Flaviar Subscription Review: Should You Join Their Spirits & Whiskey Club?

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Flaviar is a subscription service that offers a band of spirits that have been carefully selected for its users. Visit their store to learn more about their offering.

If you’re a lover of whisky, rum, or spirits, then you might want to join a membership service that provides you with handpicked drinks. It can be annually, quarterly, or monthly since you don’t want to have your stock falling short just when you need it. Flaviar is one such membership with an inventory of rare rum, whisky, cognac, vodka, and other drinks.

Flaviar enjoys excellent ratings in the online world. Therefore, it only makes sense for us to review its services. It has more than 100k Instagram followers and continues to dominate the liquor market. What makes Flaviar special? In this review, we will be looking at what it's all about, its offerings, promotions, and much more.

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Flaviar Subscription Review

Flaviar was founded in 2012, by Grisa Soba and Jugoslav Petkovic. Grisa had some experience in the liquor industry after having worked with his father in a brewery in Slovenia. He knew how to distill vodka and absinthe from a young age. Later on, he ventured into other businesses including a cocktail bar and a global liquor selling agency. After meeting with the e-commerce guru Jugoslav Petkovic, they decided to create Flaviar. The goal was to make it easier for people to get their liquor fast and efficiently.

The subscription service allows its members to also access samples of their favorite drinks before purchasing the full bottle. It also has a variety of merchandise and accessories that help the members to embrace their hobbies better. The company offers a selection of over 20,000 rands of whiskeys, spirits, brandy, bourbon, cognac, rum, and more. With a subscription, you get access to the Flaviar community, an online tasting log, events for members only, recommendations of flavor matches, and tons of liquor reviews. Read more to find out about the Flaviar subscription service.

Flaviar Subscription Pros

Flaviar Subscription Cons

What We Like Flaviar

They Have a Huge Collection of Wines and Spirits

If you like to entertain friends and business partners, then Flaviar is a good place for you. You can host tasting parties from the range of carefully chosen spirits and have a great time. You no longer need to visit your local liquor store or worry about which drinks will be best for your crowd. Flaviar also provides free shipping on all Flaviar originals and other qualified orders like gift cards.

Depending on your budget, you can choose among the three Flaviar gift card memberships. These are the standard, premium, and all-access memberships. With the standard membership, you can gift a friend the freedom of choosing any two products, and they can have them delivered at their most convenient time. To add a personal touch, you can write a note or choose one from Flaviar's list.

The premium membership gift card offers four products of their choice, while the all-access membership provides eight. All the memberships have free shipping for orders above $45. The memberships at Flaviar are also fully customizable, meaning the recipient can decide what to get. Flaviar’s services are available in all European countries, Uk, and American states except a few.

Exclusive Quarterly and Yearly Membership Plans

Flaviar membership plans come with curated tasting experiences and tasting sessions hosted by experts. According to its website, it has more than 350,000 members. To become a member, click on the “join the club” icon and select the membership plan of your choice. The membership plans come with 1,4 and 8 tickets for the tasting experience.

With one ticket, you get the liquor of your choice as well as a guided tasting experience through an expert. You can also cancel or upgrade your membership plan at any time. Flaviar membership comes with a range of tasting boxes and bottles as well as promotions. Four and eight tickets offer the freedom of choosing any combination of delivery times. Your ticket upon entry is converted into a gift card that helps you to order your products whenever you want.

Customer Review

Looking at Flaviar’s website, it enjoys excellent ratings and reviews from TrustPilot as well as other publications. Some of these publications include Business Insider, Esquire, and The Independent. The nature of the packaging and the wide selection of curated spirits make it a thumbs up from people all over. As well, the subscription service has a few bad reviews on TrustPilot, although they are few.

Among these include late delivery of the drinks and sometimes slow refunds. Despite all that, we believe that Flaviar is a good service with tons of great drinks to choose from and tasting experiences.

“I’m so happy with your great service, and I’m willing to continue buying your fine liquor. The service was fast, and the customer service was responsive.”

Where to Buy Flaviar

Visit Flaviar’s official website to subscribe for a membership or buy someone a gift and enjoy various discounts.

Being a subscription service, it is not available in other online stores like Walmart and Amazon.

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Is Flaviar Worth It?

Comparing the kind of service, price, and package you get from Flaviar, I’d say it's worth it. Flaviar’s prices are cheaper than some of its competitors, including Liquorama and ReserveBar. While some of the competitors consider themselves a premium service, Flaviar is not at all bad. This is because the company has a much wider selection of spirits and gift packages.

It enjoys a huge positive rating and is also available in most EU, UK, and US states. There is great customer support and discounts when you become a member of the Flaviar community. You can buy a gift for a friend and still be able to customize the purchase at any time. The referral program is also a great way of earning excellent discounts whenever you make a purchase in the future.

Flaviar Discounts

The following are discounts you can enjoy when you purchase products from Flaviar.

Flaviar Contact

If you need more information beyond what we have provided in this review, you can reach Flaviar through the following contacts.


Q. What comes with the Flaviar membership?

Flaviar membership is an excellently personalized experience with benefits such as complimentary products. Complimentary products are different for the standard, premium, and all access plans. You also get free shipping for qualified orders, distillery tours, free tasting events, a great referral program, and much more.

Q. What is Flaviar's shipping policy?

According to Flaviar’s website, it delivers products to the whole European Union, the UK, as well as the United States. However, there are a number of states that don't qualify, all of which have been indicated on its website. Flaviar’s orders are shipped from anywhere, depending on its retail partner network.

Q. Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes, you’re allowed to cancel an order within three days and get a full refund. An order cannot be canceled if it has already been shipped and delivered to the recipient. You’re also free to cancel your membership plan or upgrade it to a better one.


Flaviar’s impressive selection of spirits is broad and, therefore, a great subscription service to have. It provides members a chance to experience different types of spirits before committing to purchase a bottle. Customer reviews show that Flaviar is a great service, for the most part, so we don’t mind recommending it to our readers.

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