Sole Bicycles Review: Would You Buy It Or Not?

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Sole Bicycles offer high-quality stylish bicycles, accessories, and bike parts. Learn more about this brand and all its products and services to make your right choice.

There are different reasons why you want to own a bicycle. If you are thinking of getting a bicycle for any purpose, then you are making the right decision. A bicycle is one of the best equipment for outdoor activities. You might be willing to own a bicycle because you want to get yourself a piece of good exercise equipment or you just want to enjoy the neighborhood while you ride on your bicycle, you need a good brand that will offer you a quality bicycle.

There are some factors you need to consider or some features you need to look out for when buying a bicycle. The reason why you need to consider these factors such as the quality, how balanced the bicycle is, how simple or stylish the bike is, how durable the bicycle can be, etc. They are important because they will enable you to avoid any form of regret in the future.

It can be a big task for you to find a company that offers all this, this is why this review will introduce you to a great brand. Sole Bicycle is a brand that is into the production of durable bikes, parts for bikes, accessories, and other bike apparel. If you want to buy from this brand but you don’t know how to go about buying from this brand, then you can continue reading this review to know all the important details about this brand.

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Sole Bicycles Review

Sole Bicycle is a brand that is into the production of durable bikes, parts for bikes, accessories, and other bike apparel. The brand is known for having high-quality bikes, stylish bikes, and many more features. The brand has been featured in so many international publications such as The Chicago Tribune, Refinery 29, HypeBeast, Men’s Health, and many more.

They also have a very large customer base across several social media platforms. Even when you don’t want to buy a new bike, you can always get parts for the bicycle, and other accessories for your old bike. This brand was founded by Jacob Medwell and Jonathan Ross Shriftman in 2009. after a few years, they got three more people who join them in running the affairs of the company, they were Ben Petraglia and Jimmy Standley, and Brian Ruben. Their head office is located in Venice Beach, Los Angeles in the state of California, USA.

They had in mind to create bicycles that are very stylish and still very functional. They want their customer to ride in style and still be out of issues while riding. This review will take a close look at some highlighted pros and cons of this brand, discounts, and promos if available, how to contact this brand, the reason why we like using this brand, the customer rating and reviews for this brand, we will try to give our verdict if the brand is worth buying from or not, and many more important features about this brand.

Sole Bicycles Pros

Sole Bicycles Cons

Why We Like Sole Bicycles

You can get different kinds of bike series when you shop with them on their website or from other online retailers. You will also get access to bike parts, apparel, accessories, etc. You can check their website to get the full list of all that they have.

Customer Review

We cannot complete this review on Sole Bicycle without checking on the thoughts and feelings of customers of this brand. We have to pay attention to what customers are saying about this brand, we made sure to carry out our research using a reliable website. This review was pleased with the feedback we got from customers of this brand. This customer review was centered online only.

The shipping policy, return policy, and customer service was part of what made up the rating. This customer review aims to reveal the drivers of why customers love using this brand, and why customers gave out a good rating for the brand. In research, we found out that the brand was rated based on the quality of the bicycles, how stylish the bikes are, the simplicity, the durability of the bikes, and the availability of bike parts just in case you need to change any part, and finally how easy the bikes can be maintained.

We made use of a reliable review website to carry out this research. Sole Bicycle's website was our main source of this customer review. You can find an average rating of 4.4-star on their website. There were excellent remarks all over the platform. Customers are pleased with the brand in general as a result of their quality bikes, stylish bikes, low-maintenance bikes, and even the availability of spare parts when you need them. They had good comments on their customer service.

After two years of using my sole bicycle, I had to buy a part. At first, I was scared that I might not be able to get the part, but when I checked on the website again, it was there, and it was still. My bike is working perfectly.

Where to Buy Sole Bicycles

You can get their items both from their website and other online retailers

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Are Sole Bicycles Worth It?

This is a very important question that you might have the answer to already. We will try to give our verdict if the brand is worthy or not and we will tell you why we think so. If you have been reading through, you will agree with me that the features of this brand might be unrealistic because of the numerous brands that say they offer quality bikes and still end up disappointing their customers.

However, the case is not the same with this brand because customers have justified this brand. The brand enjoys high positive ratings, remarks, and reviews from its customers. It is great for a brand to be able to satisfy up to 80% of its customers.

The only complaint you will get from customers is that you cannot enjoy free shipping of any kind. Nevertheless, they offer shipping at a flat rate, and they also offer international shipping. They have a favorable return policy for their customers. This brand is good and this is why we will recommend this brand.

Sole Bicycles Discounts

There are a lot of discounts offered you can enjoy while shopping with this brand

Sole Bicycles Contact

You can reach out to this brand if you have more questions or you want to make more inquiries via the following means


Q. What is the return policy of Sole Bicycles?

If you want to return your bike for any reason, then you can do so easily. The brand has a warranty lasting for 5 years for its customers. This warranty only covers US customers. If you want to enjoy a full refund as a customer from the US, you can return within 14 days. You will have to pay a return shipping fee of $45 for bicycles while you pay within $15 to $45 for the accessories or bike parts. If you want to extend your return windows to 30 days, then you will only get store credit which you will use to order for another. Any items bought from gifts, final sales, already damaged items, or promotional items cannot be returned.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Sole Bicycles?

You will be charged $30 for shipping your items within the US if the item you bought is more than $150, but it is less than this amount, then you will have to pay $45 for shipping to your location. Your order will arrive within 1 to 5 working days within the US. The cost for international shipping will be calculated when you want to checkout.

Q. Where are the Sole Bicycles made?

The brand has a head office in Los Angeles, California. This is where all of their production processes take place.


The brand is known for offering quality bikes to their customers. If you are after quality, comfort, style, easy maintenance of your bikes, etc. Then you should go ahead and start shopping with this brand. This review will help you make a good decision.

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