Philosophy Skin Care Review: Does It Really Work?

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Do you need honest and reliable Philosophy skin care reviews online? Well, we have covered everything about the philosophy company and their products in our review after a long time of researching, testing, and experiencing the real products. Have a seat and let us take you through the reviews.

Sometimes, it is worth caring about your skin. While the pros know where to start, some newbi3ews are still wondering how to go about it and which company offers the best skin and cosmetic products. If you go online and search for the products, you will have millions of results. You might get stuck choosing a large option to select from.

First, you must understand that not all these products are safe for your health to transform your skin effectively but also for your skin and the environment. Before selecting the products and company, you must consider such things after your budgeting comes first. Therefore, when you want to transform your skin effectively, there are few reliable companies online with effective products.

Among these companies on the market is philosophy. While it claims to offer the best-selling moisturizers with added benefits, we are yet to find out this. But, by the end of this article, you will be in a position to make an informed decision about whether their cosmetic and skincare products are worth it. Before going to details and products, it is also good to go through the company profile for the sake of those who don't know it to have a rough idea. At least, we need to move together while guiding you through making the right decision.

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Philosophy Skin Care Review

Going back in time, we found that Cristina Carlino, Arizona's camelback mountain founded a Philosophy company in 1999. She was inspired by truly experiencing the beauty for the first time, which made her feel simple and grateful upon being immersed in the breathtaking panoramic ideas. Through this inspiration, Carlino got an opportunity to establish the company.

Although she would not manage alone, she collaborated with scientists and dermatologists and started developing innovative lines of skincare brands. These products were first mainly targeting not only to heal but also to enchanting as the camelback mountain. Therefore, every product from the Philosophy company was obtained from experience.

Hence, they feature many characteristics such as sensory textures, good-for-you ingredients, and indulgent scents, which this company targets to help improve the customers' well-being. For instance, they aim to transform the human skin and general beauty. This brand has been developing and expanding multiple skincare and cosmetic products throughout the year. And today, they are not just mighty but also small Philosophy cosmetic products.

The name was coined from the mission, which is all about philanthropy. Regarding the details on their website, the company aims to ' inspire beautiful days with effortless scents, poetic words and philanthropic initiative in support of mental health. This summarises everything about the company. And to date, the firm has donated over $5 million to support mental health cases worldwide.

And looking at their website, they have a dedicated site offering awareness around mental health issues. And even when you keenly check on the product's packaging, every item has words of wisdom meant to inspire customers. The company also established a good reputation among customers over the years, depending on their controversial formula changes.

They managed to overturn the competitors to rank as a powerhouse brand. Among the products, this company offers body wash products, a one-of-a-kind fragrance that customers love because it is incorporated with great scents and a wide variety of beauty products. Most body wash products are multi-taskers formulated not only to wash hair but also to shave and wash skin.

Secondly, they also have perfume products. These come with iconic scents which can capture the attention of customers. These are among the bestselling skincare products and stand as award-winning as well as cult favourite perfume products. When you visit their website, they have categorized the skincare theme into the cleanse- which involves products aimed at moisturizing and cleansing the skin.

Secondly, they have peels that treat the skin, and Treat is the best-selling moisturizer with health benefits. In summary, Philosophy skincare is a company specializing in cosmetic and skincare products containing natural and dermatological ingredients that target transforming the human skin. To this far, we presume you now know more about the Philosophy company. We now need to go deeper into each category to help you make an informed choice. So, let us start with the pros and cons of these skincare products from Philosophy firm.

Philosophy Skin Care Pros:

Philosophy Skin Care Cons:

Why We Like Philosophy Skin Care

There are many multiple reviews online which complement the brands. So the first thing that makes us believe in the company is the positive feedback we will see in the next section. And even if you visit their website, the cosmetic and skincare products are awesome. Secondly, the company has a variety of products on its website.

These beauty products are not only meant to help in skin healing but also recovery, shaving, and body care. They come with fragrances and great scents which are long-lasting. The products are high quality and have health benefits such as vitamin C. The products work well, have proved perfect for skin care, and reveal visible results. And one thing about the products is that when you feel like it is not worth it, the company has 60 days return policy. Not forgetting, the products are amazing when it comes to aging skin.

This is because they have a full line mainly aimed at anti-aging. Such products include the line correcting moisturizer with anti-wrinkle miracle workers + which is powerful and improve the apeparanv=ce of the skin with a fine line. This only takes one week to see the results. It works along with the night cream to supplement the healing process. Their products are natural and do not come along with health concerns. They have different sizes, which means that if you are not ready to commit to the whole package, you can even show the travel size from their website.

You can also save some bucks through various promotions and discount plans. One thing that seems amazing is the auto-delivery and the ability to customize the frequency. If you have dry skin, sensitive or even oily skin, Philosophy company has a skincare product for you. They range from fragrance to body and hair as well as face products.

Customer Review

As usual, the philosophy skincare brand has online reviews. These reviews express the satisfaction level of the customers. And from that alone, you can guess and decide whether to proceed to the store and shop or not. We have searched the websites and obtained a few insights as as testimonial is concerned. in Influncenter and amazon, the products have gained thousands of reviews.

Therefore, looking at every site, starting from their website, every review under particular products makes the company ranks as the powerhouse of the brand. Most clients praised the clear results, delicate scents, and rich textures. Starting from the official website, the brand has multiple products, and below each product, there is plenty of reviews. In this review, we picked a product under the best sellers: Purity Made Simple. This is a one-step facial cleanser with 8585 reviews online. Out of these reviews, the product scored 4.7 of 5 stars after 8585 reviews.

This product is formulated without parabens and is an award-winning cleanser that easily melts oil, makeup, and dirt. From the rating, most customers er satisfied with the products and recommended them to any newbie wishing to start the journey.

One of the happy clients recommends starting 'I like this face wash! It removes my makeup and cleanses my skin without drying it out. I've used it for years and would recommend it to anyone. I have oily/combination skin and am prone to acne; I use this face wash every morning and night and find it soft and non-irritating.'

The product is a portable goop option for sensitive skin, as customers complement it. Still, others are grateful for the consistency of the products and the gentle feel with light, fresh scents which is not overpowered or drying. This indicates that over 97% of users are recommending the items. Moving forward to the Influenster, we find that the philosophy is still ranked as the best-seller brand with multiple positive reviews. There are thousands of reviews on the platform.

And during the time of writing this article, we found out that the products such as Renewed Hope in a h=jarhas have over 9800 reviews and are on average, rated 4.5 stars. Purity, made simple as a free facial cleanser, has a rating of 4.5 after over 2k reviews on the platform. There are many products, as we just handpicked a few, and the last one is a purity-made simple ultra-light moisturizer with over 500 reviews and garnered 4.4 star ratings, which is awesome. Specifically, the customers are happy with the products as most praise the well-curated scents, the long-lasting scents, and the many compliments the customers get from using the skincare products.

And the review even proceeds on Amazon and Sephora. Among the best sellers, amazon and Sephora have rated them multiple times, considering the rating falls averagely on 4.6 stars. Concerning the amazing Grace Firming Body emulsion. one of the customers expresses the feelings in a simple sentence praising the delightful; scents without showing any annoying residue: 

"10/10 best moisturizer I've ever used." It makes your skin glow and soft. Fa absorbs Unlike other hydrating lotions, it absorbs quickly and is not tacky. I also enjoy the perfume and wish it would last longer.' The positive reviews proceed to the Amazon platform. This is about the Philosophy Renewed Hope in a jar with a rating of 4.6 stars after 2396 reviews.  A verified purchaser complements:

'Fantastic body lotion! It's just as good as some of my Elemis creams, Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream, or any of my Sunday Riley moisturizers. It's just that different creams serve different functions. I use this cream with my vitamin C suspension cream during the day and with my SPF. I occasionally combine it with a nighttime skin cream. It feels great on the skin. Spread It spreads easily and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. It's also great to use on its own.'

More than 35 Sephora users love this product on Sephora, ranking it high. Even though there are thousands of positive reviews on multiple sites, including external websites like Sitejabber, Byrdie, Beauty Reviews Daily, and Beauty Brands, there are also some negative reviews. Some customers have raised concerns about the changing scents compared to the previous brands. In contrast, others complain about the high price.

But based on the customers' replies to such reviews, they still maintain that they have not changed any of their skincare and cosmetic products on the drastic reformation lately. They also state that they make changes only when the regulation changes. But generally, it is only a small number of unhappy customers, which can equate to 5%, where the majority of 95% are happy with the products. So, the customer reviews are great online, and we recommend using the Philospsphy skincare products.

Where to Buy Philosophy Skin Care

these products from the philosophy skincare are available in multiple outlets. The main place to start with is the website. You can also search for the stores in your local area for delivery if you place an order. some of these options or retailers found online include:-

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Is Philosophy Skin Care Worth It?

You can conclude from the online reviews and other external websites that the brand is worth it. They have thousands of customers' reviews online, which complements the fragrance, multiple options, and great scents hence gaining excellent ratings. Most customers adore the products. Even though you must also understand that these luxury brands only come at a high price point.

Still, the users agree that the high quality and services are worth the cost, even though some consider pricing before purchasing. If that is the issue, they also have travel products that are much cheaper though portable. But this does not make shoppers shy away. For instance, the renewed hope in the jar is expensive but always sold out. Besides positive reviews, price points, and high quality, the company still engages in mental health issues. It encourages its customers to at least try incorporating gratitude and grace into their well-being and daily life.

They remind customers to be mindful of the thought-provoking bursts on the packages, which also include washing their hair. Hence, this company is not all about the brands and selling but creates awareness of the mental health challenges facing people worldwide. They have even donated over $5 million to the charity in favor of these issues through initiatives. Considering this firm, you can easily conclude that the products are worth it.

Philosophy Skin Care Discounts

Just like the competitors online sues discounts to seduce customers, so is the philosophy skincare firm. They have numerous discounts when you visit their website. And in terms of the promo codes, as we talk about right now, you can sue FRIEND to be entitled to get the 30% off on any skincare and cosmetic products from their store.

And the offer is even available on typical deals, which is a good money-saving plan. Again, this company offers other discounts such as free shipping when you place an order above $50 when you sign up on their website for the text; you also qualify for 20% off on the first order you make, 15% off on the first purchase as long as you sing up the acocu8nt with the email address.

You can get two full-size gifts when you purchase the order worth $65 with the code ESCAPE. Still, there is a philosopher reward. This involves adding the samples on the purchase and qualifying to get the points. Lastly, they have the philosopher outlet, which involves the catalog with the rotating final sale products.

Philosophy Skin Care Contact

some customers might not be well satisfied with our reviews. This is calling for extra elaboration or needs their concerns addressed. Well, the philosophy company offers means through which you can contact them. First, you can contact the support team by telephone at 1-800-568-3151. But this is only available starting from money to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET time. . also, when you visit their website, you will realize they have a contact form. Click on it and submit the concerns. They will address the issues and reply through your email address.


Q. How much do philosophy products cost?

First, the products from philosophy are priced only at the mid-range level, and most products fall below $40 except the moisturizers. For instance, the anti-wrinkle miracle costs $64 two-ounce jar. The price varies with the products, and you can check on their website.

Q. Are Phiolosphy products made in the USA?

The company is a brand owned and operated in the USA through a multinational beauty firm called Coty Inc. therefore, the items from skincare to cosmetics are made in the USA. However, the ingredients are sourced from around the world.

Q. Is philosophy skin care clean?

From the reviews online, we found out that the products are not clean, and even on their website, they state that only very few of their products contain the preservative based on the paraben. But the company is working on introducing effective products which are alternatives to the paraben brands. Additionally, the products do not have the Sephora clean verification logo.

Q. Where does philosop[hy ship from?

The official philosophy store primarily ships from the US, and the products are only available and shipped to the US. But go for international purchases; you can seek other retailers online, such as Amazon.

Q. Is philosophy cruelty-free?

The company is committed to ensuring the safety of the products by using alternatives to animal testing before launching the products. Therefore, they are not involved in any third party, nor do they not perform the testing on the animals for their products as well as the ingredients in line with US laws.

Q. What ingredients are in philosophy skincare?

The p[roductes are formulated by mixing multiple skincare ingredients like hydraulic acid as well as retinol and exotic ingredients. For instance, simple purity consists of 12 ingredients: carrot,  sandalwood, and rosewood. Different products contain different ingredients.


philosophy skincare firm is a popular company in the US and worldwide. They are well known for their highly effective anti-aging products, skincare, and cosmetic items. The products can brighten your day with moisturizing skin while minimizing the dark spot appearance, redness, and large pores. The products are refined for a luminous complexion. However, they have a high price tag, but even with that, customers are still amazed and shop the products while saving bucks through discounts and promo codes.

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