Marcy Home Gym Review: Does It Really Work?

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Are you looking for the honest Marcy Home Gym or machine review? Marcy Home Gym is the best alternative for outdoor fitness or as a commercial gym. Please find out more in our article.

The fact is that you are not getting enough home exercise, but you are not alone. This is because the report fROm the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 53% of Americans get sufficient aerobic exercise, but only 23% get sufficient strengthening and aerobic exercise.

Why? This is why you need to consider Marcy Home Gym. No need to travel to the gym. Save your time by owning a machine and exercising at home while on the conference call.

If you want to learn more about how to get the equipment, the costs, the best-selling items of the brand, and many more deals or discounts, then keep reading this Marcy Home gym review to the end. Then, you can evaluate if the brand is worth it.

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Marcy Home Gym Review


Marcy Pro was initially founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1913 as part of the weightlifting passion project Wlter Marcyan. This was looked at as the most prominent name when it comes to bodybuilding. The founder surpassed many historical records and women numerous awards for a considerable period of years.

Therefore, the founder opted to set up his personal equipment based in Glendale, California. Marcy Pro was re-launched in 1959 and operated under the parent company, IMPEX. This is a famous company and well known for founding not only Steelbocy but also Bionic body, Hers, Apex, competitors, etc. The brand was established to offer cardiac-related exercise items.

The company is headquartered in Pomona, and they pride themselves on selling high-quality exercise equipment at a friendly price. From the home page, it is clear that the company offers a wide variety of home training equipment relevant to meet your training mission. Therefore, the Marcy Pro has everything you need to build endurance, recover, lose weight, and add new components to training. So, purchase and add the equipment to your home gym and save time.

Hence, it is worth reviewing the brand's pros and cons before looking at the best-selling exercise equipment. Here is the highlight of the pros and cons.

Marcy Home Gym Pros:

Marcy Home Gym Cons:

Why We Like Marcy Home Gym

Regardless of the aim, such as the target to lose weight or raw with the treadmill binge, Marcy pro offers special exercise equipment meant for all your needs. In their store, they sell machines such as ellipticals, rowers, steppers, stationary bikes, etc.

Though looked at as the add-on for the average workout plan, they also have equipment like racks, gym mats, weights,  and barbells. Therefore in this review, we will highlight some of the best sellers of the Marcy Home gym equipment. With this company, we encourage you to buy what you use and what works for you well.

Best-Sellers Marcy Pro Home Gym Equipment

If you want to gain the physical, then this is the time. Marcy pro offers a vast collection of exercise equipment made to shape you by all means. The most popular models from this company include:-

Marcy Pro Recumbent Exercise Bike. This equipment is made with magnetic resistance and 8 unique tensions, and the two-wheelers are meant to be whirr-free and seamless. It is made with an adjustable high-density foam cushion to make the process comfortable. The sup[porting handlebar makes it awesome.

The Next best-selling equipment is Marcy Pro Smith Machine / Cage System which targets workout enthusiasts or professionals. This is perfect for indoor training when going to the gym is not your thing. It has six unique training modules: a free weight squat rack, high cable crossover, Olympic smith bar, sealed with linear bearings,  low pulley, footrest, and lastly, pec deck station. Hence, this system is optimized to offer a full-body workout.

The list of best-selling equipment is endless. If we go through them all, the article will become boring. But for the sake of giving you an overview, you can check out the other best-selling items like:

Marcy Pro Smith Machine / Cage System with Pull-Up Bar and Landmine Station, Marcy Pro Smith Machine Home Gym Training System Cage, Marcy Pro Home Gym System 150 lb Weight Stack Machine, Marcy Pro Standard Bench with 100lb Weight Set, Marcy Pro Folding Standard Weight Bench, Marcy Pro 45 lb Olympic Barbell, and Marcy Pro 300 lb Olympic Weight Set. These are some of the best-selling picked equipment you can find on the Marcy Home gym site.

Customer Review

From the research, Marcy Home Gym equipment has plenty of customer feedback on the internet. Many customers are impressed with the Marcy Home Gym, and the above-discussed bestselling equipment comes with multiple reviews online. Therefore, for us to supplement our reviewed article, we had to go through some of the organic customer reviews.

For instance, Marcy Smith Machine got impressive reviews. The author of the article on the Digital Week site praises the machine stating multiple reasons. But to mention here is a simple statement:-

"Generally speaking, this is an excellent fitness system that provides everything you could want from a complete home gym for less than the cost of a year's subscription at many commercial gyms. The Marcy Smith Machine is the ultimate gym for anyone looking for comfort, versatility, and a variety of exercise options. It is highly encouraged."

While on Top fitness, Marcy 150-lb MWM-990 Multifunctional Home Gym is the author's favorite. It's because the author loves this machine, not because of its quality but because of its affordable access to the complete gym. Thus, the author concludes that the machine can be your solid choice if you want indoor gym equipment.

We also went through the Don't Waste Your Money platform and realized that  Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym scores 8.3 stars which is excellent. Also, from the author's analysis, the machine was placed in 13th place of the 16 top equipment categories.

Additionally, the Marcy Fitness brand gets 3.2 stars after 8 reviews on Trustpilot. This indicates that customers were satisfied, surpassing their average expectations. One of the verified purchasers states:-

"We recently bought the first Marcy Home Gym MWM-990. My husband spent four hours putting it together. He claimed that this was the first piece of equipment he had assembled in a long time that could be followed by the instructions."

On the Top Ten Reviews site, the author gives Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Home Gym 4 stars with the conclusion as stated below:

"The Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Home Gym is an economical option to get a solid multifunction system with 150 lbs of weight capacity as well as support for over 36 different weight-based workouts."

The other site where Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym gets an excellent rating is the website. Here, the author likes the features such as the machine's simplicity, price, durability, and versatility. This is the standard weight stack based on the home gym equipment.

Therefore, we are highly impressed by the above customer feedback and interesting Youtube Video reviews. Most people fall for the Marcy Home Gym equipment. Though some people complained about the assembling issues, the complaints were minimal and sorted.

Where to Buy Marcy Home Gym

If you wish to get the Marcy Home Gym equipment or machine, plenty of retailers sell them. However, we recommend getting genuine and actual equipment from the brand website at Here, you can purchase equipment such as the Marcy Pro MWM-988. However, the same equipment is also available from online retailers. these include:-

Is Marcy Home Gym Worth It?

We recommend the Marcy Home Gym equipment and machine based on our research and reviews. To this far, you understand how inconvenient gym membership is. First, a gym membership is costly and time-consuming as you have to travel long distances wasting time to reach the facility.

HGoqvre, Marcy pro has a wide selection of indoor workout machines that are meant to help you use them at the comfort of your time and pace while at home. Therefore, Marcy Home Gym enables you to train at your convenience time, at the same time, save money.

Though you might find the equipment expensive at first glance, It is worth it, especially when you compare how much you waste on the gym membership and their scheduling. Some customers have also complained of the missing equipment parts upon delivery, but that is not a big deal. Therefore, in our Marcy Home Gym reviews, we highly recommend going for this equipment because they are cost-effective and save you not only membership[ money but also time.

Marcy Home Gym Discounts

Like other brands we reviewed previously, we also dipped more deeply into the Marcy Home gym discounts and promotions they offer customers. First of all, the brand has sales outlets. So in that section, when you browse through, you will be able to come across many items that go for the discounted price point.

However, we have not seen any other lucrative deals on the company website. But we insist you subscribe to their newsletter to remain updated on all the latest deals and promotions.

Marcy Home Gym Contact

If you have any other inquiries about Marcy Home gym equipment and machines, then the company has different means through which you can connect with their customer support team. From the research, we have found out that you can contact them using the phone number 1-800-999-8899 or email address at But, then, you can still contact the company using the mailing address, which is 2801 S. Towne Avenue, Pomona, CA, 91766.

The team is also available on social media platforms. Therefore, you can contact them and get replies on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.


Q. Who owns Marcy Pro company?

Currently, the Marcy pro brand is owned by IMPEX. The company is located in Pomona, California. It was founded by a person known as Walter Marcyan.

Q. Is Marcy Pro shipping?

From the data online, the company offers free shipping for specific equipment. But the other shipping costs are calculated at the checkout point. For regular orders, the company takes 6 to 10 business days to deliver the equipment, and for larger orders, it takes 14 days.

Once you place an order, the company sends you the tracking code on the email address to confirm. And the company will then contact you to seek clarification over the drop of time. Unfortunately, the company currently does not have international shipping outside the Contiguous USA.

Q. What is Marcy Pro’s Return Policy?

The firm offers 30 days for you to return the equipment in case of issues. But for some cases, the customers are subjected to pay 15% as the restocking fee.

The company also recommends contacting the support team using the above contact details when you realize you have received defective equipment. After that, they will arrange for the exchange. Most of their products come with a 2-year warranty.


Marcy Home Gym is a brand that offers customers versatile indoor training solutions in the fitness and wellness industry. The equipment is high quality and designed with a guide for safety purposes.

In the above article, we have covered detailed reviews of the Marcy Home Gym and best-selling equipment with promotions they offer customers. The gym has cable systems, a machine bar, a weight plate, and free-standing weights, perfect for performing dumbbell workouts. In addition, the company delivers anything you want from their stores.

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