GlassesShop Review: *Pros and Cons* Why Do People Love It So Much?

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Are you going to market to find new shades for your next exploration? Then learn more about the GlassesShop. Find out what the company offers and learn from experienced customers and experts.

Most of us have different preferences in life, but you are unique. If you want to go for a nature walk and are likely in a  deserted region, then there are some necessities you must have. Food and shelter are basics based on your condition, but you must go the extra mile to prevent direct sunlight.

Thus, on your essentials, you must have the glasses in your bag, not as luggage but in a bag, you will never get separated from since they are essential. While you have the list, the next question is how to acquire fashionable glass. You have to face it and go to the real market or instead order online.

Multiple brands claim to offer eyewear and sunglasses, but few sacrifice price over quality. As an alternative to the brand we reviewed, GlassesShop is your friendly partner for all your glasses needs. Let us find out what the company has in store for you. In the next section, we must learn the basics before proceeding with the best-selling products.

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GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop is simply an eyewear online store brand that is located in the US. The company was founded in 2004 and is among the few brands the doctors established. To date, the company specializes in providing designer prescriptions as well as numerous styles of frames at an affordable cost—no need to break back with this alternative option.

The group of doctors agreed to work together to create excellent eyewear that is affordable, reliable, and high quality. The glasses are available on the market at a friendly price. The doctors joined ecommerce to fill in the gap and make the frames available to everyone worldwide.

The company is owned and managed by Scott Ma and has its headquarters in Michigan. Because of its reputation, the brand has been featured in prominent magazines online, and specifically, Good Housekeeping has considered the glasses as the better option or the budget-friendly glasses. They have established a solid social media presence both on Facebook and Instagram.

Therefore if you are searching for new shades online, check out the GlassesShop. Before going into details about customer feedback, best selling, and the rest, we also have the pros and cons. Compare and evaluate if the brand is worth the money.

GlassesShop Pros:

GlassesShop Cons:

Why We Like GlassesShop

Well, first of all, GlassesShop is a famous company and targets to serve not only women but also men around the world with eyeglasses and sunglasses under one roof. This is the best-selling point. Secondly, their glasses are affordable, but high quality, and many people have recommended them because of their durability and always remaining trendy in fashion

. Any person can find the perfect pair of glasses for their needs that fall within the latest trends on the market. Because of the diverse glasses, we have divided these products into sections for easy understanding. Here we go.

The Best-Selling Men's Sunglasses

There are many situations when you will find many men around you taking off their glasses only during the sunset. Therefore, with the GlassesShop, you can access high-quality sunglasses for men. all these only costs you a dime. Some of the famous men's sunglasses in this category are Warner Sunglasses which have the polarized lens to guarantee complete protection against UV and UVB sunlight.

They are perfect when combined with the rare cologne alongside the blue jeans to attain a complex appearance. They have two color options to choose from: golden and gunmetal. The presence of the bold polygon also helps add flair to the aviator design.

The Best-Selling Glassesshop Men's Eyeglasses

Besides sunglasses, the brand also offers eyeglasses targeting men on the market around the world. Many have reported feeling comfortable. While maintaining the quality, the company still ensures you do not break the bank to own one. Among the famous men's eyewear GlassesShop glass are Oberlin Eyeglasses. This is professional and looks polished always, but you can purchase it by selecting between 4 unique colors but maintaining a rectangular and bold shape.

They are responsible for flattering all face shapes. The second best-selling glass is Matthew Eyeglasses. These are convertible glasses. They are made with p[olished metal but available in store in 4 different shades. Their frames are also magnetized sunshade clips containing a well-polarized lens to enable snapping in a flash.

The Best-Selling GlassesShop Women's Sunglasses

The company also caters to women's glasses needs. These sunglasses are effective in managing the sunlight. That offers UV and UVB protection, a fun accessory to have in your purse. There are numerous best-selling women's sunglasses here, but we will only mention a few for the sake of time. The first in inventory is Xenia Sunglasses which are oversized with a polygon shape while featuring delicate champagne and a mirrored lens with vibrant color.

The second is Mika Sunglasses, which give women a European mystery vibe. The glasses are durable in the classic and square frame alongside the speckle pattern and 4 colors of Italian acetate. It consists of a dark protective lens for versatility.

The Best-Selling GlassesShop Women's Eyeglasses

Winding up the best-selling glasses comes the women's eyeglasses category. Though the style is a category, the eyeglasses are imaginable and come with prescription lenses. The Best-selling eyeglasses for women are numerous. First, we have identified the Rainbow Cat Eye Eyeglasses, and winning one is good, especially when you are a joy ambassador.

They come in 5 unique multi-color choices. It is perfect when you have a round or somewhat oval face shape. The second is Rochester Eyeglasses. This is a no-fuss but clear glass. Yes, elegant as well as a delegate in one frame and goes for the woman who loves the artistic vibe and is perfect in the vintage journals and black turtlenecks.

They are designed with the wayframe though it's slightly oversize, where you can pick from 6 unique colors. The other options here are Eye Eyeglasses. This one goes with any outfits for women that want to make sense of their daily routine. The frame is compatible with different styles but has four unique colors, and you can select the one that suits your skin tone.

Customer Review

Another approach to creating visual pictures of the GlassesShop products is by looking at customer feedback. This is vital as this will give you clear information about what to expect from the experts. Therefore, we gathered numerous external sites with varying ratings in the research.

To start with, we have the Trustpilot. With 1675 customer reviews, the brand still manages an excellent 4.5 stars rating. This is awesome, and in simple terms, most customers are happy with what they acquired from this brand. Breaking down these statistics indicates that 76% of the above reviews gave the brand 5 stars, mostly praising the friendly price, high quality, numerous stylish, and excellent customer support. The below feedback from one customer sums up the Trustpilot's take on the brand:

"My new glasses have exceeded my expectations. They're fashionable, high-quality, as well as reasonably priced. My glasses arrived within two weeks after I placed my request. This was my first time ordering glasses digitally, and my prescription and metrics came out perfectly. I will certainly place another order!"

On Sitejabber, there is also good feedback. With 383 reviews, the brand gets 3.64 good stars, and many customers here are satisfied with the glasses. Most of these customers here highlighted the fantastic quality, good prescriptions, and massive collection of options. Next up is the ResellerRatings. Here, the company scores 4.95 stars after 398 reviews. Customers are amazed after rating the glasses based on shipping policy, customer support, pricing, and quality. A happy customer compliments the durability with the below statement:-

"This merchandise is extremely durable and makes you appear stylish and smart. I recommend these to anyone who is always on their phone or tablet.

Without forgetting, their official website also got numerous positive reviews. Visit and see for yourself. Each product has specific feedback, and all are just amazing, mainly praising their innumerable discounts and free shipping.

Tanama Tales also presents a detailed blog on the brand. The author mentions these glasses among the best essential things to consider when visiting a deserted island. Pinterest and Trip Advisor sites complement the positive reviews we covered above and present the feedback differently. Generally, we advise you to consider this brand for durable, high-quality, stylish, trendy glasses with affordable pricing.

Where to Buy GlassesShop

If you have broken your trusty glasses and need to replace, repair, or get new glasses without a physical visit to the store, then you are lucky to have this GlassesShop company as an alternative. Revamp your appearance with the glasses from the GlassesShop collection. You must be looking for the perfect place to purchase.

Therefore, our research also noted that you could access GlassesShop products from their official stores at Our research never indicated any online retailers from where you can purchase them.

Does GlassesShop sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found GlassesShop stores on Amazon.

Is GlassesShop Worth It?

We have done our thorough research, and based on the experience and the customers' feedback, as shown above, we have concluded that GlassesShop is a reputable brand online. As can be deduced, many customers are satisfied with their purchase from the store and have eyewear and relevant prescription glasses. The Virtual-try-on feature on the website,  it amazes many customers.

When you couple this with their international shipping option, as well as numerous collections and multiple discounts to save on your budget, we don't hesitate to recommend the brand. I tell you, we had a fun shopping experience from their inventory.

Everyone loves promotions, and no one can resist going with two pairs of frames at one price. If you want a nice treat with quality glasses for your daily routine, GlassesShop is worth the shot. They have fantastic shipping and return policy with excellent customer support services.

GlassesShop Discounts

In our research, we also had time to review the discounts and promotions that GlassesShop offers customers. This is one of the crucial parts as it helps clients save on their budgets. Our effort never went to waste as we uncovered numerous promotions. From their website, you can tell it all. First of all, when writing this review, these guys gave customers  50% off on the frames alongside the free shipping when they signed up for the email list and placed their first order.

They also had the cash on the GlassShop BOGO as an offer. You are guaranteed 50% off when ordering with the promo code GSBOGO. Also, with the promo code FIRSTFREE, all the new customers were entitled to enjoy the free pair on all orders. There are numerous promotions you can come across on the website. The other package includes free shipping on orders totaling $79 and above.

Students also enjoy a discount of 35% off, and there is a referral program where you can refer a friend, and both earn cash to save. You can also enjoy the exclusive rewards for the point programs, which you can redeem later for discounted products. Thus, the only way to stay updated with all the latest and lucrative offers is to subscribe to their newsletters and email list.

GlassesShop Contact

The other fact is that our review might not have given you all you noted. If you need more clarification about the GlassesShop, you can contact the company. This review also researched methods to connect to the support team. There are numerous, and the first is their live chat from the website. This one is efficient and available for anyone.

Otherwise, you can contact them by phone at 1-855-202-0123, available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also email them through or fill in the contact form on their website. Even more, methods include social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow them and engage with the team for more updates and questions.


Q. Who is the owner of the GlassesShop brand?

From the above reviews, we have stated that Scott Ma, a former doctor at the Georgia institute, owns the company. However, we used to work at Accenture, IBM as well as Oracle before establishing this company.

Q. Where are GlassesShop manufacturing facilities situated?

This is a Michigan-based eyewear company. But from our research, it is not clear from where they manufacture their glass frames. However, the company clearly shows that they have worldwide distribution centers of wirehouses.

Q. What is the shipping policy of GlassesShop?

GlassesShop, first of all, does not only deliver orders within the US region but also ships around the world. For orders that are above $79, delivery is on h house. However, for other shipping options that are standard and expedited, they have a fixed shipping charge of $6 to $25, depending on your location. The delivery time also depends on the products or glasses you have ordered.

For instance, the Non-prescription glasses take around 1 to 2 business days or, instead, bifocal, which includes polarized mirrors and tints that take 3 to 7 business days to ship. If you are an international customer, when you order from $249 and above, you can enjoy free shipping through the expedited method. Once the order is dispatched, customers can track the progress from the shipping pin to the pickup location.

Q. What is the return policy of GlassesShop?

Once you receive the GlassesShop eyewear or frames and realize they have been issued or are not what you requested, you have 30 days to return the order to the store. However, once approved, customers can get the 100% store credit or prefer to get a 50% refund on the original purchase price. And this refund option does not include the shipping charges.

But if an item has a manufacturer error, you can get a full refund upon return or store credit to make a new purchase. They guarantee to get you the replacement pair in the shortest time immediately. Also, note that all eyewear orders come with a 90 days warranty. Though it covers the defects, this does not include negligence and accidents. If you want to initiate the return process, call the GlassesShop support team through the above-listed method.

If you are approved to proceed with the return, make sure that the frame remains in its original condition, unworn, etc., in the package; always remember to attach the order number, your name, and why you are returning the frames. A refund takes about one week to process once you return the package to the store.


GlassesShop is not only reputable but also one of the unique eyewear brands on the market, offering special frames with different designs at an affordable price. The company has a simple website and simplified buying process alongside a favorable shipping policy and return with international delivery available. If you need prescription glasses, consider the GlassesShop as your next-stop shop and enjoy numerous promotions, a variety of sales, styles, and designs, and a perfect customer support team.

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