EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review: Should You Buy It?

Jeffrey T. Jensen

Looking for a trusted and efficient online store to purchase eyeglasses from the endless option? Try the EyeBuyDirect Glasses. Its optical retailer is linked directly to the customer. Learn more about the company and the products they offer to customers.

I am sure that all people that wear eyeglasses understand the expense not only involved in buying but also in replacing the product. It can make you feel sane due to its inconveniences. While eyeglasses retailers and companies are endless online, it is hard to select the right seller. Because of this, we have decided to present the EyeBuyDirect glasses reviews to you.

This company has been well known for the direct-to-customer relationship in optical products since the inception of the 21st century. The company gained popularity due to its simplicity while placing orders, affordability, and vast collection.

However, the question remains is this company legit and worth your bucks? Before you add the eyeglasses to the cart, please read our reviews and discover what customers have to say about the brand and what they offer. Let us start with the company overview.

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EyeBuyDirect Glasses Review

EyeBuyDirect is a company that Roy Hessel founded in 2005. Since it is an American company, the headquarters are found in Austin, TX, and from this place, they design and produce frames. In the collection, the company offers thousands of prescription sunglasses, glasses, and blue light glasses that are fit for all gender and age, from women and men to children.

From my research, I realized that the EyeBuyDirect team focuses on the customers. Therefore, if you are fond of losing your frame or glasses, the company offers everything at an affordable price, where frames start from $6 while a pair goes as far as $99.

Enjoy and flaunt through the stylish frames you will always feel comfortable with for any occasion. In addition, the team ensures that they fixate their glasses with all details, from design to the last state of production.

EyeBuyDirect is trying to make the online shopping experience simple and accessible, making it easy for all customers to locate the shades and excellent glasses. They have a mission to reframe all the eyewear and take it to the next level in the game. One perk about the glasses from this brand is the option to try them virtually.

Are the convenience and affordability convincing to get these eyewear glasses? Read our in-depth article to the end and find out the best-selling glasses, customers' feedback, ordering process, and promotional services they have for you. Looking for sunglasses, premium brands, lenses, or eyeglasses? Find all these under one roof. Shine with these festive eyewear glasses today.

There is a simple ordering process online in the comfort of your home as long as you have the PD measurement, which you can download the ruler on their website and use to measure. With that said, let us now move to the pros and cons of EyeBuyDirect glasses.

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Pros:

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Cons:

Why We Like EyeBuyDirect Glasses?

The Best-Selling EyeBuyDirect Glasses.

EyeBuyDirect offers sunglasses of all designs from square to avatar, round, geometric, horn, oval, brown line, heart shape, etc. the brand also has different unique color frames, clear pink, purple, and neutral brown classic styles with trendy designs. This section has collected some of the best-selling frames they offer. One of the glasses that can easily catch your attention from the first look.

They have attractive full-ring shapes as well as subtle green undertones. They even add a modern vibe to the traditional design and frame to offer something new. because of the UV protection as well as the anti-reflective coating, they are perfect for a sunny day. Their frames are made using durable and scratch-resistant acetate and come in prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Good Vibrations Aviator Gold Sunglasses are the second best-selling frames suitable for customers after retro in gaining the top gun rogue look. These shades also elevate your mood to give you American man feelings. These glasses also have adjustable nose pads, custom fit, lightweight metal, and anti-scratching lens coating to make them comfortable.

Still, there are Lima Cat Eye Clear Pink Sunglasses which also have a retro shape but what makes them unique is the purple and pink sparkle frames that are effective in amplifying its glitz factor. They are [polished with gold accent, com[limented round shape, and oversize lenses, which tend to accentuate the natural feature.

The list is endless and features Hollie Round Teal Glasses with browline accents, adjustable nose pads, and sleek metal arms alongside the transitional lenses. The other incredible lightweight glasses are St. Michel Round Gold Glasses And contain light blue lenses.

Lastly, I would also like to mention Hepburn Cat Eye Clear Glasses, and I assure you that with their Hollywood golden error look, they can easily catch your attention since they can match any outfit. The above collection, alongside the multiple positive customer reviews online, makes us believe in and value this brand. All the glasses are durable, lightweight, and perfect for everyone, which only cost a few bucks.

Customer Review

While writing EyeBuyDirect glasses reviews, we also had to look at customers' inputs worldwide. Their feedback counts a lot, especially before you make a decision. These customer feedbacks are based on their experience with the items, their quality, and brand delivery. In this assessment, we gathered a few external sites with plenty of feedback you need to consider in the decision.

The very first place to start with is the official website at Eyebuydirect.com. These guys value customers, and the feedback makes them happy as well. Most of the ratings on the site are pulled directly from external sources such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and Reseller ratings. One of the popular reviews on the platform highlights these lovely glasses, as seen below:-

'Excellent quality, especially the gold frames. I purchased a piece of jewelry rather than my prescription eyewear.

Now I move on to Trustpilot, the mother of all customer feedback. Though the brand gets 19,297 reviews on Trustpilot alone, it still scores 4.4 stars. In addition, 72% of the clients here highly recommend 5 stars instead of 4% against it. All the reviews are fantastic, and picking either of the verified purchasers; there is all over complements as one states:-

"There was a large selection of frames, documentation was easily accessible, and the prices were reasonable. I also liked the virtual try-on choices. I have to say, I liked the options here even better than my current favorite eyewear site (may I name names?). I'd been looking for squared-off cat-eye frames, and this is the first place I've found them in colors I appreciate."

On SiteJabber, EyeBuyDirect grand has 222,805 reviews and still scores 4.71 stars. Customers are happy from all over the world. This is the perfect company for all your eyewear needs. These are obtained from real shopping experiences. I cannot deny them their credit when a customer praises their team, saying:

"Your professional website team deserves a lot of credit. The ease with which I can quickly filter across so many parameters has played a vital role, and it is one of the reasons I chose your company over hundreds of others. In addition, your lens choices are less expensive than competitors. I've already recommended you to others. If this first pair works out, I will return for more in the long run."

Find time and reviews on Healthline, Product Review, which gives a 2.9 stars rating on the brand; Women Health Mag also drops real experiences from the blog's author. SFGate also gives you another coupon code and praises the glasses for their quality and colossal collection.

Then lastly, the brand features on the Refinery29. The author also shows the verdict based on its affordable Blue Light glasses. Remembering their Facebook page, they have real feedback and rating. Overall, this company gets all the attention and deserves all the credit for comfortability, high quality, huge collection, and fitting. Roughly 99% of the customers are happy.

Where to Buy EyeBuyDirect Glasses

While working on this review, I also sought to understand where one can purchase the EyeBuyDirest glasses. The result indicated that the items are available in their online stores, which are just a click away from Eyebuydirect.com. This is the best place to get authentic, high-quality, affordable glasses and frames. However, in the research, the other alternative online retailers that popped up are:

Is EyeBuyDirect Glasses Worth It?

In working on the EyeBuyDirect Glasses reviews, this brand's legitimacy is worth it. Even though they sell online, their glasses and eyewear are high quality. Additionally, the EyeBuyDirect brand has made purchasing and locating the perfect size simple, supportive, and effective. Looking at the customers' feedback, you can even judge how the brand has received multiple positive feedback, which portrays its reputation online.

No need to visit the doctor to get the eyewear glasses, EyeBuyDirect ships to your doorstep. However, this company does not work in conjunction with any traditional insurance, and this limits the number of people and payment methods used to get the items. If you are comfortable with all these prescriptions and intend to get premium sunglasses or eyewear, then EyeBuyDirect Glasses is worth trying out.

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Discounts

As part of these reviews, you might also be interested in whether the brand offers promotions and hot deals to new and old customers. First, the company guarantees a 30% discount if you purchase items worth $60 and above with the code 300FFSUMMER. Take advantage of these promotions and discounts to save bucks on the next purchase.

They also have 50% off with the code FESTIVE50 on the designer glasses and 25% off everything using the promo code EXTRA25. If you want more updates on the deals as they are launched, then subscribe to their newsletters and be the first to get that notification.

EyeBuyDirect Glasses Contact

Though we assume that the above information is enough for you as the brand is concerned, you might still have a different issue linked to the EyeBuyDirest glasses or other accessories. Therefore, the brand allows you to contact the support team for inquiries. You can start by calling 1-855 393 2891 or 1 855-EYEBUY1. You can also send them an email at eyecare@eyebuydirect.com.

Still, the team is available on the live chat where you can engage with them, but it works from Monday to Friday, starting at 9 am to 10 pm EST. If that is not enough, the team is also active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Engage with them and have the issue sorted out asap.


Q. Are EyeBuyDirect glasses affiliated with any insurance firm?

The truth is that our review found out that EyeBuyDirect is not in any way affiliated with the insurance firm. If you have insurance, consider the HSA, vision polity, and FSA. While they do not have an affiliate link with traditional insurance, they provide customers with forms to request reimbursement from insurance firms. Though the form doesn't guarantee a reimbursement, it does not even accept the FSA and HSA  debit cards as payment methods.

Q. How long does EyeBuyDirect take to deliver the items to the customers?

Immediately you are done placing the order online, the company will take 7 to 14 days to deliver the items to you. from the information on their website, they claim that most of the orders are delivered faster than expected though complex orders might end up taking two weeks.

Q. Does the EyeBuyDirect brand offer high-quality glasses?

The company's extensive collection of prestigious frames from popular brands like Ray-Ban. Though most of them are sourced from the less famous brand, the standard lenses are made with the lightweight CR39 as well as polycarbonate plastic, while the bifocal lenses are designed with the flat top 28. Therefore, customer feedback has praised high-quality glass.

Q. Does EyeBuyDirect offer an excellent high prescription?

First, high prescriptions need higher index lenses there, which means that lenses must be on the thicker side. Thus, you can select high prescription materials but still end up with the thinner lens glass, excellently fitting on the frames. There are numerous options for high-prescription individuals but when sending them measurements, ensure that it is accurate.

Q. How accurate are glasses bought from the EyeBuyDirect store?

Even though you can place an order and get glasses online, you must have the doctor's prescription. This means that the glasses you ordered are the same as those from the doctor. Where necessary, you need an optician, but the brand gives you different frames to try on with different glass coating or materials. Your shopping experience matters here.

Q. What is the shipping policy of EyeBuyDirect?

We also went into the pros and cons of the EyeBuyDirect shipping policy. Therefore, the brand ships to customers in the US using UPS and USPS for the next-day riders. Still, the process taken while shipping to Canadian customers is simple as well as reasonable. Domestic shipping costs you only $9.95 using Canada Post; Australia uses Australian post, while in the rest of the countries, this brand ships using UPS.

Q. What is the return policy of EyeBuyDirect?

We also took our time in studying the return policy of EyeBuyDirect. Therefore, the brand offers all customers 14 days of style and fit guarantees. This implies that when the product doesn't meet your needs or has developed something, you have 14 days to return it and request a refund or replacement.

The company also has 365 days item guarantees which means that you can enjoy the glasses for 12 months and still feel comfortable, but you can still request a replacement pair within this duration. The pair will only be granted if they have maybe defects in the workmanship or materials.

The return process is straightforward; for the competition and guide, visit the return policy section on the website. But remember that all replacements are not eligible for refunds.


Generally, EyeBuyDirect is one of the perfect eyewear glasses brands on the market, offering customers online purchases and affordable prescription services. The company has got a robust reputation online and numerous positive ratings. EyeBuyDirect also offers lucrative deals on the homepage. Keep checking and place an order using the accurate measurements in place. Because of the favorable shipping and return policy and high-quality glasses, it is worth trying the EyeBuyDirect brand today.

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