V Shred Review 2024 *Pros and Cons* Does It Work?

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Every day, the demand to keep fit is on the rise. You might be overweight and want to reduce your weight, or you might have an average weight, and you want to maintain it. Sometimes most people are discouraged because of their gender, as fitness plans do not cover all genders. However, V Shred covers all gender fitness plans and supplements.

If you are looking for a custom diet to help maintain your fitness, V Shred offers such a service. If you don't know how this works, you need to keep fit with a personalized fitness plan and supplements to help. You have to read this review to understand how it works. It will also help you know if V Shred is worth it or not.

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V Shred Review

V Shred is an online app for fitness, and it's also a supplement brand for women and men. This company creates diets and workout plans for people on the website. They help you make personal plans that make you achieve your goals very fast. It is true that diet and workouts enhance weight loss and help you keep fit. They have supplements that ensure weight loss, maintain shape, and build your muscle. Their product is for both men and women.

In this review on V Shred, we will explain everything about their products, Features, pros, cons, discounts, promotion, customers review, FAQs, etc. This review aims to help you choose either to patronize V Shred or not.

V Shred Pros

  • V Shred offers customized plans for different ages, body types, gender, and level of activity
  • There have been excellent reviews about the workout plan and supplements
  • They have community support once you are a member
  • There is a guarantee for a 30-day money-back
  • There is a one-on-one chat with a professional to make sure you reach your goal
  • It helps to improve your health mentally and physically

V Shred Cons

  • There is little information about the prices of their service, you can get information when you are a member.
  • Poor customer support service. This is based on testimonies
  • The supplements are not sold internationally.

They've got over 1 million subscribers and are one of the top 10 most subscribed channels on YouTube. I bought their program because it was cheap, but also because I wanted to see if I could make money from selling fitness products online.

Why We Like V Shred

Fitness plan

On V Shred, you have the opportunity to select the best fitness or workout plan that suits you. They can also suggest a practical plan to enable you to achieve your set goals in a short period. This feature is one of the primary functions of V Shred because it is popularly known as an online fitness app. You can achieve your goals by seeing changes from 4 to 6 weeks. There is also a 90-day program.


An interesting feature you can find on this website is their supplements. They have two kinds of supplements which are the male guide and the female guide. With this, no gender is excluded from its services. It helps you understand the benefits of the supplement you intend to take to help you get back in shape with the available supplements. With their good guide, you don’t just jump on random supplements; the best one for you will be recommended.

Diet Plan

If you have been thinking about going on a diet and you don’t know how then V Shred made provision for that. According to facts, even if you are working out very hard and you are still on the same diet, there will be little or no changes in your weight or body shape. They help with a customized diet that aligns with the body shape or weight loss you want to achieve.

Numerous Programs

No matter what your fitness goal is, the numerous fitness workout programs will fit into what you intend to achieve. They have the 30-day fitness challenge program, V Shred University, Vinsanity shred meal plan and training for them, insanity shred fat loss extreme insanity shred ripped in 90 days, V Shred six-pack shred, etc. They are plenty with quality results.

V Shred Customers Review

This review showcases the different remarks that customers made about V Shred services. The V Shred website and social media pages only showed positive reviews about their products. Because of this, we checked reliable websites like Trust pilot and the Apple App to get all types of reviews. 

V Shred is rated "Average" with 2.9 / 5 on Trustpilot on Jun 30, 2022

Source: (trustpilot.com)

Do you agree with V Shred's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 2,225 customers have already said.


purchased a 90 day program with V shred for $60, pack of the burn supplements for $32.50, and the monthly VCU subscription for $9.95 a month but the first 30 days free. I was charged $60 for the program, $195 for the burn supplements, and $9.95 for the first 30 days of the VCU (first 30 days were not free). I immediately emailed saying what the problem was and that I would like a refund for the burn supplements, I even said that I don’t need them just keep them and give me a full refund. I then got another emailing explaining I was charged the $9.95 so I sent another email saying that was supposed to be free for the first 30 days and I would like my $9.95 back and because of the two inconveniences I would like everything canceled and everything refunded. I was charged in total $255.42 and I want all of that back on my card. I tried calling the number provided but they must have been closed because I was sent immediately to leaving a message. So I left a message stating everything I said in my email. It was a weekend so I waited until Monday to call again. I was on hold for 15 minutes before it cut me off and asked me to leave a message. So I left another message, again stating the same information. I was never shown a final charges page before I confirmed my payment and all of the sudden every price went up. During purchasing I was promised 100% back, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked. I want exactly that. All of my money refunded and everything canceled.

Soon after writing this review I received an email saying the burn supplements were already processed so I had to wait for them to arrive and then I would have to print the return label they sent me and send it back. I printed the label and set all of the supplements unopened back to the address they gave me. I then received an email from FedEx that my package had been shipped and delivered to the address. I emailed asking when I would see I refund put on my card…I have yet to hear back. To be fair they did give me a 25% refund in the burn supplements and a full refund for the $60 program, but I would like the other 75% of the $195 back on my card. I have not heard anything from them when I was promised a respond within 24 hours.

But this whole product and workout program, the Vshred altogether has been a blessing to my life.

Source: (vshred.com)

while Apple App has 4.7 star rating.

Most customers remarked on reaching the intended goal with the help of a trainer from V Shred. This is a nice program. I am happy because my success was because of my trainer. His diligence, genuine desire, and experience helped me achieve my set goals. Weight training and nutrition. When I joined both, It was successful. My trainer on V Shred helped me develop a fitness and eating plan, especially for me. I will always recommend this trainer over and over again. I will follow all the plans he has done for me for the rest of my life.

Some customers said they didn't get help from customer service, while others said their responses were very timely.

Where to Buy V Shred

To get started with the products and services of V Shred, there is only one way you can be able to get that, it is by visiting their official website below

Does V Shred sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found V Shred stores on amazon.

Related Amazon Store for V Shred

Is Buying V Shred Worth It?

It is pretty challenging to get fitness plans in the comfort of your home. Most times, you need to go to the gym to get registered. This requires you to keep visiting the gym, which might be stressful. You might get caught up with appointments. V Shred helps to solve this problem. So based on the review, we can recommend using V Shred for both your diet customization, supplements and workout plans. You can also try the membership for $1; this is free for one month. You should jump on this offer and see for yourself. However, because of the negative review on the prices, you need you closely check each product or service price. Do not proceed if you don’t understand and get answers from customer support for clarity.

V Shred Discounts

There are a few promos in the form of discounts they are;

V Shred Contact

If you want to get in touch with customer care, then you can through the following;


What if I miss my workout?

This depends on how many days you have missed. You can start from the time you missed and start again, not miss essential workout sessions.

Can I change my workout time?

Yes, you can change your workout time from the morning plan to the night plan and vice versa. It is made to suit your schedule.

How can I cancel or change my order?

You can change or cancel your order at any time. You need to reach out to customer care support via email at support@vshred.com. Make sure you reach out before your order is shipped.

How can I get access to my custom diet plan?

You can get access to the website. You need to log in to your account. You will see everything concerning your account there.

What is V Shred's shipping policy?

You can only ship within The United States of America and Canada. Your order will be processed within 24 hours.

What are the charges?

I was charged in total $255.42 and I want all of that back on my card.

How long did you wait on hold?

I was on hold for 15 minutes before it cut me off and asked me to leave a message.

What happened to my money?

All of my money refunded and everything canceled.

What is Carb-Cycling?

Carb-cycling is the staggering of carbohydrates consumed during the day.


V Shred service is satisfactory if you want to get back in shape at your convenience. The flexible workout plans and supplements can help you achieve your goals in little time. The best fitness can be achieved when you work out and are on a healthy diet. This review will assist you in making the right decision about using V Shred.










  • The good news is that most customer reviews were positive—in fact, 55% of the written customer reviews were 5-star ratings. 
  • 25% refund on the unopened product if you don’t want to ship it back. (honestbrandreviews.com)




  • During purchasing I was promised 100% back, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked. (trustpilot.com)
  • To be fair they did give me a 25% refund in the burn supplements and a full refund for the $60 program, but I would like the other 75% of the $195 back on my card. (trustpilot.com)
  • During purchasing I was promised 100% back, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked. (trustpilot.com)

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