Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review: Revolutionizing Fitness with High-tech Equipment!

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Do you prefer working out from home to a subscription-based gym far from the locality? Good, Bowflex Revolution gives you a home gym solution to meet all your needs. This review will guide you, evaluate and make the best move.

Exercise is part of the healthy tasks to keep your body in shape, and you need to consider making it your daily routine. Though many people in the US have opened gym arenas close to your locality, you might still not like it for many reasons. And that makes us friends, and it's one of the reasons you are here. Home gym devices are revolutionizing the workout, and after work, you no longer have to waste time going to the gym far from your home.

Many multi-gyms are on the market today to keep you fit and make sense. At home, people are more flexible and can squeeze in anything and do the exercise anytime they are free or feel like it. No more worries about how often the gym will be busy today. Bowflex Revolution gives you a better home gym alternative with trendy models.

In this article, we will cover the Bowflex Revolution home gym review, go deeper into the machine and features, how to use it, its efficiency and discounts, promotions, and contact information, and then base our evaluation on customer feedback. Read along to the end.

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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

Bowflex Revolution is a company specializing in workout equipment. The establishment of the firm is traced back to 1986 when the individual who was an aerobic as well as jazzercise specialist became famous in North America. Bowflex came up with unique ideas that perplexed many people about how the home gym would look like. The company revolutionized everything through that innovative home gym system and skills and established a perfect sculpt to fit all body zones.

All the above is what brought about the Bowflex Revolution Home gym and machine has become popular because of its futuristic universality. In fact, with this machine, users can work out over 1000 unique exercises, supporting all routine and fitness goals and being strong enough to manage all strength levels.

35 years after its foundation, the brand still represents this industry for quality home gym equipment which ranges from adjustable dumbbells to weight and cardio contractions. If you are not used to working out in public, this brand provides a solution to work out at home and in comfort. Today, Bowflex Revolution Home Gym remains the famous model in this lineup.

And to add on that, the home gym setup, as well as Xtreme 2 SE, features trailblazing resistance tech that is not dependable on gravity. This machine also features more advanced tools like adjustable arms, cur attachment, vertical bench press, and plate technology, giving you any perfect style and movement you wish. More about features in the next section. Let us summarize the pros and cons you need to expect with these machines.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Pros:

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Cons:

Why We Like Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym has simplified everything, and now people can work out from their homes, which is efficient and safe. The company has targeted to help users reduce the strain on joints. Their special technology plate was made for NASA, which doesn't need inertia to offer resistance.

Through the presence of the power rod and SpiraFlex, it is hard to chat virtually about body movement. Equally, you can remove the extended portion and utilize a small seat while sliding. As we are about to witness, this machine has many technical specifications.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Technical Specifications And Features

This machine needs a small workout area. Therefore, clear an area of 10 x 7' to effectively utilize and be comfortable. This is because, when you set it up entirely, it extends to cover an area of 9'4'' long and 3'2'' wide while tallness is 6'1".

This clearly explains why the equipment is always referred to as hefty, and to add on that, the whole machine is made using HD steel. Elsewhere, the SpiraFlex resistance pack is designed from elastic and a blend of metal to provide extra weight when upgrading the resistance pack.

Ideally, the machine comes with a weight of 366.2 lbs, and other weight comes from the resistance pack, approximated to be 220 lbs, translated to 440 lbs resistance in the long run. The more you upgrade the pack, the more resistance doubles.

Therefore, regardless of the training target from arms to the back and shoulder, you can quickly isolate your body part with this machine in terms of strength or tone. In the machine's attachment, you can see many features to help with movement.

There are freedom arms that you can position in up to 10 unique ways because they independently move and are adjustable up to 170 degrees. Leg press stations give you up to 600 lbs resistance as well as unparalleled power range, while preacher curl attachment helps you rest your elbow when you are holding the inner handle.

Another feature to mention here is the Vertical Bench press, ideal for completing 100 permeable exercises on a range of up to 400. Lastly, a leg extension ensures a toning workout and strengthens your calves or thighs.

Customer Review

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review review article also wanted to find out what other people had to say about the experience shopping and using this machine in their workout. The results online are excellent; this is the future game changer revolutionizing the training session with advanced equipment. We have searched for multiple opinions online, so we present you with countless sites evaluating the machines.

On The Home Gym website, the blog editor aimed at analyzing if the machine will stand the test of time and remain a future hype on the market. From the company overview to the features and specifications, the author rates it among the best home gym resistance machines, made for NASA technology and ideal for astronauts training to stay healthy. The conclusion says a lot:

"In general, the Bowflex Revolution is an excellent home gym machine. It costs more than Bowflex's other power lance machines, but it is unquestionably a more advanced model. You'll likely be dissatisfied if you have the space and cash.”

Heading to the  Barbend site, the platform has a detailed review of the Home gym machine.

In the article, the brand is praised for being able to up the resistance, ample exercise accommodation and variations, and its compact nature. The fantastic feedback is also found on Amazon. As we can see, the machine, which has been discontinued, scored 3.6 stars after analyzing 47 global reviews.

And if you are worried about the price, then the Healthline blog gives you something to meditate about. The editor seeks to understand if this machine is legit and compares the pros and cons before giving a verdict on such a versatile machine. The Simple summary says:

"With hundreds of exercise variations and workout samples included in the user guide it's an excellent full-body training alternative for people of all fitness levels. The price is more than that of some other Bowflex home gyms, so think about which features are important to you and which system is ideal for your wallet."

On the Showcase, the blog continues to supplement what other reviewers have discussed. It gives you an excellent reason to select this revolutionary machine for an efficient workout at home.

The Bowflex Revolution Home gym is a fantastic workout facility for all people. The author of  The Home Gym Expert concludes with detailed reviews. Then from the FAQ, we can see an explicit clarification that the brand has discontinued some online retailers, which means you can now get these machines for their official website.

Follow along other sites for excellent and convincing reviews, which include the official website Bowflex showing a 4.6-star rating after 556 reviews, The Top Fitness Magazine, and Garage Pro. Most people are content with these machines considering their workability, versatility, compact nature, flexibility, and durability. Though we have also seen a few complaints, they have been addressed.

Where to Buy Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Our research has found that when purchasing a Bowflex Revolution Home Gym machine, head to their official website and place an order. Navigate to and make a selection asap. Still, we have spotted these machines and accessories from online retailers. Among them are:-

Is Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Worth It?

Generally, Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is worth a purchase. This is because, from our experience, the equipment from this brand has outperformed our expectations. It is more than any alternative tool on the market today regarding workout machinery. Customers can work out over 100 exercises and hold any weight level.

The home gym machine tops our best at-home workout equipment online. If you are looking for the most innovative and safest approach, try out Bowflex Revolution Home Gym, to give you all your training solutions from home. This is because the machine utilizes harm-reducing techniques with its progressive resistance, and users can have access to feel the weight ideal for the gym.

Say goodbye to the gym membership cases today and train from home at your convenience. This machine does not rely on gravity. Save today on the monthly membership gym fee, save your time, and work from your home while you gain muscle. The company also gives you discounts, and the machine comes with a favorable return or warranty to enjoy.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Discounts

Regarding discounts and promotions, Bowflex has you covered with many ways to save. If you operate on a fixed budget, the company offers multiple financing options to use and pay through monthly installments.

During Father's Day, they offer customers savings upto$500. Still, when you sign up for newsletters and updates, you can save more and access many lucrative deals. Try out the affiliate programs,  their impressive protection plan, and many limited-time offers. Otherwise, head to the sales section and enjoy the discounts.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Contact

Well, you can contact Bowflex anytime you get an issue that needs help. The support team is available to give you a solution to your concern. They have a live chat from their webpage that you can capitalize on for efficient engagement with the representative. But if you want instant support, you can opt for telephone services at (800) 605-3369.

But the phone support is only operational Monday through Friday from 6 am to 5 pm, while on Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm PST. If the issue is not demanding much attention, head to the website, use the contact form and submit it to the team for a reply later. These guys are also active on the social media platform. Search them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and engage as much as possible with the team.


Q. What is the ideal store to order Bowflex Revolution Home Gym and accessories?

The perfect place we would recommend going for the Bowflex Revolutions accessories is their official website at boef;, and you can order the home gym at your comfort. Hoqvwre, our research has also indicated that this equipment is available in online retail stores. These include fitness superstores, amazon, etc.

Q. Can I fold Bowflex Revolution Home Gym?

This home gym equipment is foldable, but remember that you can fold Bowflex Revolution Home Gym upto a width of 38 inches and a length of 55 inches. This is a perfect feature, mainly when you have limited space but need extra space for your friend to work out.

Q. Who is the ideal person to sue Bowflex Revolution Home Gym?

If you are a seasoned pro, a newbie in the industry, or a workout novice, utilizing this training equipment at home is simple. It has detailed tutorials and a DVD to optimize it while exercising. Give It a try and see if it works out wonders.

Q. Can someone use Bowflex Revolution Home Gym to build muscles?

This unique home workout machine gives you 400 variations and can help you perform over 100 exercises. It is perfect if you want to gain some muscles as it gives you different approaches to your journey. You can learn more from the users and how they build their bodies.


Bowflex is a famous fitness brand established to revolutionize the industry through its creativity and innovation. The company has brought a solution to the home gym and training needs. Say no more congestion in the gym and kiss goodbye to subscription-based gym services. Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is an impressive machine targeted to help you achieve your training vision at your comfort with numerous workout options for weight loss, building muscle, and gaining healthy body conditions. From the above reviews, the machine is versatile, features numerous accessories, and has attachments to customize it to meet your workout needs. With a simple interface, the equipment is compact and worth attention without any disappointments.

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