Simple Health Birth Control Review: Revolutionizing Women's Access to Contraception!

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Have you had difficulty finding the proper birth control with multiple consultations with your doctor? Here comes the Simple Health birth control approach. Read our review and find out if this Simple health birth control is sustainable and worth a purchase.

Our guess might be correct because you are here looking for an alternative and ideal birth control method. Well, finding the proper birth control is not just tedious but also challenging, and sometimes, the process is long, with multiple visits to your doctor. The more technology advances, the more methods emerge, but trial and error are risky. This means you must be sure of the approach you choose. This is the crucial step to take for your health. Birth control not just works to reduce abortion but also helps you evade unwanted pregnancies.

Still, it would be best to understand that hormonal birth control effectively manages skin acne, ovarian cyst risks, and menstruation challenges. You have been struggling with all these challenges and benefits of birth control. But when it comes to the right option on the market which offers you a suitable system that is not challenging but simple, it is where our today's focus comes in.

Simple Health Birth Control has a solution for you. Besides connecting you online to a professional, it leaves the right services without hassle. This article will detail the Simple Health firm, highlighting its work, promotions, etc. If you are still new to this company, let us go to the overview now.

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Simple Health Birth Control Review

Simple Health is one of the unique sites that is revolutionizing the services by giving women access to birth control prescriptions. The firm has made things simpler and more convenient, and you can now get birth control prescription refills in the comfort of your home. The company is taking over the market due to its perfect easy-to-use delivery packages and gathering an extensive audience base on its Instagram account.

While some get anxious about consistently filling the birth control, you are comfortable refilling the prescription. Women can now control pregnancies and manage related risks by taking up societal opportunities. You need to note that SImple Health has transitioned to the Tweenyeiaght Health site, which should not confuse you anymore starting April 2023.

Going into history, the company was founded by Joel Wishovsky alongside friend Ryn Quigley in 2015. Still, the company got many investors, including Notation Capital, Steven A. Cohen, Goodwater Capital, etc. The story behind the foundation of the brand is hilarious. This is because these duos began the firm by offering contact lenses, and Ryan was into establishing the perfect method for the users to access these lenses from their homes.

Through the development, they revamped the company to become what it is today by making it convenient for women to access Birth control refills and prescriptions easily. This is not a bad site to start because the founders have simplified your life. While Simple Health guarantees customers safer family planning alternatives, they only operate within selected US regions. Keep reading to find out more about the brand. Let us start by comparing the pros and cons before going to how you can access Simple Health birth control services.

Simple Health Birth Control Pros:

Simple Health Birth Control Cons:

Why We Like Simple Health Birth Control

Simple Health offers a perfect family planning alternative with its unique birth control subscription and refills. These guys have made everything simple and convenient with delivery to your doorstep. Therefore, this brand is subscription-based with affordable plans. There are multiple birth control options on the site. Among these are Sprintec, made using norgestimate and a combination of the ethinyl and contraceptive.

Errin are contraceptive pills ideal for breastfeeding women as well as ladies not receiving estrogen. Annovera is a novel vaginal ring recommended for 21 days, while FC2 is a female condom that protects women from getting STIs but comes with a failure rate of 21%, as the CDC suggests. Therefore, we encourage you to follow the expert guideline while using these birth control methods. As the medical doctor recommended, you are excellent and safe if you stick to the plan.

The Simple Health Birth Control Subscription

The company gives you different methods to access these services. There is a complete core subscription going for $15. Even if you use insurance, you will only pay $15 yearly to access these convenience services and vital perks on the site. Some benefits you can enjoy through subscriptions are unlimited access to the medical doctor, seeking clarification, guidance on the side effects, and a prescription ideal for your option.

You also have access to on-call health care support, free shipping for refills, zero commitments, annual consultation with your doctor that prescribes your medication, access to risk-free premises, get emergency contraceptives and female condoms only applicable to insured customers, supplements, STI prescriptions, and 45 days check-ins to justify if your medication is effective.

However, those individuals not covered through the insurance must be ready to pay an extra $7 for every contraceptive box. Still, remember that all members are entitled to pay $20 as a one-time consultation fee. Though it sounds demanding, with only that charge, having access to the doctor for a year is incredible. No need to book the appointment, but you are guaranteed prescriptions, consultations, and many more fantastic deals.

The Best-Selling Simple Health OTC Supplements

If you are still a new member of this online firm, you must understand that these guys go the extra mile beyond birth control to give you 3 main supplements. These supplements are good for adding to the birth control subscription. They are designed through the collaboration of the clinical staff with the expert doctors. They are targeted to enhance your general health and provide numerous benefits for women. They are accessible to both returning as well as new customers as they have made them simple to acquire.

New customers can order by filling out the consultation form, while current customers can access it via their subscription portal under the dashboard. And These products are all shipped with no charges. Here are the 3 main supplements on the Simple Health website.

The Daily 5 is a well-known supplement and contains a 5-in-1 multivitamin designed to target reproductive health. Hence, they are suitable for helping evade the birth control side effects like energy level, tenderness, headache, etc. Formulation supports your immune system and energy supply and improves cellular functioning. They feature folate, zinc, Vitamin D, B6, B12, Riboflavin, and Magnesium. You can add it as a one-time purchase at a lower price.

Urinary Tract Support supplement. These are effective in dealing with the dreaded STI experience. They are ideal for people that have recurring STIs and are sexually active. This is because the supplement ensures you have the proactive prevention form. Note that these supplements do not cure the existing UTI. Instead, it would be best if you visited the doctor. The supplements are made with the 500g potent cranberry extract featuring 10 mg proanthocyanidins that prevent bacteria on the urinary tract. This reduces the chances of getting an STI.

The last supplement is Probiotic Blend. Probiotic supplements balance the friendly bacteria in our body, especially in the digestive system, which prevents numerous diseases. This blend contains 12 unique strands with about 30 billion CFUs-Colony forming units.

The research indicates that these probiotics are effective in handling constipation as well as bloating while boosting healthy microbiomes. It also colonizes the vaginal epithelium. You can add these Probiotic Blend supplements to your subscription or get them as a one-time purchase. You now have a choice to make, lad.

Customer Review

Besides mentioning their birth control methods and supplements, most people generally love the Simple Health brand. There are countless praises on the internet. However, one cannot validate the general stand of our review without looking at these testimonials to prove our point.

Thus, our research also ventured into this approach, and here, we will start by looking at Trustpilot. 1.5 is a poor rating, especially considering it is based on 103 reviews. While on its Facebook page, the company has a good reputation and recorded over 5000 likes. Lemon Lab is also another site with well-analyzed blogs focusing on the company. The blog's author looks at the firm through their transparency, convenience, choice, and accessibility and, in the long run, gives us tips. By comparing the pros and cons, editors love their competitive pricing.

Heading to, there are impressive reviews, and out of 6687 reviews, the company scores 4.6 stars. Customers here are satisfied with the shipping, timely delivery, and lucrative deals. The customer's support is top-notch, and one of the verified reviewers stated:-

"The best birth control provider I've ever tried is Simple Health." They eliminated all of the anxiety associated with obtaining birth control! I'll never go with another firm or doctor. I cannot endorse them highly enough."

Medical News Today guides you on everything you need to know about these guys. It starts from the background to compare the pros and cons, the reputation and tips on signing up, and the ideal person to use these birth control methods. The summary section concludes:

"Simple Health supplies female birth control through pills, rings, and patches." Before issuing suitable prescriptions, an authorized physician evaluates each case. These medications are delivered discreetly to a person's door. Simple Health subscriptions are renewed on an every-month ."

Healthline is the next blog with detailed data on the brand. It is one of the blogs highlighting that the brand has transitioned to the Twentyeight Health website. But the editor is delighted with the affordability, money-back guarantee, convenience, professionalism, and many positive customer feedbacks.

Though Glassdoor has 87 reviews, the general rating still stands at 2.5 stars which is average. Also, through Hannah Moseley Writes' website, the author gives the real experience with the site and their birth control methods. Of the four methods trial, all ticked the five boxes and met minimal expectations.

Even though BBB rates the brand with F, the company retains its online reputation, and many people are happy with the convenience, affordability, and perfect customer support with unlimited access to the experts anytime.

Where to Get Simple Health Birth Control

Simple Health offers online prescription and birth control refill services without visiting a doctor. This means you only have to seek advice and get the prescription while you wait for the delivery. This translates to the fact that the company needs you to subscribe to get started. Visit and make an order. Signing up for Simple Health Birth Control is simple.

But first, you must complete the consultation and avail your data and medical history so that the professionals can gauge the right package for you. Once done adding the payment method, the doctor reviews the information before giving you the prescription. That way, you will only sit and wait for the company to deliver to your doorstep. It is incredibly free. These birth control products are not available through online retailers.

Does Simple Health Birth Control sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Simple Health Birth Control stores on Amazon.

Is Simple Health Birth Control Worth It?

Simple Health Birth Control review has found numerous positive customers, significantly contributing to your stand here. Convenience is one of the factors that has melted the hearts of many customers and given them control over their family planning in the comfort of their homes. And those customers that have subscribed to the Simple Health services are guaranteed free and unlimited access to the healthcare experts.

This is because they understand that birth control is one procedure that needs consistent conversation with your professional doctor. Though they do not have much customer feedback on their website, we appreciate their reputation online and on external sites. This concept of comfort is fantastic. And comparing other alternatives with the company's efficacy, we can prove it is worth your money.

The subscription exposes you to knowledgeable professionals you can interact with through email and text. Anything about the prescription they are readily available.w e also rank their 245 days checking, which is here to ensure that the prescription is always synced based on your target goal. In the Simple Health Birth Control collection, the store features over 120 unique birth control options.

This increases the probability of accessing something compatible with your health condition. But if that fails, still, Simple Health gives you a favorable return policy with guaranteed money back. As the name suggests, this simple brand gives you a perfect straightforward family planning alternative without side effects.

You do not have to visit a doctor to refill the medication or get the subscription going. It has relieved many anxiety. The pricing is fantastic, with these high-quality products and an extensive collection. Therefore, Simple Health is worth the purchase.

Simple Health Birth Control Discounts

Simple Health firm is one company that guarantees multiple giveaways, updates, etc., when you sign up for the monthly newsletter. Otherwise, free fast and home delivery services with a monthly subscription exist. Products are delivered at your comfort to your doorstep. You will also have to access affordable pricing and a zero budget when using insurance, and everything is kept 100% confidential with your expert.

Customers can access the medical doctor with online evaluation for a year. Through The Student Bean, you can get the promo code vital for helping you save big with free delivery on refills.

Simple Health Birth Control Contact

If you have a pending question beyond this Simple Health Birth Control review, the only way is to start by checking on our FAQ page; if you cannot find the answer, then contact the Simple Health support team. There are many options to connect the Simple Health technical team. First of all, you can call them through their phone number. If it fails, then send them an email address through

Lastly, if you look keenly at their website, there is a clear indication that the marketing team is busy on social media platforms to reach out to many people. Hence, follow them on their Facebook page, Twitter handle, and Instagram. In terms of their phone number, you will only get it after placing the order.


Q. Are Simple Health birth control prescriptions safe?

The company gives you access to the health experts. And through their analysis and evaluation, these doctors prescribe something safe and targeted at your needs to fit your reproductive health preferences.

Q. Can I trust the Simple Health brand?

The company works with well-known and reputable experts and well-equipped pharmacists. These people are all guided through the medical team experience. Hence, we recommend trusting Simple Health as they guarantee you legit and safe services.

Q. Does Simple Health use discreet packaging?

We have seen through the above review article that Simple Health utilizes safe packaging and a discrete and very subtle approach.

Q. Does Simple Health accept insurance payments?

In the above review, we have concluded that this is one of the firms that accept insurance payments. And surprisingly, these guys get all the major insurance plans you might have while settling the payment. Most of these plans cover the charges involved in birth control, and it often depends on the insurance coverage here.

Q. Can I cancel my Simple Health subscription plan?

Simple Health gives you control over your subscription plan. w you can skip, pause and even cancel the plan. However, you must notify the support team through the email and do it at least within 7 days prior to the due next refill arrives.

Q. Does Simple Health ship their birth control packages?

Definitely, but today, the company only offers shipping to orders that are based within US regions. In fact, the company takes at least 3 days to review the order and process where necessary. Immediately, they are done processing, they ship, and the transit takes 4 to 7 working days to arrive. There are many selected states where Simple Health offers shipping services. Among them are Florida, IOdaho, Alabama, Maine, Lowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Texas, Wyoming, Washington, New York, etc.

Q. Does Simple Health have a return policy?

Though the company claims to offer the return option when you have issues with their products, customers can only initiate by contacting the support team through the email Equally, you can get the team through an official phone number and determine if your order qualifies for return processing.


Simple Health is a perfect telehealth alternative company offering unique birth control prescriptions and refills based on your needs. If you want to streamline birth control, Simple Health gives you a solution from medical experts. In this review, we have covered everything you need to know regardless of financial and insurance status.

The company has received numerous positive customer ratings praising the convenience and accessibility to the monthly contraception without visiting the doctor physically. Navigate to the site and select from a range of birth control options. On top of the free unlimited guidance, the company is excellent even when you are operating on a fixed budget.

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