Eyebobs Readers Review: Offer Fashion Items at a Budget-Friendly Price

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Were you looking for fashionable eyewear with high-quality material and a perfect fitting? Read this Eyebobs Reader review and learn more from the expert about this brand for all your needs. Find out if these readers' eyewear is excellent for anyone for function and style.

You all agree that locating the pair of perfect eyewear for readers is hard. Finding a couple with functionality and style is even more complicated. Due to the needs and requests of our readers, we have taken time to research and present you with a detailed but easier-to-understand Eyebobs Reader review.

The first thing that most people recognize you with is eyewear. To help you save time and effort, we, at this moment, present you with the Eyebons Readers review. This company claims to offer you an affordable pair of readers and stylish and functional glasses for men and women.

In this review, our article will give you nuggets of data from the company overview, going deep into customer feedback, discounts, contact information, and best-selling products. In the end, evaluate if their eyewear is worth your money. Keep reading along to the end and make the right decision for the next purchase of a pair of reader glasses.

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Eyebobs Readers Review

Eyebobs is a fashion brand that specializes in offering high-quality eyewear that is not just fashionable but available at an affordable price. They have glass frames for men as well as women in the inventory. In the store, you can select reading glasses, blue-light, as well as single-vision prescription glasses, remembering polarized sunglasses.

The company has established a notable online reputation and has featured its products in popular magazines such as Forbes. They have also won multiple awards, where numerous celebrities have endorsed them for their high quality and a vast collection of eyewear glasses. With increased demand and for instance, 75% of American adults suffer from vision correction, based on a report from the Council of America.

Out of this percentage, 64% alone have reading glasses. Therefore, Eyebons was established by Julie Aliinson in 2001 and is still based in Minneapolis-Minnesota. The founder aimed to fill that existing market gap, and many customers were looking for high-quality glasses without breaking their bank accounts. Julie developed high-quality and affordable eyewear in her local store, making eye correlation appear fashionable.

The company has a mission to frame your personality. This is precisely what the brand is dedicated to achieving. They now have numerous middle-ground reading glasses that do not sacrifice quality over price. Eyebobs ensure that they have unique glasses for unique people. These guys are exceptionally inspired by customers and increased demand and are ready to un-repress any expression when needed.

Historically, the brand manufactured these reading and prescription glasses in Asia using high-quality material. The ingredients consist of Italian luxury acetate. The glasses today range from darling to minimalist and colorful. Their design is avant-garde but also distinctive and available at a friendly price. Therefore, before going into details about the famous collection, let us round up this section by comparing the pros and cons of Eyebobs reader glasses.

Eyebobs Readers Pros:

Eyebobs Readers Cons:

Why We Like Eyebobs Readers

Eyebobs is a reputable brand that offers a massive collection of eyewear for men and women. You can buy not just glasses but also frames alongside other accessories. Therefore, customers can select from the standard reader glasses to the Eyebobs progressive readers, blue light glasses, sunglasses, and single-vision prescriptions.

There are many reasons why we love these Eyebobs Readers. First, these glasses are made with the best material hence expect high-quality readers with Italian acetate designs for luxury. The company has also recorded multiple positive customer feedback online that indicates satisfaction, as we will see in the next section.

All these glasses also come with a one-year warranty just in case the manufacturer defaults. They accept insurance to cover your purchase on their official store. Let's go directly to the best-selling Eyebobs Readers on the market without wasting time.

The Best-Selling Women'S Eyebobs Glasses

The company ensures that women can also shine with these glasses in terms of studious rectangular frames, flirt pink clear frames, and dramatic cat eye designs. There is a considerable design to choose from, but we have collected the favorite glasses for women from the website.

Firstly, there is this Waylaid which in reality is simply the cool twist from the retro style. Though these frames are round, you can get them on shelves as blue light, readers, as well as prescriptions. They are available in 12 colors, and both fit women and men.

Secondly, there is a Case Closed. This design always satisfies affordability with optical quality. The glasses are designed using Italian acetate featuring trendy patterns and designs and are universal and used for both women and men. The frames come in different dimensions, from narrow to wide, with varying widths and lengths based on your needs. You can use the virtual try-on feature to find the perfect fitting glasses.

The Best-Selling Men'S Eyebobs Glasses

This men's collection ranges from query square frames to classic aviators and half-rim spectacles. The styles are numerous and feature time-honored vintage frames and the latest trends on the market. Here, we have a few we consider favorite and best-selling among men.

To start with, we have a stiff board. These glasses are perfect for reading and are slim and lightweight. They are eye-catching due to their slim and vintage silhouette frames, making them suit any personality. They are available in multiple colorways but designed with acetate, while others are imported. They also have universal frames for the readers, light Blue, as well as prescriptions. Though they have round shapes, you can purchase them between wide and narrow. They are ideal for day-to-day wear hence comfortable.

Next and last on our options is the Kvertcher glasses. Though these glasses are striking unisex frames, they also fall under men's glasses. They are available in sections such as the Blue light, Readers, and prescription, all made with acetate materials. You can choose from the 4 unique colors in the inventory. And in terms of the sizes, they are available from the average to the wide sizes. Customers also have the option to request customization, which makes it a customer favorite on the website.

There you have it; making decisions is now simpler. We have exhausted all you need to know and why you need to count on this brand.

Customer Review

Eyebobs Readers review also goes beyond to find out what customers have to say from their experience. While we have mentioned the company has a reputable name online, we are here to verify the fact and help you make the right decision today. Thus, in our hassle online, we spot some of the reliable sites with relevant customer feedback.

First of all, we will head to the official website eyebobs.com. From here, you get site reviews as well as product reviews. Product reviews get about 4.3 stars after 9345 reviews. This is a good start; most customers are satisfied with these Eyebobs glasses. People praise the quality, massive collection of frames, many advanced features, and excellent customer support. This is what one customer had to say online:-

" These are the most comfortable glasses I've ever worn. The Waylaid frame is fashionable but will stand the test of time. Despite their size, they have a brightness feel to them."

The company scores poorly on Trustpilot, but only 6 reviews give it 2.4 stars. But when you visit Sitejabber, this is where things turn positive. The company scored 5 stars after 7 reviews. Customers are delighted with the orders they have received from the store. The rating is based on the services, the return and shipping policy, the quality of the glasses, etc., which scored well on the scale. A happy customer here expresses everything for the sake of all feedback:-

"I bought two pairs of Eyebobs. They are fashionable and well-made. Every time I wear them, I get praises! I have at least an 8-year-old pair. I'm thinking about getting new lenses with my revised prescription for them. Outstanding customer service as well!"

On its Facebook page, the company also gets a rating of 3.9 after 197 reviews. The recommendations are positive though minimal complaints have been handled. There are also excellent reviews on Amazon and Yelp. Amazon gives Eyebobs eyewear Board stiff glasses a rating of 4.2 after 166 global ratings. While on Yelp, the company gets 31 reviews scoring 3.5 stars. The Quality Edit gave us a detailed review of the best-selling Eyebobs glasses, and seems impressive.

Customers hold similar feedback buying from the company. There are multiple positive customer ratings compared to negative ones.

Where to Buy Eyebobs Readers

If you have made up your mind and want to try the Eyebobs Readers glasses, then we are here to guide you through. If you wish to purchase sunglasses or glasses, they are available in the official store, which you can access at eyebobs.com. Still, our research revealed that you could buy these reading glasses at various retail stores. some of these stories include:-

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Is Eyebobs Readers Worth It?

Eyebobs Readers, from experience, we can state that these glasses are worth your money for many reasons. First, looking online for various reviews and customer feedback, many clients are satisfied with the purchase and praise these glasses for having high quality and stylish reading glasses and an affordable and massive collection of frames.

The company has fashionable frames; most of these glasses are unique and made with high-quality materials to last long. On their website, they also provide customers with advanced features such as the virtual try-on, which gives shoppers a convenient time rather than going to the actual stores to try on the frames. And when you want to work with their virtual stylist, you can utilize the virtual visit calendar on the web page for booking based on your perfect day and time.

If you have been searching for either blue light, UV protection, or prescription glasses, then Eyebobs are what you need to start with. They are worth a vast collection and a significant extension of the blue light glasses that are perfect compared to alternative companies. Consider upgrading when you go for the next eyewear purchase by visiting the Eyebobs brand. We highly recommend this company to you.

Eyebobs Readers Discounts

Based on our findings, the company has a dedicated section going for the latest and most lucrative deals of the day. In this section, you have a vast collection of glasses and frames that will only cost you a discounted price besides being affordable. There are also other multiple discounts and reward programs on the website. The best thing to do is check the webpage for the latest deals.

Therefore, subscribe to the mailing list for all the deals immediately the company drops, including the promo codes. Their shipping policy is favorable as well. They have afterpay as the alternative installment payment method, a plus bonus, or a promotion.

Eyebobs  Readers Contact

You may still have a question about these glasses from the brand. Therefore, there are many ways to have it answered. Under the FAQ section, we have exhausted all possible questions, and still, if there is no solution or need classification, we can refer you to the support team.

There are many methods you can connect to the Eyebobns Reader support team. Our article has highlighted the phone number, which is 1-866-393-2627. They also offer live chat at OMFG@eyebobs.com but are operational from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday. However, they are available on weekends from 11 am to 5 pm. Besides that, you can also compose an email and send it through OMFG@eyebobs.com.

You can also reach out to them through their social media accounts. The team can address you anytime on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Follow them for updates and all the latest information you need.


Q. Where are Eyebobs manufacturing facilities located?

From the data we have obtained online, it is clear that the company's manufacturing plants are distributed in China and Vietnam. However, their frames are obtained from the most prominent suppliers who are all over the world.

Q. What does ALL-Day Reader entail?

All-day readers consist of function and fashion, enabling customers to wear the same glasses all day. These glasses contain improved progressive lenses, which enhance the reader magnification aspects located at the lower section of the frame. At the same time, the half magnification is found in the middle of the frame without any magnification at the top.

Therefore, All-day Readers are responsible for eliminating the hassle of customer experience while putting on and off even though it is hard to get used to them. This firm gives you a custom pair of glasses to personalize the distance measurement based on your needs.

Q. Does Eyebobs accept insurance as a payment option?

Definitely, and this is the good news. The company accepts the HSA and FSA to settle your expenses and goes beyond by accepting any insurance plan for your orders or partly. However, we highly recommend checking with the insurance firm and ensuring that you qualify for this step. Though the brand does not bill insurance forms, they offer you the itemized receipt to take to your insurance firm. For more details, you can contact the support team for direction.

Q. Does Eyebobs company have Blue light glasses?

From the above review, we have concluded that Eyebobs has a vast collection of light blue glasses. Therefore, these glasses protect you against dangerous blue light rays, avoiding dry eye conditions or other effects. Sometimes, these Eyebobs Blue Light glasses are computer glasses that keep your eye comfortable all day while protecting it from the rays. In the inventory, you can access the Blue Eye readers ranging from +1 to +4. Other than non-magnified, they also consist of the coating among the prescription glasses.

Q. How do I measure my PD?

Before getting any reader glasses from Eyebobs, visit any professional eye care facility for consultation and have the doctor measure your PD. Still, on the Eyebobs website, they have detailed guides on how to measure your PD before placing an order.

Q. How do you care for the Eyebobs glasses?

The fact remains that these glasses need very minimal care. However, once in a while, we encourage you always to ensure that they are in great shape. Therefore, ensure that your glasses are kept in a comfortable case so that frames always look fantastic without wear or tear. Again, clean your lenses using the Eyebobs cleaner and dry them using a soft cloth. In case of the adjustment, visit the eye care store, which should be within 6 months.

Q. Do Eyebobs offer frames in different sizes?

Definitely, it is a yes; the company offers frames in unique styles but in two sizes. You can rely on the search by size on their website and choose the appropriate glass size based on your needs.

Q. Can customers only order Eyebobs frames without purchasing lenses?

From the experience we had ordered from the brand, we definitely, do not accept ordering frames without purchasing the lenses. However, you can order the frames alongside the Plano lenses when you want a stylish look.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Eyebobs brand?

Eyebobs not only ships its glasses to the US but also delivers worldwide orders. The good thing is that all orders qualify for the 2-day expedited free shipping. But you must incur an additional fee when using the FedEx overnight shipping service. For international shipping, the company utilizes USPS as well as FedEx. For such a case, the extra charges, such as import duties, are passed over to the recipient, which is unique depending on the destination country. Therefore, there are 3 shipping services for international and Canadian orders.

FedEx international economy takes 2 to 5 business days, express mail international takes 3 to 5 business days, and priority mail international takes ten business days. Thus, any order placed before noon based on the CT time is dispatched the same day. After that, any orders beyond that are shipped the next business day. Again, all the made-to-order products take 7 to 10 business days before shipping because of the construction time.

Q. What is the return policy of the Eyebobs brand?

Eyebobs company gives customers a return window of 90 days to return any glasses when they are not satisfied with them. Thus, you can return to get a refund or request an exchange where necessary. Remember that this only applies if you have ordered the glasses from their official website. Also, the product must be in its original condition.

When you complete the online return form, you must print the return postage label. If you want detailed information here, contact the customer care team anytime. Otherwise, if it's lens replacement, you must incur the cost of the prepaid return label sent via email. Therefore, expect new lenses within 10 business days once they get the old lenses. They charge you $50 on standard lenses for lens replacement, while light blue will cost you  70 bucks.


Eyebobs is famous for its sunglasses, glasses, and other related accessories. Based on the customer feedback we have covered in the above article, this brand is worth checking out for reading glasses, blue light, etc., frames. Most customers online appreciate these trendy as well as affordable frames.

The firm offers huge collections under one roof with the option to ship worldwide. The company aims to serve the customer up to 100% satisfaction, helping you make the right choice from their website. They offer a virtual try-on as well as a stylist online for support and accessing fitting frames without any issues. Therefore, we highly recommend the Eyebobs Readers for all genders if you want trendy, classy, fashionable, and affordable glasses while saving on your budget.

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