Sunny Health & Fitness Review: Is It Worth Buying?

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Struggling to go the extra mile of exercise without going to the gym without breaking the bank? Check out the Sunny Health & Fitness equipment. Let us dive into the brand reviews and find out what it has done for the customers since its inception.

Almost everybody does workout. Besides going to the gym, you can also have indoor exercise facilities at the doorstep and save trekking time. If you have cash and want to purchase the cheapest indoor exercise equipment, you must consider some aspects. These include your attitude towards the training equipment, saving capability, and the quality and price of the equipment.

However, there is nothing like affordable and well-designed exercise equipment or bikes. We believed this until Sunny health and fitness brand came into the field and changed our belief. The company never compromises the quality of the bike or any training equipment based on fair pricing deals.

In this article, we will take you through detailed reviews of the brand, from the historical perspective to the customer's feedback, to help you make the right decision. Keep reading and find out if the Sunny Health and Fitness brand is worth the money.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Review

Well, first and foremost, we need to mention that exercise is very vital, especially during this pandemic error. From the research, the US has recorded 42% of adults suffering from depression and anxiety. But with adequate exercise, you can mitigate the symptoms and overcome poor health through participation in healthy and safe movements. Healthy living is a must and non-negotiable.

Going back to the company, Sunny health and Fitness is a company led by the CEO John Sun and headquartered in Xiamen but based in California, the city of industry in the US. Sunny Health & Fitness was founded in 2002, and the brand seems to be professional when it comes to home workout equipment. With a long time in the field, the company today provides an impressive line of workout equipment to the market.

Most people are looking for things that make this company outstanding from the rest. This is the right place; proceed. To start with, the company has established a strong reputation online not only through its manufacturers but also through its customers. They work to ensure that their customers have presentable and high-quality home training equipment at an affordable pricing plan.

Though the requirements are partially designed in Xiamen, China, they have the most competitive pricing strategy for both the gym owner and the home audience. The company also goes beyond offering different products besides fitness equipment. To help you round up the home training regime, the firm also provides free podcasts as well as dedicated blogs to help you.

This is during the time of writing this article. You can access multiple endless recipes, health tips, and detailed workout guidelines to help you lead a balanced and healthier life. We recommend that when working with this brand, you ensure that you utilize the resources from the company. Combine the healthy recipes with the listing to podcasts, accessing the accountability buddy as you train without brain spacing.

The company's outlined routine ensures that you balance fun and work. They even pride themselves on the website that they operate as a family and lobes while recognizing the employee's solid work. They value the culture of the employees to balance the lifestyle. Therefore, when you want to reach your exercise target, Sunny Health & Fitness is here to help you with multiple pieces of equipment.

This equipment ranges from Bikes, rowers, treadmills, c, etc. It is a perfect option when you do not have time to trek to the nearest gym. Sunny Health & Fitness brings you a gym to your home. The company has recorded a vast audience base on social media platforms. It has also been featured in reputable publications like the US today, Men's health, and PopSugar.

If you want to learn more about Sunny Health & Fitness equipment and what they have for you on the market, then keep reading and find out. That is enough about the history of the brand. It is time to go the extra mile and get the best-selling equipment under one roof. Before that, let us look at some of the pros and cons of the company equipment as raised by the customers online.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pros:

Sunny Health & Fitness Cons:

Why We Like Sunny Health & Fitness

If you are ready to kick-start exercise and shape the body, then Sunny Health and FitnessFitness is the brand you must consider. It offers multiple selection options for home exercise equipment with perfect designs. They provide inventory equipment such as rowers, steppers, treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and many more.

Still, you can access their platform's yoga mats, platforms, and heavyweights. This indicates the brand is a one-stop shop for all your indoor exercise activities to kick-start a healthy lifestyle. You can locate the killer's equipment from the multiple options and pair it with your relevant tool. Some of the bestsellers of the brand are:-

Sunny Health & Fitness Sunny Exercise Bike

This is better than going to the gym since it saves you money and time on social commitment. This bike has helped many people reduce the average expenditure since the inception of Covid-19 while managing their body weight, especially in the American audience over the past 50 years. If you get to space, you can start your training center. Multiple indoor bikes are on the platform, and options depend on the space and lifestyle.

The most popular ones under these options are Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike, which has a set of two wheels that are effective during frigid temperatures. Sunny Health & Fitness Motion Air Bike Fan Exercise is designed with four adjustable components: the belt drive, foot straps, fan tension, etc. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise bike is ideal with limited space.

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Squat Rack

This is perfect if you want to get the belfie to get lit as it transforms the novice into a trained professional. It is manufactured with a small footprint, and the frame is effectively paired with bars, bumper plates, and dumbbells. It is perfect for strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, and other moves as it offers a full-body workout. Some best-selling options include Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand and Sunny Health & Fitness Roman Chair.

Sunny Health & Fitness 3-in-1 Foam Plyo Box

This workout cube uses a slip-resistant vinyl surface with dense EPE foam paddings. It can withstand up to 550 lbs of weight. It is perfect for cross-fit and core workouts. The other accessories from the company include the Sunny Health & Fitness Smart Fit Watch to track your workout goals. Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machines for full body workout. Sunny Health & Fitness Pedometer Wrist Watch is perfect for monitoring each step you make to improve your health etc.

Customer Review

The best part of this review is looking at the customer reviews online. This is where you understand the brand and what it has for you from other people's points of view. If you are still wondering about the worthiness of the Sunny Health And Fitness equipment, this is the place we need to make this clear from a different perspective. The brand is impressive, with a wide selection and affordable pricing.

Many customers also noted this. For ease of understanding, we will start with the official website. The brand has gathered multiple reviews on the site. And out of the 1155 reviews, the company has managed to score 4.4 stars. Some of the happy customers complement its products, saying:

 "Our rowing machine is fantastic. It was simple to put together and operate. Unlike many other brands, we chose this brand because it did not require an online subscription service. It is solid and stable. It is cumbersome, so DO assemble it in the room where you intend to use it. The shipment was miscalculated..... Overall, a strong recommendation!"

It seems the customers love the equipment design, which gives them value. Consumers Affairs lists some of the top 10 sunny Health and Fitness equipment. In the bottom line, the author states,

"Sunny Health & Fitness offers a wide range of workout equipment. Its merchandise is warrantied, and you can return them unused within 30 days if you change your mind."

But looking at the website keenly, there are many positive reviews Yelp is another platform with 94 reviews, and the company managed to get roughly 3.4 stars and which indicates most customers are happy with the equipment. One of the satisfied customers on Yelp recommends saying:

 "Both John and Phil have finally bought new equipment. I bought rowing equipment from John about 6 months ago, and he was not only very knowledgeable about the brand but also briefed me of some extra benefits of...."

Also, the author gives the brand a 3.4 rating on Tom's guide website. The statement raised a concern but gave you a good direction:

"..........It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but the Sunny Health & Fitness Bike is suitable for whoever is looking for basic indoor training expertise."

There are plenty of reviews on Amazon based on different equipment. From the rating, the customer also seems satisfied with the brand on the market. For instance, the Mini stepper stair stepper exercise equipment with resistance band has 23268 reviews, scoring 4.4 out of 5.

In contrast, the power zone squat stand power rack power cage has 3398 global ratings giving it an overall rating of 4.8 stars. You can also find other reviews of external sites like Garagegymreveiws website,, and even

However, when you head to the Trustpilot, customers raise a few negative complaints. However, the brand scores 3.8 stars after 48 reviews. There are many positive reviews online, and customers seem impressed. The positive recommendations of the equipment outweigh the negative complaints raised. And judging from this perspective. Then the brand Sunny Health and Fitness has excellent customer ratings and will offer you value for your money.

Where to Buy Sunny Health & Fitness

To this far, you must have made up your mind, and the next question you are asking yourself is where to purchase Sunny Health and fitness equipment for your home exercise. Well, the first place we recommend is navigating to their official website and checking for the perfect pair for your needs that fall within your budget. Besides that website,  you can as well select the relevant retailers online. These include:

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Is Sunny Health & Fitness Worth It?

Sunny Health and Fitness equipment is worth it if you want to kick-start your home exercise. From multiple reviews online and external customer feedback, they highly recommend the brand, especially the bikes and other related accessories. When you compare the brand with other rivals online, you will find Sunny Health and FitnessFitness has a wide selection of machines that only costs you affordability.

You will never break the bank; you have an exercise machine in your home. Everyone understands how expensive the exercise world is. It ranges from clothing and gym memberships to dietary supplements. All these aims to drain your pocket. But the company Sunny Health and Fitness believes in the fact that quality does not need you to wallow your account balance.

Considering the Affirm payment plan, this brand is all you need to have at your home for an excellent workout. It is a belief that is behind the Affirm payment plan. Still, there are also multiple complaints raised by customers online. These indicate poor customer support and some people complained of the defective machine. On assembly, there are also varying reviews. And if your target is based on the test of time, then this is not for you.

However, when you what to get the perfect machine at an affordable price and cut down the other related expenses, Sunny Health and Fitness is the place to go for a wide selection. It's worth your money.

Sunny Health & Fitness Discounts

There are multiple exercise equipment on sale on the platform and other retailers online. But from our views and research online, we never came across the discounts and promotions the brand offers customers. Well, they might introduce these offers and deal with the customer soon. The best way to stay updated is by signing up for their brand newsletters on the website. The good news is that you can enjoy free standard shipping when you place an order for $99+.

Sunny Health & Fitness Contact

If you have a question not linked to what we have covered in our Sunny Health and Fitness reviews, then you can contact customer support for clarification. The company offers multiple means you can contact them. These include an email address at and a telephone number (626) 968-1000. you can as well mail them to 218 Turnbull canyon Rd., City of Industry, CA, 91745.

They are also available on social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, the support service is only available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm PST.


Q. Is Sunny Health & Fitness a US company?

Based on our reviewed article, the brand is based in California, the city of industry. However, their headquarters is found in Xiamen, China.

Q. How long does Sunny Health & Fitness take to ship?

First, we need to mention that with orders $99+, the company offers free standard shipping. The main carriers are FedEx, UPS, and USPS, which only take 6 to 7 business days to deliver the package. And before the item's departure, you will receive the tracking code to locate the movement of the package. Whoever, there is no international shipping at this time.

Q. What is Sunny Health & Fitness Return Policy?

Upon delivery, the brand offers customers 30 days to return the equipment. It must be in the original package and unused to be eligible for a full refund. Also, the company covers shipping charges when it is part of the company error. Other equipment also comes with warranties though you can visit their website for a detailed list.


Sunny Health & Fitness is a reputable company that is well-known for producing home exercise equipment at an affordable price. Although they have a wide selection of multiple pieces of equipment to keep you healthy and fit, the brand does not offer international shipping. If you are a starter or advanced exercise equipment user and not willing to break the bank and save your bucks and time going to the gym, consider going for Sunny Health & Fitness equipment. It's only a click away.

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