Sole Treadmills Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth the Investment?

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Considering purchasing the Sole Treadmill workout program but need help deciding? Then we are here to guide you with expert recommendations. In this Sole Treadmill review, we will cover the company in detail, the quality of items, and determine if the brand is worth investment. If you are a serious runner, here is a convenient way to be active at home.

We have a perfect alternative today if you need help locating quality treadmills and improved and affordable elliptical fitness equipment. With Sole Fitness, you should have zoned to the right option. Though Sole company claims to offer quality home training tools at an affordable price, we are yet to prove it. So, to be sure that the brand others what they claim, read our Sole Treadmills Review to the end and find out.

The company offers Treadmills as well as other equipment used by bikers as well as climbers. Due to its online reputation, the company also managed to feature on famous media outlets, including Greatest and has established a significant following on its Facebook page.

6o help you find the right Treadmills for your needs, we will start by evaluating the company looking at its origin, quality, and best-selling products then analyzing the customer rating. Here, we will start with the Sole Treadmills overview to give us essential knowledge.

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Sole Treadmills Review

Sole Fitness is a company based in Salt Lake, Utah, founded by Trevor Larsen in 2001. Initially, the brand started as a source of the commercial grade fitness tool firm. It offers customers quality exercise or training tools and makes top-tier hotel chains available for [people, including Omni and Hilton.

Today, Sole Fitness is missioned to make sure that they bring training tools to the individual people as home equipment without interfering with the quality but ensuring affordability is considered. Sole values the quality of its equipment more than anything else. They have made everything clear on their website with a simple declaration.

These guys claim they never interfere with the integrity while working on the bottom line. We also noted that this brand has been among the fastest-growing companies in the fitness industry for the last 7 years based on the reports in the US and Canada. Many people have complimented the top-tier training equipment at an affordable price.

Sole Fitness offers this fitness equipment targeting hotels; thus, they aim to produce equipment compatible with small and in-room fitness use. Lately, they have migrated from selling online to establishing brick-and-mortar retail stores around the US and Canada.

Insatore, you can access training equipment ranging from treadmills to ellipticals, climbers, rovers, bikes, as well as fitness mats. Therefore, before going into the detailed list of the best-selling training equipment, let us compare the pros and cons of the Sole treadmills.

Sole Treadmills Pros:

Sole Treadmills Cons:

Why We Like Sole Treadmills

Sole is a trusted brand in the hospitality industry for fitness equipment; the company has proven its equipment functionality and reliability among customers. This is a vital fact considering the huge audience who loves this brand of treadmills and other fitness accessories designed for hotel or home workouts. Sole designs and delivers multiple training equipment ranging from the treadmill to stationary bikes, elliptical machines, rovers, and climbers.

For these reviews, we will focus on the treadmills with slight attention to other accessories later on. Again, these treadmills are purchased with a lifetime warranty and favorable shipping and return policy. They guarantee you money-back. Therefore, Sole Treadmills, or generally the company, serves adult customers who need to give their bodies a fitness activity experience and gain health benefits.

The company's gym membership is sometimes pricey; getting your workout machine becomes simpler. It is now time to bring the workout to your home, especially in your house, with a vast collection of equipment at a competitive price. Sole has numerous models to select the form and get fittings ideally. They also clarify that their equipment can serve well in a small gym that helps less than 20 people daily.

The Best-Selling Sole Treadmills

In our reviews, we surveyed multiple Sole treadmills and came up with the best-selling workout treadmills for you to try. We have inspected not just the customer rating but also the power on the motor, the features, functions, and many other perspectives. Some of my favorite models range from quiet to smooth stride.

The first best-selling Sole treadmill is Sole F63 Treadmill. This is the F60 model but an updated version that features the 3.0 HP motor to attain a speed of max 12mph. And you know, if you are a walker, you would love the 15-incline level that starts from the street level to the challenging hike stroll.

The machine utilizes the cushion flex whisper Deck to simplify work on joints hence ensuring you enjoy the super-quiet workout. It also has an LCD screen to access your performance and link the tune to the Bluetooth speaker. The machine is foldable after a workout, then wheel it to the best location.

The Second is Sole F80 Treadmill. This one has an HP motor rated 3.5 with a max speed of up to 12 mph and offers the 15 incline level. The main difference with the first one is the power and its larger motor. It can also scan your speed using 0.5 mph to gain great control. It also features an extended display screen that displays the statistics in real-time while adjusting incline and speed quickly.

It is designed with a deck meant to reduce joint impact instead of running on the road, minimizing joint stress and potential injury. This treadmill can support a weight of up to 375 lbs because it uses welded steel with a bulletproof frame. You can enjoy reading e-books by connecting tablets or Bluetooth speakers to enjoy the music while working out.

Next up is Sole F85 Treadmill. These treadmills are missioned to ensure customers have an easy and smooth workout experience. This goes up to the fast as well as a very challenging workout. It is durable and combines advanced smart features. It has a touchscreen motor from where you can choose from 12 workouts and custom to your preference to be at the notch level. But if you are new, try the 7 fitness test, and the treadmill will analyze your level.

The equipment features a 4.0 HP motor that can pump up to a top speed of 12 mph with a larger screen and a cushioned deck. At best., it makes your workout stride super-quiet without squeaking and thudding distractions. The machine has an iPad holder, Bluetooth speaker, as well a USB charging port.

The Best-Selling Sole Ellipticals

Elliptical is simply a low impact. This means it is joint-friendly and acts as a version of the treadmills. However, these machines provide high resistance challenges but multiple motions intended for exercising the hamstring, calves, and glutes. In this section, we could only locate the 3 best-selling elliptical equipment. And if you prefer bikes, then this Sole company has a vast collection to choose from.

Otherwise, here are some of the best-selling and favorite Elliptical machines. Sole E25 Elliptical leads the category and gives you up to 20 lbs resistance. It is made with steel material and can carry up to 350 lbs. It ensures you have a heart-pounding exercise through its advanced features. Besides the tablet holder, they also have the Bluetooth speaker of motivation.

In the handle, there is a pulse monitor and wireless chest straps to track your heartbeat as well as your intensity zone. The rear wheels, foot pedal, holder, and fan make everything comfortable, pushing you to the max.

Sole E35 Elliptical is meant to mimic the running motion but focus on the joint, making it easy. It also can give you the whole body workout where there is push and handle pull resistance. Handles have a built-in heart rate monitor to assess your fitness level. The harder you push the handle, the higher rate goes to a max of 24 lbs resistance.

The machine has solid steel construction featuring a foot pedal for guaranteed support if not security. You can customize the preset program to create your journey with the ability to sync with your favorite music through its Bluetooth speakers.

Lastly, we have the Sole E95 Elliptical. This is the most customizable elliptical machine. You can set it to get a variety of workouts where it can carry up to 400 lbs and offers a resistance of 27 lbs on handles with 20 incline levels. An elliptical is a perfect option for people with different fitness levels.

It also comes with the worm drive, a dial that allows you to customize the pedal incline based on your needs. It is 3" wide and 7" long, perfect for home workout and sleep models. It also features an entertainment unit built in but costs you $3400 value price.

Customer Review

Rather than discussing the treadmills' quality and other fitness equipment, it is also good to consider what customers say about the brand. For this reason, our Sole Treadmill reviews also wanted to determine if the company has a good rating and reputation online. The research indicates numerous sites where Sole Treadmills has received feedback about their products.

The first one is On this website, the company gets a rating of 9.3 stars. The article's author was impressed with the decks, track size, powerful motors, ability to fold and move around, and worries with many other extra aspects of entertainment while training. The author sums up a verdict by saying:-

"Sole Fitness is one of the most well-known treadmill brands for home gyms and light commercial installations." Sole treadmills are known for stressing performance and dependability above the flash and are frequently updated to stay viable. The Sole treadmill line, which was recently renovated, is more enticing than ever thanks to enhanced screen architecture, safe tablet computer holders, mobile fitness app integration, more excellent workout room, and other changes.”

On the Garage Gym Reviews site, the author also evaluates the company by looking at the best-selling treadmills from F63 to ST90. Ultimately, the author praises the brand for offering high-quality treadmills for home workouts.

Still, on the Healthline website, the blog also explores the Treadmills model comparison based on the pricing, the advanced features, and the competitors online. Thus, you can see that the author is happy with these Treadmills and praises their capacity of the treadmills. As a bottom line, he says:-

"There are various Sole treadmill models, each with specifications and functionality. To determine which Sole treadmill is best for you, examine criteria such as price, training alternatives, weight capacity, size, and functions."

On the Treadmill Review Guru, the author pays to focus on the F8 treadmills and goes deeper to highlight the features, functionality, the benefits it brings you, and it does not even need a monthly subscription to work on it.

The other viable sites with the Sole Treadmills reviews are Medical News Today, Amazon, Consumer Affairs, and many more. On Consumer Affairs, the company gets a rating of 3.7 stars, indicating the average satisfaction level.

Overall, Sole Treadmills offers what the company promises. Thus, there is multiple positive feedback online though it features a few limitations like the short handles. With an extensive or comprehensive collection of models under one roof, the company is highly recommended online as reliable.

Where to Buy Sole Treadmills

The sole fitness company offers you limited options on where to purchase their fitness equipment. Our research revealed only a few general dealers in these products. Therefore based on your location, you can still buy the equipment. First of all, those customers based in the US can access the equipment and place orders from the official website at

Otherwise, there are other ways you can purchase Sole treadmills for users outside of the United States, such as

Are Sole Treadmills Worth It?

Three things impressed us about the Sole treadmills. These include the build, customer ratings, and pricing plan. In addition to the above, the a huge collection of fitness equipment and accessories under one roof. Thus. If you struggle to find the perfect Treadmills for your home or hotel, Sole Treadmills are here to give you an exceptional workout.

They are not outside this world but at the Sole treadmills store with the advanced features. Sole Treadmills provides more than enough to the customers. We were also impressed with the access to numerous models and affordable pricing. This has made the company famous and equipment more accessories even for individual purchase regardless of your budget.

What sweetens the deal is their money-back guarantee alongside the lifetime warranty. You also need to note a few things in the warranty, as electronics only have a 5 years warranty while labor goes for 2 years and the rest is a lifetime.

Thus, if you have not made up your mind, you must understand that when you find out that Sole Treadmills does not offer you what you expected, you can return for a full refund. Otherwise, the Solo treadmills are what you need with high quality, long-lasting, built, received multiple positive reviews, etc., and it is worth your money.

Sole Treadmills Discounts

Our Sole Treadmills reviews would not seem complete without mentioning their discount and promotional services. Therefore, we searched online for hints on the best deals this company offers customers. This company's summer sales on the major training equipment are unique. The company offers sitewide sales and guarantees customers free shipping on all orders made from their official stores.

They also have multiple deals for the springs. In fact, all their treadmills qualify for citizen pay as an alternative payment method that makes the equipment more affordable and accessible. This is when you can purchase the Sole Treadmills equipment and accessories.

Sole Treadmills Contact

Our Sole treadmill review might have covered only some of what you wanted to get or learn from it. Therefore, there is a second chance, and that is contracting the Solo support team. The review delved into the extra mile to bring you how to connect with the team. In the research, we came up with the contact form option, which you can fill out on the website and submit to the team.

Still, an alternative to that is composing a mail and sending it to That might not be enough for you, and we proceed to give you the phone number of the support team at 866-780-SOLE. However, the above methods are operational from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm MST. Otherwise, the team is also active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can contact them on social media handles, seek clarification, access updates, etc., anytime.


Q. Who is the founder of the Sole Treadmills brand?

The founder of this company is Trevor Larsen. However, the company was acquired by the Taiwanese Firm Dyaco in 2020. Still, this brand has established other related fitness firms, including Xterra and Spirit Fitness.

Q. Where are the Sole Treadmills manufactured?

Based on our knowledge and what the brand claims, the Treadmills are made in Taiwan, where the brand's apparent firm Dyaco is based. Many articles have outlined that Dyaco supplies fitness equipment to the Sole stores.

Q. Who is responsible for making the Sole Treadmills equipment?

The sole brand has partnered with Dyaco intending to design and manufacture these popular Treadmills.

Q. Do Sole Treadmills last long enough?

The brand has a lifetime warranty not only on the motor but also on the frames. This means that sole treadmills can last as long as other alternative brand equipment lasts.

Q. Have Sole Treadmills partnered with the fitness application?

Sole as a brand they have its fitness application by the name Sole Studio which can connect other equipment with treadmills to access the online leaderboard and be guided via the live trainer-led fitness p[lan. Although the Sole has a 20 days free trial period, you will need to pay a subscription of $20 monthly to access these services.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Sole company?

The company first offered free continental shipping to US-based orders. And to their website, the US is the only region where the company provides shipping. Therefore, if you are an international customer and wish to order the treadmills, the only best solution is to contact the licensed dealer for supply. The Sole firm takes 2 to 4 business days to process your order with extra 6 transit or delivery to your destination.

There are four delivery services on the website. The first is the free Curbside, but the Garage costs you $60, the room of choice charges you $120 for shipping while Assembly will cost you $240. Immediately the company dispatches your order from the warehouse; the company notifies you through email and the confirmation; you will also get the tracking link to follow along with the delivery progress.

Q. What is the return policy of the Sole brand?

All the sole equipment is sold with a money-back guarantee on the agreement. Therefore, you can return to the store if you purchase the fitness machine and realize it's not to your expectations. However, to get a full refund, you have 30 days to return it; after that, it's considered a final sale. The company does not charge any return shipping charges; initiating a return is simple: mailing the team through and requesting a refund based on the guarantee.

From there, the technical support team will give you the return merchandise authorization, and they guarantee to refund the money to your card within 2 days. The team will later connect with you and plan on the pick-up location of the fitness equipment. However, you must select a reliable pick-up based on your capability or preferences.


Sole treadmills are the perfect purchase for indoor fitness training and allow you to gain the benefits of home physical activity conveniently. In the above review, we have highlighted the Sole brand in detail, from the historical founder to the current best-selling treadmills and other fitness equipment in the inventory. Several online treadmills exist to buy and reduce the risks of developing health challenges. Though sole treadmills have few drawbacks, many customers have complimented the access to advanced features and variable inclining capability. Take your exercise to another level by acquiring the Sole treadmills delivered to your doorstep.

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