Mirror Workout Review: Should You Really Buy Such an Expensive Mirror for Your Workout?

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If you don’t know how to go about Mirror Workout, read this review on Mirror workout to get all the necessary information you will need about the company and the services they render.

The world is changing every day. Technology is taking over day by day. If you have been looking for a piece of equipment that will function for two purposes. If you are having been looking for starting a fitness program or you might be willing to go back to your previous fitness program. However, getting a piece of convenient equipment that will serve as a way of fitness program and also a home decoration is quite difficult to come by.

Mirror workout is a brand that specializes in offering cutting-edge, stylish fitness products. This fitness product has an interactive video screen that provides a remote workout program or instruction and this product also function as a mirror when you are not using it. This makes you get a nice home decoration being integrated with another purpose. Reading this review will also give you the insight to know if this brand is worth it or not.

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Mirror Workout Review

Mirror workout is a company that offers cutting-edge, stylish fitness products. This fitness product has an interactive video screen that provides a remote workout program or instruction and this product also functions as a mirror when you are not using it. The brand was founded by Brynn Putnam who was a graduate of Harvard. This brand was founded in 2016.

They aim to create a fitness product and at the same time create a home decoration. This is why when you are using it, it serves as a video screen that is integrated to carry out your workout activities and a mirror when you are not working out.

This review is aimed at diving into the key information about this brand, the services Mirror workout offers, the pros and cons associated with this brand, I will also give analysis on the thoughts of customers on this brand. Other essential information like discounts, frequently asked questions, how to contact the brand for more questions, and others will be visited.

Mirror Workout Pros

Mirror Workout Cons

Why We Like Mirror Workout

They have a Good Subscription Plan

When you purchase the mirror product, you have just commenced your journey to an amazing fitness program. However, you will have to get a subscription before you can make use of this product. When you subscribe, you have automatically unlocked access to all of the home fitness product capabilities.

This program takes about 5 minutes to one hour with over 50 activities for you to participate in. You can also make a one-on-one training session with your trainer. This comes at an extra cost. If you are a first-timer, you will have your subscription locked for one year but you can edit it on a monthly basis. This monthly subscription cost $38.

It is Technologically Built

This product is designed to have a 5-megapixel camera for excellent video coverage, Bluetooth technology, and a microphone. These features allow your trainer to see you when you conduct a personal session. This also enhances quality interaction during this period. With these features, your trainer can correct you during a workout, guide you and encourage you to reach a new level of fitness.

Customer Review

This review of the thoughts of the customers on this brand shows that the product is fantastic. A lot of customers took out time to give their honest testimonies about this brand and its products. Most customers talk about how the product is a great motivator for them to carry out workout activities. Some praise the tutors who help out and the numerous workout videos to follow. However, the price of the product is a major concern to people. I critically examined the feedback to make sure I analyzed every part of the brand.

I made use of the official website of the Mirror brand. The reviews there are mind-blowing. On Mirror workout, there is a 4.9-star rating. This is an insight that the brand is doing well in making sure their customers are satisfied. Most customers like the fact that you can work out remotely with an instructor. They say it is relieving and more effective. It does require extra time for going to the gym to carry out this activity.

I got mine a few months ago, I have been using it. It is excellent and I have seen a positive effect so far. I've been doing this for a long time.

How to Sign Up on Mirror Workout

It is easy to register for Mirror Workout. You just have to follow these easy steps below;

Step 1: You can go to the Mirror Workout website, you can add the mirror you want to your cart

Step 2: Proceed to checkout and apply any discount or promo code you can find

Step 3: Put in your shipping information

Step 4: Provide your payment details and finish up your order

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Is Mirror Workout Worth It?

The different benefits that you can enjoy using this product are overwhelming. Customers rushed down to Mirror’s website to give accolades, praises, and positive reviews on how this mirror has been effective. The fact that you can plan your workout session right at the comfort of your home is superb, you don’t have to start thinking about how to rush down to the gym every single time.

You have a personal trainer to interact with every time, you also have thousands of videos with different intensities and lengths to further help you achieve your fitness goal. If you are looking at the price, it might be very big. However, for customers to be able to afford it, they have provided an installment payment method. There is also a free returns policy which is okay. With these relevant points, I will recommend this brand.

Mirror Workout Discount

Mirror Workout Contact

For more information beyond this review, you can contact Mirror workout using the following means;


Q. Can I return Mirror Workout?

Yes, you can make a return within 30 days of your purchase. You can do this for a full refund. However, you should know that this offer is for customers who have received a free trial in the past. This offer is for a first-time customer who is buying for the first time. You should also know that if you do not like your mirror, the brand will refund the cost of the physical device, shipping cost, and subscription you have done in full. To start the return process, you can contact their customer support team.

Q. Do they ship internationally?

They do not ship internationally for now. Nevertheless, they are making great efforts in providing international shipping services very soon.

Q. How can I update my email account?

Yes, you can change your email in a mirror account, the steps are easy and quick. Visit the website and login to your mirror account, then from the menu on the left side, select “my account”, just next to your email address, you can easily select “change”, input your new email and change it.

Q. Can you work out anytime you want?

Yes, you can work out or train anytime that works for you. They have videos and tutors to put you through during live sessions and off-live sessions.


A brand that focuses on the physical fitness of its customer and a dive into the home decoration of the same customer is a superb offer. Mirror workout has been able to impact positively the lives of millions of their customers. This review assists you make your decision.

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