SnackCrate Review: Does It Worth to Buy Their Month Snack?

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SnackCrate will provide you with delicious snacks from different countries every month because it is a monthly subscription box full of yummy treats.

"Our mission is to delight our customers with products they cannot find unless they flew to that country themselves", Mr. Kely Roarke, CEO of SnackCrate Thanks to Kely Roarke, we can taste different kinds of snacks worldwide. If you sign up for SnackCrate, you will subscribe to a monthly box full of delicious snacks from the different countries you choose. As a person who cannot travel worldwide due to unforeseen circumstances, I can experience delightful snacks and taste a box full of yummy goodies in my home.

SnackCrate is a well-known brand with many followers on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, they have an unimaginable like reaching up to 500 thousand, while on Instagram, they have 90 thousand followers on Instagram.

Furthermore, SnackCrate made a noise as they were featured on Buzzfeed, USA Today, Wired, and many more media outlets. Stay tuned and keep reading this review to know more about SnackCrate and experience the type of snacks from another country and be able to justify that SnackCrate is a fantastic brand.

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About SnackCrate

As I researched how SnackCrate was founded, I was inspired by Kely Roarke's story. Just months away from his graduation, he completely ditches college and starts his own business, and it was a significant risk to take since finishing college was just almost his reach. But he keeps his hopes higher than the skies, spending months developing a website and business model in his little garage. His efforts paid off because what he made was shockingly successful.

According to Pensacola News Journal, in their interview with Roarke, he said that SnackCrate is worth millions now. It generated around 15 million dollars in revenue in the year 2018. So much more in 2022 since it gained many people signing up for SnackCrate?

SnackCrate is a monthly subscription service that delivers snacks straight to your home. Every the month is a surprise because they have a featured country where the snacks came from, and you would feel excited because you don't know what snacks you are getting until it reaches the doorstep of your home. After signing up, you don't need to choose a thing, which is very convenient.

If you still don't know how to order at SnackCrate, follow these easy steps.

First, select the size of crates that you want. You can choose the Mini size, which contains 5-6 full-sized. The original size includes 10-12 full-sized snacks, and the last measure, the Family size, provides for 16-20 full-sized snacks. Some snacks may give you multiples if they're smaller items because you deserve a fully loaded box that you order, whether it is Mini, Original, or Family size.

Next, choose a country; the next thing you will experience is a total surprise. When you first sign up on their website, they will let you select the country from which the snacks came, but if your account is renewed, you can choose not to visit a country anymore because that is the point of SnackCrate.

The People of SnackCrate are working hard by procuring and scouring around the globe to offer you a variety of snacks from many different countries. But if you are too excited to know the featured country for the month, you can visit their website or social media because they announce the featured country in the first week of the month.

Maybe you think that you will be disappointed by the crate you order because you can't choose what snack you prefer, but that's the point of SnackCrate. They aim to amaze and surprise the customers each month with the most popular snacks from a different country, and you can finally taste the delicious, famous, and even weird snacks around the world that SnackCrate experts have scoured the globe.



Why Do We Like SnackCrate?

The world is composed of many different countries with different and diverse cultures. How we speak our language, clothes, beliefs, and behavioral aspects are different from any other country, but it's a unique thing to imagine. Even if we differ in many things, we can still communicate and connect with them. And thanks to SnackCrate, we can taste a diverse variety of snacks from the other country with a different cultures. It is very amusing to imagine that we can be able to taste a portion of food from the other side of the world.

A crate has a variety of snacks you can eat. You can't be disappointed by a single bin because it has so many products of snacks in a box. Plus, if you want to have many snacks, you can pick a family-size crate, and for sure, you will be amazed by the number of snacks a large-size crate has.

SnackCrate is customer friendly because they offer a return policy. To hype up this, Snack Crat is a green flag! If you change your mind or cancel your order due to unforeseen circumstances, they offer a return policy with a refund only if your order has yet to be shipped. It's very favorable.

Furthermore, if you live in the United States of America and the package has been delivered to your house, and you want to return your crate for whatever your reason is, well, do the appropriate process in returning the package, and the bright side is that they will offer you a refund!

Customer Review

Because I'm eager to know about the snacks they offer, I scoured the internet about this thing and was amazed by people's reviews on SnackCrate. Reviews are saying that they are generally satisfied with the product they purchase because it's food from a different country, and they will be able to taste snacks from the other part of the globe.

Aside from deliciousness, people also said that they are content with the shipping or delivery because other states that the package is in good condition or undamaged. To further know about the reviews of SnackCrate, please continue reading the testimonies of people from

"I received a single SnackCrate as a gift during quarantine, and it was such a fun surprise!"- BUZZFEED

"It was so fun sharing them and discovering strange new flavors that I think I'm gonna stay subscribed for a while." – USA TODAY

"Diverse variety at a fair price point, and there are multiple box sizes to choose from. " – WIRED

"Snackcrate is worth the money! I love being able to try different snacks from all around the world." – via Instagram.

"I got the Japan crate, and it was so good! I shared it with my brother and fiance, and they loved it!" - via Instagram

Where to Buy SnackCrate?

Since we are in the generation where technology is boosting, we can order or buy SnackCrate through their website, click this link SnackCrate.

Does SnackCrate sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found SnackCrate stores on Amazon.

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SnackCrate Discount

The member of SnackCrate can get 30% off on all CandyBar purchases, as well as a monthly box of curated snacks from a brand new country.

Is SnackCrate Worth It?

Have you ever wondered what other people eat from another country when they are going on a picnic or just having a snack? Before, we were not going to experience the taste of snacks from another country because it is so far away and traveling is a bit expensive.

Now, thanks to Snack Crate, we can feel the taste the deliciousness and yumminess of foods or snacks from the other country. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mobile devices or computers to order snacks from Snack Crate and enjoy the snacks from your purchase.

How to contact SnackCrate?

Contacting Snack Crate is super easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the candy bar available to all customers?

Yes, of course, it is available to anyone who would like to order a candy bar but bear in mind that those who are already a member of SnackCrate are the only ones who can have 30% discounts on all candy bar purchases.

Q. Can I have a refund?

If your order is not yet shipped, you can contact SnackCrate through their email or phone number and wait for 5-10 working days to process your refund.

Q. I don't want to receive it for two months.

Can I skip or pause my subscription? Definitely! You can stay or skip your subscription. Go to your account page and ensure you visit your subscription before the 5th month to skip your renewal. If you have other questions, email or call their customer service.


If you want to be surprised by the snacks of different countries, feel free to order at SnackCrate, and they will give you the satisfaction you wish by delivering you yummy and delicious snacks from all over the world.

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