BoxyCharm Subscription Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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Are you struggling to find the perfect favorite make-up items to add to your cart? Try the BoxyCharm Subscription. with an affordable budget; you are guaranteed five beauty products with an excellent complementary bag. Keep reading the BoxyCharm subscription review to find out more.

Beauty has taken over the natural look. Most people have turned out to make it to the extreme level to become heaven-sent angels within the human being race. If you are among the people searching for excellent make-up products to add to the cart, kindly check out the BoxyCharm subscription. Find out what is in the highly valued box. Get to learn more about their shipping and box cost in this review article.

Finding the best make-up products is challenging, and some people spend a lot on the wrong package. While you have a busy schedule at work, you are also experiencing a hard time to spend searching for beauty products that conform to all your needs. Multiple companies offer beauty products online. This is true, but every consumer has preferences and different tastes.

Today's article will take you through the BoxyChart subscription reviews. We will cover everything ranging from the company background, the pros and cons, look at the customer ratings, and find our stand in the conclusion so you can easily decide. Therefore, before you choose, take your time to read along and understand what is contained in the BoxyCharm subscription beauty product box in detail.

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BoxyCharm Subscription Review

BoxyCharm is a make-up firm that ranks the convenience as well as the accessibility of the make-up subscription by costing a few pounds monthly. This company is situated in south Florida, but they have branches in Canada and Toronto. Joe Martin is the company CEO, a veteran entrepreneur who founded the firm in 2013. his main aim was to reflect the deep-seated knowledge of the brand in the make-up niche.

The company has grown and expanded to become innovative in its delivery of the five full-size beauty products as well as the gift of your choice to your doorstep. The selection of the beauty products in BoxyCharm Subscription is diverse and ranges from skincare to make-up, including the color and tools covering cosmetics.

The company also aims to ensure that your make-up selection remains unique, fresh, and creative in a delivery routine that customers have adopted to express their feelings. In this BoxyCharm Subscription review, we will cover what the company offers in the compact travel savvy box. the BoxyCharm Subscription is in line with the trending and syncs with the upgraded classic designs and styles.

The company is well known for providing a numerous selection of high-quality beauty products which have a great impact on society. Looking at the products, it is challenging where to start with. But in summary, BoxyCharm Subscription takes the whole thinking out of the make-up application in their cutting-edge beauty products. Additionally, the company also specializes in providing tutorials that you can count on them for particular beauty applications.

Besides having multiple products, there is another catch in the make-up package, which scans on the sparse application. Therefore, a charmer can select a single item in the next delivery box then the company takes responsibility to customize them so that it aligns with your preferences. From various reviews online, it is clear that the company values individuality sot hat in the BoxyCharm Subscription box, you can rest assured that it meets your taste.

Aside, the tutorial company offers can inspire you to get the new look to the extent that you can try reinventing the contemporary classic look in a unique occasion or daily activity. Going through the tutorials on different social media platforms, you can discover an extensive network involving motivated women who have not just subtle but also striking make-up designs and styles. However, the company mostly emphasizes the generosity as well as the loyalty of the charmers.

This only feature focuses on the beauty, giveaways, and rewards points members receive on their passionate commitment while spreading the beauty using their high-quality products at friendly pricing.

BoxyCharm Subscription Pros:

BoxyCharm Subscription Cons:

Why We Like BoxyCharm Subscription

There are multiple benefits one can enjoy subscribing to the BoxyCharm subscriptions. First is the option to select from numerous products, and you can upgrade the subscription to make sure that you have chosen the box that meets all your needs and tastes. Next, the company also offers customized products and packages, which come with a saving chance for their customers.

Hence a perfect choice when planning to have the wedding registry list with you soon. The site has plenty of tutorials. You can learn from creative women how to use their beauty products and become innovative with styles and designs. And you should be ready to enjoy surprises in the charm box. The subscription has four options you can select: monthly, three monthly, six monthly, and one year.

You are not limited to one option. You can choose multiple or upgrade from one to the next and cancel the subscription anytime. Another thing is that the company also guarantees members discount prices, but this only applies to the yearly package. Meanwhile, they support multiple payment methods, including the student credit card. Every box will have a switch complexion pack and the feedback form. We love plenty of things about this beauty brand firm, which involves the add-ons with special prices on a particular year's date.

Customer Review

From the online reviews on BoxyCharm Subscription, you will come across multiple customers all praising others complaining from all sectors of life. thuis indicates, most siets have mixed reveiws and resposnes. While most of the reviews online clearly indicate that customers are satisfied with these beauty subscription boxes because of the comfortability and exposure to the styles, colors, and all kinds of make items.

To help you understand the brand well, we also should explore what customers say about the products. To start with, we will head to the TrustPilot, where you can see that they have 5191 reviews about Boxycaharm. Generally, the brand has scored 3.9 starts on Trustpilot, where 48% of the customers at the time of writing this article gave it 5 stars and recommended using the items. Only 13% feel they are not satisfied. Based on the statistics, the company replies to the negative reviews within 2 weeks and has scored a 93% reply rate.

Most of the clients are satisfied with the package as among them on Trustpilot states, 'I've had this membership for just over two years and have yet to encounter any problems. Definitely one of my favorite subscription boxes!' while others enjoy the tutorials, which help them apply the make-up products and come up with various designs and styles. Most of them also praised the full-size products from the company, which look awesome. However, a few people also feel that they are not satisfied with the products on Trustpilot.

Though the fraction is small, they are attended to by the customer support staff, who are available 24/7. We will move to the Influenster site, where the subscription box got 4.7 stars. People are amazed at the creative way the company offers to the customers as opposed to other companies which give their clients samples instead. But, on Sitejabber, the brand has a poor rating out of the 22 reviews. 2.17 stars means that most customers are unsatisfied with the products. People complained about the service, return policy, shipping and value while the quality was high, and few raised the alarm.

One of the clients on Sitejabber sums up the message by stating 'I've been a Boxycharm member for a few months and have had conflicting feelings about the business. On the one hand, the brands are of excellent value, and I enjoy trying new things. On the other hand, I'm sick of skin care products and serums and want to scream. I was expecting more.'

And if you go through the reviews on their website, you will realize that the products have 4 to 5 stars ratings which shows a good image of the company. For instance, the HUDA BEAUTY, an obsessions eyeshadow palette, has a 93% rating after  10485 reviews. Generally, most customers are satisfied with the products. Though there are some downsides, many of them have raised a concern, the rate is low, and customer support is in contact to work on them from the reply rating. In the next section, let us determine if the brand is worth it.

Where to Buy BoxyCharm  

With that, all said, you might be interested in getting the box to help you expand your beauty and improve your skincare knowledge. The only thing left is to become a charmer. People get satisfied with the new caliber products mixed with the beauty styles.

Therefore, when looking for a place to get the package, you can consider visiting their official website under the shops' section to get started. You will need to create an account to proceed with the purchase. This is the only place you can access the BoxyXharm subscription box at an affordable price.

Does BoxyCharm sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found BoxyCharm stores on Amazon.

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Is BoxyCharm Subscription Worth It?

You can select from the reviews and customer feedback that the brand has multiple assets. Again, they have different plans you can subscribe to, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel anytime. The company offers all it has to the customers, and you can select a package that best meets your test and needs. The company mainly shifts its attention to customer satisfaction as well as well-being.

Their items offer multiple choices and flexibility for every box. again, their site has numerous tutorials targeting newcomers and those charmers who want to improve their beauty styles and design. Tutorials alone are enough sources of inspiration to expand the beauty bag today with this company. The box comes at an affordable price with high-quality products.

The company also have giveaways, offers, discounts, and many more service aimed at helping you save some bucks on the budget. Therefore, when you want to have a broad selection of beauty products under one package, expand the exposure with the BoxyCharm subscription as your only way to exposure to the beauty make-up world. It is worth your time and budget.

BoxyCharm Subscription Discounts

Like other beauty companies, BoxyCharm also offers discounts on its beauty products. In discounts, they offer up to 80% to 84% off their products on the website. This is a saving opportunity that is available to the active charmers alone. Secondly, they have giveaways available every month, and they are tons on the websites. When you visit their social media platforms, you can access detailed giveaways under the promotion page on the charmers' accounts. Still, when you join the forum, you must enjoy the store's coupon codes. Still, they have other coupons.

A good example is when you use the code GETMYPALETTE to get a discount, and for this, you are guaranteed the pallet gift. You can enjoy the free skincare gifts using the DRLOVE coupon code. All members are entitled to earn points when you refer a friend to the website. You can then redeem the points to make the products. You can also earn charms on reviews to spend on the products. Sign up today and receive $10 with the online store when you use the coupon PLUS.

BoxyCharm Subscription Contact

At some point, even if you are not a charmer, you might have a burning question and should contact the brand. There are multiple ways you can contact them. First, you can contact them through social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Secondly, on the right-hand side of the bottom area of the website,  you can locate the blank space titled email customer service. Then upon entering the email address, you will receive the link o send them a message. From there, you can include your contact details for further communication.


Q. How much is a BoxyCharm subscription?

Based on the detailed reviews online, BoxyCharm's subscription costs $25 monthly. However, the subcrio[tion is not titled to refund but renews automatically; you can cancel it anytime.

Q. When does BoxyChamp ship the box?

The shipping depends on the location. For instance, it takes 5 to 10 business days if you are located in the US, and the same applies to an adjoining region in the United States. But when you are in Canada, Alaska, Hawai, and other territories, the shipping takes roughly between 5 to 20 business days for delivery.

Q. How can I track my BoxyCharm subscription order?

From the website, the firm sends you the order tracking number 3 days before shipment. With the code, you will have accurate tracking information and locate where the order has reached. each package processing begins on the 1st of every month.

Q. Where can I buy the BoxyCharm package?

Though the company is promising to expand the online stores to reach out to the whole world, currently, customers can make an order from their official website under the sales section. They provide detailed information about the products before you make a purchase.

Q. How can I cancel my BoxyCharm subscription?

You must first log in to the charmers' account; then, under the subscription tab, you will find the edit icon on which, when you tap, you will be redirected to the option to cancel the subscription anytime. It is simple as long as you have the account.


BoxyCharm subscription is a perfect choice for a broad collection of beauty products. The company offers various items, all at an affordable price, with varying options to subscribe to. If you don't have time to walk around, this is a good firm to consider on the selection list. You can save good bucks with the company through coupons, discounts, and rewards points. Though some people have complained few things, Boxycharm deserves the credit when it comes to make-up products.

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