driving force was the base coat that many family members loved, as seen from the author's perspective. Orthotic Shop still gives us a good impression of this brand, and out of 39 reviews, 37 of the customers gave it five stars and highly recommended the brand for all the nail polish needs that are non-toxic. When you look at Just Clean Style, the blog editor gives detailed and fine information on what you need to know about the brand and its products. He also adds that the podiatrist approves the brand praising the vegan ingredients with guaranteed nail protection to keep you safe.

Rock Paper Spirit also seeks to understand the brand. It combines the perspective of the polish alongside the remover based on the major ingredient, garlic; in reality, the polish doesn't smell like garlic compared to the remover. There is also an impressive review on the Influenster, and when you compare it with what is on the My Chic Obsession, Then these remedy polish are as good as the company claims from ingredients to the efficacy.

Before giving verdicts, most customers are in for this brand because they have had impressive experience and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Where to Buy Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish

You can easily secure your effective and ideal Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish and other products in many places and stores. But firstly, when you want to access the whole products from this firm, then navigate through their official store at remedynails.com. This review also noted that Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is sometimes available online through reputable retailers. there are many, but some of the pretty options at the moment include:-

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Is Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Worth It?

Most customers have left resounding testimonies praising Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish on the website. There are multiple 5 stars ratings, and if you are searching for a professional-looking shade, then Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is all you need to try. They offered the polish, which features the good for you ingredients and is hence safe. From our perspective, Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish is worth attention.

While you might not have time to meditate about the contents of your nail polish, we highly advise you to check constantly. Well, toxins are easily absorbed in our bodies, but with Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish, you are guaranteed chemical and toxin-free products. These products are better formulated and are here to offer you impressive experience and perfect outcomes in terms of performance.

The company has done everything for you; you only have to choose based on your desire. Therefore, if you want to evade the dangerous elements while often utilizing healthier and natural Polish ingredients, Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish must be your perfect alternative and a winning brand. Most customers have backed it up and are delighted to conclude that the brand is worth your penny.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Discounts

While purchasing Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish and other products, many customers seek ways to save through promotions and discounts. This is the right place to begin. Currently, the brand gives you one tone of a new shade as free to try when you spend $40 and above on the store. You must use the promo code GIDDY2023 or PLUCKY2023 to activate this offer.

They also offer free shipping when you place an order totaling up to $40 or above that threshold. To get updates on the brand, sign up for the newsletters or join the impressive community for offers and news. They also have special offers in their retail purchase only for the retailers. Watch out for sales and other offers in the future.

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish Contact

Well, the Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish review is shallow. Do you still have a pending query about the brand or its collection? That is good; if not addressed in this article, we have the last resort. The only way is to contact the support team. This research has highlighted some contact methods you can count on when stuck. Besides filling out the contact form on their website, customers can also call them at 877-323-NAIL.

Also, they have availed the email address, which you can use to write them a mail stating the issues of concern and send info@remedynails.com. Our extensive research also identified other means: reaching the team through social media accounts. That is, on their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Q. Where is the manufacturing plant of Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish situated?

From the above review article, we have seen that the company Dr.’s Remedy Nail has manufacturing facilities situated in the USA. However, their ingredients are sourced from the orders of the world.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care brand?

The information on their website and shipping policy shows that the company currently offers shipping services to customers based in Canada and the continental US. Therefore, when ordering, you must verify that you are using the right website to order-always double check. But remember that this company also has numerous wholesales situated not only in the UK but also in the international regions.

Additionally, for US-based customers, the company promises free shipping only when your order exceeds the $30 and above threshold. The exact time for delivery wholly depends on the location or the order destination. They give the customer an estimate of the delivery time while checking out the order.

Q. What is the return policy of Dr.’s Remedy Nail Care brand?

Unfortunately, many customers have complained about the short window regarding their company's return policy. Meanwhile, all customers have 15 days from the date of purchase to return their products just in case they feel unsatisfied with the order. Initiating the return process is very simple. All you need to do is to contact the support team and clarify if you want to exchange or refund the order. However, the return shipping charges are passed over to the customer.


Unlike the harsh chemicals in traditional polishes, Dr.’s Remedy gives you a perfect alternative and healthier option to cater to your nail needs. With this brand, you can feel confident through their life-changing polish while enhancing a healthy lifestyle. The review covered the brand in detail, including its best-selling nail polish, contact, discounts, and testimonies. Therefore, this is the perfect moment to pick and try out the unique polish to display fresh pedicures for summer. Dr.’s Remedy nail care is a brand worth giving attention to.

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