Lenskart Review: Trendsetting Eyewear from Aviators to Raybans with a Modern Edge

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Are you worried and reluctant to order spectacles from online stores? Try out Lenskart and select your preferred glasses from the decent frame collections. Please read our review to get more info about the brand and enjoy the free first-order shipment to your doorstep.

Different people have different experiences purchasing from online stores. And when it comes to sensitive things like spectacles,  you might be learning how to overcome such reluctance. The first purchase is going to surprise you with many offers. Therefore, if you are a spectacle enthusiast, this is your time to try our favorite brand today. I understand specs are part of the fashion accessories, but you still need to understand a lot regarding the brand.

In review today, we will focus on the Lenskart brand; we will explore what they have for you, their history, testimonies, discounts, and contact details. Before you commit, let us learn something first.

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Lenskart Review

We admit that Lenskart is one of the latest brands that focuses on offering customers the trendiest eyeglasses ranging from the aviator shades to the Rayban frames in the collection. These fares are made with a modern twist in mind. Thus, Lenskart sorts you with all your needs surrounding the sun specs and prescription optics. The company has gathered a fantastic cult of followers from its online reputation on social media platforms.

Customers have pursued their stylish lenses, and for these reasons, they have been featured in popular publications such as Bloomberg, CNBC, TechCrunch, etc. Thus, if you are hunting for the specs, Lenskart is here as your perfect alternative brand. We have learned that almost a third of Indians need to have prescription lenses, and the fact remains that most of these people cannot even afford to purchase one pair.

Because of such a market gap, the founder of this brand Amit Chaudhary, Summet Kapahi, alongside the support of Peyush Bansal, capitalized on this gap and wanted to find a solution. Through their effort to bring the solution to the Indian population, the three founders decided to venture into this friend and established the brand in 2010 as an eyewear business.

From the online information, the company has its headquarter offices situated in New Delhi, India. The company has grown and is now the hub that carries the premium specs offered to the market and an affordable pricing point for every customer. However, they also understand that through their reliable as well as fashionable collection, the users must not just settle for something less as the prescription lenses are concerned.

Hence, Lenskart has cut the middleman and now offers their glasses directly to the customers, guaranteeing you the quality as promised. These guys have an in-house robotic manufacturing facility in the base location. Though available in the US region, Lenskart is ranked as the market leader when you analyze the eyewear market.

The statistics indicate that Lenskart serves about 1 million customers every month. Thus, to wind up our company background, we also have the pros and cons of Lenskart as the initial highlights from customers and experience.

Lenskart Pros:

Lenskart Cons:

Why We Like Lenskart

If you need glasses to survive your daily routine, you know that online ordering is challenging. There are many stylish designs, but they are expensive, though cheap glasses are low quality. Neither of the above is worth the investment. Lenskart gives you a perfect alternative to purchasing excellent, high-quality, and long-lasting or fashionable optics at an affordable price.

This is why we decided to explore this brand and determine if they deserve your attention. Lenskart offers eyewear for men, kids, and women, which ranges from magnetic clips [-ons, prescription lenses, sunglasses, computers, and contact lenses in their stores.

You can purchase these glasses in multiple ways, from their store, through WhatsApp, or simply by calling them. The collection is extensive; however, in this section, we will only highlight a few of the best-selling from our experience and rank on their website.

The best-selling Lenskart glasses for men

Regarding the stereotype, the glasses can help you highlight your mysterious appearance as sexy or smart. The top selling from this brand is Andy Gold Aviator Glasses that match the naval-themed bomber jacket. These glasses are made to look similar to the Maverick's pair, but they are gold stained, featuring the stainless steel rim as well as the classic bar found at the top. In their store, you get these glasses only a muted gray shade that comes with the impressive bifocal, or you can opt for the single vision prescription lens.

The second last is Irving Black Silver Clubmaster Eyeglasses, targeted to give you that retro appearance. These glasses are in thick, outer-brow frames to highlight the rebellious look. It is designed with the John Jacob brand and matches the headband and classic tunic top well.

The last is Gatsby Pro Titanium Black Aviator Eyeglasses. Though it looks slight homage, they contain a thin titanium rim featuring a connecting bar at the top to give you a subtle retro feeling. It is ideal when matched with the white tank top, and online, it is offered with the progressive, vision, or bifocal lens.

The best-selling Lenskart Glasses for Women

The glasses are not just meant for the red carpet; women can also use them to compliment their outfits while showcasing their personality and aesthetic. If you are an aspiring celeb or a trendsetter, here are some of the best options for glass for you. Red Cat Eye Full Rim Women Clip-on Eyeglasses open our category, and these glasses do not even need those spectacle stacking. They feature a magnetic snap, making glass switching simple, like turning the light. It is also made using the lightweight Ultem, the frame material.

Black Cat Full Rim Women Eyeglasses also have a funky geometric frame. They are available in the chunky outer- rim, which is meant to help you embody a slight and quirky vibe that is impressive in your academic endeavors. Then you can match it with the sweater vest and pleated skirt to obtain the collegiate appearance.

Last is Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Eyeglasses. Though taken as a thinner option, it brings out a simplified appearance in your daily routine. Its design is clean and subtle, and you can put on such stylish specs while in the office and other setups. When it comes to shades, you can select from rose gold or go for matte black.

The best-selling Lenskart Sunglasses for Men

On top of the glasses, the brand also offers sunglasses that give you a cool look. Their range starts from the hexagonal rims to the rectangular frames, and in this section, we will only highlight two of the customer's favorite sunglasses.

The first is Black Aviator Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses designed by Vincent Chase to highlight a severe Hunter S. vibe. That is a fashionable but timeless 60s appearance featuring hippie-themed specs for reckless looks. To complete your Gonzo-inspired appearance, match it with the patchwork button-down and a bucket hat. They contain a sturdy metal frame for durability.

The other trending and popular sunglasses are Brown Clubmaster Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses. It matches the paired lined button as well as cargo shorts to bring out the classic California styles. Still, it is designed by Vincent XChase polarized hence full rim with the brown tortoise frame emblematic. The sunglasses come with a red lens.

The best-selling Lenskart Sunglasses for Women

This is the last category, carrying all sets of sunnies based on personality. There is an extensive collection of stylish frames, from aviators to butterflies. The two popular sunglasses for women are discussed below.

You will never give Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses a second glance without ordering. The specs combine functionality and styles, which are practical to use through a chic design. They are polarized lenses in design that help reduce glare, heighten visual depth, defect harmful UV, and enhance contrast. You can purchase from the 5 shades in the collection and varying frames.

The second and last option is Gold Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses. These specs are ideal for a wine-tasting session or a gateway. They are designed to make your summer experience unique with the ability to protect you against UV light. They also feature a stainless steel rim, and they best match the floral midi dress, jeans jacket, and flats to get the Bachelorette-esque appearance. You can buy them with different lens frames and shades.

Therefore, this brand is on the market to target those customers that prefer to go for the solid balance incorporating affordability without interfering with the quality. This is a cost-effective alternative without designer brands in their collection. They are fantastic and do not sacrifice the style for their friendly pricing.

Customer Review

Most customers nowadays are not risking their investment to purchase products online, especially eyewear. Thus, we took time to analyze Lenskart in detail, and in this section, we have gathered a few of the testimonies from official to external sites. We are happy to report that the company features terrific feedback on its website at lenskart.com. The customers are satisfied and praise the brand with numerous 5 stars ratings.

Sitejabber also presents 2.57 stars from 82 reviews, which is pleasing even though average. A few customers are complaining, but still, most praise the company. Trustpilot is where everything starts. The company scores 3.6 stars; the reviews are something else. The 50352 reviews are impressive and clearly indicate how reputable this company is on the market. Some of the customers left the review mentioning;-

" The blue lens glasses are of outstanding craftsmanship. The insurance provided for a small additional fee is definitely worth it. Take advantage of the buy one, get one free offer, like I did, and you'll be able to get your glasses for less than the amount that my local store was charging."

Mouthshut is another external site, but it has many negative ratings though it still manages to get 1.98 stars deducted from the 17324 votes, where 28% of the customers love it. The above reviews are rated on timelinesses, reliability, app and website experience, product quality, and customer service. DesiDime has 637 reviews and 594 extremely recommend the company, which gives these guys a rating of about 4.7 stars. Customers are satisfied. The same applies to the Quora thread, where many customers have highlighted different positive aspects of these specs and what you must expect when ordering from them.

The other sites with reviews are Amazon and Lenskart BLU anti-glare scores 3.8 stars from 3815 global ratings. The brand also gets 3.2 stars rated on the 1900+ reviews on the Ambion Box website. This rating considered different categories from culture to job security, skills, work-life balance, etc. Then lastly, Techmesto has a detailed blog that explores the company, and the author gives us an honest experience.

Lenskart has built a reputation online for all eyewear needs. Many customers are satisfied with the collection, customer service, and access to many advanced features on the website.

Where to Buy Lenskart

Lenskart is a unique brand that offers its eyewear directly to customers. Therefore, thus far, you should not be struggling to locate one here to purchase these products. Navigate to the official website and place an order at lenskart.com. You also have the option to order through Whatsapp at 8292-853-854 or call them at 1800-111-111 and place an order immediately.

Does Lenskart sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Lenskart stores on Amazon.

Is Lenskart Worth It?

We recommend this Lenskart brand for all your eyewear needs for many reasons. The company has a massive collection of eyewear, from computer glasses to contact lenses, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and kids' glasses. With their home eye-test tool, you can easily select the fitting eyewear for the intended purpose. The Lenskart brand has become reputable and has a considerable customer base pie because of its high-quality products and top-notch customer services.

We would be delighted to state that Lenskart is worth giving attention to. This brand is for you if you need a unique, reliable company with effective and high-end eyewear. The company also aims to give all customers eyewear at an affordable price. In this collection of Lenskart, you will have a wide variety of subscription lenses with the option to utilize the virtual try-on feature, which is critical. This is the best brand for you on the discounts and promotions side.

Lenskart Discounts

Like other eyewear brands we reviewed in the previous articles, Lenskart also engages in promotional services. Their website has many lucrative deals running on frames, lenses, and glasses. Currently, Lenskart is celebrating its achievement, and they are giving customers an offer that goes up to 60% off on the iconic eyewear products. They also guarantee that when you purchase a single premium eyeglasses, they give you one free with an extra free membership offer.

And if you are planning to join their gold membership, it is exclusively free for two years. We have also noted that you can save more and more on purchases when you subscribe. Through their referral program, one successful entry gives you 60 LKcash as long as your friend places the first order and goes successful. Sign up and follow them on the social media platform for more updates and promotions.

Lenskart Contact

If the above review has insufficient information, connect them to the support team for more clarification. Lenskart has different methods to connect the support team that is available on the website. Throughout the research, we have seen that you can contact them through email at support@lenskart.com.

The phone number is 833-763-2119, and it is operational from 9 am to 6 pm EST. If your query is related to the order, you can also call them through the active number 1800-111-111 or chat on WhatsApp at 8292-853-854. There are many other methods. Among them is following them on their social media accounts. These are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Q. Where are Lenskart manufacturing plants located?

From the above review and information on their website, it is clear that Lenskart eyewear is designed, made, or manufactured in their facilities in New Delhi, found in India, and distributed worldwide.

Q. Does Lenskart offer the first frame free?

Definitely, every customer loves lucrative deals. And through their BOGO promotions, users can now have the frames. This promotion is active regardless of your location. However, it is subject to change in the future.

Q. What lenses does Lenskart brand utilize on their eyewear?

From Their collection, Lenskart has numerous varieties of lenses. The options include blue light optics, transition, single vision, progressive, bifocal, etc. Therefore, when you select an item, keenly look at the description to get more information on the type of lenses it comes with.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Lenskart?

In the shipping policy and from the above article, we have seen that the company offers free shipping on all orders delivered worldwide. And from their policy, it is estimated that the orders are delivered ranging from 5 to 50 working days, depending on the location and the lens you select. In fact, before putting your order in transit, the company sends you the confirmation mail alongside the tracking code to help monitor the status of your delivery.

Q. What is the return policy of the Lenskart brand?

Though short, the Lenskart company gives customers a 14 days return window to return the orders to the stores when unsatisfied or in case of anything. Fortunately, the company also offers 1 years warranty on most eyewear products in the store. Therefore, to return the products, you must contact the support team using the above contact information and seek the process as fast as possible. Refer to their website for detailed information on the return policy.


As an eyewear brand, Lenskart has an extensive collection of lenses, frames, and glasses for men, women, and kids. Most customers have had smooth and impressive shopping experiences and access to multiple advanced features, including a virtual try-on.

In the above article, we have explored the brand, covered some of the best-selling glasses under each category, evaluated the customer feedback, and though slightly expensive, the eyewear is high quality. There are lucrative deals as well to help you save. For all your eyewear needs, Lenskart has you covered with various lenses to select from.

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