Peepers Reading Glasses Review: Affordable Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

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Want to make reading a fun fashion statement with reputable reading glasses? Peepers have all the trending and latest styles to make a choice. Let us review and find out if the company can reflect your personality with its sunglasses and reading glasses collection.

The fact remains that when you extensively read, the chances are that you are going to strain your eyes. But today, you can make everything fun with fast fashion and improved technology. In case you find yourself struggling to read, then you must consider wearing glasses. However, not all glasses are meant to help you read.

Only a few brands specialize in selling reading glasses that can reflect your personality and remain trending with all the latest styles in the store. With the inception of the Peepers Reading Glasses, you can kiss goodbye to all those frumpy as well as non-descript or granny reading glasses.

Here comes something new in the industry with a different approach and an entire collection of glasses from reading to sunglasses under one roof. But wait, is Peepers Reading Glasses worth the money? Before answering this question, look at the company's history in detail.

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Peepers Reading Glasses Review

Peepers is one of the oldest brands we have known, and its inception into the market is traced way back to 1908. The company was founded by Paul E. Sammann and began the firm officially by offering clothing and hardware products in Shanghai, China. This is a wealthy family foundation. Meanwhile, Peepers is an online firm that designs and sells reading glasses and sunglasses to customers.

They have a massive collection of eyewear, ranging from prescription lenses to shades and blue light glasses. These designs serve all customers, women, men, and children, with unique, stylish frames to select from. Regardless of your preference, you can get vintage, formal, and trendy glasses under this roof. Going deep into history, the founder moved to the US, where he passed on and later on inherited the family firm, and in 1985, they purchased See Aid Optical.

But in 1993, the wife of Sammann identified one of the timeless, stylish eyewear and came up with fashionable lenses, officially launching the company in 1996. They proceeded to develop by introducing only one frame but with 6 unique colors to the market, which targeted to fill the gap. In the development journey, Peepers has shown great success, and their products gained notoriety.

They have recorded numerous accomplishments on the market, including the establishment of Oprah's favorite things list in 2019 and listed among the fastest expanding and developing in 2020. The company has its headquarters situated in Michigan, Indiana. It has also established a solid online reputation, specifically on social media platforms, giving them the attention they deserve credit.

It has also been featured in numerous publications. But is this brand worth the money for a quick peek? Well, you can only find the answer in this review. Please keep reading to the end and let us evaluate together what is worth by looking at the customer feedback, the promotions, and many other aspects. For now, let us see the pros and cons.

Peepers Reading Glasses Pros:

Peepers Reading Glasses Cons:

Why We Like Peepers Reading Glasses

Peepers is a timeless brand for all your eyewear needs. To access some stereotype glasses, you need to start by checking. They have a vast collection of glasses that are not just half frames but also aviator round and cat eye, with unique and classy frames in their inventory. The collection consists of reading, sunglasses, blue light, as well as shades of your choice.

With this collection, Peepers remains a no-brainer glass alternative. Therefore, we would also like to help you manage your time here. Instead of going through all the details and collection, have an easy time and go through the below best-selling and famous glasses from Peepers brand.

The Best-Selling Peepers Reading Glasses for Women

The brand has many famous icons that have acknowledged this brand with their glasses. And when you order from these guys, you are entitled to celebrity treatment. Otherwise, you will have access to a variety of trendy frames. In this section, we will only concentrate on the best-selling reading glasses for women.

So, we will start with the Bravado; this reading glass is flattering and made with oversized frames, which you can access in-store in models such as black, navy tortoise, and tortoise. Their top rim is thicker, but specifically, this type is a blue reading glass capable of filtering up to 40% HEV blue light that falls in the 400-450 nm range. Thus, it gives you UV400 protection with its 7 layers of anti-reflective coat that controls the glare.

We have to See The Beauty that features the cat-eye as well as feminine and friendly, but its frame is designed using golden metal temples alongside the color-coordinated acetate tip for extra flair. You can select from 7 unique patterns and colors, but all come with the dual anti-scratch coat for additional physical protection. They also provide two unique lenses here, which you can select based on the prescription size.

Au Naturel has rectangular frames containing nude peach coloring and goes with any outfit but has a warm undertone nature color. When it pairs its minute angular rim with the pinkish hue, it highlights your facial feature making it sharper as well as defined. Center Stage is another popular reading glass from this store.

Like the first one, this also comes in an oversized frame, but the lenses are beautiful and round. Designed with spring hinges for comfort, and in the inventory, you can pick between 89 unique colors. The light technology also filters 40% HEV blue light, which reduces glare and fatigue.

Bellissima is a unique reading glass in this company. This is because it is designed with a wayfarer shape alongside its 2-toned matte coat finish. It is even added with oval embellishment. They are available in a combination of gray or standard colors with a green scent. Show Stopper features a soft but round frame in gray tortoise green, highlighting the glint. It contains round pins as decoration on the sides for elegance, where the spring hinges add comfort. Offers different prescriptions on the website.

Dynomite is another popular Peepers reading glass here. In short, these glasses have a subtle ombre fading with a round tortoise frame in modern temples. It is made with blue light tech and is perfect when put on during the weekend while unwinding videos on the gadget. We cannot assume the popularity of Vintage Vibes because they can bring a nostalgic appearance and are designed for modern female customers. You can access them in a combination of 3 colors, green, blue, and pink.

Last but not least, Makeup Glasses though funny looking, also rescue you in some situations. But always remember that Makeup Glasses are designed only for one lens, perfect for the time you are applying the cosmetic products. It is unattached to the temple, with only the option to move.

Customer Review

To complement what the Peepers brand promises on their website concerning their Reading glasses, we also had to go further in our research and present some of the customer feedback to you. It will help you make an informed decision with the next step and decide if these reading glasses are worth your money. We can tell a lot from the customers' feedback on their official website

Each reading glasses and other products have separate feedback. And to give you a bigger picture, we choose the Peepers To the Max (Progressive), which has roughly 4.8 stars based on the 155 customer feedback. Many people have praised these reading glasses' quality, compatibility, pricing, perfection, magnification, etc. Hear from the customer as mentioned below:-

"My glasses are fantastic! I got tired of wearing my readers and strolling around, afraid I was further harming my sight. Now I can walk around while still being able to read! But rather they didn't It cost the world!"

On Amazon, there are also numerous global ratings; out of the 38, the women's blue light block gets a 3.8-star rating. Clients complemented the fittings, simple purchase process, and excellent shipping. However, there is some negative feedback on Trustpilot, but still, the brand generally scores 2.9 stars after 8 reviews.

The Facebook page shows the company has 4.3 stars recommendations after 283 reviews. The feedback of one customer expresses the feelings of the rest in one sentence:-

"Appreciate you, Peeper's, for such wonderful Readers. They fit perfectly, and I love the styles that were chosen. Shipment was faster than anticipated. Strongly Advised!!!"

For additional feedback, you can also visit,, Julebuono,, etc., and enjoy the presentations and how the brand has built its reputation online. Customer reviews online are fantastic, and most people are happy with their orders arriving on time, getting fitting reading glasses, lasting quality, and a vast collection to select from.

Where to Buy Peepers Reading Glasses

If you are struggling with where to purchase the Peepers Reading Glasses, rest easy. You can buy these trending designs for multiple stores. But the first place to check out is their official website which is The research also noted the online retailers with the Peepers Reading Glasses in their stores. These are not only limited to the below retail stores:-

Equally, you can count on the Peepers store locator feature on their website to access the nearest stores based on your location.

Is Peepers Reading Glasses Worth It?

Peepers offers reading glasses, sunglasses, and all sorts of frames in the store for you. The glasses are affordable, which is one factor that makes us highly recommend the brand for you, particularly with the guaranteed design and eccentric patterns. The company has numerous stores that vary in style and come with different specs, as seen on its website. If you want the cat-eye, a classic model and soft square or somewhat rectangular, Peepers is all you need. This brand gives you fresh air with the trendy and latest designs.

They even have unique frames under makeup glasses with only a single lens. Their webpage also offers customers a vast resource to help them locate the right glasses depending on their condition. Such features include the find your strength directory, Perfect pair finder, and the Optical fit guideThe company is dedicated to fully supporting and helping its customers. In addition, the company also engages in charity work by donating part of its revenue to the local schools, which are represented through the Unity Foundation organization.

They have given over 29k to the teachers alone, which shows how they struggle to give back to society. Many customers have left positive feedback on the platform praising the brand for many things. Lastly, the company has a favorable return policy and offers numerous discounts to customers to save bucks for the next order. Therefore, if you want affordable reading glasses that do not sacrifice quality but keep their reliability and trends, Peepers is worth a try. checkout this brand for great deals.

Peepers Reading Glasses Discounts

Promotions and discounts are some of the things many brands offer to attract new customers and keep all old coming. Therefore, Peepers are not excluded from those services. The research also found out that the brand offers customers lucrative deals. First, the selected reading glass model goes at a discounted price which is terrific for you and me under the sales section.

They also offer free shipping on orders totaling $42 and above. But in the research, we never came across the promo code. Therefore, as they claim to offer frequent sales and deals, subscribe to their mailing list for more updates on all deals once launched. Keep in touch with everything.

Peepers Reading Glasses Contact

As our routine, we also intend to give you the means to contact the support team. This is only if the Peepers brand reviews are not addressing all the concerns you had. Therefore, numerous methods exist to reach the Peepers Reading Glasses customers' support.

First, you can fill out the contact form on their website and contact available agents who will revert you via email. If not, follow these guys on their social media platforms, such as Facebook, and Instagram, for all the latest deals, updates on queries, etc. Lastly, you can call them at 219-872-4413; the operation is from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm CST.


Q. Where are Peepers company manufacturing facilities based?

In the above review, we found that the company has a warehouse situated in a Michigan town in Indiana. Most importantly, the reviews also conclude that the facility comprises about 30,000 square ft of a distribution facility.

Q. Do Peepers offer the Bifocals glasses in the inventory?

To be specific, in the collection of glasses, the company also has a special category where you can access the bifocals. Mostly, these bifocals are vital in helping you reduce the strain you encounter on your daily routine because of the screen as well as the impacts of advanced technology.

Q. Are peepers glasses compatible with prescription lenses?

In the above reviews, it is possible that clients can put prescription lenses on the Peepers' glasses without issues.

Q. Do Peers have a favorable shipping policy?

First, the company guarantees customers free domestic shipping when they place an order totaling $49 and above. However, an order below the above threshold means the customer must incur the shipping charge, which is fixed at $5. They rely on the carriers, mainly the USPS, to deliver the package specifically in not more than 7 business days.

Peepers also have the expedited shipping option, which has separate charges but is fast enough. The good news is that company also has an international; shipping option. Even though you must confirm if your area is eligible for their site because they have specific countries to which they deliver. Otherwise, immediately after the order is ready, they send you the confirmation mail alongside the tracking link to the customer and notify you the package is on the way.

Q. Do Peers brands have a favorable return policy?

If the frames or reading glasses are not based on your preferences, you have 90 days to return them to the store and request a refund. But, customers must incur the return shipping fee if they don't want to get the exchange or when they are receiving the electronic gift from the company.

For the frames to be eligible, they must remain in their original condition, unworn and without cracks. Otherwise, initiating the process using the website's return portal is simple. For detailed information on the return policy, check out their website.


Peepers brand is a reputable company for fast-forward aesthetics with styles to offer frames and reading glasses at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. They have unique designs, and many customers rated them with numerous positive feedback as eye-catching eyewear. Besides being known and accredited with famous personalities, the glasses remain timeless and hype in real-time. Peepers Reading glasses also have impressive durability features and are compatible with prescription lenses; hence worth your money. With an excellent return and shipping policy, Peepers glasses are the perfect alternative for all your sunglasses and reading glasses needs.

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